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Hey everyone. I’m not patient enough to wait for Pokémon Home to come out to help obtain all three starters. Instead I figure we can make groups of people willing to start 3 new games when Sword and Shield comes out. The two extra games created can be used to trade starters so we can all start the game with all three starter Pokémon.


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Hi there NightCrawler! Welcome to the community. :) I'm sure no matter where you go, you'll be able to find lots of trainers looking to breed and trade their starters. I'll bet it won't be a challenge to get them all if you're willing to be a little patient! But, hey, if you can find a few friends to help you out, more power to ya!



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NightCrawler that's a sorta-kinda good idea I don't really know how I feel about it but you can find friends that are willing to do that as fairy said but me I'm that type of dude that when I pick the starter pokemon I'm sticking with it no 3 starters in one game but you do need them to complete the Pokedex but I'll just stick with breeding my starter and trading it in GTS for another starter but I still don't know if there's going to be GTS anyway just want to say welcome to the community.
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Greetings NightCrawler having all 3 starters at the beginning that would be good for people that like all 3 starters and can't choose but me I don't like having 2 or more starters on my team I just don't know why it sorta annoys me a bit so Greetings and Salutations from the Community and Seteth.
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