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Started by 0 August 22nd, 2019 8:26 AM
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Happy and at peace. :)

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Posted September 2nd, 2019
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I've been part of the community for three or so years now. I was really active for quite some time. I have a lot of experience coding for the FR and LG games, and wanted to get some with Sapphire while I was here then.

I don't know what I'll be doing as I return, possibly lurking, or maybe I will be active once again. I had many good friends while I was here, and that, my past project attempts, and a happy birthday note from the site led me to come back for now. If you have any questions on coding, I'd be more than happy to help. I was able to make some really neat things while I was here at the time.

Thanks for the welcomes, hope to have fun!

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Welcome back to the forums!! I hope you decide to stick around :D

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Posted 4 Hours Ago
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Welcome back, I hope I get to see you around! :)
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Welcome back! Forgive me for not remembering you (my memory is less that reliable), but three years is quite a respectable time to be on the forums! I do hope you decided to hang out and join us for a good, long while in the future. :)


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Posted 3 Hours Ago
awesome username!!
Welcome back, nice to have you again <3

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