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Joining the pokecommunity forums with ambitions

Started by Xolam August 22nd, 2019 4:05 PM
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This is my first post on this forum :)

However I have been around here for maybe 10 years? I always came here to get information about fangames and romhacks.

Today I decided to create an account because it's my turn to create a fangame and I wanted to join this community. I already have experience with this because I made a fangame 5 years ago but it was in french (with the PSP kit for RMXP). I had a demo with the 3 first gyms but I never published it online because I thought it was bad and hated the engine.

Now that you know that I speak french I would like to specify that i'm not french, but I'm from Belgium. I speak both dutch and french and i'm sorry because my english isn't perfect! I'm also 23 years old, I'm a second year programming student aaaaaand I love pokémon.

I started playing Pokémon with Pokémon Blue on the gbc and didn't miss a single generation since then. My favourite generation is 4 and my least favourite is 6. Also be carefull because I'm a shill (I'm hyped for gen 8). I also played a ton of romhacks and fangames, my favourites being Pokémon Zeta&Omicron and Pokémon Prism. If you also play non-official games I hope we will meet again in those forums.

Today I have a ton of ideas for a new Pokémon game, So I want to make one. Actually I want to make one since I discovered pokémon, I legit made one on paper when I was a kid lol. I'm not sure if it will be a fangame or romhack that I'll make (anyone knows where I can discuss this?). I know it takes a lot of time but usually when I create something I make it the best I can.

Thanks to whoever decided to read this o_O



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Hey, Welcome to the community and your welcome because I read this I think the ROM HACKING HELP Section might help Click this
and maybe this could help too Click this if the first link was useless
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Welcome to PC! I can understand you just fine :D
Gen 4 is also my favorite generation as well. I'm hoping we get remakes soon. We have many resources available to aide you in your ROM Hacking journey. Enjoy your stay, and good luck with you game!


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Hey there Xolam! I'm glad you decided to stop lurking and finally join the community! While there's lots of good conversation and hacking resources to be found here, it's even more rewarding when you can have one-on-one conversations with those game devs. Plus! You can probably find lots of other sections you can enjoy around these parts! So I hope you decide to stick around and you have a very sincere welcome from myself and the rest of the community. n_n;



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Hiii welcome to Pokecommunity, i also like Gen IV the most. I hope you can enjoy being here, through making your fangame or enjoying other sections of this community. Wish you all the best on the fangame/ romhack ^^

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Hi there!! Welcome to the forums :D Gen 4 is the best gen. Great taste!! Our ROM Hacking & Fan Game communities are pretty great - best of luck with whatever project you decide to start!

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