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Old March 28th, 2017 (10:51 PM). Edited March 29th, 2017 by gimmepie.
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AKA. Sebastian Medina

The Eye of the Storm

“This is a terrible idea.”

The voice came from Hostages right, where Jailer was perched next to him on top of the building across the the street from Future Science Laboratories. Over the past little while they’d watched as the various employees exited the lab. Hostage had found himself wondering how many were Darwin’s Chosen or otherwise capes. It struck him as an odd thought that ordinary people would willingly work for a woman who quietly advocated for their genocide. He figured that Jailer would have been thinking similarly if she wasn’t busy being worried about the job.

“Yet, here we are.” Hostage said, “So we may as well enjoy the experience.” Despite what he said, it wasn’t as though he was completely calm about the situation. If anything, Jailer was the one maintaining her composure the best of the pair of them. He was well aware that they were in a risky spot here. They stood every chance of making an enemy out of Tempestuous, a woman who was a strong contender for most powerful cape in Fallcliff, and if they screwed up then they’d likely make enemies of La Fenice as well. Hostage wasn’t an idiot, he knew having two of the most powerful groups in the city out for their blood was not a good thing. He couldn’t help who he was though, which meant he responded to the risk with an adrenaline buzz not caution. “At the very least, that other building going down will distract the Protectorate and it doesn’t look like Tempestuous is here herself.”

“That building falling over doesn’t help us if they try to blame it on us like the last one.” Jailer pointed out, eliciting a sigh from Hostage. Jailer was always too cautious for him and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t get on his nerves. Of course, it was also a big part of why he was still alive so he found himself being grudgingly thankful for his partner’s careful attitude.

“True enough, but we’ll manage if they do. Now let’s get to work. We’ve got an incredibly dangerous enemy to make!” Hostage said, a touch too enthusiastic when he said the last part. It wasn’t entirely bluster either, there was something exciting about picking a fight with Tempestuous.

They climbed down from the roof via the fire stairs, and moved up between it and the neighbouring structure. Then, once the coast was clear, crossed the road to Future Science Labs. It was a two story building, very modern in architecture. It had a smooth concrete exterior painted a uniform charcoal colour and enormous glass windows at the front that reached the second story, showing an open lobby inside that took up both stories. Hostage knew from some brief recon that smaller windows looked onto the area around the building from at least some of the offices.

“I like the way the lobby’s set out. Very modern.” Hostage quipped, peering through the gigantic windows. Jailer kept walking past him and around the corner of the building. Seemingly all business until her exasperated voice floated around the corner.

“I didn’t know you were an enthusiast.”

“Please, you should know that I have a taste for all the finer things in life. Architecture is an art form Jailer and someone needs to appreciate it when it’s done well and criticise it when it isn’t.”

“How very refined.” Jailer said, her voice dripping sarcasm as she stopped below a second story window. “Makes me wonder why you’re such a slob at home.”

“Words hurt you know.” Hostage said, feigning dejection. Jailer just scoffed at that and summoned up a force field bubble, barely visible during the day and even harder to see at night, around Hostage. She then made a second bubble, which she climbed on top of. Expertly maintaining her balance, Jailer levitate both force fields until she was level with the window. “Careful not to cut yourself.” Jailer said, this time voicing mock concern.

“I’d be more worried about me falling off of this bubble.” Jailer replied as she proceeded to ram her elbow into the glass. There was a loud thump, but to both villains’ surprise, the glass didn’t shatter or crack.

“Did you need a hand with that?” Hostage asked, not missing the opportunity to mock his friend. The glass was obviously reinforced and he knew that Jailer had well and truly gotten used to his quirks, so he wouldn’t get a reaction. At the very least though he could enjoy his own wit. Ignoring him as predicted, Jailer repeated the process until eventually the glass cracked, shattering a few impacts later. “Took you long enough, and honestly you think I’m lazy.”

“You know, sometimes I wonder why I haven’t dropped you from a great height yet.” Jailer said. Her voice was flat, but Hostage knew she was fighting the urge to chuckle at his false criticisms. Jailer stepped off from her bubble and climbed through the window. Then, she moved Hostage’s containment as close as she could before banishing it, leaving him to drop.

Hostage caught the edge of the window, banging his body into the side of the building as he did so. He then, grateful for his costume's protective body armour, pulled himself up through the gap. The maneuver had been a necessity if they hadn’t wanted to break in through the front door. There was a fire exit attached to the back of the building as the law required, however it was a high tech contraption that Jailer couldn’t bust open with her power like at the university. That had left the windows that were too small to float a force field through on the top floor.

“Next time let’s rob somewhere with smaller windows. I feel like this wasn’t enough of a challenge.” Hostage said, following Jailer as she walked out into the hall and checked the number and name plates on the office’s blue door.

“Don’t complain, you’re the reason we’re in this mess anyway.” Jailer chided, checking the number on the door. Hostage followed her example, peeking at it’s laminated exterior. This wasn’t the room they wanted to start in. They’d figured that the place they’d most likely find what La Fenice were after in was in Tempestuous’ own office. So with that in mind, they started walking down the rows of identical blue doors, checking the information on each one. There was only a single lab upstairs and several offices, but they found the room they were looking for soon enough. Tempestuous’ office had been the other direction to the one they first went and was one of the few facing the open space above the lobby.

Hostage reached out and opened the door. The inside was surprisingly normal, you wouldn’t have guessed it belonged to a cape supremacist if you hadn’t known. Unlike the room they’d first entered, the hefty mahogany desk was the only one in Tempestuous’ office. A computer sat atop it. The walls were lined with bookshelves and filing cabinets and two comfortable looking armchairs sat across from the desk. The only personal item in the room was a picture of Tempestuous’ immediate family. Her husband, a now deceased cape, and her two children - a boy and a girl.

It was very weird seeing that image, even to Hostage. As a kid, before gaining powers, he’d always found the thought of capes going home after a day of super heroism or villainy to normal lives weird, almost nonsensical. After becoming a villain himself, he’d mostly gotten over that, but Tempestuous was an almost mythical figure in Fallcliff. Seeing her as a normal human being was just strange to experience.

“Do you plan on helping?” Jailer’s voice shook Hostage from his thoughts. She was already rifling through books and files on the bookcases - intentionally ignoring the photo on the desk, Hostage was pretty sure. He didn’t feel much desire to pester her on that though, instead he did as he was told and got to work. Pulling out one of his swords and using it to pry open the locked filing cabinets.

Unsurprisingly, they found quite a lot relating to Trigger Events. Soon enough, the bags they’d brought with them were heavy with reference books, files copied out from other researchers and Tempestuous’ own notes. Sebastian had tried reading a paragraph or two, finding most of it near impossible to understand.

“It’s like another language.” he said to Jailer as she followed him out of the office “I like to think I’m a pretty smart guy - psyduck it, I know I am - but it’s like I’m reading gibberish. The only thing I am able to understand is that the part of the brain responsible for Triggering has been identified and that people are looking into how to make Trigger Events happen. No wonder L-”

“It’s nice that you’re at least making an effort to understand my work Hostage, but you’re centuries away from being able to comprehend anything I’ve got written. Now, be good and go put all that back.”

Hostage and Jailer both froze in their tracks. There was nobody on the second floor with them, but directly across from them, down in the lobby, Tempestuous was standing in front of the building’s open sliding doors. She was dressed in her costume, a skintight black bodysuit under a white lab coat.

“Psyduck!” Hostage heard Jailer hiss under her breath, a very clear sign that this was not a situation they wanted to be in.

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    ????? // ??? // ??????


    A woman sat in a dim warehouse, a small table of gadgets in front of her. This was a big sale, and by god she was going to cinch it. Unfortunately, the customer actually seemed more interested in the actual toys themselves than how well her disguise hugged her curves. Luckily, his gaze was just at the right level to reveal how... loose the outfit could be also. Leaning over, she pretended to adjust how one of the miniature flamethrowers was displayed, and the sudden transfer of the customer's gaze back to her told her that she had his full attention now.

    "So," she began, playfully brushing her hair's carefully manicured curls to the side, "I see you're interested in the Lightgun, lunchbox bomb, and deafphones. These are one of a kind items, coming from a one of a kind supplier such as ourselves."

    "These are very tempting," the man muttered, rubbing his stubble again. "how big of a blast does the lunchbox make again?"

    "You ever seen a Tomahawk missile?"

    He gave a slight whistle, clearly impressed. "Remind me, what's left after that?"

    "Nada. It would take a very strong bunker to resist that."

    "And the deafphones," he continued, pointing out the innocuous piece on the end. "I can't even tell them apart from the real ones. How loud did you say they were?"

    "Activate, throw, and the entire room is more or less incapacitated. Any poor pendejo who tries to actually listen to music through them? Well... it's the last thing they'll ever hear. It's cheaper than a lot of the others, but still incredibly useful."

    Nodding, the man excused himself and began pacing. Stopping, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone. Before he could dial anyone, a thin laser burned a hole through the phone.

    "The psyduck?!" The man shouted, dropping the burning carcass of what was a nice phone.

    "No me jodas, cabron," the woman shouted, returning the still smoking watergun that shot the laser to the table. "Consider that a practical test of the lightgun and a warning. You're lucky that wasn't your head. Don't try that muk again. Now, are you buying or not?"

    Still stunned, the words appeared to take a second to sink in. Once he realized he got off lucky, he nodded and pushed the briefcase of cash towards the woman.

    "Good choice, cariño. I'll bag these up for you, and you'll leave all of the cash here as a dipmuk tax."


    A few minutes later, the man was walking out with a small backpack with three pieces of tinker tech in them. Truth be told, he didn't remember exactly how the meeting went down, but he thought he got a good deal.

    The saleswoman as awful nice, too. He always had a thing for blondes.

    Although the idea that she was actually a red head wasn't leaving his head.

    Come to think of it... he could barely remember anything about her. She was oddly a blur in his mind.


    Back in the warehouse, the woman pulled out her own phone, making a secure call.

    "Oye, jefe. Deal went through. Idiot tried to call someone, but he insisted on leaving a generous tip."

    "Great," a crackly voice came from the speaker, stifling a yawn. "Come back to the workshop."

    "Coming back now. Might want to get some sleep too. You sound like muk."

    "I think I'll take you up on that," the voice responded after a brief pause. "And, Espectadora? Take the day off tomorrow. Looks like La Fenice wants to wreck some muk."

    "Don't trust I can keep safe."

    "No chances. No need to risk such a valuable employee."

    "Oye, you can admit you'd be lonely without me, you know?"

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    AKA. Anita Blaine

    Today's Forecast: Pain

    “This might sound like a stupid thing to say at your place of work,” Jailer heard Hostage say “but you really are not meant to be here.” Tempestuous smiled at that, a wicked predatory grin that excluded a sense of smug satisfaction.

    “I was on my way to a Chosen rally when my security system alerted me that you two were here. I seriously considered just phoning it in to the PRT, but I was nearby so there’s really no need to bother the heroes.” She said the last word in a tone indicating she thought very little of the PRT or Protectorate.

    Jailer was hardly registering the small talk. She wasn’t sure if Hostage was trying to buy time to think or if he was just being Hostage, either way she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to search for a way out of the terrible situation they’d found themselves in. Preferably a way that didn’t result in one or both of them ending up dead. Therein lied the problem though, the simplest solution to the immediate problem would be to simply give back everything they took and hope that Tempestuous let them leave in one piece. That wouldn’t keep them safe though, because then they’d make an enemy out of La Fenice. La Fenice were not people to let failure slide - especially intentional failure.

    What can we do here? We have to escape without losing the loot. There’s no window in her office. The closest exit is directly in front of us, but she’s between there and us. Jailer had lost all focus on the conversation for the most part, now only vaguely aware that Hostage was still talking to Tempestuous, the woman getting progressively more impatient.

    “I think you’ve had long enough. You must have realised that you’re not escaping with my research. Just hand it over and I’ll let you walk out of here. Take the deal because the alternative is that I find out how conductive you are.” As she spoke her last sentence, lightning crackled around her. A casual reminder that she could probably incinerate them right where they stood. It looked like their time was up, they’d have to make a run for it and hope for the best. If they cooperated they were dead anyway.

    “Over her head.” Hostage said, his voice a whisper. He apparently had come to the same conclusion as Jailer had. She hated doing something so reckless, but she had to admit Hostage was right. If he hadn’t been there to prod her into action, she really didn’t know what she’d do. In an instant, Jailer summoned a barrier around Hostage she propelled it forward - leaping on top of it so it was between her and any lightning that got shot at her - speeding it up as she wrapped her arms and legs around it.

    Jailer wasn’t the sort to let herself be unreasonably optimistic about a plan’s success, that went double for any situation where their opponent was even half as powerful as Tempestuous. Despite this though, she still experienced a sinking sensation when a gale suddenly whipped into existence within the lobby, catching both her and Hostage in the whirlwind that spiralled around Tempestuous. Or rather, from Tempestuous.

    Jailer tried to hold on to her barrier, but they weren’t really made for the purpose of being grippable. She was quickly thrown from the top as she was thrown around in the frenzied wind. The experience was dizzying, the world around blurring together into an abstract concept as Tempestuous continued to toss the pair about. Jailer was vaguely aware of her barrier taking many impacts as Hostage hit the walls, roof or balcony. She herself wasn’t lucky enough to have that kind of protection.

    Jailer was treated to excruciating pain as the wind slammer he against the insides of the building in various unpredictable orders. The only thing she wasn’t hitting being the massive windows she had been aiming to escape through. Then, as suddenly as the gust had first come into existence it disappeared. Jailer saw Hostage out the corner of her eye, his momentum carrying him forward over the top of the balcony and into the wall beyond it. She felt her barrier disappear during the collision… that might have had more to do with her than Hostage however. She had fallen straight down and landed on the hard tiled ground of the lobby. Her vision flicked out of existence briefly and her whole body ached. Her only consolation was that she didn’t think she’d actually broken anything somehow.

    Groaning, Jailer tried to stand up, but she couldn’t get her aching body to play nice and ended up stumbling onto all fours instead. Her head was ringing from the impact and she was sure she was concussed, but she tried to think of what her next move should be. Unfortunately, she was drawing blanks.

    “Honestly, I thought at the very least one of you would be smarter than that.” Tempestuous said, her voice cold and clinical - almost as if she was bored by this minor inconvenience already. Slowly, deliberately taking her time to make Jailer quake with fear, which was definitely working. Then the lightning started to crackle and her blood ran cold. “It’s always a shame when a cape or two do something stupid and have to die as a result. But, legally I have every right to defend my lab against two dangerous assailants with lethal force if need be. I intend exercise that right.”

    “How are we a threat to you. You’re practically untouchable.” Jailer croaked, feeling death’s grip on her even as the feeble attempt at reasoning left her lips. Tempestuous smiled with predatory glee once more.

    “Who knows what you might do with those barriers of yours.” Tempestuous said, her expression not faltering. It was at that moment that Hostage leapt from the edge of the balcony, sword pointed down towards Tempestuous’ head. He thought he’d caught her off guard, Jailer could tell. Tempestuous was far too smart to think that the one within the protective barrier would have been taken out if Jailer was still conscious though.

    Instead of driving his weapon through Tempestuous’ head like he’d intended, Hostage found himself falling through a black cloud. He landed on his feet, dropping to his knees to better absorb the impact as his sword hit the ground point first, snapping as it failed to break through the hard tile and jarring Hostage’s arms.
    “Muk!” he yelled at the pain running up his arms and through his legs, but he had a bigger problem. There was a crackle and in an instant, Jailer knew what was coming. Instinctively she summoned a barrier around Hostage, pushing the storm that was Tempestuous out and away from him just as she let loose with her lightning. Jailer winced despite her eye protection as a furiously bright blue-white light erupted around Hostage microseconds after her barrier had formed. The lightning pummeled her barrier. Thankfully however, despite its intensity her protection around Hostage didn’t break.

    It wouldn’t last forever, but it did give Jailer an idea. Slowly she forced herself onto her feet, she was going to need to be ready to run at any moment. She almost laughed, it seemed that Tempestuous’ lie had actually been true in part. There was something she could do with her barriers.

    “Try this rattata.” Jailer growled, allowing her anger at Tempestuous’ attack on Hostage to seep to the surface. It reinforced and gave her courage. Like taking a shots but her mind had never felt clearer. Jailer created as many barriers as she could. Filling the room, each barrier trapping a fraction of Tempestuous inside. Tempestuous let loose with unrestrained fury, lightning igniting each orb like some sort of lantern. It wouldn’t take long for them to burst at that rate, but it didn’t matter. They had enough time… she hoped.

    Ignoring the shaking in her legs, Jailer ran toward Hostage and leapt onto the barrier around him as she had originally tried. Scrabbling onto the top, she sent the barrier hurtling through the front of the building. She didn’t stop until they were beside the store they had been watching the building from on top of. The bright crackling lightning within Future Science Labs made it look like something out of a horror movie from on the streets.

    “My range isn’t much further than this.” she said to Hostage who nodded before giving his response.

    “Hold her for as long as you can. Once we’re in the backstreets we split up and meet back up at the parking lot with Vacuum.”

    “Absolutely not. What if she comes after you when I can’t protect you?!”

    “Quite frankly Anita” Hostage said, breaking their unwritten rule by using her actual name in costume, never taking his eyes off of Tempestuous’ building where her rage was very clearly yet to subside. “The mood she’s in I really don’t think it’ll make much difference. She’s going to break free any moment and if we’re together she’ll just fry you first before she comes after me. Now shut the psyduck up, let me out and run like mad.”

    Jailer didn’t immediately relent, but she couldn’t deny Hostage’s logic - as per usual. She didn’t want to do it, but she didn’t have a choice. Fighting the twisting sensation in her stomach, Jailer took several deep breaths to steel herself before releasing Hostage from the confines of her force field. Then, they ran. Only moments later, Tempestuous broke free of her restraints.

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      Chrono and Florissant
      Soon enough the buzz died down, and Florissant and Chrono were once again back on their patrol. One good thing was that thanks to the coverage of their rescue earlier, Chrono doubted any smart person would be committing any crime in the area. Meaning it was sure to be a quiet rest of the night, just as Florissant had predicted earlier.

      Speaking of her partner, Chrono turned to where she was walking next to her, and started up the conversation again. “As I was asking before that whole fiasco, what would you do if you had to use your powers to save someone, but you were out of costume? Would you risk your identity?”

      Before Florissant could answer, Chrono’s phone buzzed in her pocket. She’d thought she’d silenced it, but alas. A quick glimpse at the screen showed it was a message from Christine.

      ”Hey Al, take a look at this! I live just down the street from here!”

      Attached was a link to what Chrono could only assume was coverage of the recent robbery. A quick furrow of concern crossed her brow, but as Christine didn’t ask about that familiar-looking cape the feeling quickly passed. She pocketed the phone and turned back to Florissant. “Sorry,” she continued, “you were saying?”

      Florissant replied, “To answer your question, I know that many times, you will find situations where you feel compelled to save someone outside of the job. However, especially with a hero with more flashy powers like myself, that would risk discovery by people who would want nothing more to harm you, your family and friends. I love my job here at the PRT too much to risk my identity.” She looked at her apologetically, “I'm sorry if that's the answer you did not want to hear.”

      “No, it’s fine. Makes sense.” They were getting to the more rural part of Nouveau Toulouse, the markets and shops behind them. She knew Christine lived quite literally blocks from where they now walked, but contained her urge to think of her. She turned back to her partner, and asked, “okay, this may seem sudden, and maybe not applicable, but… Say you like someone, but you’re not sure they’re into you? What would you say to do?”

      Florissant grinned. “Got a boy in mind, eh? Lucky you!”

      “Well, I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, but… No.” Chrono’s face tinged red as she looked at the sidewalk ahead of her. She hadn’t been super open about her feelings even to her dad. She steeled herself, and continued, “I’m not sure if she’s into me. I know it’s kinda sudden, but you seem like someone I can talk to. Y’know?”

      “Y-yes, I see.” Florissant cleared her throat. “You are one of those girls who like other women. Th-that’s no problem to me though. I-I was just...surprised is all.” She spoke a bit rapidly, seemingly a little on edge. Just as soon as that edge was there, she quickly recovered with a cheery smile. “But I'm glad you think I'm worth talking with stuff about. It really makes me happy to make friends, and I'm always open to chat.” She gave the area a quick scan, seeing nothing more than tranquil scenes of the semi-rural parts of Nouveau Toulouse.

      It was quite obvious Florissant was not comfortable with where the conversation was headed. Chrono didn’t blame her; she’d honestly have been more surprised if Florissant had openly accepted it as normal. “Sorry,” she replied after a brief moment, “it was kinda sudden. Slipped out.”

      It was obvious neither wanted to continue that conversation, so Chrono let it drop, continuing to walk in silence. The afternoon breeze was cooling off the reasonably warm day as the sun approached the horizon, Chrono’s favorite time of day. She decided she’d let Florissant start the conversation this time; all Chrono seemed to bring up were touchy subjects for her partner.

      “Don’t worry about it, Chrono. Water under the bridge as they say.” Changing the subject, she asked Chrono, “What sorts of things do you like to do, when you aren’t suited up to literally change time?”

      Chrono was caught off guard by the quip and couldn’t help but chuckle. She quickly composed herself, and responded, “well, a lot of my time is spent at school, but when I do have some spare time I’m usually out of the house with my friends. Just the other day we were having dinner at the park just near here. Dad’s pretty busy at work most of the time, so I’m usually free.” Mentioning her father did spark a pang in her, but she was able to contain it. She wasn’t going to let that stuff get to her here. She had to at least seem professional.

      “Well then, it seems you got yourself a head start at making friends then eh? That's very good that you at least have a great way to fill your free time. Personally, I did the exact same thing. My parents scoffed that I was slacking in studying English, but I showed them! The more I hung out with my friends, the better my English got. And we had lots of fun playing videogames, watching anime and shopping. Things that made me feel quite American!” The shorter woman sighed contently, clearly enjoying recalling those times.

      Chrono’s mind went back to doing the exact same things with Christine even as Florissant mentioned them, and a genuine smile grew on her face. It was good to know there was other people out there just like her--well, mostly like her. “I know what you mean. We do that stuff all the time. It’s cool that you found friends when you moved here though. Do you still talk to any of them?”

      Florissant nodded. “Yes.” She giggled as she added, “Despite getting older, we never really grew out of those things. We still to this day do the same sort of things. Call me a child at heart I guess.”

      Florissant seemed like just the right person for her
      to have been paired with. They were already becoming friends, and they hadn’t even known each other this morning. Chrono was glad she had been so lucky. Part of her had been nervous that she’d have been stuck with someone she wouldn’t like--unlikely as that may be--but no need to dwell on what-ifs.

      “That’s nice. Besides, being old is overrated.” Florissant’s laughing was contagious, and Chrono found herself chuckling as well.

      The more senior cape nodded. “A lot less stressful too. It's like...even though I do all the adult things I need to do and be a responsible member of society, I still find the time to enjoy life. And I feel that being a cape allows me to do a lot of that.”

      “Yeah.” Chrono looked up at the slowly ambering sky and smiled. She wishjed she could just tell Christine about everything she did, her new friend… Alas it was against the rules. Christine would have to go on thinking she was in some warehouse sorting boxes all evening. Turning back to her partner, Chrono asked, “say, what about you? Any potential romancers in your life?”

      Florissant shook her head. “No. None so far.”

      Chrono nodded. “No worries, I’m sure you’ll meet someone eventually. At least, that’s what I’ve been told.” Curse her puzzler’s mind though, as her cogs began to spin with speculation. She was certainly attractive enough. Maybe it was a personal thing. Then again she had reacted pretty strangely to her statement earlier… No, it was probably just her imagination. What were the chances of that? Chrono was sure it was anything but.

      She nodded her head. “Yeah. But man or no man, I think I'm still pretty happy.”

      Chrono couldn’t come up with a response, so she kept walking quietly. After a few more moments, she finally thought of something to say, and went for it. “Florissant,” she started, “you are perhaps the kindest person I’ve met. I’m glad we got to work together today. If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to let me know.”

      Appreciating the flattery, Florissant beamed and replied, “Aww, thank you so much. I’m so glad that you say that. The feeling is mutual. You are a heck of a cool partner.” She ruffled Chrono’s hair a little.

      The feeling was unfamiliar to Chrono, but not overly unpleasant. She managed a grin, and said, “Good to know. Say… How long are we supposed to be out here again? I don’t remember any of my other patrols being this long…”

      Indeed, it was starting to get late and cutting it close to clock out time for Chrono. “We’re just about finished here. A little bit past it I have to say, but hey, not a problem for the authorities, and I had a great time, both with you and catching those robbers. Another job well done in my book!” She walked Chrono back to the transport and began the journey back to PRT headquarters.

      The short ride back was calming, and Chrono couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride as she looked back at her first day as a real Protectorate member. It was amazing to think that just a few weeks ago she hadn’t even known how to control her powers, much less use them to save someone’s life. This called for some celebration. Chrono pulled her phone back out and shot a text to Christine.

      “Hey, getting off work. Want to hang out? There’s that new movie coming out tonight.”

      Chrono already knew the answer; Christine had been excited about that movie since it first got teased. Something about Christine and space-horror movies seemed to go together, even though Chrono wasn’t a huge fan of the horror genre. Somehow having Christine there with her helped her though.
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        Lisa saw this as a perfect opportunity to escape and used the last of her power to get rid of the dirt wall and then began replacing her former element with the smoke around her. Grabbing the now unconscious Drakath, she began dragging him away while using the smoke for cover.

        ~Some time later~

        Having woken up in some building devoid of people, Drakath had already left the Abandoned District and been watching the news just outside of a building while thinking about recent events. This has been, the most, ridiculous 24 hours, of my life. At least she bothered to get me away from those two... Maybe she's not too bad after all. Even if she blew me up. Which I'm still pissed about. Eh, I guess the repercussions of helping me out 'll make up for it. The news channel briefly caught his attention as it revealed that many citizens had reported that crimes had taken place immediately after the bombing of Piper Street. Kiro sighed, So, that's the reason. Turns out that the bombing was just a distraction so that the crimes could go off mostly without a hitch. Mostly calm from "venting" in the warehouse, he began to walk away when, a certain topic had caught his attention. "A new video has surfaced of four capes fighting in the now destroyed warehouse in the Abandoned Industries where two non-cape arrests had just taken place this morning." The reporter had continued talking as Kiro sank against a wall and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Psyduck." Sighing, he decided, I need a run, before popping his mask on around a corner and blitzing off.

        A run through the city at just the right speed was a relaxing, almost therapeutic for Drakath. However for him, the "right speed" was about 700 miles per hour. Not exactly the accepted speed limit for the streets of Fallcliff. Then again, he wasn't even in a car, which begged the question: As a speedster, does one on foot need to follow the rules of the road. Well, the answer was clearly yes as this particular routine often caused a complaints throughout the city, seeing as how he made an effort to go down each and every street, timing himself to see if any one route through the city was faster than another. District by district, he ran, leaving no road left untraveled, until he came to the cliff. Having cleared through the lower half of the city, a quick sigh and shrug followed by a mental, Psyduck it, Drakath ran straight up the cliff. Only to fly right off a moment later. "Muk!" Drakath whirled through the air, spinning to level himself out before gravity began pulling him back to the Earth. Aligning himself with the sloping path along the cliff, he braced himself as the angle helped him hit the ground running. Woo! Ok then, how 'bout that water trick? Sprinting down the path, Drakath ran straight for the river once he hit the bottom of the cliff once more. Alright, it's definitely possible. I've done it before, I've looked it up... I'm definitely fast enough. In only a second, he went from blacktop, to dirt, to not so shallow water. A brief moment of tension passed before he looked down and confirmed, yes, he was running on water. "Yeah! Woo hoo! I did it! I'm Jesus motherfu- Ack!" The strange properties of using deep water as a solid surface was enough to make him lose his balance and fall over, skimming across the water before sinking into it. Using his acceleration to get his bearings, he waited until he hit the bottom, which took longer than he would've been comfortable with, before giving a superspeed push with his leg to jump straight out, landing on dry ground, opposite of the city. Rolling to a stop, Drakath paused and sat riverside after checking his vitals, "Phew. A little more practice and that's gonna be on hell of stunt." He started to lean back and relax before stopping midway upon noticing the approaching figure.

        "It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope, it's just Seraph." He called out to the hardlight tinker as she quickly flew over the river before stopping midway. "Hey there," he said, waving and still soaked, only to receive a volley hardlight feathers in his direction. Backwards rolling to his feet, Drakath accelerated to swiftly dodge the colorful projectiles. "Woah woah woah Seraph! What the hell? I know I ran some red lights, but God damn! Was that necessary?"

        They'd been through this routine before, however this instance was much more aggressive than usual. "Now is not the time for this Drakath," she said, projecting her voice through the suit's microphone, "Resisting arrest is only going to get into more trouble than you're already in."

        "Couldn't you've opened with that? You must live by the whole "shoot first, ask questions later," thing then." He paused before continuing, "Besides, you can't really believe that I wanted to blow up both of those buildings. I mean, I enjoy our little chats like this, but come on. That's not enough motivation to make me go Villain. I'm a Rogue for crying out loud, a delivery boy."

        "Either way, you're under arrest for repeated public disturbances and destuction of city property." She announced.

        "Oh come on, I'll admit that the second building was directly, yet unintentionally, my fault. But that first one was a setup. And those public disturbances, what's a guy with superspeed gonna do when there's nothing to do? He's gonna run. And he's gonna run, "Fast as psyduck boy!" And with that reference, he bolted.
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        Calvin Nanyemba A.K.A. Animator

        It seemed like a job better suited for Medic, but Calvin didn’t mind. He didn’t feel like field-work today. Arresting a hospital patient was a much easier task. Michael Gallavant had recently been bailed out of jail by an unknown benefactor. He had been a free man for a week. A week in which he robber a liquor store and stole a car. Not to mention the ties to La Fenice.

        They had put him in his own room. It was common procedure with recent triggers. There was no set way to deal with powers, so keeping them away from civilians was the best course of action. A single bed sat in the middle of the room, some medical equipment scattered across the floor. Calvin had coated himself in a thick layer of steel, shaped vaguely like a knight’s armor.

        The soon-to-be detainee sat on his bed. His whole body was covered in heavy burns, but he didn’t seemed to be too bothered with it. His blue eyes peeked through a curtain of black hair.

        “Animator. Better than a Ward, at least,” he said.

        “I’m going to ask you to come with me peacefully.” Calvin didn’t feel like small talk. He would prefer if the gang member would just quietly follow him to the PRT vehicle stationed outside. Was it ever that easy, though?

        Two PRT agents stationed themselves on the sides of the door. Out of sight of Michael, but capable of intervening quickly. New triggers were the worst, it was never clear what power someone would have. Michael’s power was clearly some form of regenerative ability. Which was the worst-case scenario, because with any other powerset the man would still be in a medically induced coma. But no, the criminal just had to get something to complicate the situation.

        Michael shook his head. “Look, I’m not going to threaten you, or make demands, but if you don’t let me walk out of here I will use resort to lethal force.” He stood up, already marching towards Calvin, as if the hero was just going to allow him to leave. The suit of armor expanded, forming a thin wall within the hospital room, blocking his passage.

        “Lethal force it is,” the villain grunted. Two inky black claws pierced through his chest as his skin turned white. The man was mummifying as a shadowy homunculus escaped his body. Tendrils, claws and other limbs expanded over the floor, as all that was left of the man was his skin and hospital gown, draped over the linoleum. The creature hissed violently as it lashed out towards Calvin’s ankles.

        His metal boots grew heels, allowing Michael to cut away at something that wasn’t flesh. It missed by a hair. The two PRT officers threw a gas grenade into the room. Smoke started billowing out.

        “Animator requesting evacuation of the Saturn wing. Animator requesting evacuation of the Saturn wing.”

        The creature slithered across the room. It lashed out against the windows, trying to pry it’s way out. Something kept it from destroying it, though.

        Calvin grabbed the hospital bed, as it shaped itself into a small dog. It’s razor sharp teeth sunk into shadowy tendril, tearing it off. The creature twitched and screeched. The abstract shapes formed back into a more human form, before starting the whole mummifying again. Calving tackled Michael before the two claws could erupt, but the man felt too light. As he pushed the skin husk over, he saw a insectoid creature run through the door. A cockroach that had been bred with a dog, that was what it reminded him off.

        He sent his own metal creature after it, but as soon as it left the room, it’d be useless. Line of sight was one Calvin’s biggest weaknesses.

        “Animator here,” he spoke into his intercom. “New cape is either a breaker or a changer. He has escaped. I’m going to bring some disturbing evidence back to have a look at.”

        The eyeless stare of the skin husks were unsettling.

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          Derek Gutierrez -- Splinter

          Derek stood over the mess that used to be his home. La Fenice had gone through everything--even his hidden backup spots. If it wasn’t broken, it was missing. Sitting on the shredded remains of mattress, Derek sighed. This was going to be pricey, but he honestly had no other option. He pulled out his phone, and dialed a number he hadn’t called in months.

          “Hello, and thank you for calling Aim Information Management--” Derek didn’t even wait for the automated voice to finish before punching in the 5 digit code that would connect him with the person he was trying to contact. After a few seconds of connecting, another woman’s voice answered, this time real.

          “Aim server tech, this is Angela.”

          “Angela, it’s me,” Derek replied, “have a moment?”

          After a few seconds of silence, Angela responded. “You must have some real nerve calling me back after what you pulled last time ‘Splinter.’ Better have a good reason.”

          “I do. I need a reset. Everything. I’ll pay you double this time. La Fenice got to me over a sour job.”

          “La Fenice?! Are you psyducking kidding me? You let them get a hold on my tech?!”

          “Calm down, the emergency overrides are still in place. They won’t be learning anything. Plus, seems they have a Tinker of their own. Tommy Gun’s mask-”

          “Oh so you’re saying La Fenice sent one of its big boys after you too?! I can’t psyducking believe you Derek. I thought you were smarter than this.”

          “Do we have a deal or are you just going to lecture me?”

          “Ugh, fine. You know I can’t say no to work these days. But you’re not skimping on your pay this time or I’ll personally rip your jugular out. Come by in an hour.”

          With a click, Derek was once again left to himself. Angela may be gruff, but she was the closest he had to a friend. He wouldn’t trust her with much, but at least her tech was reliable. With one more look around the ruined room, he stood. Now that that business was out of the way, he needed a place to live. He rang up one more number as he headed out the door, leaving it open for good measure. Anyone could find it now for all he cared, but he was going to have to lay low for a few days before taking any jobs again. La Fenice wasn’t going to let him off that easy. If anything, Tommy Gun now had a personal reason to take him out.


          Alex Jones -- Chrono

          Alex stretched as she exited the PRT building, already having changed back into her clothes again. Florissant had seemed to have something important to get to, so Alex had been left to her own. A quick glance at her phone told her that she had just enough time to get over to Christine’s house, so Alex set out right back the way she’d came, hopping on the city bus a few streets down.

          Soon enough Alex found herself in front of her friend’s quaint suburban home. It wasn’t large, but it didn’t have to be with only 4 of them in there. Alex was already familiar with every nook of the house; she’d been over here more times than she could count. She walked up and knocked, waiting patiently until Christine’s mother opened the door.

          “Alex, dear, come in! You look tired, long day?” Christine’s mother was a short, portly woman, whose Italian heritage was obvious in both her appearance and accent. Alex gladly followed her inside, entering the living room that dominated most of the first floor. From up the stairs to her left, Alex could spy Christine’s door, slightly ajar. She didn’t even have to ask to know that her friend was in there, and she smiled and excused herself from the living room, saying, “thank you, Mrs. Rousseau. Nice to see you as well. Today was fine though, not too hard.”

          With a wave, Alex climbed up the stairs, Mrs. Rousseau presumably returning to her kitchen, where she was almost always cooking something. Upon reaching Christine’s door, Alex knocked, then entered. Christine never left her door open if she didn’t mind anyone entering. “Hey Chris, almost ready to go?”

          Christine was seated at her desk when Alex entered, putting on lipstick. She smiled at Alex through the small mirror on her desk before finishing up and responding, “Al! I was almost afraid you were going to be late!” A quick friendly hug later, the two were heading to the door. Christine let her mom know where they were going, and then they were on their way.


          An unintentional shiver went down Alex’s spine as the pair left the theater. It had been just as scary as Christine had predicted. Whereas her friend had a massive grin on her face, Alex was paler than usual. She’d barely made it through even with Christine there. It had taken all of her self-restraint to keep from strangling Christine’s arm during some parts. But it was done now.

          “Wow, what a cool movie! Right Alex?” Alex mustered up a smile, but it was no picture of enthusiasm. Christine’s grin softened to a friendly smile, and she said, “I really appreciate you going to it with me, even if you didn’t like it. You can pick the next movie we watch I promise.”

          Alex’s smile perked up a bit. Christine was such an amazing person. “So, um… Dad’s not getting back till real late and if I’m alone I might go crazy after that. You’re parents don’t mind, right?”

          “Of course not. You know you’re welcome anytime.” Alex was reassured by the answer, and shot her father a text to let him know that she’d be staying at Christine’s. With another smile to her friend, Alex and Christine made their way back to her home.
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            After a pleasant patrol with Chrono, Florissant was ready to clock out, eat a big dinner and unwind with some movies on Netflix. She was about to head to her office to change into her civilian clothes when she was stopped by her superior, Arief Khadiji. Not the type to engage in pleasantries or small talk, Florissant of course immediately assumed to be business related to her. The taller, bigger man spoke to her in a no nonsense tone. “Florissant, come with me. I have urgent business with you regarding a case. I need to ask you some questions.” He gestured towards one of the rooms used for interrogation and they went in. He sat down opposite of Florissant and cut straight to the chase. “You are under suspicion of a murder in the University District. The victim was a member of the street gang Los Diablos. He was stabbed to death by a vine.” He leaned in closer and looked Florissant directly in the eye. “Where were you today at around 11 am?”

            Still processing the grave charges levelled at her, she waved her hands in front of her and told him, “Wait, hold on. I’m being under suspicion for this death of some common street criminal?”

            Khadiji replied, “You can’t deny that the method in which he was murdered doesn’t raise a few eyebrows, especially sitting right in front of the one well known cape around Fallcliff whose powers are plant related.”

            While Florissant could certainly not fault him from surmising the conclusion based on the circumstances, it still came as a little shocking that she, a hero well known for scarcely being violent despite formidable and occasionally hellish looking powers, would be in the running for suspicion in the case. “But I wasn’t even close to the murder scene. I was on patrol in the Divided District towards the river, at Kings Park.”

            Khadiji rebutted, “Yes, I see that on your file here. That’s where you say you were. Have any witnesses to corroborate your story?”

            Florissant replied, “Yes, there was Avila and Falcon on patrol nearby, and several civilians saw me. In fact...come to think of it...” She scratched her chin. “I greeted a police officer personally doing my rounds in the park. Sergeant Parker was his name. Big, tall African American fellow.” She laughed slightly as she said, “Big guy was like teddy bear. He wanted my autograph for his son.”

            The PRT chief duly took notes and nodded. After finishing his thoughts on paper, he looked up and said to Florissant, “Okay. It seems if things check out, you have an impeccable alibi. Some of the details have already been made public, such as the method of the murder. Once we get back to you with results of the investigation, we'll let you know if you can make any public statements about this incident. Any questions?” Florissant shook her head. “Then you are dismissed.”

            She walked out of the interrogation room, the red headed hero clocked out and took the bus home, wishing she was driving her car that was in the shop. Arriving home, she exclaimed her arrival to a small, blue-grey cat. “Hey Fariha!” Safiya picked up the cat, hugged it and sat with it on her lap while she ordered the pizza. While waiting around for the pizza deliveryman to arrive, Safiya decided to check the Cape Forums really quick to see what else was coming of the case, now that time had elapsed. She would not think of searching the forums for one murder in a large city of a civilian otherwise, but since the methods of the murder were made public, Safiya was bound to find something and found it quickly as a brand new topic.

            There was a body found in the University District at this little flower shop. Guess what killed them? Stab wounds. Not just any stab wounds, though. There were some vines that ended up killing the dude, certainly not stuff you can find there ofc. I betcha Florissant was put up to this. Y'know, red haired chick with the plant powers. But here's the thing: it all stinks of something fishy. I mean here we have a hero who’s all goody goody suddenly kill some random gangster. The PRT is up to something man.

            maybe that's because nothing happened ya damn tinfoil. Grow up lol

            Safiya laughed to herself, just for how ridiculous the claims were. “Al’abalah”, she muttered to herself. Idiot. After having a chuckle over it, Safiya put away her phone and watched an episode of a TV show before the pizza arrived twenty minutes later. The incident was relegated to the back of her mind as she wolfed down the pizza after being on patrol all day. After all, it's not as if people would believe that crackpot nonsense over her standup reputation.
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              The phone rang, and Cactus picked it up. “What do you want? Do you know what time it is?” She yelled into the phone. Listening carefully to what the caller had to say, she shook her head. “I thought we were done after last time! I told you, I already have a private manu-” the caller hung up. Another death threat if she didn’t hand over money. This time the meeting place was on a big empty lot close to the edge of town. Cactus fired up her flight suit and went over to the lot. There was noone in sight.

              Cringing, Drakath shook his head, as he replayed his joke in his head, I need to get off the internet. He looked back to see Seraph hot on his tail. This would be shocking had he not been handicapping himself to around the hero's top flight speed. Turning around he taunted as he ran backwards, "What's wrong? Having trouble keeping up?" He noticed the next flap of her wings was slightly mistimed. She could tell he was toying with her. "Come on girl! You're too slow! Gotta go fast to keep up with me!" Ha, shoulda named myself Sonic. I'm enough of a "prick" to make up for his "spikes." I wonder... Chuckling at himself, Drakath dodged another volley of feathers as he turned around.

              Cactus could hardly see the figure approaching, at super fast speeds. I’d better get out of here She turned the flight button on, and began to hover a bit. Come on! Hurry up! The flight suit crashed into the ground, and the incoming figure collided with her. “Hey! That hurts!” Said Cactus, forgetting her invisibility was still on. “Wait a minute… you’re… Drakath?”

              He coughed, and wheezed before letting out a groan, "Ugh. What the hell." Propping himself up, he looked around for the source of the voice, "Sorry. Wait- I didn't even hit anything! What the psyduck?"

              Cactus noticed she was invisible as she looked down at her scraped hand. She drew a small blade, and became visible again. “Alright, what’s the big deal running like that? You could have hurt someone badly!”

              Drakath flinched as a figure appeared “Cactus?” Psyducking Strangers... He reeled back looking mock offended from being yelled at, "Hey, I have crazy reflexes and I can stop on a dime. Besides, the only reason you got hit is because you were invisible." He noticed the sharp object Cactus had drawn, “And what're you gonna do with that ‘Little Miss Ezio?’ You're not gonna stab me and even if you were, you wouldn't even land a hit.”

              Cactus had no idea what to say to the invisibility part. “Don’t blame me! Blame the person who uh… made my flight suit.”

              He slowly got to his feet having completely forgotten about his previous endeavors, “So, who might that be? And I guess since you apparently tried to fly away, instead of just jumping out of the way like a smart person, you clearly must've went to the ‘Prometheus School of Running Away From Things’.”

              “I didn’t actually. I taught myself,” She said, ignoring his question.

              And… That one went right over her head.

              “And this? I’m taking you in. I’ve heard about what you did,” Suddenly, Cactus saw another figure approaching, this one in the air.

              God damnit. Another one?” Drakath sighed, his thoughts slightly escaping. “In fact,” he turned around to see Seraph in the sky, “Psyduck it. Just psyduck it. I'm psyducked. I'm psyducked no matter what I do. 'Oh, just go to the PRT, turn yourself in.' No. If I do that I'll either be in jail, a Ward, or I'll be restricted. Psyduck that. I'm gonna be known as kid who blew up two buildings anyway, so what's the point. I lose no matter what I do. I'm a Rogue for a reason. Why would I blow up a building? It was a setup! We're not even allowed to kill people. Besides police were already on their way there. It'd be stupid at that point. 'Oh what about the second one.' Well technically it 'imploded,' but yeah, sure, that one was my fault. I didn't do it only on purpose, but at least it was my mistake. But oh, that doesn't matter, I did it anyway. So if I'm gonna be wanted, then I'm just gonna be wanted. Psyduck it. Just get it over with and call me a Villain. I don't care anymore. It's gonna happen eventually so might as well just get it over with, 'cause I'm gonna keep running. So psyduck it. I don't care anymore." Psyducking Lisa! A grunting stomp into the ground at superspeed was enough to crack the lot throughout. "God Damnit!

              “Woah,” Cactus mumbled as she managed to keep her footing. “What exactly went wrong with the building? If it’s not your fault maybe I shouldn’t bother you…” Cactus thought for a second before getting a notification on her phone. “Oh goodness, not again!” Cactus turned invisible for a second, and read over the text. Meanwhile, Seraph had landed at the scene.

              Drakath sighed as he looked towards the disappearing figure, realizing his venting. I got it. You know what, I'll give them a choice. As he thought out a plan, something metal wrapped itself around his wrist. Spinning, Drakath almost socked the person responsible just off reflex, however he realized that it wasn't exactly a good idea to attack a hero, and redirected his punch towards the the handcuffs, breaking them immediately.

              Hearing the handcuffs break, Cactus turned from her phone. Drakath was being unsuccessfully apprehended by Seraph. Ugh, what to do now? Cactus dashed into the middle of the group, pushing both of them aside. What am I doing? Oh well, at least no one should get arrested now…

              Drakath looked in confusion as the vigilante separated them, “So, who's side are you on here?”

              “Your’s. I believe you. But you better run,” Said Cactus. She put the knife back, and tried to fly into Seraph, but missed as she took off and landed on the ground face first. “Agh…”

              Drakath stifled a laugh as he watched Cactus’s go at Seraph, “You sure wanna go against a hero, and help the wanted guy?” He shrugged, “OK then...”

              He's right. I should probably get outta here. How am I going to do this? He won't leave on his own so maybe I can force it upon him. Could I turn him invisible by holding his hand? And then maybe, have him superspeed me away? Settling on that idea, Cactus grabbed Drakath and they both disappeared. “Ok, let’s go!” She said, bracing herself for extreme speeds.

              Caught off guard, Drakath stuttered, “W-w-wait what?” Alarmed and confused, he felt like he'd missed something huge as he looked around and through his invisible self. OK, I- what? After some accelerated incoherent mumbling, and a test of whether or not an invisible person can see through their eyelids, Drakath eventually came to the conclusion of, “Psyduck it, before this gets any worse,” and blindly picked Cactus up while managing to properly brace her as she held him before running off. And… I'm not invisible anymore. Oh yeah, forgot. Can't carry people. Turns out 0-700 mph in a second isn't too good for the human body. The G-LOC from the acceleration had knocked Cactus out cold. Hm… She'll be back in a minute but, I'll kill her if I keep going. He ducked into an alley and hid Cactus in a pile of boxes. “You know, despite the name, you're actually pretty soft.” He gave a mental groan, I can't believe I just said that, “Just, don't be a ‘stranger’ next time, OK?” And with that, he left at speed, dashing out of the alley, back through the cracked lot, and under a bridge,ditching Seraph in the process and checking for a no longer present Cactus before heading home. He had some things planned for tomorrow.
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                Aereo & Chrono

                As Clarissa exited a jet black, impressive looking Mercedes-Benz wearing over ear headphones, she sighed, wishing it was her parents at the wheel today. They were both away on a business trip in Kyoto and as such, the chauffeur drove her to school today. Clarissa would want nothing to do but to travel to Kyoto with them, but she was recently missed a bit too much school on account of having several bouts of minor illness. Of course, it was only assumed that it was just a bad year for getting sick, but Clarissa knew why she was getting sick. Just stepping out of the car reminds her why. With superpowers, Clarissa feels just as useless as before, if not more so by being able to do something to them but being unable to do so. Crossing her fingers, Clarissa went to a courtyard to read a new novel she picked up the other day. It was a small part of her that hoped that maybe they wouldn't show up, that they wouldn't bother her just for today. Unfortunately, her hopes were dashed when she saw them, hanging out in a group gossiping about how fake this one girl was being or something like that. Very unimportant muk. It soon became important, however, when the group spotted her. They hovered over her, almost looking as if to have a friendly talk if it weren't blatantly apparent to Clarissa what they'd do. With her headphones blaring music, Clarissa tried her best to blot them out, only to have the raven haired girl, Nadia, yank the headphones off of her head and exclaimed, “It's rude to be ignoring us when someone is talking to you, Clarissa.”

                The poshest one of the group, Madeline, scoffed and added, “Yeah, what kind of barn were you raised in?”

                Clarissa said nothing, and only looked down, pretending in vain for them not to exist. Nadia picked her head up and said, “When someone is talking to you, you look them in the eye. Did your parents not raise you right?” Her last remark was said in a mocking tone.

                “P-p-please leave me alone.”

                A third girl, Jeanette, replied in a faux pleasant tone, “But we’ve only just graced your company. You don’t wanna run away now when we're having fun.”

                Alex arrived at school rather early. As Christine’s mom worked as a chef at a small Italian restaurant with her husband, Christine always got here earlier than most. The two were mostly quiet as they walked the familiar halls of the high school; mostly because Alex was still half dead from waking so early.

                “So where do you want to hang out? Lunchroom?” Christine was initiating conversation as always. It was all Alex could do to nod sleepily, and follow her friend. That all changed of course, when she caught the tail end of what seemed a harmless comment, but she could practically feel the spite dripping from it. It was coming from one of the small courtyards from what she could hear.

                “Hey Chris, give me a sec. Thought I heard something. I’ll catch up.” With a nod, Alex excused herself, and headed toward the commotion. Sticking to the wall, so as to stay out of sight, she spotted a group of girls hounding another; closer inspection revealed the victim to be Clarissa--or as Alex knew her, Aereo, another one of the Wards. She didn’t recognize most of the aggressors, but Madeline--Her Highness as Alex mockingly called her with Christine--stood out like a sore thumb. If she was here there was no mistaking what was going on, but Alex decided to watch for a bit longer. Clarissa didn’t seem to be fighting back, so perhaps they’d get bored.

                Madeline giggled. “I am being quite nice. It’s only fitting that you should repay the favor. Now, we both know that I’m not the best with history. Would you be a dear and help an old friend out?” Without prompting, Madeline dug into the backpack of Clarissa and combed through her stuff.

                Clarissa meekly protested, “H-hey, leave my stuff alone.”

                Madeline smirked, “What, you think that people care about some wannabe from the ghetto? I really am being quite merciful, and I’m not appreciating how you’re treating me.” She frowned.

                “Alright,” Alex spoke up as she walked into the courtyard, “you heard her, Madeline.” Crossing her arms as she approached the shorter girl, Alex continued, “put down the backpack and go be a prick somewhere else.” This wasn’t the first time she’d butted in on Madeline, so it surely wasn’t going to be that easy, but it was worth a shot. Glancing at the other girls, she mentally braced herself for how bad this could go; it didn’t matter to Alex either way.

                The shorter girl replied and feigned outrage. “Ugh. Did you just hear that? Calling me that word.” As if she was truly the taller one, Madeline replied in a condescending tone, “Listen, maybe you don’t really get how things work around here, but you don’t talk to me that way, capisce? I think you would be best not to get involved, skeleton.”

                Alex feigned horror in her expression, and in a mocking tone replied, “oh no, she called me a name! Whatever shall I do?” Getting serious again, Alex took a step closer to Clarissa, getting between her and Madeline. “Listen, I don’t care what you call me. I just can’t stand people that prop themselves up by pushing others down. Understand?” She was nearly on top of Madeline at this point, and continued, “so if you’re going to pick on someone, pick on someone that can take it.”

                One of the other girls replied, “Pssh, you’re gonna stand up for her? You a friend or something?”

                Clarissa mumbled, “You were.”

                Clearly hearing the remark, the other girl replied, “I’m sorry, did you say something, Clarissa? Can’t really hear you all that well. Why don’t you speak up?”

                Clarissa didn’t speak, and didn’t say anything more. Madeline added, “You know she won’t, Janice. The little girl is too spineless.”

                It was obvious words were not working. This was more antagonistic than she’d thought, only solidified when she hear Clarissa’s mumbled comment. Once Madeline had finished, Alex spoke up, “are you done now?”

                Just as she was about to speak Alex’s palm struck her. It wasn’t anything hard--barely enough to move Madeline--but the resounding smack was more than clear. “I’m not going to say it again. Leave. Her. Alone.”

                Madeline cried out, histrionic and incredulous at the slap, though obviously not actually hurting based on the insincere delivery. “Wh-how dare you? You are not the boss of me!”

                Alex simply stood there, feet planted and arms crossed, glaring daggers at Madeline. Daring her, no ASKING her, to try to push it harder. She’d enjoy punching Madeline in the gut for once. Thankfully the other girls were mostly just staring; Alex hoped they thought she could take them all, even if she actually couldn’t. Not without using her powers anyways.

                Instead of being flustered, Madeline smirked and replied, “Go ahead. Beat me up. It's not as if I can't make your life a living hell or anything. I could sue you for all that you're worth. You wouldn't want that, would you?”

                “I think you misunderstand. I don’t give a muk what happens to me. But my friends? I’d die for them before backing down to a pig like you.” There was no mistaking the seriousness in Alex’s voice. She meant every word down to her core.

                Clarissa, having been looking down the entire time, looked up to face Alex properly for the first time. Everyone else apart from Madeline was flustered and tense, not expecting kickback. The different sides seemed to stare each other down, waiting for the other side to buckle. This time, it was the bullies’ side that buckled. Madeline stared at Alex’s fierce gaze, and turned to face Clarissa, the rest of her posse and then back to Alex. “We aren't through here. You have no idea what kind of muk you're getting into. I'll humor you, Alex.” She sighed as she said to her friends. “We’ll worry about these two later. Come.” She and her friends backed off from Clarissa and turned to leave.

                As soon as the group was out of sight, Alex grinned. It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. She sat down next to the person she’d been protecting, and said, “Hey, you alright? They didn’t hurt you did they?”

                Clarissa looked up at the blond girl, shocked to see none other than a fellow Wards. She immediately ducked her head back down, feeling that it was extremely embarrassing to be bailed out by your coworker instead of being able to save yourself. “N-no. I-I’m fine.”

                “Alright good.” Alex saw how nervous Clarissa was, and added, “and apparently we go to the same high school too. I’ve seen you at ‘work’ a couple times, but this is my first time running into you here. How long have those girls been hounding you?”

                Clarissa mumbled, “S-since this year.” She clenched her fist in pain. “Ever since…”

                It was obvious whatever had happened was paining Clarissa, if anything, it reminded her of her own feelings when she thought about her mother. “If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine,” she replied. She knew how hard it could be to relive trauma like that. “I can help deal with those bullies if you want. I was being serious before.”

                The orange haired girl replied, “Y-you don't need to do this. It never works out being friends with anyone…”

                Alex furrowed her brow. She’d heard what Clarissa had said about Madeline, but she hadn’t really thought about it. “I’ll be honest,” Alex said, voice gentle, “I can’t begin to guess how you feel. But I’m not like that. When I make a friend, it’s for life. And I’d do anything to keep one.”

                Clarissa replied, “I really appreciate the offer, but I just...I just…”

                Alex scooted a bit closer to Clarissa, concern apparent on her face. “I understand you’re going through a tough time, but… Y’know it’s easier when you’ve got someone you can rely on.”

                Clarissa said nothing, only nodding limply in reply. She bit her nail, still very nervous about even talking to Alex outside of work. It's all so much easier with a mask and a bold persona to hide behind. “You would really want to support me? But I'm just so pathetic. I could easily knock out those guys but here I am…”

                “Listen…” Alex mentally braced herself for what she was about to say. “About a year ago, I watched my mother die in my arms. She died protecting people, myself included, and I’m not about to waste that on myself. I’m alive right now to help other people.” She mentally steeled herself as the emotions started flowing in, forcing herself to keep talking. “So when I say I want to help you… I really mean it, with all my heart.”

                Clarissa quietly said, “I had no idea your mother died. I'm so sorry.”

                Alex nodded. On the outside she appeared calm, perhaps a bit pensive, but inside was a raging storm of emotions. She took a deep, albeit shaky breath as she pulled herself back into line, forcing

                the tears she could feel back down. “I’m not about to force you into anything. If you’d rather take this on alone that’s okay. But I can be there for you, you just need to say so.”

                Clarissa put her right hand through her tousled hair, and closed her eyes, thinking about the offer. So many conflicting emotions, ranging from doubt to cynicism to the desire to have a friend. With the conflicted emotions apparent on her face, Clarissa replied with a meek nod. “I need help.”

                Alex smiled at Clarissa, faint as it was. Look at us she thought, the two most powerful people

                at this school, reduced to sobbing teenagers.
                She put her arm around Clarisse’s shoulders, and added, “if you need anything, just let me know. No matter what, or when, I’ll be there for you.”

                Clarissa flinched at Alex’s touch but relaxed as it was clear she was comforting her. “Thank you so much. I don't feel so ill anymore.”

                “So do you usually hang out here outside of class? I can come during lunch. I’m sure they’ll be back with a vengeance.”

                Clutching her book bag, Clarissa replied, “I prefer the library. Much harder to make a scene there.” For anyone else, it might be sad that the library was a place of refuge, but it suited her just fine.

                “That’s good. I’ll find you there then.” She removed her arm and made to stand before an idea popped into her head. “Say, I’ve got another friend waiting in the cafeteria I’m sure you’d like, if you want to come. It’s alright if making one friend is enough for today though.” A sly grin made its way to Alex’s face; it made her feel better after such a heavy conversation.

                “I'm, I-I’m not sure. I mean I would really love to but I'm don't know if she would like me…”

                “I’ll let you think about it, how about that? You can meet her at lunch, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” With a genuine smile, Alex stood and waved to her new friend, heading off to the lunchroom. Her head was buzzing with ideas on how to explain it all to Christine; but that was an issue for when she got there.

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                  Kiro woke up once more to a blaring alarm clock as he went through his morning routine, this time having to explain his absence from school during the previous day. That wasn't too hard for him however. A well developed "I was sick" act was all he really needed to get past them. Not to say they were ignorant however. He just happened to have a knack for improv. So much so that, at one point, he'd even considered acting.

                  One the way to school, Kiro spent some extra money on a disproportionate amount of snacks and candy for later. He stuffed one of his pockets with what it could carry and placed the rest in the hidey hole he'd put his school supplies in the previous day. Upon arriving, he decided to kill some time by taking a quick walk around the school, and after watching an incident between some girls, he decided to go to class, having sated his mild desire for some entertaining school drama. Once again, Kiro found himself watching those that entered the classroom, ignoring Lisa as she took her seat next to him. He caught her hiding a bruise or two, when she grimaced after light knock that shouldn't have hurt at all, the La Fenice must not have been too happy with yesterday's events. Not long after the last few students sat down, the teacher entered and began instructing the teenagers on some needlessly complicated subject. Classes were a blur as Kiro kept snacking on candy until lunch, where he'd chosen to sit alone as he thought over the general idea he'd had planned for the days to come, whilst still listening to others' conversations all the same. Eventually lunch ended and the rest of the school day went by relatively quickly. Kiro headed straight home and donned his masquerade after spending some time at the arcade. Time to go to work...

                  ~Some Time Later~

                  Drakath watched a convenience store from afar as two darkly dressed individuals entered. A few minutes passed and, as expected, one of them eventually pulled a gun on the cashier. Sighing and shaking his head, How many does this make it? I've lost count. You really don't realize how bad it is until you try to fix it. Maybe because I'm only hitting places without cameras. He sped out from his shadowy alley and blitzed the robbers, safely however, he'd already hospitalized one person through lack of consideration. Over in seconds, Drakath swiftly knocked out the one by the door, and speedily setting him down, before sweeping the armed perpetrator's leg. After also taking down a third person who had been around watching everyone as he attempted to casually blend in as the 'indecisive customer.' Drakath dashed out of the building towards the cliff, only to change directions once out of sight.

                  Dashing through to the opposite side of the city, his surroundings a blur, Drakath smiled as he sped down the street at just under 700 mph. Only to have it cut short as he was forced to near instantly skid to a stop. "Jesus!" His breathing heavy, he stared down the newly formed wall of hardened electricity, already knowingly exactly whom it belonged to. A few seconds later, he'd found himself jumping back once more to avoid another fizzy light blue wall with primarily white electricity flowing through it. This time the culprit stopped in front of him a few feet to his left. A bearded man of runner's physique masked by goggles and clothed in skin-tight black with a somewhat corny thunderbolt across the chest. His alias, Thunderrush. A name The Speed Demon had come to know well considering their shared classification as mover, though mostly of his own initiative. He began to speak however Drakath was too caught up in his accelerated thoughts to hear him. I wonder how far he had to run normally to stop there. I guess if you look at it, he started from around the corner last time and stopped next to me this time so... I geuss that's only about a few feet if y-

                  "- Hey!" Thunderrush yelled.

                  "Sorry, what? I missed that." Drakath explained.

                  The only response was an annoyed sigh and shake of the head.

                  "Well? Whatddya want 'light cycle'?" The speedster teased.

                  "I told you not to call me that." Already annoyed, Thunderrush braced for conversation with the teenager.

                  "But, are you [I[not,[/I] a 'Tron bike'? You've got light trails and everything." The Rogue explained.

                  "It's 'electricity' asshole." The man retorted.

                  "Does it matter? And it still emits light, so technically~" he asked.

                  The man sighed and changed the subject, "So, why're you blowing up buildings all of sudden?"

                  "Ugh, ya see, now why you gotta go killin' the mood like that?" Drakath whined,

                  "Betcha think you're hot muk now. Wanted and everything-" Thunderrush taking his turn to tease in retaliation.

                  "I've literally, never thought that outside of a video game-" The speedster mumbled.

                  "So, what're ya gonna do next? Gonna make a public announcement? Declare your villainy? Or maybe you're gonna be a good little puppy, and suck up to the PRT? Have them turn you into Ward so you can have them forgive your si-" He spouted not so seriously until interruption.

                  "Alright, don't go all monologing n' muk on me." Drakath joked.

                  "OK. To be honest, I don't really care what you end up doing. Just stay outta here. This is my territory, and I don't need a kid like you psyducking it up." Thunderrush explained.

                  "What makes you think I wanna psyduck with your muk?" The kid asked, feigning ignorance.

                  "I've seen you. You've been busy today, hopping from one side of the town to the next. And for some reason, you always end up back here. So, whatever you're doing, keep this place outta your 'rotations.' The man said sternly.

                  "Eh, not sure I can do that." He shrugged carelessly as he scratched his head.

                  "Well then, guess I'll just have to get rid of the heat myself." The villain sparked slightly.

                  "Psyduck~" Drakath just barely managed to roll to the side in time as Thunderrush grazed past him at mach 42 and sped down the street. He sighed, Here we go. Drakath accelerated as he thought up a plan.
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                  AKA. Sebastian Medina

                  After the Storm: Post Ass-Kicking

                  “Thanks for mentioning that Tempestuous might actually show up.” Hostage said, not actually as pissed off as he was making out. The tirade was mostly for the benefit of Jailer. “Almost dying was exactly what I was hoping for out of this venture.”

                  “Almost is better than actually dying.” Vacuum countered, nonplussed by Hostage raking him over the coals. “We had no idea that she was going to pass through that way on the way to her conference, let alone that she would stop in at the lab. Besides, high risk work always has a high reward.”

                  Vacuum tossed a pair of heavy duffle bags between himself and Hostage and Jailer with an audible thud that echoed through the empty parking structure. Jailer looked at the bag cautiously, Hostage less so. He immediately knelt before a bag and opened it up. Within it were numerous stacks of green gold, bound by rubber bands. It seemed that La Fenice had made good on their offer.

                  “It’s all legitimate money and none of it is sequential either so you aren’t going to be tracked or anything.” Vacuum said, all business as Hostage zipped up the bag. “Don’t spend it all at once - although I’m sure by now you know the drill.”

                  Sebastian awoke with a groan. It wasn’t like him to dream about things that had actually happened, especially not a job. He supposed that his near death encounter with Tempestuous would be a bit more memorable though.

                  Wincing as he stretched his arm out, Sebastian slipped his hand under his bed. He felt the bag full of money there, grinning. It wasn’t in the same bag as he’d gotten it in of course. He and Jailer had gone through it carefully to make sure it was free of bugs or tracking devices and moved the money into a pair of different bags for good measure.

                  Satisfied that he definitely had ten thousand dollars under his bed, Sebastian forced himself to sit up. His whole body burned in response to the movement. Evidently, being repeatedly slammed against the side of a building was bad for your health. He was confident that, somehow, neither he nor Anita had actually sustained any broken bones or major injuries though. Anita had done a lot of medical study in her own time and even he knew some basics and first-aid. The first thing she’d done when they’d gotten back home was check Sebastian over before getting him to help her with her own examination.

                  Climbing out of bed, Sebastian pulled off the clothes he’d slept in and changed into a pair of pale denim jeans a white button-up shirt. He’d shower and make himself more presentable later if he decided to go out anywhere, but he didn’t have any plans to leave the house when he wasn’t even confident he wanted to be on his feet more than five or ten minutes anyway. He’d checked himself out in the mirror whilst changing, as was his habit, and his body was covered in dark bruises and a few small, bandaged lacerations.

                  “Good morning” he heard Anita say as he finally exited his room into the open half-lounge room half-dining room that was the main part of their apartment. She was dressed in maroon sweatpants and a black, long-sleeved shirt with a hood. A pink headband kept her hair out of her face. “The floors wet, don’t slip and aggravate your wounds.”

                  Sebastian froze in shock, blinking at her in astonishment.

                  “How the psyduck have you been cleaning?” he asked incredulously. It was typical of her really. Somehow even after a life-or-death situation, Anita would still make sure she went about the daily chores. “How can you move that much? Are you even human?!” Anita smiled from where she was reclined on one of the couches.

                  “The world doesn’t stop spinning just because a supervillain tries to kill you.” she said wryly. Sebastian laughed, shaking his head with bemusement.

                  “Are you not in as much pain as I am? Jesus, take a break or you’ll end up dead before me - and I have a death wish according to you.” Sebastian jibed, only to get his own back in a flash.

                  “I’m just tougher than you.” Sebastian scoffed and slowly, by necessity more than caution, made his way into the kitchen. The clock on their microwave showed that it was nearly lunch time. He smirked at that. Anita would generally have any cleaning she did finished by ten, the floor still being wet implied that she had slept in (for her anyway) after all.

                  “Tough my ass.” he mumbled to himself as he set about getting food for himself. In this case, a combination of lunch and breakfast seemed appropriate so he returned to the lounge room and plonked himself down on the free couch with a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a mug of coffee.

                  “I wish you wouldn’t risk spilling coffee all over our couch.” Anita sighed

                  “I wish you wouldn’t complain so much.” Sebastian said, poking his tongue out at her before proceeding to devour his meal. With his free hand, he reached for the remote on the table and flicked the television on. A crappy soap opera was playing, but Sebastian liked the background noise so he left it on.

                  “You’ll be pleased to know that we’re famous.” Anita said after a while, prompting a questioning look from Sebastian. “People noticed the commotion at Future Science, so Tempestuous had to do a press-release. First time anyone has cheered about us breaking in somewhere.” Sebastian chuckled at that, but Anita didn’t let the levity last too long. “We should lay low for a while. No jobs or anything whilst she’s out for blood. She’s really not happy about what we stole, not that she’s publically saying what it was.”

                  “Well, we’ve got ten thousand each. I think that should cover the bills and just about anything else we want to do. I don’t mind resting my injuries for a while.” Sebastian agreed. “I’d grab my laptop and see what that Truther lunatic is saying about all this, but I don’t think I’m going to move for a few hours.”

                  “I can relate.”

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                    As soon as Safiya was awakened with the sun shining through her curtains and Fariha meowing and nuzzling against her face, the pajama clad redhead petted and cuddled the cat, causing the cat to purr contently and in turn soothe Safiya. The woman cooed, “Morning Fariha.” She continued showing the cat affection, scratching under her chin, on top of her head and along her back before eventually being forced to take Fariha off of herself to continue her morning routine. She did her usual twenty minute shower complete with singing and contemplating, fed the cat, made herself an omelette and a cup of tea.

                    As Safiya sat on the big table with no one but herself seated at it, it made her think of the many times where Safiya wished she had someone to share her spacious house with. A roommate, a friend. Or, a significant other. Safiya sighed wistfully. She could never seem to be interested in that special way towards a man, no matter how hard she tried. Safiya certainly has tried. Even accounting for personality dislikes no one seemed to strike Safiya’s fancy as a boyfriend. No matter how close she got to them, they were always friends and best friends, nothing more. With women…

                    It's not possible. How could it be? They were also just friends and best friends. Although, maybe it shouldn't be that way. Just her and that attractive waitress friend of hers, alo-. Safiya vociferously shook her head and groaned in frustration. She hated it when those thoughts came up, which has been quite often since her hormone addled youth. Safiya was just their friend for crying out loud. Nothing more, nothing less. She let felt quite guilty that the thought flashed through her mind and all of its implications. Safiya took a deep breath, and managed to calm herself down and feel a bit of relief as the deviant thoughts passed after a while. She had much better things to think about. For example, there was the new movie she was going to see with her friend Pierre tomorrow after her job at the PRT.

                    Before that, however, she would have to see her family today. Her smile immediately faded at thinking of what that entails. Why did she put up with the hostilities and tension? She could just cut them out of her life, but where would that leave her? Shamefully without a complete family to belong to and losing access to her dearest younger brother Yusuf. Last time Safiya and her parents met, it was on more rocky grounds than usual on account of being caught clubbing in the Entertainment District. Of all the things she was sure about, Safiya was sure Facebook was a safe realm away from her technologically impaired parents. Unfortunately, Farouk did have it and ended up telling their parents because a friend of hers in the picture happened to be (moderately) drinking next to her. Farouk was much nicer about it then her parents were but nonetheless, shame and scorn was heaped on to her until she couldn't take it anymore. Safiya shuddered. Those hostile arguments were when both parties were at their worst, and ended with all of them crying and screaming at each other. Like usual, she pushed aside those unsavory feelings to the side to keep her emotions in check. Her parents certainly didn't need to see her being vulnerable.


                    After riding the bus where her car was being repaired and retrieving the red Porsche, Safiya drove southwest to the Divided District, passing by the less well off neighborhoods. After driving for an extended period of time caught in traffic in the congested and dense streets, Safiya turned into the apartment complex and parked in an empty spot at the complex’s many carports. She got out, locked the car and climbed the stairs up to the third floor to the place she used to call home. Safiya took a deep breath, hoping futilely that they would not bring it up again. She knocked on the door, and after a few moments, a tall, slender teenage boy with glasses and curly hair. With a vibrant smile, Safiya exclaimed, “Little brother! So nice to see you! You are getting so tall.” She immediately went in for a hug, embracing her brother tightly.

                    Her brother made a fake choking noise, exclaiming, “Gah, I need air.”

                    Safiya laughed and leaned her head onto his shoulder. “Oh hush. You know you miss your sister.” She let go and and let herself in, walking towards Yusuf’s room. Before she could do go into his room, Safiya was interrupted by the sight of her parents coming out of the living room. Her father, Ibrahim, turned to Safiya and said to her in heavily accented English, “Hello, daughter. How are you?” Yusuf excused himself and shut the door in his room.

                    Safiya replied tersely, “Ok. Busy with the tea shop and my other hobby.” Even from the brief interaction the atmosphere seemed to get more heavy. She still had a smile on her face, but it looked more plastered on and less natural. Her parents looked at their daughter with a look of muted disdain.

                    Safiya’s mother, Fawziya, chimed in in Arabic. “Mm. You should really focus on the tea shop, Safiya. I've heard good things about it. It really is too bad you're busy with your...other job.

                    The redhead remarked, “Yeah yeah. We’ve been over this god knows how many times. You two want me to just work at the tea shop and live an unassuming life. She shrugged and smirked. But life is too short not to enjoy my other job. It's very fun to help people and use my special powers.

                    Her parents only shook their heads, seeing Safiya revelling in her defiance as per usual. If she was going to act like a child, they would have to play the part of strict parents. Fawziya bitterly quipped, “You would be of more help if you were good to your parents.

                    Safiya replied, crossing her arms and leaning against a wall. “Maybe if you guys would stop wanting to manage my life with impunity. I'm not a little child you can just boss around like you used to.

                    Ibrahim raised his voice a little. “You might as well be, shaming our family with your actions. You always think things are so carefree and a game. Well, they aren't. Just because you have been blessed with more money and more material wealth doesn’t mean you can just ignore God’s rules. We didn’t raise you to be a good for nothing heathen!

                    Safiya sassily replied, “So be it. I’d rather be judged by you two as heathens than live unhappily and be depressed.

                    Fawziya replied, getting more upset and angry. “It is not ‘so be it’ as long as you are a part of this family, young lady. You may be 21, but you still must follow our guidance in your life. Obviously you can’t be trusted to me chaste and immoral by yourself anyways.

                    Indignant, Safiya replied, “I have been chaste and moral. I’m so damn chaste I’ve never even had a boyfriend thanks to you two. You two are just upset that I don’t subscribe to your morality.

                    Ibrahim grunted. “It’s not our morality, it’s God’s morality. You must follow all of it, not just pick and choose the parts that suit you. That's the extent of being a faithful servant to God. And you certainly have not fulfilled that end of the bargain!

                    Their daughter rolled her eyes. Same old, same old. She wasn’t even particularly upset this time, just...annoyed. That alone was a marked improvement for her to be only annoyed rather than full on upset and angry. “It’s clear we’re not gonna get anywhere with this conversation. You know where I stand, and I know where you both stand. If you’ll excuse me, I have some quality time to spend with Yusuf.” Without waiting for their reply, she walked away from them, her parents still miffed but not angry enough to do anything more, and knocked on Yusuf’s door. “So sorry for all the arguing, I’m done now.”

                    Yusuf opened the door and sighed. “No need to be sorry. You’re not the one in the wrong.” He closed the door behind him and sat on his bed. His room was decorated with a mixture of was silent for several moments before saying, “I kinda know how you feel nowadays. Even with me, they're pretty strict. They say they don’t want me to take after you, y’know, for the big bad heathen that you are.”

                    Safiya laughed and tried for a deep, threatening voice, “Yes brother, the big bad heathen is here to lead you astray with her devilish powers of fun and freedom.” She broke out into more laughter, joined by her brother, her “deep” voice being a failure on account of her own light, melodious voice. The two siblings passed some more time playing games, chatting about Yusuf’s school life, playing some games and watched a few movies. They really enjoyed each other's companies, having many common interests and similar senses of humor although Yusuf found Safiya’s bubbly energy a bit much every now and then. After a while, lunch time dawned and the two were getting hungry. Unfortunately, this meant that Safiya would have to leave to get on with the rest of her day. “I'm so sorry to cut this short, but I have to run some errands and get lunch. It was so nice seeing you again, little brother. I'll see you in a few days.” She gave her brother a hug and a kiss on the cheek before getting up to leave. She didn't say goodbye to her family, who were busy with their own tasks. Like almost all of the times she's been back here, it was all in all a mixed bag.
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                      The door to Angela’s office was closed tightly when Derek arrived. Well, office was a rather gratuitous term; it was most aptly described as a basement converted into a workshop, cluttered with tools the like Derek couldn’t begin to guess the function of. A brief knock let Angela know he was here, and he heard the door unlock with a heavy sounding ker-chunk.

                      Derek opened the door to see Angela at work welding together two plates of metal, most likely for his suit. Her golden hair was short as ever, barely cropped past her ears, and the thick welding mask obscured her tough, tomboyish face. Her clothes were simple, much akin to his own in fact. She lifted the mask as she finished the weld, nodding as she recognized Derek.

                      “Yea, thought it was you,” she said, slamming her mask back down and getting back to work. Derek was used to it; this was how Angela had worked ever since becoming a Tinker. He found a mostly empty chair and tenderly moved its contents to the nearest table before taking a seat. This would take a while, but he’d rather wait than risk Angela messing something up.


                      Several hours of short conversation later, Derek’s equipment was finally finished. As before, the bulk of it was his costume: a helmet with various displays, night and infrared sight modes, and most importantly bullet resistant; a bodysuit with thin yet tough plates made to deflect most things he’d be running into; and most importantly his weapon. He knew it was unconventional for a cape to be using a gun, but what choice did he have? His power wasn’t made for long distance fighting, and this was.

                      Finally outfitted, Derek picked up the large duffel bag that stored his new equipment. He waved to Angela on his way out, who was already busy with another project, and exited the workshop. The door locked behind him, and he was free to move on to his next call: a safe house.

                      He was stopped, however, by a lone figure standing at the entrance to the alleyway that led to Angela’s. The suit and facemask gave them away immediately as La Fenice.

                      Muk, Derek thought as he threw down the duffel bag, ready to split if need be. He hadn’t expected La Fenice to be able to track him so easily. Strangely enough, the figure didn’t make a move. Most likely focusing on some power or another, Derek assumed.

                      All of Derek’s thoughts were interrupted though when the La Fenice spoke, the voice all too familiar for as few times as he’d heard it before. “So I’ve heard you’ve been doing well, hijo.

                      The world seemed to slow to a stop as the man walked closer removing his mask. At first glance, he and Derek were near identical, save his father’s shaved head. Closer inspection found his father slightly shorter, more boxy, and a darker skin tone. Derek couldn’t help but notice that the amount of tattoos on his father had grown since he’d last seen him, however long that had been. The same pouncing tiger adorned his father’s bald head though, so there was no doubt in Derek’s mind.

                      “What are you doing here,” Derek replied, caution apparent. Blood or not, this man was allied with his enemies. He needed to be careful of the trap he was sure was about to be sprung.

                      “Easy hijo, this isn’t concerning our ‘work,’” he said, tone casual. His father’s accent was thicker than Derek’s own, slipping in and out of English seemingly at random. “I heard you were doing well, and I wanted to congratulate you. You’re becoming one of the familia.”

                      It was obvious his father was referencing his family’s long history of crime, even though it was more by chance than any sort of mafia-esque structure. Of course this angered Derek, who replied, “I’m nothing like you. Now get out of my way.”

                      Derek muscled his way past his father, fuming. The fact that he still considered Derek family… Derek almost wished he’d arrested his father personally when he was still on the PRT. Sadly they never dabbled in citizen affairs. Derek was about to storm away, bag in hand when his father caught his shoulder in an iron grip he was all too familiar with.

                      Hijo, I came to protect you,” he replied, pain apparent in his expression. “I know we aren’t close, but La Fenice has some big plans. And I’d hate to see you hurt by being on the wrong side of them. Please, come with me, I can get you in. Please.” Derek stood still for a moment, and for that briefest instant he saw a flash of hope in his father’s eye. It was not to be, though, as Derek pulled away and said in a quiet, serious tone, “if I see you again I’m going to deal with you like the rest of La Fenice scum need to be dealt with. Leave me out of it.”

                      Shouldering the bag, Derek started walking, leaving his father behind. That part of his life was over, and he wasn’t going to turn back.

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                      Edan Edgeworth AKA Brimstone
                      Damian Edgeworth AKA Mephisto

                      A loud beeping noise woke Damian from his sleep. Sighing, he fumbled around with his hand searching for the off button. He managed to click the stupid alarm off after knocking a few things onto the floor. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, silently scolding himself for staying up so late last night after making a deal with the Mauruders. He spent hours scouring the wiki for information on the capes their former teammate Scanner had joined. He reached over to the table next to his bed and opened his notebook which he had summerized all the important stuff he learned.

                      Corona- Female Cape, twin to Penumbra, Shaker?, targets are usually blinded before she uses her power(s) so there is very little information other than speculation that she can blind targets.

                      Penumbra- Male Cape, twin to Corona, Striker?, "Light Fists," witnesses say you can feel the heat from across the street, don't get too close.

                      Scanner- Male Cape, Striker, can read information about a cape's powers by skin to skin contact.

                      After reading over the page a few times until he was content with his memorization of the information, he tore the sheet out of his notebook, cringing at the sight of the frayed paper edge it left behind. He flipped himself out of bed and walked lazily over to Edan's room. "Edan?" he asked as the carelessly shoved open the door. But Edan wasn't there. "Hmm. Probably at the hideout then. I guess we were bound to end up there eventually anyway." He sighed, slipping on his shoes at the door while running his fingers through his hair to look semi-decent before exiting the apartment.

                      Edan scowled across the dimly lit Tungsten Brotherhood hideout at nobody in particular, his previous failure still replaying itself in his mind. The Tungsten Lady had done her screaming, and the wound in his leg was feeling like it was on fire from the medicinal salve that he had been given.

                      "Another." He growled, slamming his now empty coke glass onto the table and sending a crack up the side.

                      "Oi. Careful mate! Don't think you get to break my muk just because you pissed off the boss." A dirty looking man with coppery hair hissed.

                      "Shut up and get me a drink already." Edan growled, putting his forehead onto his palm as he mindlessly began to scribble on a piece of paper.

                      "Edan?" Damian yelled as he entered the building, "Edan? You here?"

                      Edan looked up, his foul mood softening ever so slightly. "Yo. Dames. Whats up."

                      "You know that meeting with that Marauder group everyone was too scared to go to?" Damian asked, grinning from ear to ear.

                      "..." A dead silence hit the room. Edan's half smile faded in a flash. "Why." He asked in an extremely monotone voice as his hand twitched, already knowing the answer wasn't going to please him.

                      "Well, I went, and they offered a deal which looks like it would be really fun. We just need to capture this guy named Scanner, from these two other capes. Easy, right?" He said, setting the paper down next to Edan and pointing to the names.

                      "You went... alo- Does that say ten thousand dollars?" A shift in tone caught even Edan by surprise. He was more than pissed than Damian was following in his footsteps, but there was another that couldn't help but be pleased by the prospect of how much money ten thousand dollars was. "Okay, i'm going to be pissed at you later. Thats a promise. But I want details for now."

                      "There's not much to go on, but basically this Scanner guy double-crossed a bunch of villains, and his power is learning about a cape's powers on contact, which includes weaknesses. So, the villains can't attack him directly because he knows exactly how to beat them. So, they've hired us to capture him for them. The location of their hideout seems to be in the basement of one of the apartment buildings around here."

                      "That's his only power? No high tech armor, No fireballs, no deadly vines" Edan asked, devising a plan in his head. "We find his place and hide out. Set up a simple sting. Snatch and grab. We'll take a few guns to keep ourselves safe if things go sour."

                      "We do have to watch out for his new teammates though. I don't know exactly what their powers are but I do know they've never lost a fight. Although I think that's more of them picking fights they know they can win rather than them actually being good. Us having the element of surprise puts them out of their element." Damian added.


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                        Gone. Just, gone. The hell? Where is he? Nearly a minute had passed since Thunderrush's attack and he was still nowhere to be seen. Drakath frantically looked around while trying to hear movement through the sparking electricity. Still empty, Three, two, o- Another wall of electricity replaced the first just after Drakath dashed through the previous one the instant it disappeared. Another immediately trapped Drakath into a triangle of electricity closed off by concrete. He turned and backflipped over one of the walls as blurred figure blew through the one he was facing. He landed spinning and swept Thunderrush's legs on his follow-up. Where one had superior speed, the other had superior reactions, giving this fight an intensity Drakath rarely felt. The tightness of the electricity enclosed space allowed Thunderrush to shoulder check him into a wall, shocking him to the ground. Spinning to his feet Drakath dodged the next rush and jumped to the roof of a nearby store. Looking down upon Thunderrush, he jokingly quoted as he waited for the man to follow, "It's over Anakin! I have the high ground." He chucked as Thunderrush dashed into the building. As he could hear the sound of wind and electricity approaching, Drakath rolled off of the building and hung on the underside of the overhang. He waited as the rooftop door opened and Thunderrush muttered a curse until he walked to the edge and was pulled by the leg into a braced underworld drop, leaving the man more disoriented than injured. Though Thunderrush sped to his feet and flew down the street, formed another perpendicular wall, and charged back towards Drakath, trapping him once more as he dodged. Now Thunderrush had the advantage and attacked Drakath. A near instant flurry of punches accompanied the dash as Drakath was pushed nearly 50 meters into the electric wall that closed this right triangle, only to be similarly rushed again in the opposite direction. Drakath knew this wasn't working for him, as his brain could keep up as if the man was running Olympic sprints, yet his body could barely manage to move in time as he could already feel the strain his speed was forcing onto his body along with yesterday's bruises.

                        Taking advantage of the pause between Thunderrush's 5th and 6th burst, he shakenly rolled into a handspring over the walls of his cluttered trap. Struggling through his electric wounds, this time Drakath landed running and Thunderrush quickly took chase, leaving the streets littered with electricity patterned in zigzags that had occasional pauses and straights. Traffic was a mess as Drakath continually avoided Thunderrush's now predictable attacks. About a mile or two into the chase, Drakath took a sharp left down an alley and as Thunderrush hooked a street lamp to help him turn, snapping it in the process, Drakath threw a high side kick into the man's upper chest, effectively clotheslining him as the Rogue took off once more. Not long after he rose, he chased once more. Their ever closing distance gave Drakath the chance to plan until he ducked into a dead end alley. The two paused and waited for the other to make a move. As Drakath nearly caught his breath, Thunderrush charged him. He backflipped onto the wall in response and jumped down the alley, the force practically knocking a hole in the wall. He rolled to avoid skidding and turned around as Thunderrush ran up the wall and backflipped off with matching athleticism, though with a less graceful landing. Holy muk- was his last thought before he was tackled to the ground, stunned with amazement. "Woah, that was awesome! Even if you did psyduck up the landing." The kid said, avoiding a punch. The following devolved into a one sided attempt at a brawl on the ground until Drakath rolled to his feet and nearly clipped a truck as he ran off. Wait! He quickly spun and wedged the delivery vehicle into the alley, sending Thunderrush into the back with a heap of merchandise as it hit him.

                        Drakath fell onto his back and grabbed his chest gasping, Come on, calm down. He closed his eyes and rolled to the side in panic. No. Not now. Not the place. His breathing eventually slowed and he opened his eyes, sweating as he check his vitals through the holo-lense and relaxed, unsure of how much time he'd spent fight off his speed recoil. Jesus!.. OK, now where's Thunderrush? He propped himself up as fate pushed him from one problem into the next.
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                          Aereo and Chrono

                          Alex let out an audible sigh of relief as the lunch bell rang, signaling her freedom for the next hour. No offense to Mr. Horsely, but she couldn’t begin to understand how he explained math. It made sense, sure, but he always went about it the strangest ways. She quickly packed up and exited, caught up among the throng of other students on their way to the lunchroom.

                          After waiting a few minutes outside the lunchroom, Alex caught sight of Christine. Alex had brought her own lunch, as always, so she usually waited for Christine. She greeted her friend with a smile as she approached, and they set off toward the library. Alex was still quite keen on getting to know Clarissa better outside of work.

                          Clarissa was towards the back of the library, with a thick novel in her hands. She didn't feel much like eating today, not after what she heard from a few friends and acquaintances of her bullies. Dejectedly, she flipped through a novel that she was working on reading for school. She leaned back against a cozy seat the library had, already starting to get sucked into the plot of the novel, and started to forgot all about her troubles for the half hour she had. Her promise she made to Alex slipped her mind as her thoughts filled with the heroine and her escapades.

                          Alex and Christine chatted about their day as they strolled the halls; as expected nothing exciting had happened so far for either of them. When they finally did reach the library, they quieted down, since the librarian was not so picky about people being in there at lunch so long as they were well behaved. As expected, Alex spotted Clarissa in the back with her nose buried in a book. She motioned for Christine to follow, and took the seat next to Clarissa.

                          “Hey, has your day been going alright,” Alex asked, looking to Clarissa as she pulled her lunch from her pack. Hopefully Clarissa had been left alone after this morning.

                          After seemingly no time passed at all, Clarissa was startled by a voice. She tossed her book aside and exclaimed, “Gah, you scared me!” Clarissa processed who it was and stammered out, “O-oh, i-it's you, Alex. I'm so sorry I uh, I got lost in my book and I…” She prattled off, all the whole overly apologetic for a inconsequential mistake.

                          Alex couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at Clarissa’s reaction, but quickly apologized, “sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. This is Christine, by the way.” Christine smiled and waved, but remained quiet.

                          Clarissa replied to Alex, “I'm quite jumpy. Plus I was reading, so it's not really your fault.” She mumbled to Christine. “N-name’s Clarissa.”

                          “I know her from work,” Alex added to Christine, who nodded, and replied, “very nice to meet you Clarissa.” With introductions over, Alex turned back to Clarissa, and asked, “so, no more trouble from those girls then?”

                          Clarissa sighed and scratched her head. “Not from them, no.” Her tone was hesitant.

                          “That’s good,” Alex replied, taking a bite from her rather thin looking sandwich. It was a simple ham and cheese, nothing to write home about.

                          Christine on the other hand was more preoccupied examining Clarissa. She tried her best to seem polite, like she wasn’t staring, but something was off putting about how Clarissa held herself. Then Christine’s eyes caught sight of the book Clarissa had currently put to the side, and smiled. “If I may ask, Clarissa,” she spoke up, tone soft, “what book are you reading? It looks familiar.”

                          “O-oh. It’s this book called “The Dahlia.” A fiction book about a murder mystery.”

                          Christine’s grin grew even wider as she replied, “I thought as much. That one’s one of my favorites. Do you read a lot of books like that?”

                          Alex had heard this conversation before. Christine was the biggest murder mystery geek she knew. She’d seen Christine’s bookshelf, and it was packed with all sorts of books in the genre.

                          Clarissa replied shyly, “Y-yeah. They’re really interesting. I even play a game based off of that stuff.”

                          “Oh? You’ll have to tell me about it, I haven’t heard of such a thing!” Alex just sat back smiling. Christine was totally engrossed in the conversation. It was good to see that she was getting along with Clarissa though.

                          Clarissa smiled slightly. “Yeah, it isn’t well known. It’s the Phoenix Wright series. It’s not too much of a game game. It’s a bit hard to explain.” Her cheeks were a little flushed, not having anyone really to talk about this, not even her parents.

                          “Is that what that is? I’d heard of it, but didn’t know what that game was until now!”

                          Clarissa nodded. “Mhmm. Do you have a 3DS, Christine? I have my copy you can borrow if you want.” Her voice grew with enthusiasm.

                          Christine’s grin was wider than Alex had ever seen it, save when the two of them had first met. Christine nodded enthusiastically, and replied, “Yeah, that would be great!”

                          Clarissa took out a little notebook, brand new and leather bound. She wrote down in her messy handwriting “bring AA game to Christine”. She said to Christine, “You’ll really like it, especially if you want some murder mysteries with an anime flair.” Clarissa told Christine a little bit about the premise and the characters, much to the other girl’s delight. For the first time in a while, she felt as if she belonged with her peers. After a little bit of talking with Christine, Clarissa turned to Alex and said, “Thank you for coming down here. You guys are much better than my old friends.”

                          “Of course,” Alex replied, grinning, “I guess you could call it a weakness of mine, wanting to help others. Becoming friends is just an extension of that.” Christine nodded in agreement, and added, “yes, I am always glad to meet new people.”

                          Clarissa nodded. “It’s so weird having people like you guys…” She looked away with a pensive look. “My parents are nice but it’s not the same…”

                          “Speaking of,” Alex replied, “what do your parents do for a living? My dad’s a physicist, and Christine’s parents own a restaurant.”

                          Clarissa replied tersely, “My parents do real estate. Big real estate.”

                          “That’s cool. Pretty uncommon too. Do you get to travel with them often?”

                          Clarissa replied, “Usually, yeah. But I’ve missed too much school as of late to go with them this time.” What she missed school for she left out.

                          “Yeah, sounds understandable. Do you ever get to go out of the country? I’ve been wanting to visit other places like Japan and Germany for a while now. That’s what I plan on doing once I finish high school.”

                          The orange haired girl nodded. “Mhmm. They’re in Kyoto right now.” She sighed. “I wish I was there right now.”

                          “Oh, are you living at home alone then? You’re welcome to come stay with me if you want,” Alex replied. She knew how lonely it could get, and wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

                          Taken aback by the sudden offer, she replied, “I-I dunno, I’m used to being home alone.” She sighed deeper. “It’s fine.”

                          Alex wasn’t going to push too hard, so she resigned to saying, “Alright, just let me know if you want to hang out. I’m always available.”

                          Clarissa mentally noted her offer. She was appreciative of it, but still reluctant. She was way less on guard then she would be for any other stranger, especially her old friends, but she was not ready to advance. Or even really sure how to do so; this arrangement would do for now. Unsure of how to continue, Clarissa awkwardly blurted out, “Well um, thanks for the chat but I have to go. I...have to do some...things.” Her tone was making it apparent that she was making that up, but signalling nonetheless that she was finished. She got up, packed her stuff up and without another word, left to do something else.

                          To say Clarissa’s exit was forced was an understatement. It was obvious she’d had enough for now, so Alex and Christine let her go. Before they could hop into another conversation, however, the bell rang, slitting through the mostly silent library. The pair quickly packed up, and made their separate ways for the last half of the school day.
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                          The Fenecian
                          AKA. Adalhard Scazi


                          The Fenecian stood in the rear-centre of the abandoned building in his full villin attire, a pin-striped suit with a phoenix-like mask. The building’s wall was at his back whilst several of his followers stood at his side. To his left, Vacuum, dressed in his green mask and Fedora. To his right, Vacuum’s father, Vortex, dressed in the same grey suit as his son and donning a dark blue mask. Around the room stood several other men and women wearing suits and masks.

                          It wasn’t just La Fenice occupying the abandoned building however, at the centre of the room, two other groups stood, cautiously eyeing the Fenecian’s followers. Many of them were new recruits. The first of these groups was Fundation, their leader, Null, standing encircled by three female companions; the sisters Flasback, Sincere and the young Nightmare who rocked back and forth on her feet and fidgeted with her hands. Next to them were the Gladiators, recently broken out of custody in-transit to prison, Arena and Diamond Daisy. There would be others involved too, the Fenecian knew. He hadn’t been able to get Darwin’s Chosen to join him and new better than to test Tempestuous’ patience, but through Vacuum and Vortex he’d been contacting several of the more powerful solo and small-time villains in the city like Jailer and Thunderrush. He had his army, it was time to go to war.

                          “You’re not a stupid man, Null.” the Fenecian said “You brought the child with you. It’s always good to keep your biggest guns close at hand when you yourself don’t have much firepower.” He noticed Null twitch at the remark and smiled behind his mask. It was a subtle reminder that he could see how cautious he was being, a reminder that he was in control. This was pretty standard for a meeting of villains, establish a ground rules and a hierarchy. When everyone knew their place, and stayed there, you were less likely to have problems.

                          “I’ll cut to the chase.” the Fenecian said, his tone that of the authority in the room, not that of an equal. “We begin the day after tomorrow. If you have contacts to make, make them. If you have weapons to collect, collect them. If you intend to back out, now is your chance to try - but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

                          “As if we would.” Arena said. He meant the remark to sound nonchalant, like he wasn’t afraid. The Fenecian knew better than that though. There were few who could meet with him without fear. Arena meant to convey confidence but the Fenecian saw the subtext; that he knew better than to back out of a deal with La Fenice.

                          “We’re not going anywhere either. Armory is already building up our supplies.” Null said, doing only a slightly better job of keeping the concern out of his voice.

                          “I have to ask though.” Sincere said suddenly, “You’re not going to stab us in the back, right?”

                          The Fenecian felt a strange compulsion tugging on him, it had been there somewhat through the entire conversation, but this was the first he’d really noticed it. He smiled at Sincere, although she couldn’t see it, deducing that it was the young woman’s power acting on him.

                          “Not unless I have to.” the Fenecian said, not being perturbed that he had been forced to answer truthfully. “Now if that’s all the questions, a reminder of how this is going to play out. Fundation are going to attack the police headquarters, the Gladiators will be attacking City Hall and La Fenice will be going straight to the PRT building. We outnumber the Protectorate by far, even with the Wards included, and they’ll be spread thin over three priority targets. Don’t miss anything tomorrow, because the day after, we take the city.”

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                          Damian Edgeworth // Mephisto

                          Damian crawled through the ventilation shaft of a building which appeared old and run-down on the outside but was surprisingly modern on the inside. This was definitely the headquarters of the vigilante heroes which he was after. The villain-turned-hero known as scanner was in his room in the back, sleeping by the looks of it, and the other two were in the main living area based on what Damian saw on his way through the shafts to the back rooms.

                          Damian waited for the signal his brother told him would be coming as soon as he filled the house with smoke. Fortunately Damian could see through the smoke and it didn’t affect his lungs like it did to others. As soon as he saw the smoke enter the room and Scanner woke up sputtering he busted open the vent and hopped down, just as he heard his brother whistle the signal.

                          “Who’s there?” Scanner coughed, flailing his arms about in an attempt to use his power. If he touched you he could learn information about you, including your powers. Damian steered clear of his hands.

                          “Stand still and put your arms in the air and nobody has to get hurt.” Damian said in the most confident voice he could muster. Scanner seemed to consider this, but then lunged out towards the source of the voice. Damian yelled, dodging out of the way. “You’re not very experienced in this kind of thing. Why are you attacking us? You don’t sound old enough to be police or PRT.”

                          “Just, just put your arms up. I don’t want to have to hurt you.” Damian fidgeted as he pulled out the gun he was given, arms shaking violently as he pointed it up.

                          “Oh, I can tell. You don’t sound too confident.” Scanner said, the smoke dying down enough for him not to cough after every sentence, and enough to start to make out Damian. “Put the gun down, boy. Nobody needs to be shot today.” Scanner calmly stated, reaching an arm out to push down the gun. Damian flinched, realizing seconds too late that Scanner was trying to use his ability on him. The man’s hand closed down in a deathgrip on Damian’s hand, pointing the gun down, and Damian was sure he was using his power by the expression on his face, although couldn’t feel any difference himself.

                          “Interesting powers, kid. Bet you didn’t know you can trade powers with them?” he said, smiling and raising an eyebrow. “Consider it a parting gift.” Scanner stated before he pulled an odd bar off his dresser and squeezed it. The rod glowed orange and sprouted two knobs on one end, which had a pulsating orange current flowing between them. “Experimental tazer I got from a tinker a few hours ago. It hurts like hell.” he said, raising his left arm and showing a double dotted scar. Suddenly pain erupted in Damian’s side and everything went black.


                          Damian groaned, opening his eyes. He was in his bed. They failed. His brother sat beside him talking on his cellphone. “He got away didn’t he?” Damian asked. His brother merely nodded, still on the phone. Damian closed his eyes again. He didn’t care that he failed. He learned something extremely valuable today. His ability can trade people’s powers.

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                            Now with Safiya away from her parents, she headed to the RPT headquarters. It really helped that she had some errands to run to get her mind off of the previous morning. Between grocery shopping and taking Fariha to the vet for a regular check up, Safiya had plenty to do before she clocked in for an early evening shift as Florissant. And that was to her favor, as she could never perform well with family drama on her plate. Or other unexplored avenues.

                            Once the time came, Safiya was off to work, ready to patrol the streets again. She couldn't argue with the limelight, praise and nice bubbly feeling she felt helping people out. Of course, the paycheck that allowed her the Porsche, her nice house and even some fine mosaics from her home country also helps. Safiya entered the building, going through the usual security measures and identification checks. She was not going to be on patrol yet on account of the investigation, but at least Florissant could be sated that it would be over very soon, since she other than the murder method, there was absolutely nothing that could link her to crime scene, especially when she was on the complete opposite end of town and had no motive to kill the victim.

                            As per confidentiality protocol of the PRT, changed into her costume and reported to one of her superiors to get her orders for the day. For today, it was routine . Despite her relatively petite height, the superheroine was fit, with a lithe musculature and a well-invested interest in exercising on her off hours. Today, it was a focus on combat with superpowers. Rather than the typical guns, tasers and baton training that police have, it more individualized to a person’s powers, seeing as a hero can scarcely be a jack of all trades with specialized powers. The focus of this session was on covering her weaknesses.

                            After finishing her training, she happened to be passing by a new, unfamiliar heroine. The stranger was dressed in a maroon bodysuit, with gold and black accents, a bow slung on her back. Florissant called to the young woman, “Hello! I have never seen you before. Are you new in the PRT?”

                            The other woman replied, “Yes. This one, anyways. I am from Oklahoma City PRT.”

                            “Oklahoma City? Wow, that’s a long way from here. I myself have come from very far away too.”

                            The other woman nodded. She studied the heroine, taking note of her outfit. Her eyes lit up in recognition. “Ah, you’re Florissant. You probably haven’t heard of me, but I’m Sharpshooter. You can probably guess why.” She gave a slight chuckle.

                            “Yeah.” She paused for a moment, wanting to chat Sharpshooter’s ear off to welcome her to the force, but a male voice ushered her to meet with Khadiji. Florissant gave a cheery smile at the woman, and said to her, “I would love to talk more, but I have to go. Don’t feel shy to talk to me though, okay?”

                            Sharpshooter nodded. She put a mental note to look for Florissant when they had more time. Perhaps on a patrol or if they were assigned some other task together. “See you later.”
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                            AKA. Anita Blaine

                            Siege: Part One - Commencement

                            In an alleyway across from the PRT headquarters, Jailer stood concealed in an alleyway with her heart pounding somewhere in the vicinity of her throat. This was the last place she wanted to be, especially in costume, but here she was with Hostage and a La Fenice cape named Frost behind her. In her hand she clutched a radio tight enough that had her knuckles been exposed she could have watched them turn a ghostly white.

                            The previous day, she and Hostage had spent resting up after the beating they had received from Tempestuous. Despite this, she and Hostage were both aching in places and covered in bruises. This of course, meant nothing to Vacuum who had contacted them again anyway and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Either they could join La Fenice in attacking the PRT headquarters whilst Fundation and other allies attacked City Hall and the Police headquarters and get paid a rather large sum of money, or they could be branded traitors, tracked down and killed. At least that was the implication. Jailer did not consider herself violent, nor allied with La Fenice, but unless she wanted her and Hostage both dead, she was going to have to become both of those things.

                            Time went on as she awaited the order from the Fenecian. They expected that Monitor was already aware of their presence and preparing countermeasures, but he couldn’t possibly have known that they were going to ruin his plans shortly when the other attacks were launched and his forces were divided.

                            “It’ll be any minute now.” Hostage said from behind her, his voice coloured in equal parts by anxiety and excitement. This was one of those times that she wished he could put his recklessness in check and be careful. In fact, she felt more that way than ever before here. She did not want to watch him get disintegrated by some heinous trap of Monitor’s. She hadn’t even wanted him there, but he had insisted that if she was going he was also and Vacuum had supported the idea. Obviously, La Fenice figured that Hostage’s ability would have him put a spanner in the works for the Protectorate.

                            Finally, explosions faintly rang out through the city and clouds of dust floated into the sky. From her hiding place, Jailer watched as the PRT and Protectorate went on high alert, reacting in a frenzy of activity. In a matter of minutes, Capes and PRT had been dispatched to the other two attacks and the headquarters had been weakened. Jailer’s radio buzzed to life in her hand and the Fenecian’s voice crackled through.

                            “Time to attack.”

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                              'Stay away from the headquarters, don't do anything rash...'

                              That was all the text said, The psyduck's that supposed to mean? The way it was worded bothered him. He'd been mulling it over, and eventually still popped on his masquerade. It stuck to his face, the bottom left opened up and began unfolding across his body. In an instant, his hoodie and jeans were gone, replaced by the black costume he'd become so accustomed to. Drakath sighed before running off towards the Protectorate building. He knew something would happen and now he wanted to know what.

                              He found himself atop a roof, surveying the area from behind an advertising sign, looking for something, maybe someone. A minutes passed as he found himself playing a game, occasionally checking to see if anything interesting would happen. Something had to, otherwise, she wouldn't have said anything. After another while Drakath leaned around the sign once more. Is that... He saw a grey silhouette. A deep grey. It seemed extremely saturated, almost hard to look at. As he squinted, he could make out its hand, practically stuck to wall. Was it, pulsing? The silhouette turned- A distanced explosion sounded, almost like a firecracker. Drakath looked back and saw a plume of smoke. Another 'pop' took his attention. As more dust was kicked into the sky, he realized, bombs were being set off. As shock filled him, an unfortunate scenario which he quickly brushed off came to mind, I swear to god if they pin this on me... He looked back towards the PRT HQ as he set his console down. "Absolute Panic" was the only way he could describe the activity he could see. Albeit professionally disciplined and systemic, the authorities scrambled to the locations of the explosions, leaving the building much less protected than usual.

                              The grey silhouette emerged from the alley and Drakath understood the situation all too well. The concrete visually rippled with each step as she approached the middle of the street. She stopped and threw her arms up from her side, causing a rather tall wall of thick stone to rise from both ends of the street, encircling the entire block, stopping most heroes from entering the zone. All of the color vanished from The Elemental's suit, returning it to a mirror, as she dropped to a knee and began draining energy from the ground with both hands. Meanwhile, nearly every La Fenice cape emerged from the alleys and all hell broke loose. Seraph exited the building in panic, took flight, and began trying to carpet the street with her hardlight feathers, but most only ended up being drawn to a specific spot. Strangely, a feather would occasionally cause a blue explosion on impact. Upon this realization Vortex began sweeping up most of the feathers from a volley into a smaller cluster as they rained down, allowing Tommy Gun to blast the cluster back at Seraph on the following volley. Two suited Villains entered the HQ, possibly Vacuum and The Fenician, and green could be seen off of a reflection on the inside.

                              Drakath could only watch the chaos, unsure of what to do. Perhaps something could make him join the fray, where maybe he could be swayed to a certain side.
                              FOOL. YOU CANNOT KILL WHAT IS ALREADY UNDEAD. "My mistake..."
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