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SV players, do you have plans to purchase the DLC, or have you already made your purchase? Or do you not plan to buy it at all?


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I'm going to, but not right away. I want to wait 'till there's actual content to play before I give them any more money.
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I was gonna pre-order, but have been postponing it.
Definitely will end up getting it eventually though.

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I don't know. I am curious, especially for the Indigo disk, and would like some new things to do post game and to see the parts that were rushed get fleshed out more. Even so, switch games are already expensive, and the idea of giving Nintendo 35 dollars more to experience all of the region does make me stop and think hard.

Also while i think gen 9 is kinda cool and liked Violet, there are certain games that I fell so in love with that i couldn't put them down and kept playing and replaying for months or years after i beat them, and I don't know if this is that type of game that i would feel as motivated to play come Autumn or in 2024. My attention could turn back to some older pokemon games or towards new titles from other series. So we'll just see what happens.

I am not going to pre-order the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, but will decide once the content has been released, check out some reviews or watch part of a let's play to get a better idea of what to expect. If it looks like something extraordinary is coming then i would get it, but I need to see that this is going to be really good before i bite.

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I probably will be, but probably only on my Violet game because that's the one where I'm playing as a guy. I don't think I'll be buying it twice. I didn't for SW/SH. But, I do definitely at least want to play through the DLC once.

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I most definitely will be buying the DLC. However, I have yet to buy it because I was worried about my data being corrupted, in which some players mentioned that it happened to them after purchasing the DLC. The issue is very likely fixed now and is likely a rare situation to begin with, but I rather be safe and wait until the DLC actually releases anyway. I already used a friend's Hisuian Zoroark for Happy Hour money grinding anyway and bred it before giving it back and I really couldn't care less about the new outfits. The outfits really suck in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. I miss the outfits in Pokémon Sword and Shield for sure. This game desperately needs DLC. It just feels so unfinished. Many of the Pokémon are missing and the game is clearly mentioning aspects of the story that we haven't experienced yet. If you ask me, all of this stuff should have been included in the game from the beginning.

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I already bought it! luckily it didn't delete my progress, I got really lucky 😅

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I'll almost certainly be getting it. Haven't actually bought it yet since I don't see the point in pre-ordering DLC, nevermind the issue with it apparently possibly nuking your save data.
I hate the price tag and how the content we're getting is stuff that should've been in the game to begin with, but I'm getting it anyway 😐
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I have every intention to pre order it, I’m just very worried about the save file glitch.

I did however have heard that was actually patched since a month ago, though, and I really hope that’s true, and I can finally do in that pre order.
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Probably yes, but I don't know when. Not now for sure.
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I think I'll wait and see. The asking price is pretty high, and honestly I didn't feel that the DLC for the previous games was worth it: the Isle of Armour felt like it had been cut from the base game to be sold back to try and justify said price, and whilst the Crown Tundra felt like a fairly good expansion, I wasn't particularly happy with the raid dens in particular because they were about as far away from fun as it was possible to be whether you soloed them or tried to corral a party online. So I'll wait and see what is actually contained within the season pass this time before I make a decision either way.

Although knowing me I'll end up buying it for one of the games anyway, because it's more Pokemon, and this franchise has a death grip on my bank account.


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I very likely will. The only limiting factor being when I move and have a job lined up. I suspect I'll definitely be able to get part 1 DLC, but the part 2 is more in the range of the time of concern and won't have any money to spend anymore. Who knows?

Personal life factors aside, I do want to get and play both.

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I haven't fully decided yet. While it would be interesting to have another part of the game to play through, as a competitive enthusiast, I look at in the way that there doesn't really seem to be anything useful to gain from this DLC in that regard. Aside from that, money is real tight right now, so I am really less-inclined to shell out the moolah to get this DLC. I think by the time that this isn't an issue, I will have decided if I want it, but for now I'm really on the fence with it.


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I plan on buying the DLC pending favorable reviews. I'll wait and see what the DLC fully includes. I want more fleshed out areas to explore and at least several hundred old Pokémon to return. I want a post-game that is not reliant on glitchy 6 and 7 star Tera raids that require competent team members. I want the option of a more solo experience, for instance, Battle Frontier or Pokémon World Tournament.
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I sadly don't think I'll be buying it at all. S/V kind of failed to drag my attention from either other Switch games or other Pokemon games. I also was a bit peeved to see that my home country would look so generic in the game. Plus with how money is treating, well, everyone lately, I don't think I'm planning on keeping up with even more DLC and passes. Bad time to nickel and dime.

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I no longer believe that buying the DLC will erase my data, but I'm not sure if I want to pre-order it anytime soon. Part 1 of the DLC isn't slated until this winter or so and part 2 isn't slated until next year. That is absurd!

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