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brand new to both pc and forums

Started by sunspirit August 31st, 2019 4:13 PM
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Posted September 3rd, 2019
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as the title says, i'm completely new to forums in general, and most of my forum experience is just viewing threads without an account of my own.
please tell me if i post in the wrong thread or break any rules! i've already read them all, but i tend to be very forgetful ^^;

with that out of the way, is anyone having trouble with accessing their flairs? i tried making my own, but it sends me to an error page. is it just my internet, my status as a new member, or is this a site issue?

thanks much!



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Posted 4 Hours Ago
Ahh yes, my brother was having trouble doing flairs after he reached about 75 posts then he could edit his flair that's all I know anyway Hello welcome to the community so what's your favorite pokemon game?
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Posted September 8th, 2019
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Yes blaziken is correct after I reached about 75 posts I could edit my flair it stumped me at first then I got used to it before editing my flair
and Greetings to the community I hope this helped this was probably the least helpful solution.


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We've been informed about the issue with the flairs and are working to fix it now.

Also, welcome to PokéCommunity~
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I’m so glad you being a new member who wanted to make a flair led us to fixing a weird glitch!

Make the most of your time here!


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Hi sunspirit! Welcome to the forums! PC was my first forum too, so I know the feeling, haha. :D

I really like your username too!

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