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Hi I’m new

Started by Abelsquishy88 August 29th, 2019 2:05 PM
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Hey! Sadly I don't play GO, but I wish you and your son good luck on that. Might be worth searching around the other sections on the forum to see if there's somewhere you can easily trade friend codes for GO. :D

Nonetheless, welcome to PC. :)
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Ahh pokemon go I play that game once to 4 times a week but my sister right now is playing on my iPhone and my Ipad isn't working right now so I can't sorry
anyway, welcome to the community.
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Greetings I've played pokemon go but deleted it from my phone I just wasn't that interested in it but welcome to the community.


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Hi Abelsquishy88, welcome! Hope your son found the friends he needs. =)

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Hey there, Abelsquishy88! That's nice of you to let your son play your Pokemon GO account. :) I hope he's able to find lots of friends here!

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