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    Introduction to the whole fan fiction:
    View post #1 in Chapter 1.

    Features of this fiction:
    View post #1 in Chapter 1.

    Currently planned chapters:
    Chapter 1: FireRed & LeafGreen
    Chapter 2: HeartGold & SoulSilver
    Chapter 3: Black & White
    Chapter 4: Black 2 & White 2
    Chapter 5: X & Y
    Chapter 6: Sun & Moon
    Chapter 7: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    Introduction to the second chapter:
    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (HeartGold and SoulSilver Chapter), abbreviated HGSS Chapter or Chapter 2, is the 2nd chapter of the Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen fan fiction. It is set at the time three years after the major events in Chapter 1. A young Pokémon Trainer, Ethan, turns 11 and sets his feet outside of his hometown, New Bark Town, for the first time. After covering the entire area of his home region, Johto, he visits the homeland of his predecessors in Kanto, which lies directly on the east on the same continent.

    This chapter is divided into 2 seasons:
    Season 1 (AJS03): HeartGold & SoulSilver (Episode 1 - 30, AJ055 - AJ084)
    Season 2 (AJS04): HGSS: Post-League Quests (Episode 31 - 50, AJ085 - AJ104)

    Warning: May contain uncomfortable contents for some readers, including:
    1. Shipping. Shipping is a common feature in this fan fiction, and I believe that most of Pokémon fans are shippers for at least one couple. If you do not support my shippings, simply turn away. There must be lots of fanfictions on your favorable shippings.

    2. Slight violence. Pokémon battles featured in this fiction may be considered violent by some viewers, but it is a necessary component in a Pokémon fan fiction. Episodes related to antagonists are also consisted of violence (including minor language violence). Deaths are rare but not excluded, considering the ghost Marowak in Lavender Town. However, this is not a horror fiction, so do not worry about excessive negative respects.

    3. Dark elements. Where there is light, there is darkness.

    Other notices:
    1. Prologue is at #2. Character introduction is at #3. And Episode 1 is at #4. Please don't reply until I post Episode 1. Any feedback and suggestion is highly appreciated.

    2. Before I post the final epiosde, I suggest viewers PM me (to not interrupt the story). After the final episode is posted, you can either PM me or directly leave messages in this thread. (Chapter 2 has 50 episodes. I'll make notices when it is finished.)

    3. Some already posted episodes may be updated for minor error correction.

    Now let the story begin!

    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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      Prologue (Apparently a corruption of Professor Oak's intro)
      ...... Hmm... Interesting... ... Huh? Oh! Excuse me, sorry! I was just reading this book here.

      Sorry to keep you waiting! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! Before we go any further, I'd like to tell you a few things you should know about this world! This world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokémon. We humans live alongside Pokémon as friends. At times we play together, and at other times we work together. Some people use their Pokémon to battle and develop closer bonds with them.

      Now, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?

      1. Are you a boy, or are you a girl? Won't you please tell me?

      Hmm, you've made the correct answer, I think.

      2. Please tell me your name.

      Your name is [player]? So that's it. A good name is the primary advertisement of oneself.

      3. Do you want to become a Pokémon Trainer?

      You sound sincere. That's great!

      [Player]! Are you ready? Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold. Fun experiences, difficult experiences, there's so much waiting for you! Dreams! Adventure! Let's go to the world of Pokémon! I'll see you later!

      You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
      Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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        Warning: Spoilers alert in the character parts!
        Main Characters:
        No. 201 Ethan (ヒビキ)

        No. 202 Silver (シルバー)

        Supporting Characters:
        No. 110 Professor Oak (オーキド博士)
        No. 184 Lance (ワタル)
        No. 210 Professor Elm (ウツギ博士)
        No. 212 Mr. Pokémon (ポケモンじいさん)
        No. 213 Kurt (ガンテツ)
        No. 214 Maizie (チエ)
        No. 215 Eusine (ミナキ)
        No. 216 DJ Mary (クルミ)

        Returning Main Characters:
        (Currently unavailable)

        No. 241 Archer (アポロ)
        No. 242 Ariana (アテナ)
        No. 243 Proton (ランス)
        No. 244 Petrel (ラムダ)
        Plus all the other Team Rocket members

        Episode list: (Click on the link to save your time):

        You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
        Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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          Season 1: HeartGold & SoulSilver
          Episode 1: A Brand New Adventure (新人トレーナーと新たな冒険)
          [7:00 AM, November 21, New Bark Town]
          In the spring years before, a shocking incident took place in Kanto, one of the major regions on this Pokémon world. The swollen, overbearing criminal gang, Team Rocket, fell apart under the alliance of several young Pokémon Trainers. With the ending of the evil group, a dark production chain was wiped out related to illegal Pokémon poaching and trading...

          And as times flies to the winter two and a half years later, let's focus our attention on Kanto's neighboring region, Johto.

          On the border of the twin regions, there lies a small, quiet, peaceful town, New Bark Town. Season changes are not very dramatic here, making the climate mild and comfortable all year round. Breezing in the zephyr at the outside, you will never want to leave such a beautiful place. To make full use of the wind, wind turbines have been built everywhere in the town. Some residents have even erected their own mini windmills on the roofs to reduce electricity cost. New Bark Town is titled "The Town Where Winds of a New Beginning Blow", for it is the place where many Trainers set off to their Pokémon journey.

          "Phone... keys... wallet... journal...... and it's done!"

          In the bedroom on the 2nd floor of a small villa, a boy is organizing his stuff of his shoulder bag on his desk. He carefully checks everything to make sure nothing is left behind. Apart from the bag, he has a 14-inch laptop and a red lamp on the desk. Next to the desk is a bookshelf crammed with science magazines, math and physics textbooks, and Pokémon biology encyclopedias.

          The young man's name is Ethan. He just turned 11 today. A week ago, he passed the Trainer's Qualification Test (TQT) with a rather high score, obtaining a Trainer's Card with relative ease. He soon made an appointment with Professor Elm, the local Pokémon professor living close to him, for the acceptance of his starter Pokémon.

          Making the final confirmation, Ethan goes downstairs to meet his mother cooking breakfast in the kitchen. Never can a solid sliding door prevent the naughty gas molecules from sneaking past and poking Ethan's nose nerves.

          "Good morning, mom!" greets Ethan.

          "Ethan! You're down here! Just for another 5 minutes!" responds mom.

          While Ethan is filling his stomach, mom says affectionately, "Today's your 11th birthday, my boy. First, congrats on you growing up more a bit!"

          "Thank you, mom."

          "And you're a teenager now. You're not a baby relying on mom anymore. How time flies!" says mom, "I can't wait to imagine the day when you become a handsome, strong man! While I'll be a dull, wrinkled old lady......"

          "Come on, mom." says Ethan, "You're only 32. It's still more than 40 years before you're eligible for being called an old lady!"

          "Ethan, you're so sweet!" Mom is delighted, "And don't forget your appointment with Professor Elm! You only have three quarters left!"

          "Never mind, mom." says Ethan, "I've made a trial walk there. It's only one fifth mile from home."

          "OK. That sounds good." Mom brings Ethan's empty plate back to kitchen.

          Saying farewell with his dear mother, Ethan puts on his light shoulder bag and leaves home.

          Facing the south, there is a rectangular lake in the west, separating two hills on the north and the south side. This lake serves as the border landscape of Johto and Kanto, with the border line at approximately two fifths from the Johto side. The nearest residence is about half a mile south of Ethan's house, which itself is at the northeastern corner. The current total population of New Bark Town is 219, just the same as Pallet Town, its Kantonese counterpart.

          Ten minutes later, and Ethan is at the front gate of Professor Elm's laboratory. The lab is a 2-storey building, with the lab hall on the ground floor and Elm's home on the second, connected to the outside indirectly via an internal passage to the lab hall and directly via a set of stairs on the eastern side. If one plans to visit his house, he can go up the stairs to avoid interrupting the work in the lab.

          Before Ethan can go in, he notices that, out of a window on the west side of the lab, behind the mailbox, there is a boy with long, red hair and black clothes peeping secretly into the lab.

          Is he too timid to knock on the door? No, it can't be, because the boy does not have a hesitated expression. Instead, he seems to be plotting something suspiciously in his mind.

          "Hey, there. What're you doin' here?" Ethan walks up and asks that boy.

          Startled by Ethan's unexpected presence, the boy raises his leg and tries to kick Ethan. Ethan would be hit in the crotch if he did not back off for a step in time.

          "Wah! You're so rude doing this to me!" Ethan is annoyed.

          "...... What are you staring at, you punk?" The boy gives Ethan a cold reply, "Just go away and stop disturbing me. Shoo!"

          What an impudent guy! Ethan puts the boy aside and enters the lab.

          [7:45 AM, November 21, Professor Elm's lab]
          "Good morning, Professor Elm!" Ethan greets the professor in glasses.

          "Hi, Ethan! I'm been waiting for you! You're not late!" Professor Elm comes out with a folder of files, "As appointed, you can have a partner Pokémon from me. Come with me, Ethan!"

          Professor Elm leads Ethan to a machine holding three Poké Balls. Each ball is kept respectively in a round slot, attached with an electronic label. The three labels read "Chikorita (Grass)", "Cyndaquil (Fire)" and "Totodile (Water)".

          "And which Pokémon would you choose, Ethan?" asks Professor Elm.

          Ethan thinks for a while before he points to Cyndaquil's Poké Ball, "I decided I'll choose it!"

          "Good." Professor Elm opens the container glass, and Ethan picks up the ball. He triggers the button on the ball, and a tiny Pokémon with a long snout and squinty eyes is released.

          "Nice to meet you, Cyndaquil." Ethan reaches a hand out to greet Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil reacts by patting on his hand with one of its short, non-tipped forelegs and squeaks happily.

          "Ding-dong! A mail! A mail!" A tone rings on Professor Elm's desktop while Ethan is playing with his new teammate. The total volume of received emails in the inbox is 1,999.

          "Oh, hey, I got an email!" Professor Elm checks his inbox, before he turns back to Ethan, "... Hm... Uh-huh... OK... It's from one of my acquaintances that people call Mr. Pokémon. Do you know him? He's someone who keeps finding weird things and raving about his discoveries. Anyway, I just got an email from him saying that this time it's real."

          "What's that real, weird thing?" asks Ethan.

          "It's probably another Pokémon Egg." answers Professor Elm, "Em, it's..."

          "A Pokémon Egg? Where Pokémon are hatched from?" asks Ethan.

          "Yeah, probably." says Professor Elm, "I would be going if we weren't so busy with our Pokémon researches... Since you've chosen a Pokémon, could you go in our place?"

          "Sure." Ethan accepts the task, "Where does he live?"

          "His house is past Cherrygrove City. Go north through Route 30 a little and you're there. It might take some time, but that's just it."

          "OK. I'll go... Wait!" Ethan tries to leave the lab before he suddenly realizes something wrong.

          "What's the matter, Ethan?"

          "I saw somebody looking through the window into your lab!" cries Ethan as he points to the window outside of which the boy is supposed to be standing, "Here!"

          "What? Is it a thief?" Professor Elm quickly walks out of his lab and checks the position that Ethan mentioned, but what he sees are only trees and fences.

          "Excuse me, Ethan, but did you misperceive?"

          "Not at all! I saw him with my eyes!" Ethan answers firmly, "I think he was scared by our footsteps and sneaked away into the woods!"

          "Fine. Better than letting him in. Are you leaving now?"

          "Yeah. I have to contact Mr. Pokémon."

          "Before you go, let's register our phone numbers." The professor and the Trainer exchange phone numbers, "So that I can call you if anything comes up."

          "... Good. " Ethan puts away the phone and Cyndaquil's Poké Ball, "I'll go now. Bye, Professor Elm!"

          [8:23 AM, November 21, Route 29]
          As the first route connected to a Trainer's hometown, Route 29 is full of patches of tall grasses and one-way ledges. Moreover, some small, Cut-table bushes grow in the middle of some pathways, blocking the way for anyone who does not have Cut the Hidden Machine.

          In the middle of the northern side of Route 29, there is a gate facing north, with a sign beside the door, reading,
          NORTH: ROUTE 46

          Before Ethan proceeds to Cherrygrove City, he and Cyndaquil perform some practice battles with wild Pokémon, including Sentret, Rattata and Pidgey, raising Cyndaquil's level and strength. When Cyndaquil is tired, he picks Oran Berries from a close berry tree to restore the fire rodent's health.

          [10:00 AM, November 21, Cherrygrove City]
          One and a half hours later, Ethan is a little out of energy, so he rests Cyndaquil and himself at the Pokémon Center at Cherrygrove, a small city on the shore of the sea.

          As he exits the red-roofed building, Ethan is called by an old man with long, white goatee.

          "Hey, young man! You're a rookie Trainer, aren't you?"

          "Yes, I am. How do you know, grandpa?"

          "People gain experience as they grow old. Just a glance and I know what kind of people they are." The old man says smilingly, "If you don't mind, I can teach you a few things."

          The old man shows Ethan around the city, introducing the Pokémon Center, the Poké Mart and other various kinds of landscapes to him. Though small in scale itself, Cherrygrove City is home to the largest manmade garden of Johto. Flowers of diverse colors bloom in it, pleasing the eyes of every tourist around it. To protect the garden from devastation, Cherrygrove has carried out severe punishments for deliberate damages.

          "OK. The last thing, young man. As soon as you step on Route 30, you'll face diverse types of Trainers. If you're not in the mood for battles, then try to avoid their sights. You'll never know if the Trainer's too stubborn to let you leave without determining the result..." After the brief tour, the old man warns Ethan before they split at the old man's home.

          "Many thanks, grandpa. I wish you a healthy body and long live."

          "Haha. I enjoy talking with youngsters like you!" The old man laughs merrily before he leaves.
          --End of Epsiode 1--
          Save File:
          Player: Ethan
          Time: Day 1
          Pokédex: Seen 4, Owned 1
          Badges: 0

          You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
          Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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            Episode 2: Laboratory Emergency (研究所盗難!怪しい赤髪の少年!)
            [10:48 AM, November 21, Route 30]
            Exiting Cherrygrove City from the north, Pokémon Trainer Ethan is on his way to Mr. Pokémon's house, who he is trying to contact on behalf of Professor Elm. He just passes by a little pond and a patch of tall grass, from which he is watched by curious wild Pokémon, such as Caterpie, Poliwag and Magikarp.

            "Rattata, Tackle!"

            As Ethan proceeds, he hears some battling noise from in front. It turns out to be two Youngsters in blue caps and yellow T-shirts commanding their Pokémon to fight. One of them uses a Rattata, while the other uses a Pidgey. Unfortunately, they occupies the whole width of the entire route, and it is too dangerous to directly cross the battlefield while the battle is on the way.

            "Excuse me, you two. I have some important matters. Would you let me pass?" Ethan asks the Youngsters.

            "What? Can't you see we're in the middle of an important fight? Just wait for some minutes, will you?" The Youngster with Rattata pushes Ethan away without even sparing a glance at him.

            Are children growing more impolite nowadays? Ethan is frustrated but he cannot pass anyway.

            Just then, Ethan notices a road sign. One of the arrows on the sign reads "Mr. Pokémon's house" while it points at a direction different from where the path is blocked. It proves to be that an unnoticeable side path rather than the main road leads to Ethan's destination.

            Following the arrowed sign, Ethan spots a brown bungalow at the edge of some woods. Outside of the bungalow is a mailbox, next to which there is a short tree. A spherical fruit grows on a branch of the tree. Ethan touches the fruit. It is hard. It does not seem that its peel can be bitten open easily.

            Ethan knocks on the door. Seconds later, an old gentleman opens the door. He is Mr. Pokémon.

            "Hello, hello! You must be Ethan. Professor Elm just told me you'd visit. Come in!"

            In Mr. Pokémon's house, the old man opens the shelf and takes out an oval object. The object is mainly white, with some red, spherical, and blue, triangular, hollow shapes on the surface.

            "And this is what I want Professor Elm to examine. Please send it to him for me." Mr. Pokémon gives Ethan the oval object. Ethan weighs the object. It is not very heavy, at least not heavier than a laptop. He sticks his ear onto the object, and is able to hear some faint sounds from inside.

            "This Egg was given to me from a friend of Ecruteak. It is from Sinnoh, and can be rarely found in Johto. I think Elm can tell what it actually is. Please be careful when you carry it. In other words, treat it as a fragile electronic device!"

            After Ethan puts away the object into his bag, he notices that there is another man other than Mr. Pokémon himself inside the house. The man is with gray-white hair and thick eyebrows. He wears a white shirt, a yellow coat and brown pants.

            "Professor Oak! I've heard about you!" Ethan cries out in surprise.

            "Haha. Glad you recognize me." laughs Professor Oak, "Let me introduce myself again. I'm Oak, a Pokémon researcher! Mr. Pokémon is my old friend. I heard Elm asked you to run an errand for him, so I waited here. Elm must have given you a Pokémon. Can I see it?"

            "Sure. Go, Cyndaquil!" Ethan lets Cyndaquil out of the Poké Ball. Cyndaquil is not afraid to face strangers, as it ignites the flame on the back to show its vigor and strength.

            "How lively your Cyndaquil is!" compliments Professor Oak, "You must be taking good care of it! I think I understand why Elm gave you that Pokémon."

            "Have you read any of Professor Oak's publications?" says Mr. Pokémon, "If you say yes, then I bet you have only seen the very small tip of an iceberg! Even a 2-floor house is unable to store all of the professor's works!"

            "Ahaha... I think so." says Ethan.

            "You look earnest and dependable, Ethan. And that's why I decide to give you this." Professor Oak takes out a gold device from his pocket and gives it to Ethan, "This is the latest version of the Pokédex. It automatically records any data of the Pokémon you've seen or captured. In short, it's a high-tech encyclopedia! Have you learned how to capture Pokémon?"

            "Just throw a Poké Ball at the weakened wild Pokémon and try my luck. Is that it?"

            "You're absolutely correct. Carefulness is what you possess." says Professor Oak, "Now turn on the Pokédex, and try to find the info about Cyndaquil!"

            Ethan boots the device, and an empty list of Pokémon appears on the screen. He slides down the list until he reaches the 155th slot, where he finds Cyndaquil's basic information:
            Page 1:
            No. 155 Cyndaquil
            Type: Fire
            Category: Fire Mouse Pokémon
            Height (Average): 1'08'' (0.50 m)
            Weight (Average): 17.47 lbs. (7.90 kg)
            Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female
            Description: It is timid, and always curls itself up in a ball. If attacked, it flares up its back for protection.
            Area: Unknown

            Page 2:
            ID: 89311
            Gender: Male
            Current Level: 7
            Nickname: None
            Original Trainer (OT): Ethan
            Ability: Blaze (Powers up Fire-type moves when the Pokémon's HP is low.)
            Trainer Memo: Hardy nature. Met at New Bark Town at Lv5.
            Known Moves: Tackle (Normal), Smokescreen (Normal)

            "Hmm. It's convenient to view my party's info at any time with the Pokédex. I also don't have to remember exactly what moves my Pokémon have learned..." thinks Ethan.

            "Ring! Ring! Ring!" Ethan's phone rings. It is a call from Professor Elm.

            "Hello? Professor Elm?"

            "Ethan! It... it's a disaster! Um, um, it's just terrible! What... what should I do?" Professor Elm stammers on the other side of the phone.

            "Calm down, Professor Elm. Tell me what happened!"

            "Um, um... it's hard to explain in brief! Just get back here! Now!" The phone then clicks cut.

            As Ethan puts away the phone, he says to the both old men, "As you've seen, Professor Elm is in emergency. I've to hurry to his lab quick."

            "Never mind." says Mr. Pokémon, "Just make sure your Pokémon is in good health."

            "And I have to go, too." Says Professor Oak, "My next radio show will be at Goldenrod Radio Tower in hours! Ethan, let's exchanger our phone numbers just to be on the safe side."

            Ethan registers the phone numbers with both men, before he leaves the bungalow and starts to dash across the plain.

            [11:56 AM, November 21, Cherrygrove City]
            When Ethan is exiting Cherrygrove City from the east, he fails to spot a figure running towards his side, nor does the figure notice Ethan's presence. In the end, both of them run into each other and bump their heads badly.

            "Ouch!" Ethan rubs on his forehead, before he realizes what he just bumped into, "You! Aren't you the suspicious guy peeping into Professor Elm's lab?"

            "Humph. Are you happy we met again?" The boy with red hair smirks sinisterly.

            "Are... are you the one who caused a disaster in the lab? What did you do?" questions Ethan.

            "What did I do? I just made my first step to becoming the world's greatest Trainer. I know you got a Pokémon from that glasses' lab, too. What a waste for that Pokémon to be with a wimp like you. If I weren't in a rush, I'll show what I mean here. Now, stay outta my way!"

            The boy rudely pushes Ethan out of his way and runs ahead. At that moment, Ethan finds that a card accidentally falls out of the boy's pocket. He picks it up and reads:
            Name: Silver
            Gender: Male
            Birth Date: December 14, PG2007
            Qualified Date: August 15, PG2018
            Trainer ID: 015945200712141078

            "Give it back! That's my Trainer's Card!" The boy gets aware of his loss of the card and turns back. He snatches the card from Ethan's hand, and continues on his run, fading out of sight in no time.

            If it were not for his hatred for vulgar words, Ethan would burst out on the spot. He tries to remember the physical look of the boy, before he goes on his way to Professor Elm's lab.

            [12:20 PM, November 21, Professor Elm's lab]
            "... And that's the basic information of the Pokémon theft case." When Ethan arrives at the lab, Professor Elm is doing an interview with a policeman.

            "Excuse me! What's going on, Professor Elm?" asks Ethan.

            "Ethan! This is terrible. One of the starter Pokémon is stolen!" explains a worried Professor Elm.

            Ethan looks at the machine holding the starter Pokémon. Chikorita's Poké Ball remains where it is, but Totodile's one has disappeared without a trace.

            "So Totodile was stolen... But how did the thief open the machine?" Ethan is a little confused.

            "Do you remember what the thief looks like, Mr. Elm?" asks the policeman.

            "I know!" cries Ethan, "It's a boy with red, long hair, in black shirt and purple pants! I happened to see him on the outskirts of Cherrygrove! I saw his name on his Trainer's Card! It's Silver!"

            "I see. So Silver is the thief's name. Thanks for helping our investigation. The next assignment is to search for the red-haired individual." The policeman puts away the notebook and leaves the lab.

            After the record is over, Ethan takes out the Egg from the bag and shows it to Professor Elm.

            "So this Egg is Mr. Pokémon's discovery?" says Professor Elm after he adjusts his glasses and looks closer, "Mr. Pokémon is always fascinated by Eggs. Well, since he gave it to us, we might as well find out what secret it holds. I'll keep it for a while to find out about the Egg. Maybe we can discover a new species of Pokémon... By the way, did you meet Professor Oak?"

            "Yes. He was with Mr. Pokémon." answers Ethan as he give the Egg to Professor Elm, "He gave me a Pokédex, too!"

            "What? Professor Oak gave you a Pokédex?" Professor Elm is excited, "In... Incredible! Professor Oak is superb at seeing the potential of Trainers. Ethan, I knew you're a little different! You keep impressing me since we first met when you were only 5!"

            "You're flattering me, Professor Elm..." Ethan turns a shy face at the compliment.

            "And, yeah! I've come up with something fun! Ethan, would you like to take on the Pokémon Gym challenges?" Professor Elm is inspired.

            "I've thinking about it. It must be a thrill taking on the strong bosses of the Gyms."

            "And if you're able to defeat eight Gym Leaders, you earn the eligibility to enter the Pokémon League. There, you'll consecutively battle the Elite Four and the Champion. You'll become the Champion if and only if you're able to defeat all of them without quitting in the middle."

            "Becoming a Champion... It's not that easy, I think."

            "No. But you can certainly give your first attempt at the Gym in Violet City. Challenging the Gyms scattered around will be a long journey, Ethan. Before you leave, make sure you talk to your mom. She must be in deep care about your safety. Even on your trip, you'd better contact her on a regular basis." says Professor Elm, before he gives Ethan 5 Potions and 5 Pokémon Balls, "Heal your Pokémon if they're injured and the Pokémon Center is too far, and use these Poké Balls to catch wild Pokémon! You must try different kinds of Poké Balls for a better catching rate!"

            "Thanks. No problem. I'll go now. See ya, Professor Elm!"

            Leaving the lab, briefly dropping by his home to bid the second farewell with his loving mother, Ethan officially initializes his Pokémon journey across Johto.
            --End of Epsiode 2--
            Save File:
            Player: Ethan
            Time: Day 1
            Pokédex: Seen 6, Owned 1
            Badges: 0

            You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
            Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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              Episode 3: Trial of the Sprout (揺れ倒れずの塔!長老の試練!)
              [5:49 PM, November 21, Cherrygrove City]
              Helping out with the investigation of the theft, Ethan fully devotes himself to Cyndaquil's training for the rest of the daytime. As the sun gradually sinks in the west, Ethan feels exhausted. He entrusts the nurse at the Pokémon Center with his fire mouse, before he spends the night in the resting area.

              [9:57 AM, November 22, Route 31]
              The following day, Ethan gets up from his rest and is traversing Route 30. When he passes the area where the two Youngsters were battling, there is nobody here.

              At the foot of a hill, Route 30 turns westwards and becomes Route 31. There is an entrance to the cave in the hill next to some trees. The sign beside the entrance reads:
              DARK CAVE

              Ethan approaches the entrance and takes a look inside. As the sign indicates, the cave is pitch-dark. Nothing can be seen. Only the noises of Geodude rolling and Zubat's supersonic waves can be heard.

              On Route 31, Ethan briefly battles a Bug Catcher. He handily defeats all of his opponents using Cyndaquil's newly learned Ember. When the Exp. Points fill the blank of level 12, another new move is added to Cyndaquil's move slot: Quick Attack.

              Crossing through a gate, and Ethan reaches the location home to the very first Gym of Johto: Violet City.

              [10:40 AM, November 22, Violet City]
              As its name describes, Violet City is full of violet classic buildings. The city itself is developed in the center of a forest, and apart from the surrounding vegetation, trees are manually planted on both sides of the streets. Moreover, most vehicles here burn electricity instead of fuel, further improving the air quality.

              It does not take Ethan too long to locate the Violet Gym, but when he is to enter, he finds that the door to the Gym is locked. A notice on the wall informs the challengers that the Leader is currently absent. It also suggests Trainers to visit Sprout Tower before taking on the Gym. At the end, there is a hand-written signature of the Gym Leader, Falkner.

              The Sprout Tower is to the northeast of Violet Gym. It is separated from the main area of Violet City by a pond. There is an isle in the center of the pond, on either side of which there is a stone bridge connected to Sprout Tower and Violet City, respectively. Ethan observes the tower carefully. It has only 3 floors, approximately 100 feet high, making it the smallest-scaled tower ever built in Johto.

              And as Ethan is about to enter the tower, he slid past someone who rushes hastily towards Violet City. It appears to be a boy with red hair and in black shirt. The boy does not seem to sense the coming of Ethan.

              Silver? Why did he also visit Sprout Tower? Shouldn't he find somewhere to hide himself from the police?

              [11:28 AM, November 22, Sprout Tower]
              At the reception floor of Sprout Tower, the pillar at the center of the tower intrigues Ethan. The pillar constantly shakes from side to side, as if it would fall down at any time. However, the swaying pillar is, in fact, a perfect protection for sudden earthquakes. Locating on the seismic zone, Violet City has experienced numerous earthquakes since the first dwellers thousands of years ago. It cost the ancient craftsmen centuries of time and countless collapses of buildings until they apply the technique, jukozo, to Sprout Tower. It celebrated its 1,411th birthday this year, and has successfully withstood over tens of major earthquakes, the strongest of which is magnitude 7.7, without even leaning for a single degree of angle. Many people say that the pillar is the avatar of a giant Bellsprout, who constantly guards the tower from any hazards.

              For most visitors, the 1st floor is the only place they are permitted to remain in the pagoda, as a monk is guarding the stairs to the 2nd floor. He requires all people who wants to ascend to show him their Trainer's Cards, since, as soon as they pass the stairs, they shall face challenging monks, and ultimately, their elder.

              Consider that he will be challenging the Gym in days, Ethan qualifies himself with the admission at the monk, and proceeds to the upper storey.

              The 2nd floor is a small maze, with the entire area divided into fragments by the fences and gates. What is more, there are no signs that explicitly lead the way to the next floor, making the labyrinth look like a miniature Victory Road. It is said that this maze is the first trial of the elder monk for all Trainers who wish to fight him.

              Minutes later, Ethan is at the stairs to 3F. But a monk appears from nowhere and asks Ethan to battle him. The monk uses a Bellsprout. Out of doubt, Ethan sends out Cyndaquil, who uses Ember to sear Bellsprout into fainting. The monk then politely admits Ethan past him.

              On the topmost floor of the pagoda, Ethan is facing three monks sitting in front of himself cross-legged. The monk in the middle is with wrinkles, thick eyebrows and a long moustache, apparently to be their leader.

              "So good of another Trainer here! What's your name, please?" asks the elder.

              "I'm Ethan."

              "The name's Li. You must have passed Edmond's trial. Sprout Tower is a place of training. People and Pokémon test their bonds to build a bright future together. If you're able to defeat both of my disciples, I'll be your final test."

              "No problem. Just bring it on." Ethan answers confidently.

              The disciples battles Ethan in turn. Same as Edmond, all of their Pokémon are Bellsprout, someone weak to fire. Turns of Embers, and Cyndaquil makes a clean sweep.

              "Ohhh, youngster, you're something!" says the elder as he rises up, "You don't look tired a little bit. As promised, I'm the final test. Allow me to check the ties between you and your Pokémon!"

              The elder takes Pokémon Ball from his cassock and releases a Bellsprout.

              Having fought numbers of Bellsprout, Ethan immediately orders Cyndaquil to use Ember.

              "Bellsprout. Razor Leaf!" orders Li.

              Bellsprout swings its arms and releases razor-sharp leaves from them. The leaves act as a shield for Bellsprout. All sparks burn down the leaves without landing a single hit on Bellsprout.

              "What a defensive attack!" says Ethan, "I've learned it! Cyndaquil, one more time, Ember!"

              "Razor Leaf!" commands Li.

              But Ethan is not waiting for the turn to end this time.

              "Cyndaquil, Quick Attack!" orders Ethan the moment Ember collides with Razor Leaf.

              Cyndaquil intensifies the flame on his back and he charges at Bellsprout at rapid speed, slamming his back into Bellsprout's roots. Unable to bear the high temperature of Cyndaquil's flames, Bellsprout falls over, unable to battle.

              "You're an A-grade learner, young man!" The elder is satisfied as he recalls Bellsprout, "And you have one more opponent left. Go, Hoothoot!"

              An owl-like chubby Pokémon lands in front of Ethan and Cyndaquil. It appears to wear a pair of "glasses", with clock hand-like and gear-like extensions. Its wings are stubby. It usually stands on one foot with the other concealed, giving the false impression that Hoothoot grows only one foot.

              Ethan scans Hoothoot in his Pokédex. As a Normal- and Flying-type Pokémon, all of Cyndaquil's moves deal only normal damage to it.

              "Cyndaquil, use Smokescreen!"

              Cyndaquil opens his mouth and spits a puff of black smoke onto Hoothoot.

              "Hoothoot, Tackle!"

              Hoothoot seems to be unaffected by the Smokescreen. It breaks through the smog and bumps its stomach into Cyndaquil.

              "Ah. This Hoothoot must possess the Ability Keen Eye. Accuracy adjusting moves are useless against it." Ethan comes up with the correct deduction, before he switches into Quick Attack.

              Cyndaquil darts at Hoothoot and chars his foe with the flames on his back. The pain caused by the scorching-hot fire forces Hoothoot to slow down its motion.

              "Hoothoot. Peck!"

              "Cyndaquil, Quick Attack!"

              Hoothoot tries to jab Cyndaquil with its beak, but it hits Cyndaquil's flames instead. Cyndaquil then slams himself into Hoothoot, defeating it.

              "Hmm, excellent, young man." says Li, "The way you battle is elegant. You know how to adopt your advantages and avoid the shortcomings. You work out the greatest weakness of your opponents and snipe at them with a fatal blow. It's well worth battling with you even if I lost."

              Admitting defeat frankly, the elder gives Ethan a boxed Technical Machine, numbered 70.

              "This TM contains Flash. It illuminates even the darkest places as if it were day. It's notably compatible with the mascot of the Sprout Tower, Bellsprout." says Li, "I have a feeling that your power can match our local Gym Leader, Falkner. As long as you keep learning and growing with your Pokémon, you'll definetely become more and more powerful."

              "Elder-san. Did a red-haired boy came by to you before me?" asks Ethan.

              "Yeah. He beat all of us, too, and I also gave him Flash." says Li, "But I failed to experience the wisdom and sincerity from him. It seemed that that young man totally treated Pokémon as tools of war. He ordered his Pokémon out of his own wish, not caring about Pokémon's feelings a bit. If his Pokémon showed unwillingness to obey, he would lose his temper. I don't want you to be someone like him, or the future of youngsters would be gloomy……"

              "Perhaps he was trying to demonstrate his strength?"

              "It's not strength, but brashness. Sheer force only have temporarily effects. The bona fide strength is when the hearts of a Trainer and his Pokémon combine into one, when they feel what the others feel and cooperate without arguments."

              "……" Ethan thinks carefully about Li's speech before he bows to the monks and leaves the tower.
              --End of Epsiode 3--
              Save File:
              Player: Ethan
              Time: Day 2
              Pokédex: Seen 9, Owned 1
              Badges: 0

              You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
              Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                Episode 4: Wings on the Roof (空中楼閣で戦闘を飛ばそう!)
                [9:29 AM, November 25, Violet Gym]
                Passing the trial of the elder in Sprout Tower, Ethan is on his way to the first Johtonese Gym, Violet Gym. He is clear that the level of Gym Leaders is far above that of ordinary Trainers. Even the strength of Li's Bellsprout might be nothing against a Leader's first Pokémon. Hence, he prepares for the battle by searching for Wild Pokémon and Trainers around Violet City for three days.

                And in the morning three days later, Ethan arrives at Violet Gym to find that the notice has been removed. The Gym is now fully open.

                Inside the Gym, Ethan does not catch sight of a single person, but he discovers some mysterious machinery on the floor. There is a large button-like plank here, and through the thin gap around it some gears are visible.

                Ethan raises his head. Whoa! The Gym is rather high! It is tens of feet from his head to the ceiling. There is a glass platform high in the air, and someone appears to be standing up there. However, there does not seem to be stairs or elevators in the Gym that lead to the platform.

                Is this machinery the way up? Ethen steps on the plank with questions.

                Sensing the weight of a human, the machine activates, lifting the plank higher and higher slowly, until it reaches the platform above the ground floor.

                On the platform stands a single person. He is feet away from Ethan, on the opposite side of the platform used as the battlefield. The man is in blue oriental clothes and his hair covers his right eye.

                "There you are, challenger. I'm Falkner, the Leader of Violet Gym. " says the man, "I love Flying-type Pokémon, and I enjoy battling on high altitude. That's the style of a flying man."

                "Excuse me, but what if a challenger is acrophobic?" asks Ethan.

                "Then just he try to find an alternative Gym! We Gym Leaders are there, and it's all up to challengers to decide whether they come to us or not!" says Falkner seriously.

                "… " Ethan is speechless.

                "And the major reason I train Flying-type Pokémon, is to change the bias of people's attitude towards them!" says Falkner, "Many people say that Flying-type Pokémon are rubbish - a single zap or freeze will clip them. I won't allow such offense to the Flying-type! I, Falkner, will show you how magnificent the power of birds!"

                "And I, Ethan, will show you the real power of my team! Fight, Cyndaquil!"

                "You have a good name, Ethan." Falkner also tosses a Poké Ball, "Now go, Hoothoot!"

                No need for a long prelude, and the battle begins.

                "Cyndaquil, Quick Attack!" commands Ethan.

                With the experience of fighting Li at Sprout Tower, Cyndaquil gives his foe a surprise attack.

                "Hoothoot, Confusion!" commands Falkner.

                After getting bumped by Cyndaquil, Hoothoot flaps its chubby wings and releases psychic waves from its eyes. The wave wraps Cyndaquil, lifts him into midair, and throws him into the wall behind Ethan. Though the Confusion itself inflicts little damage to the fire mouse, the impact of the concrete wall makes Cyndaquil really uncomfortable.

                "Are you OK, Cyndaquil?"

                Cyndaquil responds by re-igniting his back flame, saying that he is still healthy.

                "Be careful of Hoothoot's Confusion!" says Ethan, "Let's do it again, Quick Attack!"

                There is no doubt that Cyndaquil ensures a hit, but there is when Hoothoot counters him.

                "Hoothoot, Confusion!"

                Hoothoot repeats its move and attempts to smash Cyndaquil once more…

                "Cyndaquil, use your flame as a buffer!"

                Cyndaquil increases the power of his back flame. When he is getting close to the wall, the force of the flame greatly alleviates the impact. However, Hoothoot begins to breathe more heavily due to its consecutive use of psychic moves.

                "One more time, Quick Attack!"

                Hoothoot receives a fatal hit from Cyndaquil. After it falls, it sticks its hidden foot out. After all, its medium defensive ability is not enough to compensate for its stiff speed.

                "The wind is finally with us." says Falkner, "Birds build up their wings by flying. A bird will never reach the sky huddling up in its nest. Trials mean errors, but no errors mean no success!"

                Falkner recalls Hoothoot, and releases a large bird called Pidgeotto. As the evolved form of Pidgey, Pidgeotto grows more mature and sturdy. It grows a crest of red feathers on its forehead, and its tail plumage is divided into red and yellow. Its beak bends a little, implying that it is carnivorous.

                "A Pidgeotto either has Keen Eye or Tangled Feet. The foe is at full health while Cyndaquil has only half left. It's not worthwhile spending a turn to find out its true Ability with Smokescreen." thinks Ethan, "I might as well make a tentative Quick Attack…"

                And Ethan does order a Quick Attack in the end.

                "Pidgeotto, Quick Attack, too!" commands Falkner.

                Cyndaquil and Pidgeotto clash in midair. Cyndaquil burns Pidgeotto's stomach feathers with his back flame, while Pidgeotto scratches Cyndaquil with its pointed talons. As Ethan checks up his Pokédex, he is warned that Cyndaquil's HP is reaching the critical point. Any subsequent attacks from the opponent is likely to bring a game over.

                "Hold on, Cyndaquil! Pidgeotto looks tough, but every opponent has its weakness!" Ethan encourages his little fellow, "If we find out an opponent's weakness, we can knock it down in a single blow!"

                Although getting tired out, Cyndaquil pumps him up upon hearing his Trainer's encouragement.

                "Ethan, what's your next move?" asks Falkner.

                "Take it! Cyndaquil, Quick Attack!"

                Quick Attack once more? What is this backward-cap guy thinking about?

                But Falkner proves himself worthy of the position as a Gym Leader. He has realized that Ethan is trying to make a different surprise assault despite seemingly executing the same move, since the boy's reaction towards Hoothoot's second Confusion. Therefore, instead of asking Pidgeotto to counter with Quick Attack, he has the avian use Twister.

                As Cyndaquil swiftly approaches, Pidgeotto flaps its wings, creating a miniature tornado in front of itself. Cyndaquil fails to avoid the tornado due to his momentum and gets sucked in. Giddiness strikes his head as he spins in the cyclone.

                Seconds later, Cyndaquil is ejected from the tornado. He continues to spin on where he stands, with a circle of Butterfree going round his head.

                "Calm! Keep calm, Cyndaquil! Put everything aside and think you'll defeat Pidgeotto!"

                Hearing Ethan's voice, Cynadquil makes huge efforts to slow down his spinning. He manages to reach a full stop by lying on his stomach, after which he re-ignites his flame again to show that he has not lost yet.

                "Pidgeotto, Roost!" commands Falkner during Cyndaquil's recovery.

                Pidgeotto covers itself with a dim white aura, steadily restoring its lost health and healing damanges.

                "Oh, no! Cyndaquil will be at a big disadvantage if Pidgeotto fully recovers itself! What should I do?" Ethan is worried.

                Fortunately, Cyndaquil returns to his normal state very quickly. Grabbing the chance, Ethan launches another Quick Attack.

                And unfortunately for Pidgeotto, its dodging attempt is unsuccessful when the timer of Roost is yet to expire. And this time, Cyndaquil does not aim directly at his foe, but he on purpose dashes against the wall behind Pidgeotto. Taking advantage of reflection, he ends up landing on the bird's back.

                "Danger! Pidgeotto, shake Cyndaquil off you!" Falkner looks a little flurried.

                "And this is the weakness of Pidgeotto, of being large!" says Ethan, "And Cyndaquil, hold Pidgeotto tight and use Ember! Don't care about your surroundings! Focus on your foe!"

                In order to get rid of Cyndaquil, Pidgeotto expands its wings and glides about above the battlefield, hoping to make Cynadquil fall with centrifugal force and inertia. Nevertheless, the more the bird flies, the tighter the fire mouse holds on. He then opens his mouth and fires a barrage of fire sparks at his opponent's head.

                "Keep it up, Cyndaquil!" Ethan smelling the coming of victory, "Ember!"

                When the enemy is exposed and the ally is hidden, the situation has evolved to a one-sided stage. Before Cyndaquil is exhausted from Embers, Pigeotto runs out of energy, falls to the platform, and faints.

                "We've won, Cyndaquil! You can relax now!" cries Ethan.

                Learning that he has won, Cyndaquil relaxes his limbs and is about to collapse, if he has not preserved his last bit of power at his best.

                "How did we lose? For pity's sake, both of my cherished birds were shot down!" says a shocked Falkner. He cannot believe that his Pidgeotto should lose to an unevolved fire mouse, let alone one with only half of his health remaining.

                "…But a defeat is a defeat. Better looking forward to the future than immersing oneself in the sorrow yesterday." says Falkner afterwards, "Ethan, you beat me fair, so take this official Pokémon League Badge, Zephyr Badge. You've gotten one step closer to the admission to the Pokémon League with it."

                The Badge from Falkner is a hexagonal item carved into a pair of wings. It is placed at the first slot of Ethan's Badge Case.

                "We've conquered the first fortress, but there're 7 remaining. We should go on." thinks Ethan.

                "And you can have this technical machine." Falkner gives Ethan a boxed optical-disc like machine numbered 19, "It contains Roost. Its user restores half of its maximum HP after a single use. It has a drawback, though, when its user gets attacked in the middle of the process. I learned it just after your Cyndaquil beat my Pidgeotto… TMs were disposable, but they're not now, so teaching a move is a costless decision."

                "Beat a Gym, and win a teachable move! That sounds great!" thinks Ethan.

                "For the last thing. Your next Gym battle can be either at Azalea Town, Goldenrod City or Ecruteak City." says Falkner, "But I discourage you from the latter two 'cause the only way to them, Route 36, has been blocked by a weird tree. We've tried to clear it, but never succeeded. Also, Azalea Gym specializes in Bug-type. Your Cyndaquil would be at an advantage. Just go along Route 32 on the south and pass through Union Cave and that's your destination."

                "Thanks, Mr. Falkner. I'll continue to train myself into a high-quality Trainer!"

                "And I'll train myself into the greatest Bird Keeper! No matter how many times I fall, I'll get up to my feet and aims at the broad, beautiful blue sky!"

                Leaving Falkner, Ethan steps on the plank to descend to the ground to exit the Gym.
                --End of Epsiode 4--
                Save File:
                Player: Ethan
                Time: Day 5
                Pokédex: Seen 10, Owned 1
                Badges: 1

                You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                  Episode 5: Puzzle Solving plus Fishing (アルフの遺跡!いたずらな電気ヒツジ!)
                  [10:19 AM, November 25, Route 32]
                  At Violet Gym, Ethan used his Cyndaquil to gain a nice win against Falkner's Pidgeotto despite the former was at a disadvantage, earning him his first Gym Badge. The first victory against a Gym Leader also significantly boosted Cyndaquil's vigor and confidence.

                  Restoring his party at the Pokémon Center, Ethan follows Falkner's advice, heading for Azalea Town via Route 32.

                  The entrance to the route is behind a small patch of grass. When Ethan is splitting the grass, he hears someone calling his name behind. It turns out to be one of Professor Elm's aides as Ethan recognizes his face. The aide is carrying the Egg Ethan received from Mr. Pokémon in his arms.

                  "Hello. What's up?"

                  "Ethan! After you left, Professor Elm received a phone call." says the aide, "I've no idea what the professor was talking about. But suddenly he cried out, 'I can't come up with someone else more suitable than Ethan!' He then gave me the Egg and asked me to deliver it to you."

                  "Why me?"

                  "According to Professor Elm, an Egg will hatch more quickly when it's kept together with other Pokémon in a Trainer's party. We estimate that this Egg will hatch within at least half a month if it's kept in our lab. Professor Elm believes in your reliability, so he'd like you to collect some results for him, I think. Once the Egg hatches, please contact Professor Elm asap!"

                  "Sure. I'll take good care of it." Ethan accepts the Egg.

                  "Now I've gotta be back. Goodbye, Ethan!"

                  [10:21 AM, November 25, Route 32]
                  Route 32 divides half a mile away from Violet City. While the main path continues southwards, the branch path leads to a gate on the east. The sign on the branching point reads:
                  Route 32
                  South: Union Cave (10.5 mi), Azalea Town (12 mi);
                  East: Ruins of Alph (2,000 ft)

                  "It's still miles away to Azalea Town, and it's a mountainous area ahead. In the worst case, I wouldn't reach Azalea when it turns dark." thinks Ethan, "So I'd better take a stroll around Ruins of Alph!"

                  [10:27 AM, November 25, Ruins of Alph]
                  Through the gate, Ethan enters a wide yard. There are a number of chambers built with rocks and stones. Though it is hardly possible to determine the actual date the chambers were constructed, the moss on the walls and the roofs clearly state that the chambers must be finished long, long ago. Due to weathering, some of the chambers have collapsed, separating the whole ruins area into pieces and leaving a few areas directly inaccessible. In the yard, several scientists are examining the conditions of the ruins with their devices and notebooks.

                  Ethan finds one of the largest chambers and enters it via the stone stairs. There is a zigzag passageway on the basement floor. In the middle of the passageway, there is an aligned line of sculptures carved into some unknown species of living beings. The sculptures are also weathered so that some of them are barely recognizable.

                  And on the wall at the end of the passageway, Ethan spots many odd symbols. Each of the symbol has an eye at its main part that looks like staring at the boy.

                  With further observation, Ethan finds that all of the "eyes" grow appendages with various shapes. The appendages make the symbols resemble capital Latin letters, from A to Z. However, two types of the symbols are special, as their eyes are half closed, and their appendages resemble question marks and exclamation marks.

                  "Hmm… So the name of 'Alph' must came from these symbols that look like alphabets…"

                  Ethan tries deciphering the "sentences" made up of those symbols, but he cannot make out a single one that has an understandable meaning.

                  As Ethan exits the chamber, he meets one of the scientists.

                  "Kid, have you found anything valuable inside?"

                  "Nothing much. But I do care about a wall of symbols. They look like alphabets and eyes…"

                  "Aha! I guessed right! There must be Unown in these ruins!" The scientist looks excited.


                  "U-N-O-W-N, Unown. No Ks." explains the scientist, "Unown is a Pokémon that lives in its own dimension invisible to humans. They appear to be living symbols with eyes, and the symbols resemble the letters. Unown will release a special type of electromagnetic waves where they live, and I just detected some waves days before. I always think that Unown are hidden somewhere!"

                  "But why are you so sure? Simply because I found some Unown-like symbols?"

                  "Because similar symbols have also been discovered at many places." explains the scientist, "It has been reported that Unown are found in Tanoby Ruins at Sevii Islands and Solaceon Ruins in Sinnoh, where symbols of Unown are also found. Similarly, there must be Unown here in Ruins of Alph!"

                  "Hmm. But we must find some methods to lure them out." says Ethan, "And you, sir, have you found anything else suspicious?"

                  "Mm… I think there is, though I didn't care much about it." says the scientist, "I found something like a puzzle in a chamber in the south. The puzzle is a square with moveable blocks. The odd thing is that the blocks are not removable from the plate. I made some random moves and nothing happened."

                  "Where's that puzzle chamber? I'll take a look!"

                  "There, beside the pond, with some rocks piled near it." The scientists points to the correct direction, which Ethan follows.

                  Inside the puzzle chamber, Ethan finds a stone plate in the center. The plate is fixed on a rock about one meter tall. There is a 4×4 square shallow indent on the plate, inside which there are 15 pieces of square blocks, each of which depicting a part of some kind of Pokémon.

                  "Great! I've solved countless such puzzles before! Piece of cake!"

                  Although the blocks have been randomly moved by the scientist, Ethan is not discouraged. He carefully observes the depiction on every block to decide their correct position. If two of the blocks look too similar, he will differentiate them by the marks of erosion. If two of the blocks have their erosion marks matched at one side, then they must be adjacent.

                  It costs five minutes for Ethan to complete the puzzle. The completed puzzle displays the shape of a giant avian. The bird have wide rings and crown-like feathers on its head, and its tail feathers resemble a chrysanthemum flower.

                  What kind of Pokémon it is? Ethan takes out his Pokédex and scans it.

                  You silly! It's merely a puzzle shape, not a real Pokémon! How can a Pokédex register an entry by scanning something else than a real Pokémon? Ethan puts away his encyclopedia in disappointment.

                  Well, seems Ethan is not absolutely unlucky. Shortly after the puzzle is done, Ethan hears some noise from somewhere, and dies down seconds later. Did he activate some triggers?

                  Leaving the puzzle chamber, Ethan finds the agitated scientist hopping about with his electromagnetic wave-detecting device. He tells Ethan that he has detected stronger and stronger waves emitted from near, and he firmly believes in the presence of Unown.

                  Ethan and the scientist return to the largest chamber Ethan have already explored. At the entrance, they sense an intense aura. And when they go in, their eyes expand as above them, a huge horde of Unown is floating around in midair! The scientist nearly goes crazy as he extends his arms repeating the word "Unown".

                  "You've done a great job for us, kid!" The scientist is grateful, "So take this! You deserve it!"

                  The scientist gives Ethan a Scope Lens. He explains that this item is a held item that improves the rate of blowing critical hits on the foes. The usage of Scope Lens perfectly matches Ethan's style as he happily accepts it.

                  [9:12 AM, November 26, Route 32]
                  Leaving Ruins of Alphs, the rest of Ethan's daytime was spent to cover the rest of Route 32. When the sun sets in the west, Ethan arrives at a Pokémon Center close to the entrance to Union Cave. He has been exhausted from climbing the mountain and traversing the trees and grasses, so he spends the night in the building for restoration.

                  The next day, Ethan wakes up from his sleep. Finishing his breakfast, Ethan finds a group of Fishermen heading northwards with their rods and nets.

                  "There's a fishing spot not far from here. I've seen a lot of Fishermen when I passed here yesterday. This Pokémon Center offers rent of rods and bait. OK, I'll go fishing, too!" thinks Ethan.

                  Borrowing a rod and some bait, Ethan follows the Fishermen group to the spot. He selects a vacant position, fixes the bait on the hook, and casts the line into the water. Holding the rod, Ethan sits down on the bank to wait for a bite.

                  A quarter of an hour passes, and Ethan feels a pull on his rod. There's a bite!

                  Ethan swiftly withdraws the line, but he fails. It seems that he pulled the rod too hard so that the bait slipped out of the water of his prey and was dropped. Ethan has to fix some bait again and launch a second attempt…

                  Another ten minutes passes, and a stronger pull comes to Ethan. This time, Ethan keeps steady and gently withdraws the line, stepping backwards. He successfully hooked a Pokémon, a Magikarp.

                  A Magikarp is weak and only learns Splash, a useless move, but it can evolve into a powerful Gyarados. Though the training might be tiring, Ethan decides to capture it anyway.

                  However, before the Magikarp can be pulled to the bank, Ethan feels something furry rubbing against his waist from behind. Afterwards, a feel of numb assaults his body and limbs, causing him to loosen his line. The Magikarp then pulls the line forcefully and tries to escape.

                  I can't let it go away! Ethan recovers and pulls the line afresh. He hurries up a little, expecting to win against the Magikarp in the tug-of-war game…

                  Darn! When the Magikarp just touches the bank, the numbing feel attacks Ethan once more! The decrease of Ethan's force drags him whole towards the sea, causing him to narrowly escape dampening his clothes.

                  Who the heck is teasing me? An annoyed Ethan turns around only to catch sight of nothing.

                  Was it an illusion from my anxiety of catching a fish? Ethan becomes more careful as he stay still, keeping the balance between himself and the carp Pokémon, until the prey gets tired in his expectation when he can freely pull the line.

                  Bzzt! The paralyzed feel simply will not let go of Ethan. And to make matters worse, the Magikarp seems to realize that a long fight is not good for it, and it gives up the bait and dives away.

                  Losing the fish, Ethan is humiliated and ruffled. He is quite sure that someone else is playing a nasty trick on him, deliberately preventing him from catching fish. But every time he suddenly turns around, he only sees the dull, stationary trees and grasses.

                  That's funny! If the culprit is a human, how could he hide himself so perfectly without a trace?

                  Wait! The culprit may not be limited to humans! It could also be a Pokémon!

                  Sounds reasonable, isn't it? The patches of grass behind Ethan rises up to his knees. Although it is not easy to conceal a human, it is more than sufficient to hide a short Pokémon.

                  "Hmm? That patch is rustling! The culprit must be inside! " Ethan crossly takes out Cyndaquil's Poké Ball, "Humph, wanna play a guerrilla warfare with me? Don't think you'll get away!"

                  Ethan releases Cyndaquil, and commands him to use Quick Attack.

                  Cyndaquil dashes towards the rustling patch as he ignites his back flame. Then, Ethan hears a cry from the patch, and a Pokémon jumps out of it out of pain by Cyndaquil's flame. It is a Mareep!

                  The Mareep has Static as its Ability. Ethan realizes the truth that this naughty lamb nuzzled against his waist when he was pulling the line, foiling his plan three times. Since you meddle with my fishing, then you be the alternative, you whelp!

                  "Cyndaquil, use Ember! Be careful of the grass!"

                  Cyndaquil releases fire sparks from his mouth, which set the Mareep's fur on fire. The Mareep begins to run about in horror, but the more it runs, the big the fire grows, sapping its health.

                  "Cyndaquil, Quick Attack!"

                  Cynadquil delivers the last strike on the Mareep. After the sheep is defeated, the fire on its fur goes out. Ethan then throws a Poké Ball at the Mareep, capturing it in one attempt.

                  "Now that you're part of my team, no more pranks anymore, Mareep!" Ethan picks up the ball and says.

                  Later, Ethan rests both of his Pokémon at the Pokémon Center. He activates the balls to let his fellows get to know about each other. Cyndaquil is happy to have a junior teammate as he dances and waves his arms, squeaking lively. Mareep, in return, drops his head and baas once out of apology.

                  Gathering a new team member, Ethan returns the fishing tools and continues his journey.

                  [10:08 AM, November 26, Union Cave]
                  Union Cave is a simple yet complicated cavern. It is almost a straight line from the entrance at Route 32 to the exit on Route 33, but it is a giant maze at the basement floors. There is a tremendous underground lake down the cave, dividing the land into bits. There is a warning sign at every entrance to the underground, requiring the explorers to carry Surfing Pokémon.

                  There is an indescribable relationship between Union Cave and Ruins of Alph. Years ago, a secret passage to the ruins was discovered here. The passage leads to an inner area of the ruins which is otherwise not accessible. It remains unknown whether the passage was naturally formed or manually excavated. A few bold explorers visited the hidden area for treasure hunting, but all of them returned empty-handed. Nothing can be found inside the secret area, not even Unown.

                  And at the ground floor of Union Cave, multiple Trainers are training here. There are Hikers with heavy backpacks and walking sticks, and PokéManiacs in strange outfits looking for beast-like Pokémon. One or two chubby men are showing off their skills of breathing fire. Ethan shows a strong dislike of them as they simply release carbon monoxide into the badly ventilated air.

                  [10:27 AM, November 26, Route 33]
                  Compared to routes passing through caves in Kanto including Routes 4 and 10, Routes 32 and 33 are independently numbered. Still, Route 33 is so short that it is hard to believe that it should be an intercity path. Its length does not even reach one third of the diameter of New Bark Town. The buildings of Azalea Town are clearly visible even if one is standing just outside of the cave exit. Moreover, the climate on Route 33 remains humid all year round, and rains are very frequent. Some trees stand south of the route, growing ripe and fresh berries. A small yet luxuriant grass area is home to diverse species of tiny Pokémon.

                  [10:37 AM, November 26, Azalea Town]
                  Jumping off a ledge, Ethan has a brief match with a Hiker, and reaches Azalea Town on the west.

                  Azalea Town is a peninsular town very close to the sea. However, it is separated from the water by a large scale of woods. Though a small town, Azalea Town is fully equipped with a Pokémon Center, a Poké Mart, and a local Gym.

                  Ethan is first destination at the town is a wooden house in the northwest. It is the home of Kurt, a carpenter of high fame among the local citizens. He is brilliantly skilled in repairing Poké Balls. He can restore a Poké Ball to its healthy state however terribly it is damaged, unless it has been crushed into powder. Most importantly, his service is completely free of charge! The only shortcoming is that he has to spend a whole day to repair a single ball.

                  Apart from repairing, Kurt also produces Poké Balls out of a special kind of fruit, Apricorns. Poké Balls made out of Apricorns have unique power-up effects when capturing. Long before the industrial era, this type of technology had been widely applied. At the modern times when most of the Poké Ball productions are up to machines, there are still a lot of craftsmen like Kurt who stick to this old technique which is almost doomed to die.
                  --End of Epsiode 5--
                  Save File:
                  Player: Ethan
                  Time: Day 6
                  Pokédex: Seen 14, Owned 2
                  Badges: 1

                  You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                  Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                    Episode 6: Secret Mission: Slowpoke Well (ヤドンの井戸!ロケット団捲土重来!)
                    [10:50 AM, November 26, Azalea Town]
                    "Excuse me. Is Mr. Kurt in?" Ethan knocks on the door.

                    A 6-year-old little girl opens the door for Ethan, "Are you looking for grandpa? He's busy now."

                    "Sorry for disturbing." Ethan enters the house.

                    The house is not large as it appears. There is a desk in the corner of the house. Tools and spare pieces of Poké Balls are placed on the desk. Additionally, there is a heavy toolbox near the table for storing tools. An old man is sitting beside the desk fixing a damaged Poké Ball. He is the old Kurt.

                    "A visitor, huh? Just a minute until I finish this ball." Kurt says, not raising his head.

                    "Can I talk to your granddaughter, Mr. Kurt?" asks Ethan.

                    "Sure. Maizie loves talking with others. She would rather die than having nobody to talk with." agrees Kurt.

                    "Big brother, you're a Trainer, aren't you? What's your name?" asks Maizie.

                    "I'm Ethan. I'm from New Bark Town."

                    "New Bark Town! I always desire a visit there, but I'm too young to own Pokémon…"

                    "You can own your Pokémon when you reach 10. Just be patient."

                    "Big brother, are you here for Poké Ball repairs at grandpa?"

                    "Sorry, Maizie, but I'm not here to repair Poké Balls. I came here because I've heard your grandpa's fame and wanted to meet him when I arrived at Azalea Town." answers Ethan honestly.

                    "When it comes to our Azalea Town, I have to mention Slowpoke!" says Maizie, "There's a cave in the northeast of our town called Slowpoke Well. The well is home to Slowpoke. Slowpoke are not afraid of human at all. They often leave the well and play with citizens. Do you know, big brother? Slowpoke are amazing! They simply let out a yawn and summon a rain! Whenever we want a rain, we seek help from Slowpoke! That's why our town is not dry in all seasons!"

                    "Maizie. I heard that your grandpa repair Poké Balls for free. Is that it?"

                    "Yes. He says he repairs balls to service all of us. He doesn't care about those few bucks!"

                    "Then how do you support your livings? You have to have a source of income, don't you?"

                    "My dad works for Silph Co.! And grandpa has a piece of arable land outside the woods! We live a good life without letting Trainers pay us!" says Maizie proudly.

                    "Your father's a Silph Co. worker? He must be of high quality, then." says Ethan, "It's said the requirements to enter Silph Co. are very strict. One would be rejected almost for sure if he hasn't earned a Ph. D degree…"

                    While the boy and the girl are engaged in their conversation, they hear something strange outside. There seem to be Pokémon fighting and citizen crying and running. Maybe the town is in a riot?

                    "Who are you? Don't push others so hard, you impudent guys!" blames a middle-aged man.

                    "Get lost, you petty civilians! Don't interfere with us Team Rocket!" another man says rudely.

                    "Team Rocket! Oh, no, looks like we're in trouble! Run!"

                    Another series of running sounds are heard, and the streets gradually turn quiet.

                    "Hehehe! You made a wise decision! That's good!" sneers the second man.


                    Inside the house, Ethan asks Maizie, "Who are Team Rocket? Why are people so frightened?"

                    Maizie is about to answer when her grandfather interrupts, as he has finished his repairing, "Team Rocket is a criminal organization once active in Kanto. They do nothing good but poaching and selling Pokémon for illegal profits! Their boss had announced their disbandment years ago, but I never think they would make a comeback in our town!"

                    "I wonder who could be so powerful to force Team Rocket to disband." says Ethan.

                    "I don't remember their names, but I remember it was two youngsters the same age as you." says Kurt, "Team Rocket's boss split his gang after he was beaten by them in Viridian Gym."

                    "And big bro, my dad's company was also harassed by Team Rocket! But they were driven out by those very two youngsters and saved the day! My dad told me!" Maizie interrupts.

                    "Cool. Maybe I should pay a visit to them someday." Ethan is envious.

                    "Enough of off-topic issues." says Kurt, "In my opinion, Team Rocket came to Azalea Town probably for Slowpoke's tails. It's said Slowpoke's tails are very tasty and nutritious. In order to protect the Pokémon, criminal laws have been carried out to prohibit tail cutting. Nevertheless, a few people still risk themselves, driven by the alluring profits. Our town is not so rich to become the target of criminals, but the Slowpoke in their well might be."

                    "So Team Rocket must be targeting Slowpoke Well! Mr. Kurt, you stay here to protect Maizie! She would be in danger if she is left alone and Team Rocket come close!" says Ethan.

                    "Alright. There's something wrong with my back these days, anyway." agrees Kurt.

                    Ethan quietly slips out of the door. He ensures that Kurt and Maizie lock the door for safety, before he plans for his next action.

                    Looking into the streets, there is a large flock of men in black, with an R painted on their hats and uniforms. R is acronym for Rocket, so Team Rocket must be them.

                    To avoid alerting the enemies, Ethan sneaks off into the woods behind Kurt's house and hurries towards Slowpoke Well in the grass.

                    [11:03 AM, November 26, Slowpoke Well]
                    Slowpoke Well is a shallow underground cave. The connection to the ground surface was constructed into a well. The well is approximately 30 feet deep, and there is a ladder on the well wall for people to descend. The path to the well entrance is swirl-like.

                    Before Ethan can go down, he has an extra task to complete. There is a Team Rocket Grunt watching at the well with his Grimer. He will not let anyone else enter, evidently.

                    "Cyndaquil, prepare for a fight!" Ethan says in low voice, taking out his team leader's Poké Ball, sneaking up to the Grunt…

                    "Scyther, Fury Cutter!"

                    Ethan suddenly hears someone behind shouting. Subsequently, a Scyther pops out from nowhere and slashes the Grimer with its scythes. The enemy Grimer is defeated.

                    The person rushing to Ethan appears to be a young boy in green shirt and shorts, and he grows long, purple hair. He holds a bug-catching net in his hand.

                    "Rats! There're two of them! I've to inform others!" The Team Rocket Grunt curses before he retreats down to the cave.

                    "Thanks for your timely appearance. I'm Ethan. May I have your name?" Ethan asks the boy.

                    "We can do self-introductions later! Hurry up!" The boy looks worried.

                    Climbing down to the well, the boys witness several Team Rocket Grunts doing a shady business. Two of them press on to the back of a Slowpoke to prevent it from escaping. Then, another takes out a rope and tie it around the Pokémon's body tight, regardless of its crying. Finally, a tall Grunt laughs coldly as he shows a keen knife in his hand, and severs the tail of the Slowpoke alive! The injured Slowpoke growls loudly in agony, but the Grunts turn a blind ear to it.

                    Losing its tail, the pitiable Slowpoke is then left aside with its wound still bleeding. Tears run down on its face, expressing its confusion and frustration why it should be tortured like this.

                    However, the Grunts would not spare a single look at the disabled Pokémon. A short Grunt brings a large bag and opens it, urging the tail-cutting accomplice to fill the fresh tail in. When the bag opens, the boys discover in indignation that, the bag is full of severed Slowpoke tails! Most of the tails have not had their bloodstain dried up, indicating that they were also freshly cut off. Ethan and the bug-catching boy find it unimaginable how many Slowpoke might have been harmed before their arrival.

                    And when the latest tail is put in the bag, the watching Grunt runs up to his fellows and informs them of the intruders. It is until then do the other criminals notice the presence of Ethan and the boy, who are walking towards them with a righteous look. In fact, they have never thought of hiding.

                    Thinking that their foes are two mere kids, the Grunts pejoratively release their Pokémon, including Zubat, Rattata and a few of othors.

                    "Cyndaquil, Ember!" commands Ethan.

                    "Scyther, Fury Cutter!" commands the boy.

                    Cyndaquil and Scyther finish off their enemies without too much hardship.

                    "Bah! You Team Rocket are so weak!" Ethan sticks his tongue out at the Grunts.

                    "Darn it! I have to tell my leader!" One of the Grunts runs into the depths flurried. Before long, he brings another tall man out. The tall man grows teal hair and looks like being in a high rank admin.

                    "Useless rubbish! You can't even get rid of two intruders? Why am I so courageous to feed you?" The Admin bitterly criticizes his underlings. The Grunts droop their heads not daring to look into his eyes.

                    "It… it's not our fault! But… but they are too strong!" One of the Grunts explains aggrieved.

                    "Humph! Now that you couldn't do your job, I'll do it!" says the Admin, "My name is Proton, and I'm one of the Admins of Team Rocket. We've done so much to find ourselves a way of earning, and then you meddlers appeared! Don't you remember that cutting off one's financial resource is equivalent to murdering his family?"

                    "Huh? Your wallets are stuffed with nothing but ill-gotten wealth! You have caused too much trouble for Azalea residents!" Ethan rebukes.

                    "Haven't you any sense of pity? Look at what you've done to the poor Slowpoke!" shouts the boy.

                    "How much trouble there is, and how poor Slowpoke are, have not a bit anything to do with us!" says Proton, "We Team Rocket are pragmatists. We only value things that can be made money from. I warn you to immediately take your noses off our affairs, or I'll have to do my work!"

                    "We won't let you go away with that!" Ethan and the boy would not flinch.

                    "If you insist, then prepare for trouble!"

                    Proton calls out a Koffing and a Zubat. He orders Koffing to use Smog and Zubat to use Air Cutter.

                    Proton's Koffing releases foul smoke from its mouth, blinding Ethan's side's eyes and make them cough. Proton's Zubat creates solidified air flows and flip them at the boys.

                    "Cough… cough… Cyndaquil, Ember!" commands Ethan.

                    Cyndaquil holds his breath to prevent inhales, and fires flame sparks from his mouth. However, the sparks are too weak to hold against Air Cutter, and are all deflected. What is more, Koffing's smokescreen of Smog adds itself to the difficulty for Ethan to take aim.

                    "I'll assist you!" The bug net boy comes up, "Scyther, Slash!"

                    Scyther waves its scythes to split the Smog. It then arrows at Koffing at lightning speed and leaves a scratch across its face. Scyther then does the same thing to Zubat before it can react. The double Slashes turn out to be effective. The enemy Koffing and Zubat fall onto the ground, unable to battle.

                    "Shoot! I lost again! Looks like our mission must be halted!" swears Proton, "But don't you think you're all done! This is only the beginning! And one day, we Team Rocket will demonstrate our ultimate scariness before all of you!"

                    "Did you disband years ago? Why are you still active?" asks Ethan angrily.

                    "Yes. We indeed broke up more than 2 years ago, but we continued our activities underground." says Proton, "And it would be soon that Team Rocket will revive to its glory. Brats like you are too naïve and childish to be worth an obstacle for us. You can't help against Team Rocket's resurrection anyway, bwahahahah!"

                    After the parting shot, Proton assembles all his underlings as quickly as he can and flees Slowpoke Well with their booties. Ethan and the boy tries to stop the thieves, but they do not succeed.

                    Untying the rope around the Slowpoke, Ethan asks the boy again for his name.

                    "I'm Bugsy. I'm the Gym Leader of Azalea Town." The boy introduces himself.

                    "You're the Leader? You must be training Bug-type Pokémon considering your net and clothes!"

                    "You're right. I resort to Ilex Forest west of Azalea Town to get in close touch with bugs. My dream is to create an encyclopedia of all Bug-type Pokémon in the world, and become a man of Bug-type authorities!" says Bugsy.

                    "Then my next Badge would be from you! I'll definitely win it from you!"

                    "Good. If you want my Badge, then meet me at Azalea Gym. I know you'd bring Cyndaquil, but my bugs are super fireproof!" Bugsy says confidently, "And before that, make sure you give enough training to Cyndaquil. It doesn't look very experienced."

                    "I will." says Ethan, "Let's see if it's my flame that's hotter or your bugs that're tougher!"

                    While the boys are leaving, Ethan accidently trips over a rock. The rock bears some resemblance to a crown. Ethan finds it rare, so he picks up the rock and puts away in his bag.

                    [11:23 AM, November 26, Azalea Town]
                    Back to the streets, Ethan and Bugsy have lost sight of Team Rocket. They have all run away. With the alarm over, the citizens gradually return outside. Ethan and Bugsy departs in front of Azalea Gym, with Bugsy resuming his Leader work and Ethan heading back to Kurt's house.

                    "Big bro, are you really challenging Bugsy bro's Gym?" asks Maizie after she learned about the incident at Slowpoke Well.

                    "Yeah. The Hive Badge would be my next one."

                    "Then let me give you some advice!" Maizie says enthusiastically, "Bug-type Pokémon are weak to Fire, Flying and Rock-types! I learned it days from my books!"

                    "Thank you, Maizie. I've already learned it." says Ethan, "I plan to have a 3-day training around Azalea Town. Could you offer me some temporary accommodation?"

                    "No problem!" Maizie agrees instantly, "Because I know big bro is the hero who beat Team Rocket!"

                    "And you, Mr. Kurt?" Ethan requests a further confirm.

                    "As Maizie said." says Kurt.

                    "Well, I'll be obliged to you both!"

                    This evening, Kurt and Maizie prepare a spare bed for Ethan.
                    --End of Epsiode 6--
                    Save File:
                    Player: Ethan
                    Time: Day 6
                    Pokédex: Seen 17, Owned 2
                    Badges: 1

                    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                      Episode 7: Garden on the Spider Web (クモの巣の上の室内花園)
                      [9:09 AM, November 29, Azalea Gym]
                      Gaining permission from Kurt and his granddaughter, Ethan was able to put up a three-day practice while he was accommodated at the small house.

                      Since the current training, the volume of Ethan's labor is doubled, as he has had two fellow Pokémon now. Cunning as a wild Mareep was, he has grown docile and well-behaved under Ethan's ownership.

                      During the training period, Ethan also checked the conditions of the Slowpoke. The wounds of their severed tails were healing, and they themselves looked like regaining health peacefully.

                      And three days later, Ethan is in front of Azalea Gym. He would earn an extra Badge if and only if he is able to beat the Gym Leader.

                      Azalea Gym is a giant indoor garden, with a total height above ten floors. Plants and flora grow everywhere in the Gym, bathing in sunlight coming from the transparent semi-sphered glass roof. The Gym is equipped with temperature and moisture controllers, and all the plant species are evergreen all year round. A number of Bug-type Pokémon are resting in the trees and grasses. Some Spinarak hang from a thin string remaining still. A few Ladyba and Ledian lie on the leaves sleeping in. Metapod and Kakuna attach themselves to the trunks, awaiting the time of their evolution.

                      Much like many other Gyms, challengers are required to solve a puzzle to receive admission to the Gym Leader. The puzzle inside this Gym is named "Spinarak Cart", set in a broad center area. The area is 80 feet long and 60 feet wide, dug deeply into the ground to form a dark pit, protected by a layer of spider web. A cart in the form of a Spinarak is on Ethan's side, capable of moving along the tracks in a spider web structure. The goal of challengers is to reach the other side of the puzzle.

                      Simple as the rules are, the solution does not look like that. There are so many branches on the spider web tracks, and the cart will randomly change directions whenever it encounters a branch. There is only a small portion on the other side that leads to Bugsy's position, while the others will make the challengers battle Trainers. The challengers may avoid the Trainers by flipping levers scattered in the puzzle, with their colors indicating their connections to the according switchable tracks. It should be noted that flipping a single lever will switch all branches with the same color.

                      Ugh, sounds hard, eh? Well, if one is not willing to ride the cart, he can simply cross the puzzle on foot on the protection spider web. Nevertheless, the spider web is very sticky, severely hindering the speed of walking on it as if walking in water. Ethan believes that the only effective way to cross the puzzle is riding the cart.

                      Unlike many previous hasty challengers, Ethan stays at the starting point, observing the puzzle maze carefully, while filtering the incorrect moves in his brains. In the initial state, the finishing point is evidently unreachable, forcing Ethan to flip some levers to make his way.

                      All right. Our challenger has started advancing. He sits on the seat, buckles the safety belt, and the cart begins swiftly moving forward, shooting past tracks and branches. Albeit being safely protected, Ethan would shake with fright when he stares below at the deep pit. He feels that he is nearly flung out of the cart at some sharp turns. Even if the best solution relies partly on luck…

                      And after backtracking from 14 times of dead ends, startling at 3 sharp turns, flipping 22 times of levers, and beating 4 Trainers, Ethan eventually finds himself at the finishing spot, prompting him to take a brief breath. Now, the second Badge is drawing near!

                      Entering the final room, Ethan spots Bugsy, who is standing under a tree holding his bug-catching net. Between Ethan and Bugsy is a wide battle arena, decorated with grass patches and bushes on both sides.

                      "There you are, Ethan. How's my puzzle prepared for you?"

                      "Not bad, Bugsy." says Ethan, "If I guess correctly, you believe that brainless and lazy guys should stay at home, right?"

                      "Woah, that's exactly what I think!" exclaims Bugsy, "Definitely. I'm devoting my whole life to researches on Bug-type Pokémon. It's both mentally and physically consuming. I'm not going to be in the authorities if I slack off!"

                      "And should we begin our match? Are you ready, Bugsy?"

                      "I'm ready all times." Bugsy grabs a Poké Ball from his pocket, "Here we go! You'll be tasting my achievements on my research! First part, Spinarak!"

                      "Time for testing your skills! Fight, Mareep!"

                      Bugsy is not shocked at all seeing Ethan releasing something other than Cyndaquil. After all, it gives the impression as a rookie if Ethan calls Cyndaquil at the very beginning.

                      "Mareep, Cotton Spore!"

                      Mareep releases some lumps of wool from his fleece, which fly at Spinarak at medium speed.

                      "Spinarak, String Shot!"

                      Spinarak turns around and shoots a string from its bottom at the sheep Pokémon.

                      Facing little restrictions, Cotton Spore and String Shot land the hits simultaneously. Entangled in the strings, Mareep finds it harder to move. And Spinarak also finds it more difficult to make a movement due to the weight added on its back.

                      "Mareep. Burn the strings with Thunder Shock!"

                      Mareep rubs his fleece, generating electricity which snaps the strings with instant high temperature. Unfortunately for the foe, Spinarak knows none of similar moves that can free its body.

                      "Spinarak, Shadow Sneak!"

                      Spinarak returns to the front, producing a shadow from beneath its stomach. The shadow grows large before it turns into the shape of a hand and slaps Mareep in the face.

                      "Ah. It's an increased priority move! It can play quick regardless of its user's Speed." thinks Ethan, "Let me think about some strategies other than Speed lowering…"

                      And Ethan orders Mareep to use Thunder Wave in seconds.

                      "Spinarak, Shadow Sneak!" commands Bugsy.

                      Spinarak strikes Mareep with its shadow, but not long before Thunder Wave takes effect, paralyzing it and making it almost impossible to move stacking with Cotton Spore.

                      "Mareep, Take Down!"

                      "Spinarak, Shadow Sneak!"

                      While Mareep prepares to charge, Spinarak attempts to strike once more. But the stacked effects of status conditions prevent it from doing so. Chance has come!

                      And Mareep fully charges himself before he growls loudly and dashes at Spinarak. Spinarak was bumped into the tree trunk behind Bugsy, fainting on the roots. The Cotton Spores on its back then fall off like snowflakes.

                      "Spinarak! … OK, come back." Bugsy has to recall the spider Pokémon, "You are amazing, Ethan, trapping Spinarak with double status conditions!"

                      "Because I'm also a brain burner like you, Bugsy." says Ethan, "Your Spinarak's greatest weakness is its stiff speed, so you were forced to use low-power increased priority moves to strike first. As soon as you couldn't move in a turn, I would counter you with a fatal blow."

                      "So that's it. Congrats on you for tasting the first part of my achievements." Bugsy releases a second Pokémon, "And the last part is here! Go, Scyther!"

                      Prior to opposing Ethan, Scyther assisted his Cyndaquil in fighting Team Rocket in Slowpoke Well, and one of its moves is Fury Cutter. Ethan thinks for a while and decides that he continues with Mareep.

                      "Mareep, Cotton Spore!"

                      Mareep shoots adhesive wool lumps at the green mantis Pokémon.

                      "Scyther, Fury Cutter!"

                      The wind has turned. The opposing Scyther waves its scythes, slashing all the Cotton Spores into pieces. The pulverized cotton spores sink in the air onto the ground.

                      Ethan knows that Scyther is terribly quicker than Mareep when it comes to Speed, so he adhere to the Speed-lowering strategy as before. Unluckily, the materialized attack such as Cotton Spore is vulnerable to Scyther's defensive moves…

                      But a non-materialized attack won't be! Ethan commands Mareep to use Thunder Wave!

                      "Scyther, Slash!"

                      What? Scyther approaches Mareep with lighting speed, even before Thunder Wave can be launched! Hacked by Scyther's keen blades, Mareep falls in defeat regrettably.

                      "You've done your job brilliantly, Mareep." Ethan withdraws Mareep with a little disappointment, "And it's time to play the trump card! Fight, Cyndaquil!"

                      "I'm waiting for this moment!" Bugsy becomes excited, "Let me demonstrate you my Sycther's fire-resistance!"

                      "I can't wait to witness! Cyndaquil, use Quick Attack!"

                      Flames ignite on Cyndaquil's back and the rodent darts at Scyther.

                      "Scyther, Agility!"

                      Scyther is not too impatient to counter Cyndaquil's attack. It flaps its wings at high frequency and starts to move fast in midair. Cyndaquil's move misses as it is not easy to hit a fast-moving object.

                      "Cyndaquil, Smokescreen!"

                      Having no way to decrease Scyther's Speed enhanced by Agility, Ethan reverts to the old tactics, blinding the opponent's sight and seek the opportunity to raid.

                      "Scyther, Agility!"

                      Though it is unable to see clearly covered in Cyndaquil's smokescreen, Scyther is able to go on boosting its Speed since Agility only affects its user. It is a good move for Scyther, as it greatly improves its abilities without wasting time locating the foe in the smoke.

                      And after Cyndaquil's smokescreen fades out, Scyther's Speed has reached far beyond the ability a human eye can capture. As if Alakazam's Teleport, Scyther would suddenly vanish at a spot and reappear in the other when it makes a move. It seems that Cyndaquil has run into thorny trouble. Can he even land one more single hit on Scyther?

                      "Cyndaquil, Ember the whole arena! Be careful of the plants!"

                      Another good move. Although Scyther is too fast for Cyndaquil to directly aim at, it must be at a certain position at a certain instant as long as it remains in-battle. Therefore, expanding the cover range of Ember can ensure a hit provided that Scyther would not go outside the lines.

                      But that is not enough yet. In order to expand the range, Cyndaquil has to sacrifice the power on Ember as a focused attack. With a high-leveled build, Scyther is able to resist little bits of fire sparks despite them belonging to its weaknesses.

                      "Scyther, Slash!"

                      In the next moment, Scyther makes a surprise assault on Cyndaquil, hitting his stomach with its knife-like scythes. The sheer force not only leaves pain on Cyndaquil's skin, but pushes him backwards with two rolls. Part of the deflected sparks nearly burn Ethan's jacket.

                      "Oh, no. Scyther's too fast for us to see. One or more Slashes and we are done for. We have to make some alternatives." thinks Ethan, "I remember Cyndaquil has learnt something called 'Rollout' recently. It's weak in the first round but gains power in turns. I'll try it out!"

                      And Ethan immediately has Cyndaquil use Rollout, who curls his body into a ball and rolls at Scyther with flames burning around himself.

                      "Scyther, Fury Cutter!" orders Bugsy.

                      Scyther gets close to Cyndaquil and tries to slash at his belly, but Cyndaquil is double protected with his back and his flames, which Scyther is hardly possible to break through.

                      However, Rollout would not stop by itself in a few turns, disabling Ethan from order any other moves before Cyndaquil can halt. Cyndaquil would waste his energy if he fails to hit.

                      "Scyther, Fury Cutter!"

                      Scyther goes on Fury Cuttering Cyndaquil with alternate scythes. Being as well a successive power-increasing move, Fury Cutter shines with its advantage over Rollout of immunity to interruptions as the power of the latter would instantly reset upon its expiry. If Scyther is able to maximize the power of Fury Cutter, then Cyndaquil would undoubtedly fail the match when he stops.

                      "Cyndaquil, keep at Scyther! Follow the direction where you feel pain! And turn up the flame power!"

                      A clever Cyndaquil utilizes pain in his skin as a compromise of his temporarily lost sight. He would immediately turn at the position where he feels Scyther cutting him, maintaining his threat at the opponent. As Rollout progresses, the flames on Cyndaquil burns more and more bright and hot, enveloping his entire body into a huge fire ball.

                      Again, it is Bugsy and Scyther's turn to have a headache. The power of Cyndaquil's flames is going beyond Scyther's resistance, making it an unfavorable decision to stick to Fury Cutter any longer. On the other hand, if Scyther switches to another move, the power of Fury Cutter would reset…

                      After weighing the pros and cons, Bugsy lets Scyther abort Fury Cutter anyway. Instead, he has Scyther fly higher to take a short break, since Cyndaquil's Rollout is limited to the ground.

                      Just then, Ethan and Cyndaquil gives Bugsy and Scyther another shocker.

                      "Cyndaquil, put out your flames and fly up using the root's slope!"

                      Cyndaquil extinguishes his flames, bypasses Bugsy and arrives at the roots of the tall tree, part of which are exposed on the ground. He rolls up the trunk using his velocity and inertia via the roots. After he reaches a certain height, he kicks against the trunk and send himself flying into midair along a parabola.

                      Perfect! The routes of Cyndaquil and Scyther intersects, and Cyndaquil falls onto Scyther's back just at the intersection point!

                      "S-Scyther!" Bugsy is sensing his forfeiture of a Badge.

                      "Cyndaquil, hold onto Scyther and Ember!" shouts Ethan.

                      Almost the same as he deals with Pidgeotto, Cyndaquil grasps Scyther's outer skeleton tight and spits barrages of fire sparks at its head. The fireproof quality of Scyther is proven ineffective against close range attacks, as Scyther succumbs, drops its body onto the arena, and loses the battle.

                      "We won again! Good job, Cyndaquil!" Ethan claps for his team leader at his victory.

                      Learning that he defeats a second Gym Leader, Cyndaquil hops about with exhilaration.

                      Suddenly, Cyndaquil is devoured by a blinding light. Ethan's Pokédex reminds him that Cyndaquil has fully filled his Exp. Point bar and is evolving!

                      After less than a minute, Cyndaquil significantly grows as the light goes out. His squinty eyes open, nose shrinks, limbs extend, and toes split on all four. His name is also updated to Quilava.

                      "Unbelievable, Ethan! You're the first one to shatter the combination of Scyther's Agility and Fury Cutter! I used this strategy to beat countless challengers before…" Bugsy approaches Ethan with admiration.

                      "Situation handling is a basic skill for Pokémon Trainers." says Ethan.

                      "Alright. You won as it means. My research is far from completion." Bugsy rewards Ethan with a ladybird-shaped Badge, "Here's the Hive Badge. It's yours."

                      "Thanks, Bugsy." Ethan embeds the Badge in his case, "I've earned two in a week's time. My intuition tells me that the third Badge is waving at me…"

                      "And you can have this, too. It's a move called U-Turn." Bugsy gives Ethan a TM89, "This is a new move that'll be my next topic of research. It lets your Pokémon attack, then switch with the next Pokémon in your party, disrupting their strategies badly. I'm teaching Scyther this move. If you came to me days later, you'll have a more bitter taste from me!"

                      "So you mean we'd have a rematch someday?" Ethan jokes around.

                      "Maybe." says Bugsy, "I'll squeeze more time to dig deeper into Bug-type Pokémon and uncover the hidden secrets on them. If you're not going to be a researcher, you might not want to understand all the Pokémon in this world. But as a Trainer, I hope you can at least fully understand the Pokémon you've seen and caught."

                      "That's for sure. And Bugsy, could you tell me where I can find the next Gym?"

                      "The closest Gym is at Goldenrod City. Leave Azalea Town at the west, go through Ilex forest, and it's only miles away. You'd be at advantage if you have a Fighting-type against that Gym's Normal-type specialty."

                      "Many thanks. My next Gym is going to be there!"
                      --End of Epsiode 7--
                      Save File:
                      Player: Ethan
                      Time: Day 9
                      Pokédex: Seen 20, Owned 3
                      Badges: 2

                      You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                      Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                        Episode 8: Adventure in the Forest 2 (カモネギ探し!ウバメの森で探検!)
                        [10:17 AM, November 29, Ilex Forest]
                        With the second Badge in his hand, Ethan locks his third Gym at Goldenrod City, under Bugsy's suggestion.

                        Restoring his party, Ethan departs via the gate west of Azalea Town.

                        Rather than a normal route, the other side of the gate directly leads to the inside of a forest, Ilex Forest. Ilex Forest shares the trait with Viridian Forest that the trees are so dense that sunlight is difficult to penetrate through. Moreover, the path inside Ilex Forest is narrow, forcing adventurers to squeeze through when the gap is small.

                        "Man… It's horrible…"

                        Ethan hears someone the first step he makes into the woods. The person seems to be afraid of something. Tracing the voice, Ethan finds a man ducking under a tree covering his head, his body trembling.

                        "What's up, sir? Have you run into any trouble?"

                        "I… I came to Ilex Forest with the Farfetch'd to cut woods for my boss. We're gonna make Charcoal out of them. But I… I accidentally let the Pokémon take off! My boss's gonna be mad with me!"

                        "The Farfetch'd ran? In this forest?"

                        "Y… yeah. The forest's so big. I dunno where… where I can find 'em…"

                        "When did you let loose of the Pokémon?"

                        "Just a while ago. I slacked off for seconds and the Farfetch'd got gone…"

                        "Then they must be near! I'll look for them for you!"

                        "Ya Trainer, aren't ya?"

                        "Yes, I am."

                        "Er… thank ya. The Farfetch'd must… must've run towards there!" The man points to somewhere.

                        "There, right?" Confirming the direction, Ethan dives into the trees quietly.

                        To avoid startling the Farfetch'd, Ethan makes his every step with utmost carefulness. Catching the Farfetch'd is far harder than catching wild Pokémon. Firstly, they are under someone else's ownership, so Poké Balls will not work. Secondly, the mass area of Ilex Forest further adds to the difficulty of finding a needle in a haystack. Thirdly, stepping on the ground covered with tall grass has a high tendency to alert any living beings. And last, grass tall as knees means high resistance.

                        "Crack!" Ethan steps on something hard, snapping it. He uncovers the object to find that it is a branch. The branch is deeply buried in the grass so that it is hardly noticed.

                        Huh? Wings flapping noise can be faintly heard in front. Is it the Farfetch'd?

                        The prey is not far! Ethan raises his alarm and selects his steps carefully. He choose to walk across shallower grass instead of deep ones, and stands on his tiptoes. There is no letting the target getting away!

                        Circumventing a circular bush, Ethan takes sight of a Farfetch'd at the dead end of a bunch of trees. The Farfetch'd turns its back at Ethan so that it does not sense his approaching.

                        Aha! Just sneak up to it and grab it by the neck, and it's done!

                        But are things going so easily?

                        Holding his anxiety, Ethan observes his surroundings with prudence. The way to the Farfetch'd is blocked by several dead branches. The branches are so fragile that even a light force on it will cause it to snap. The moment the Farfetch'd hears the snap, it will surely escape. Choosing to skip above the branches is also a bad idea, as they covers a too large area not guaranteeing Ethan to not land on them. Even if he successfully lands, the landing noise itself is a betrayer. Don't even bother detouring through the tall grass to the Farfetch'd if you mind making any rustling sounds…

                        Pondering for minutes, an Ethan in dilemma eventually gives up and attempts to find an alternative route, in the hope that the Farfetch'd would stay still and no rash wild Pokémon would frighten it away.

                        However, Ethan fails to discover any safe routes. All the paths leading to the Farfetch'd are obstructed by one, two or more branches. What is more, all the darn branches lie in the narrowest portions of the paths… except for one of the paths.

                        Yes, except for one of the paths. Our protagonist's eyesight is too good to see an illusion.

                        But neither do this path gives Ethan a better choice. He was even shocked when he first saw it!

                        Why? Because this path is not safe, either. This path directly leads to the front of the Farfetch'd! When Ethan went on this route initially, the Farfetch'd was too concentrated on searching for something to eat on the ground to spot Ethan. A quick-responding Ethan hides himself behind a tree trunk to avoid their eyes meeting, scared in cold sweat.

                        Curse you Farfetch'd! How could you stand in such a tricky position to puzzle me!

                        Just then, Ethan comes up with an idea. He sets up some obstacles somewhere with stones and branches, and returns to the back of Farfetch'd, creeping towards it with silence.

                        What? Haven't you said this path is blocked by branches? Is on earth Ethan walking the Farfetch'd or catching it?

                        Be patient, you readers! Just read on!

                        One more step before the branch, and Ethan suddenly starts dashing! Putting entirely the snapping of the branches aside, Ethan extends his arms to reach for the duck Pokémon.

                        As expected, the Farfetch'd runs blindly for its life the moment it senses the sound behind. How silly the Pokémon is that it merely follows the path without trying to hide in the woods or breaking through the obstacles Ethan has set! Eventually, Ethan traps the Farfetch'd at the end of a lane.

                        Everything goes as planned! Now I'll catch this rat in the hole!

                        Wait a moment. A cornered person will desperately fight back. Knowing it cannot run away, the Farfetch'd wields the leek and attacks at Ethan, trying to break open a way for itself.

                        Never mind. This is also within the expectation. Ethan calls Quilava as soon as he can.

                        "Quilava, Quick Attack! Be careful of not hurting it!"

                        A clever Quilava charges at the Farfetch'd without setting his back on fire, bumping its webbed feet and causing it to trip over. Ethan then seize the avian by the neck to prevent pecking from it.

                        [10:42 AM, November 29, Ilex Forest]
                        "Ah, ya really got the Farfetch'd back?" The man is too surprised to believe his eyes.

                        "Whew, it was tiring. I finally trapped it only for it to attack me so I had to do something to tranquilize it." says Ethan.

                        "It's alright, as long as it's back. But I, I… I have another minor request…"

                        "What is it?"

                        "Didn't I told ya clearly? We've 'ad two Farfetch'd at large. Ya found only one of 'em."

                        "What da… Man, here I go again!"

                        Returning the first Farfetch'd to its owner, Ethan disappears into the trees one more time.

                        Capturing the second duck is even more tedious. The second Farfetch'd is much more sensitive to sounds, and it is so timid that even a droplet of dew could drive it. A less than 15-feet distance is short enough to frighten it away no matter how quiet the stranger is. It is also stupid, though, that it only runs through paths, not considering the trees and grasses aside it a bit.

                        After some failed attempts, Ethan has to resort to Pokémon moves. He sends out Mareep this time.

                        "Mareep, use Cotton Spore on that Farfetch'd!" Ethan commands with a low voice.

                        Mareep is about to baa when he realizes that he should not. He then releases masses of wool which sticks onto the Farfetch'd's feathers. The Farfetch'd can no longer run fast with the impeding of the Cotton Spore. As such, Ethan catches it with ease and goes back to the man. Before returning, the men cooperate to remove the Cotton Spore on it.

                        At this moment, a middle-aged man enters the forest. His hands are dyed black with coal ashes, apparently to work in the Charcoal shop.

                        "Ahh, far and fetched!" The man is excited to retrieve his lost Pokémon, "Without them, we couldn't cut woods for Charcoal. Hey, this little guy in yellow cap. You found them for us, didn't you?"

                        "Yes, it's me." says Ethan, "You must be the owner of the Charcoal Kiln of Azalea Town."

                        "You're right, little guy. You saved our lives!" says the owner, "I recently hired this guy and an accident happened. Please forgive for his inexperience!"

                        The man on probation grins bashfully.

                        "I'm sorry, sir. I used Pokémon moves on the Farfetch'd when I catched them." Ethan apologized frankly, "But I didn't hurt them! Not a bit!"

                        "Getting them fetched is enough. My kiln is not far from the Pokémon Center anyway." says a grateful owner, "As my gratitude, little guy, you can have these!"

                        The owner of the kiln places an HM01 and a piece of Charcoal in Ethan's hands.

                        "HM01 is Cut. It's used to cut down trees and grasses in your way. Our Farfetch'd also use Cut to improve the production efficiency. And this Charcoal is our specialty. When held by a Pokémon, it boosts up its Fire-type moves a little."

                        "Grand. It'll be the best present for my Quilava."

                        "Quilava? I heard that a challenger with a Quilava defeated Bugsy the Gym Leader not long ago. I bet the challenger is you!"

                        "Ehehe… yes, it's me."

                        "Is it? Then you definitely deserve these gifts!" says the owner, "Now I've to return to work with my young fellow. Cultivation needs patience!"

                        What about the man on internship? He expected to get the sack from his boss out of his mistake, but the sensibility of his boss moves him. He vows to work more intelligently and promise that he would not screw things up like this anymore.

                        And Ethan continues his journey through the forest with the gifts accepted from the kiln owner.

                        There is a vacant piece of land in the center of Ilex Forest. A tiny hokora is built on the land. The hokora is made up of wood and stone, with its roof painted red and walls painted white. The miniature doors in the front are not painted thus maintaining their wooden color. A thin thread is tied above the doors, hanging a few decorations. What is enshrined in this hokora?

                        Ethan reminds himself of reading some books on this hokora at Professor Elm's. This hokora is named Ilex Shrine, and it is linked to a mystical Pokémon, Celebi. Celebi is depicted to be a green elf with transparent membrane wings, considered to be the god of Ilex Forest. The hokora was erected by ancient Azalean residents. Until the recent days, many people believe that the hokora is a symbol of good luck and evil dispersion, hence they worship the god here every year. In some myths, Celebi is capable of traveling through space and time. It exists in the present, and also the past and the future. Lives and prosperity will spawn wherever Celebi flies past. According the records of the history, only a few number of people is able to witness Celebi.

                        "Heehee… heehee…"

                        While looking at the hokora, Ethan hears some childish laughter from behind. But when he turns around, he sees nobody there. He leans in to listen more carefully, only to be struck by silence.

                        Oh, forget it. I've to find my way!

                        [2:55 PM, November 29, Ilex Forest]
                        Due to the size of the forest, Ethan spends a whole noon looking for the exit. An exhausted Ethan leans against a tree and starts chomping on a berry he picked from a tree.

                        Finishing the fruit, Ethan lies down at the tree for a while before he resumes.

                        Minutes later, Ethan hears a tree shaking with its leaves rustling.

                        Might it be a giant Pokémon? Probably not. This forest doesn't seem to be inhabited by any.

                        And when Ethan locates the source of the noise, it is a man commanding his Slowpoke headbutting a tree. Wood crumbs adhere to Slowpoke's forehead.

                        "What are you doing, man? You'll injure Slowpoke's head!"

                        "Don't mind trivial matters. My Slowpoke is exercising Headbutt. I'm catching the Pokémon in this tree, so I think I can bump them out with Slowpoke's Headbutt."

                        "So that's it, but why do you want Pokémon from the trees?"

                        "You can't encounter some species of Pokémon by walking in the grass, say, Heracross and Pineco, because they only live in trees. I can't climb, so I have to force them out."

                        "But what if you damage the trees?"

                        "I'll control the force to avoid it." argues the man, "And I only select the robust but easily shaken trees."

                        "…" Ethan cannot accept the man despite finding him plausible.

                        "And if you don't mind, would you like me to teach Headbutt to you?" offers the man, "Headbutt is not only used in shaking trees, but make your foes flinch in battle! Don't you think it's interesting when you constantly ram into your foes with them only to back off?"

                        "Thank you, sir, but I don't need it now." Ethan refuses the offer politely.

                        "Then leave us alone. I've to attract wild Pokémon."

                        Leaving the man and the Slowpoke behind, Ethan walks into a small path with bushes on both sides. On the opposite end, lights are piercing into the forest. The exit is there!

                        "Excuse me, sir. I am lost here. Could you tell me the way out?" A female voice comes from the back.

                        Turning around, Ethan sees a maiko in kimono. She speaks in an Ecruteak accent.

                        "Oh, I'm looking for the way out, too. I think it's only a feet left, along this path."

                        "Could, could I come with you?"

                        "No problem."

                        Ethan takes the maiko until they reach the end of the path. There is a sign at the other end, indicating that it is 1,600 feet before the exit. The sign also has a friendly reminder that explorers bring compasses.

                        "Thank you for showing me the way. In fact, it is my first time here. Please have this Technique Machine from me as my appreciation." The maiko takes out something from her kimono and gives it to Ethan.

                        "Thank you."

                        And after the maiko leaves, Ethan finds that the item from her is a TM12, Taunt. Its description is that the user taunts the target into a rage that it cannot use non-attacking moves for 3 turns.

                        As Ethan progresses, the lights from the exit is growing brighter and brighter…
                        --End of Epsiode 8--
                        Save File:
                        Player: Ethan
                        Time: Day 9
                        Pokédex: Seen 21, Owned 3
                        Badges: 2

                        You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                        Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                          Episode 9: The Rivalry Continues 2 (ヒビキの初遭遇戦!新しい命誕生の前兆!)
                          [3:11 PM, November 29, Route 34]
                          Out of Ilex Forest, and there is only one-route distance to Goldenrod City, where the third Gym lies.

                          East of the route are areas of woods, and faced on the west is the sea. Somewhere in front of the zigzag path is a Daycare, near the facility the route turns left, circumvents it, and directly leads to the metropolitan area. A bunch of Trainers are visibly walking from the view of Ethan.

                          A few steps further, and sound of paces fades in from behind. Someone is dashing at him.

                          Ethan looks back to find in astonishment, that the guy is the red-haired passerby boy named Silver. Simultaneously, Silver takes notice of Ethan, and both of them stop in surprise.

                          "Humph. Fancy re-meeting you here. You must be Ethan, right?"

                          "How did you get my name, you Pokémon thief?"

                          "Rumor flowed into my ears when I was in Azalea Town yesterday. The citizens talked about a guy with amber eyes and a backwards cap, carrying with himself a Cyndaquil. That must be you." says Silver, "And you call me a Pokémon thief? Heh, I just visited the lab and made a request for it when nobody happened to be inside!"

                          "Stop quibbling around! And haven't you forgotten you're wanted by the cops?"

                          "I haven't, have I? I've plenty of time hanging around with them." Silver shrugs, "And I also heard some hearsay that Team Rocket are resurrecting. I bet they'll be a better target than I for the cops!"

                          "How did you know that?"

                          "When I was on my way to Azalea inside Union Cave. I wanted to join for fun but I was too late when I arrived at the town. What a disappointment."

                          "Thanks to the Gym Leader and me, they were emitted. I can't forgive them a bit for harvesting Slowpoke's tails!"

                          "Huh? You dismissed them? If it was the Gym Leader, that sounds plausible. It laughs my head off if some wimpy guys like you could even beat them! If you're serious, I'll have to check it out!"

                          "Checked my Pokémon out by a Pokémon thief? That's ridiculous!"

                          "Hey, hey, stop screwing your brains around with that phrase! I'm a Trainer, so I also train Pokémon! If you wanna prove me wrong, bring it on with a fight!" provokes Silver.

                          "Who fears who? Mareep, fight!" shouts an enraged Ethan.

                          "Jumping the gun, eh? Go, Gastly!"

                          And here's the beginning of Ethan's first encounter battle.

                          "Mareep, Thunder Wave!" commands Ethan.

                          Mareep releases yellow electromagnetic waves from his wool at Gastly.

                          "Gastly, Hypnosis!" commands Silver.

                          Gastly releases hypnotic psychic waves from his eyes at Mareep.

                          Both being non-material attacks, the moves go through each other when they meet in midair, affecting their targets as they are intended. Gastly has his movements slowed down, while Mareep falls into his dreams.

                          "Humph. You'll be at my mercy asleep! Gastly, Night Shade!"

                          In spite of the bright environment, Gastly produces a giant shadow in front of himself and hurls ito onto Mareep. Disabled by the sleep, the sheep Pokémon fails to counter the move.

                          "Come back, Mareep!" Ethan switches his party, "Fight, Quilava! Beat this thief up for me!"

                          "Tch, talking big." scoffs Silver, "Gastly, Hypnosis!"

                          "Quilava, use Rollout!"

                          As Gastly attempts to hypnotize Quilava, Quilava's back flames burst out as he curls into a sphere, rolling at the poison gas Pokémon at rapid velocity. Composed of gas, the light Gastly is bashed away by the momentum, with his Hypnosis deflected.

                          "Gastly, Night Shade!"

                          As Silver commands, it looks like he is completely ignorant of Gastly's injury.

                          Gastly floats to his original position and tries to make a shade, but he is bumped into by Quilava's Rollout again. He sinks onto the ground, sticks his tongue out, and faints.

                          When Gastly is kicked out of the battle, Silver simply recalls him, casting at his Pokémon with a contempt look, as if blaming him for failing to reach his expectation.

                          "That's how you 'check me out'? Which on earth is a wimp between us?" satirizes Ethan.

                          "It's all because my Pokémon is weak. It has nothing to do with YOUR strength." says Silver lightly, "Let me see how big your guts are! Go, Croconaw!"

                          A crocodilian Pokémon jumps onto the battlefield. Being an evolved form of Totodile, Croconaw grows with a darker skin color, new spikes on his head, and longer, sharper fangs. Yellow patterns on his belly somehow resemble animal skin clothing by prehistoric people. He opens his jaws and closes them with a chomp, showing off their powerfulness. Ethan and Quilava can sense a murderous expression from Croconaw's eyes.

                          "Quilava, Rollout!"

                          Quilava curls into a ball and rolls towards Croconaw.

                          "Croconaw, Water Gun!"

                          Croconaw spits a high-pressured aqua flow from his mouth, which hits Quilava. The super-effective move not only abruptly stops Quilava's motion, but extinguishes his back flames as well, making them difficult to re-ignite. In fact, Quilava receives a buff when his back flames are on, thus losing it poses even a less strong threat against Croconaw.

                          "Then Quilava, use Quick Attack!"

                          Quilava shoots himself at Croconaw and rubs himself against the foe's skin. However, the lack of back flames plus the good defensive ability of the crocodilian makes the move not very effective. All the effect Quilava leaves on Croconaw is having him scratch his itches.

                          "Croconaw, Bite!"

                          Croconaw opens his mouth, and bites down on Quilava's waist before he can get back. Quilava squeaks in pain and tries to free himself. But the more he struggles, the tighten Croconaw holds and the more painful it becomes. If it were not because of him getting wet from his foe's Water Gun, Quilava may as well set himself on fire to escape from Croconaw's jaws. In the worst case, the battle ends when Quilava loses his ability to fight while still between Croconaw's jaws.

                          And Ethan's in a desperate situation. He almost has no Pokémon that can fight back. Quilava is trapped by Croconaw; Mareep is drowning himself in sleep; and the third Pokémon is yet to break from its Egg. He has to admit that he is at a huge disadvantage, but he is to unwilling to admit defeat at this point…

                          Thinking for a while, Ethan changes for Mareep once again. It sounds reasonable, because Mareep can intimidate his enemy with Static if they make contact, and overall, his type advantage. As long as Mareep can return to sober, Ethan can turn the wind.

                          "Nothing different to me." says Silver, "Croconaw, Water Gun!"

                          Croconaw soaks Mareep with Water Gun, still has his opponent at sleep.

                          "Is it heart-piercing to be blocked from attacking?" smirks Silver, "Croconaw, Water Gun!"

                          Hit with a second Water Gun, Mareep remains in his current state, making Ethan frown.

                          "Croconaw, Water Gun!"

                          After a repeated work from Croconaw, Mareep bursts a snoring bubble from his nostril. Ethan holds his fist in anxiety.

                          "Croconaw, Water Gun!"

                          And Mareep is delivered a final blow from Croconaw, losing while he is exploring his dream world.

                          "……" Not resigned as he is, Ethan can do nothing but calls his sheep.

                          "Tsk, tsk! Looks like you only admit the reality when you're directly slapped in the face!" Silver jeers at Ethan as he puts away Croconaw.

                          "……Grrr! I'll repay my debts on you one day!" Ethan gnashes his teeth, "And I have to say, I can't turn a deaf ear to your interest in Team Rocket! Are you affiliated with them?"

                          "Not a bit! I loathe them!" Silver suddenly explodes into fury, "It looks that they are so powerful that they can defy laws when they aggregate, but when they're separated, they're just as feeble as Magikarp! They didn't even match up to some kids as young as me! It's my life misfortune to acquaint those swaggering bastards! I hate 'em all! Those Team Rockets good-for nothing! And you, you wimp yellow hat, step outta my way!"

                          Discharging his anger on Ethan, Silver rudely pushes him aside and runs as fast as he can.

                          "The red hair says he loathes Team Rocket. Is it because he bears some grudge against them?" thinks Ethan, "If it's so, then he can't be making profits out of the stolen Pokémon. So why did he do it? Is he concealing some secrets? Oh, forget it, a thief is a thief and is to be put into custody…Eh? Darn, he is not older than 14, so he is exempt from criminal liabilities. What a shame."

                          Then, Ethan opens his bag and takes the only remaining bottle of Potion. He divides the total volume into halves and sprays them on both his Pokémon, temporarily alleviating their wounds. He then puts everything away and hurries up to Goldenrod City.

                          [3:52 PM, November 29, Route 34]
                          As Ethan runs past the Daycare, he finds multiple baby Pokémon playing inside the backyard in the sun. A Cleffa and an Igglybuff are fighting for a Poké Doll; An Azurill is bouncing around on its large spherical tail; A Pichu and a Wynaut are in the middle of a head-standing race; and a Tyrogue is exercising his punching and kicking against a mini sandbag. At the front gate sits an old man in an apron.

                          Just then, Ethan feels shaking from his bag. It's his Egg! The Pokémon inside is hatching! Ethan slows down, takes out the Egg and holds it gently in his arms, feeling the subtle rustles from it.

                          "Hey, you over there! You've a Pokémon Egg?" The old man calls at Ethan.

                          "Grandpa? You have something with me?"

                          "Could you show me your Egg for a while, young man?"

                          "Sure…" Ethan passes the Egg to the old man, "I wonder what Pokémon would come out."

                          "Me, too." The old man takes several glances at every inch of the surface, "And my intuition tells me that the Egg would break soon."

                          "I can feel its shaking as well. I can't wait to see a new life descending to this world!"

                          "Do you understand what the shaking stands for?" says the old man, "It's the sign the inside Pokémon is eager to come into the broad universe. They communicate with the outside even when they are in the Eggs! You must take good care of this Egg and never get it loose! When a Pokémon hatches, it takes as its parent the first moving object it sees!"

                          "So I'll be the father of this Pokémon? Ha, what a happy feeling to have a child…"

                          "The birth of new lives always immerse us in reverie. Every day, millions of souls gain their incarnations as their permissions to this world, and other millions of them depart with satisfaction, grief or reluctance. Life is long, but is also short…"

                          The old man talks for minutes before he realizes that he is off-topic, "Ah, sorry! I can't help imaging about this at an old age, hahaha…Are you tired, young man? Mind resting for a moment in?"

                          "No, but I'd rather rest at the nearby Goldenrod City Pokémon Center. Thanks, anyway."

                          Politely refusing the offer, Ethan retrieves the Egg and rushes towards Goldenrod City.
                          --End of Epsiode 9--
                          Save File:
                          Player: Ethan
                          Time: Day 9
                          Pokédex: Seen 27, Owned 3
                          Badges: 2

                          You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                          Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                          My remixed music list: Here
                          My deviantART page: Here
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                            Episode 10: Ethan's Valuable Prizes (路地にある自転車屋とラジオ塔のクイズ)
                            [4:21 PM, November 29, Goldenrod City]
                            With his position on the globe being Goldenrod City, Ethan takes locating the Pokémon Center as the highest-prioritized task. Compared to its sibling cities, Goldenrod City is truly a hulk. It is only a little easier to locate the PC than finding a needle in the sea bottom…

                            Well, if Ethan hadn't got a map. The map locates the PC as very close to the southern entrance. Lucky as he is, he is out of breath when the doors split open in front of him after a long trudging. Entrusting his Quilava and Mareep to the nurses, Ethan slumps down on the bench in the waiting area, gulping down a whole bottle of Fresh Water he just bought from a nearby vending machine, in order to relieve a tiny bit of his fatigue.

                            After a quarter's time, Ethan retrieves his Pokémon from the staff. He takes a glimpse at the wall clock whose hands point to a half past four. It's turning dark in less an hour's time, thinks Ethan, and it's definitely not safe to hang out at night. Decided that he is to fully recover here, he allows the elder of time to operate the clock forward until the sun rises again.

                            [9:10 AM, November 30, Goldenrod City]
                            The next morning, our protagonist is exercising his feet on the main street. Living in a border town for 11 years, everything seems brand new to our little boy. Etymologically, Goldenrod City is originated from gold, and every building here is decorated with golden bricks or tiles. As such, it bears a great similarity to its Kantonese counterpart, Saffron City.

                            As Ethan moves northwards, he comes across a viaduct not far away. On the viaduct appear to be train trucks. A curious Ethan observes further to discover a building connected to the viaduct half a mile westwards, which turns out to be a station. He approaches the station building under the instruction of signs…

                            This is not an ordinary train station. It is a maglev station, a kind of high-speed emu trains. The station is built in a tremendous scale, with the main building reaching up to levels high, and a P+R parking lot in front of it. A banner of propaganda hangs on he huge advertisement board on the wall:
                            Lightning fast! Goldenrod-Saffron High-Speed Maglev Line Is Opening Soon!

                            Reading the banner, Ethan suddenly feels something odd-the station seems too quiet considering its important location in a metropolitan area where citizens rely highly on public transportation. Not only the ticket office and the entrance gates are firmly closed, but all the facades for stores and markets are sealed shut.

                            Yes, the station is quiet because it has not opened yet, not before the construction is finished! Although the Goldenrod part itself has been completed, the train trucks have yet to reach out of Johto. As Ethan recollects his memory, he saw the trucks overpassing him when he was fishing on Route 32, but the bridge abruptly ends above the sea, feet after a pier. Construction machinery was visible at the dead end, but hardly were any workers seen doing their jobs on it.

                            Nothing interesting here…until Ethan spots a side passage just below the viaduct. At the entrance at the passage is a sign reading:
                            Miracle Cycle Goldenrod Branch (2,400 ft.)

                            A cycling shop, isn't' it? A large bike fan as Ethan is, his last bicycle has long been out of order since his mother bought for him as a little kid, let alone his unfitting body size for the seat. Ethan counts the money in his wallet. He is not sure if he can afford one, but he is eager to take at least some window shopping anyway.

                            Passing through the noiseless passage and lines of houses, Ethan sees a store on the end of the cul de sac. Above the main gate are installed some LED letters reading "MIRACLE CYCLE", and a sign of "OPEN" is hung on the glass gates, saying its owner is in function.

                            The small-sized but clean and neat inside environment of the bike shop somehow pleases Ethan. A series of pleasant-looking bicycles are lined up in the shop, attached to which are their price labels, ranging from the "DEBUT" level worth 7,988 to the "ULTRA" level worth 199,988. Along with the bicycles themselves, bike parts and amendment kits are also available.

                            "And fi, fi-finally someone visited us, or we'll be breaking the record of zero-customers for one week…" Ethan hears someone sighing. It is the owner at the cashier.

                            "Really? What made your business so gloomy?" asks Ethan.

                            "If you'd spare some time listening to me." murmurs the owner, "Our headquarters is located at Cerulean City. Soon after our enterprise was founded, our sales has been skyrocketing. With a mountain pile of accumulation, our boss decided to expand some branches in other regions, and this Goldenrod branch was the first to have been carried out. We were confident that the first-class quality of our bicycles would attract customers everywhere we set foot on, so we selected this place out of its low price and competitiveness against our rivals. But even good wines need some bush! As you've seen, our sales here has been as bleak as a desert since its opening one year ago. We've been struggling to even sell the fourth bicycle. Unable to make ends meet, our boss had to claim we had to close this branch if such bad things go on for another 2 months…"

                            "I'm sorry about that." Ethan feels sympathetic, "I would like to buy a bicycle from you, but I don't think it'll reverse your adversary…"

                            "You wanna bicycle?" The owner tries to grasp the only glimmer of hope he has just sensed, and begin advertising his products "Then feel free and take time to make your best selection here! Cheap bicycles, expensive bicycle, all are quality-guaranteed! And as an appreciation, any decision you make will give you a 40% off discount!"

                            "Great." Ethan has 18,709 dollars in his wallet, more than affordable for a civilian-configured bicycle. After a careful selection, Ethan's final decision is a silver foldable bicycle priced 12,088 bucks.

                            "OK, sir. The amount due is 7,253 dollars." The owner displayed the discounted price on the cashier.

                            After the payment is made, the owner asks Ethan if he could leave his name and phone number.

                            "Just in case when I want to contact you." explains the owner, "You're lucky that you chose a bicycle with its brand at the most eye-catching position. The more you ride it, the more potential customers would notice our brand. You may return your purchases anytime you feel unsatisfied it, as long as you have the receipt with you. Fakes and deceits are what we despise most!"

                            "Alright…" Ethan provides the information on a paper slip the owner lends him.

                            "And Mr. Ethan, here's my business card." The owner gives a business card with his name, phone and email in return, "Any thoughts and suggestions about our products and services are highly appreciated."

                            Leaving the bike shop, Ethan hardly has patience to wait to ride on his new bicycle. It feels sweet on the fast-moving and energy-saving bicycle! In contrast to its low price, this bicycle is shining in its acceleration and braking functions, as well as its air weight. What's more, one does need to spend too much effort to stuff it into his bag when it is entirely folded!

                            Arceus! How lucky am I to have had such a treasure and otherwise it's getting rotten in stock? Or maybe the bike company is dreaming about products selling themselves?

                            "Now that I've the bicycle. I'll first get myself some info about Goldenrod Gym!"

                            Back on the main street, Ethan rides northwards following the direction of his map. Soon later, he is outside of a grand building that is nothing other than a Pokémon Gym. As luck would have it, the Gym is currently closed, with a note sticking on the doors:

                            The Gym Leader is absent due to personal matters. Please visit later.

                            Huh? The Gym Leader is playing truant for "personal affairs"? If he or she were a service provider, I'd surely file a complaint about it!

                            But it's no use barging into the Gym while nobody is in. Ethan turns around and rides away…

                            A third time below the unfinished maglev tracks, Ethan notices another landmark he previously missed out in the west. It is the Goldenrod Radio Tower. The radio tower looks very modernized, covered with grandiose tech blue color, with a large paraboloidal antenna equipped on the roof. The predecessor of Goldenrod Radio Tower is an ancient pagoda. The pagoda was destroyed in a fire decades ago. After several failures in resurrecting the pagoda, the plan was aborted and the new radio tower was laid in place of it.

                            [10:29 AM, November 30, Goldenrod Radio Tower]
                            Out of the tower, an advertisement signboard is placed there, handwritten with:
                            The quiz festival for the 2nd anniversary of Goldenrod Radio Tower is on the way! Any participant who correctly answers 5 questions by the staff, would be awarded a time-limited prize worth memento! You can't afford to miss it! Festival held from Nov. 27 to 30.

                            "Gosh! It's the last day! A day and I'll be late! I'll gonna see it!"

                            Passing through the automatic doors and Ethan is at a wide hall. The reception counter is in the south and the resting area plus the stairs are in the east. The only elevator is unfortunately out of order and causes inconvenience for employees who frequently use stairs.

                            At the "Quiz Festival Participation" area, Ethan signs up for the quiz at a reception lady.

                            The lady enters Ethan's name and Trainer ID into the database and activates a program which randomly select questions, and says, "OK, Mr. Ethan. You'll have to answer 5 questions in a row. You had better listen and memorize carefully because you could make your answer ONLY ONCE. One mistake, and you lose your prize forever. Are you ready?"

                            "Sure! I'll never lose! What's the first question?"

                            Ethan's first question is:
                            Question 1: Which kind of Pokémon below is NOT native to Union Cave?
                            (A) Wooper (B) Onix (C) Koffing (D) Geodude

                            "That's easy! C!" Ethan's answer blasts from his lips in no time, as he has spot countless Geodude and Onix traversing the cave and was stared at by a curious Wooper in a pond.

                            "Correct! And the second question is…"

                            The second question is:
                            Question 2: When was the Brass Tower burnt down?
                            (A) 200 years ago (B) 150 years ago (C) 120 years ago (D) 100 years ago

                            "I choose B, 150 years ago." Ethan happens to have learned about the history of Ecruteak City and Brass Tower from books at home, so this question is neither a big deal.

                            "… Correct! And the third question is…"

                            The third question is:
                            Question 3: Mt. Silver is a mountain lying on the border of Johto and Kanto. What is its altitude?
                            (A) 10,760 feet (B) 12,388 feet (C) 12,858 feet (D) 11,263 feet

                            What? I've heard only a little about Mt. Silver, so how should I know about the EXACT height of it? Ethan takes a risk and chooses B.

                            "Correct!" The result is a shocker yet a pleaser to him.

                            Subsequently, the fourth question pops up:
                            Question 4: Among all numbered routes in Johto and Kanto, which of the four is the shortest?
                            (A) Route 46 (B) Route 7 (C) Route 33 (D) Route 22

                            Immediately, Ethan excludes A and D, for short as they are, they are apparently longer at least than the diameter of New Bark Town. Choices B and C are putting Ethan in a difficult situation, though, as they both appear to be shorter than a town's length. Also, who other than nerds spend freaking time learning the length of routes?

                            Whatever. It's a fifty-fifty game. Ethan's final is C.

                            "You chose C. Let's see the correct answer…" The reception lady seems enjoying anguishing challengers by not at once revealing the result. The fact in veil is torturing me like the oncoming final grades!

                            "The correct answer is C! Congrats! " The lady smiles somewhat cunningly, "You've reached the last question! Get it correct and the prize is yours! Don't let your efforts go down the drain!"

                            "What the last question, miss?"

                            The "last" word itself sounds forbidding as a final boss, before the actual question jumps out of tall grass:
                            Question 5: Which of these four regions DOES NOT contain Gyms?
                            (A) Kalos (B) Sinnoh (C) Unova (D) Alola

                            Phew. Choices B and C are out on the spot. They both feature Gyms and a Pokémon League, according to Ethan's impression. But the fifty-fifty game strikes again when Ethan is balancing A and D, mocking his blank knowledge about either of them. Not having a second chance, Ethan scratches his head like heck in the hope of winning the gamble.

                            "Sir. Excuse me but could I have your answer?" asks the lady.

                            "…D." The letter squeezes through Ethan's mouth after his brain cells spent tons of energy voting for the answer.

                            "Your answer is D…" The lady clicks the mouse, looking up for the ultimate solution…

                            As the mouth clicks, Ethan's heart is beating like a frog trying to escape a pan of boiling water. If the answer turns out to be A, he would never have face to compensate for the brain cells that sacrificed their lives for the vote!

                            Click! Click! And the solution screen takes stage on the screen. Ethan covers his eyes out of anxiety…

                            "Your answer is… absolutely correct!" The lady thrills Ethan once again with her naughty smile, "Almost every region is equipped with Gyms and Pokémon Leagues… except Alola, though the foundation of a League has been under discussion."

                            "Hah… finally got it done. Arceus blessed me…"

                            "And you're the first participant ever to get all five answers right! What a miracle! And here's your prize, Mr. Ethan!" The lady takes something from under the desk and hands it to Ethan.

                            And while the prize, or rather prizes, lie in Ethan's hands, Ethan is amused at them-they are "just" a bunch of postcards printed with the logo of Goldenrod Radio Tower (abbreviated as GRT) and notebooks with photographs of the tower printed on the cover!

                            Ordinary as they appear to be, Ethan decide to cherish them as a certificate for his passing the quiz.

                            "Wow! You did it! You passed the quiz!"

                            Ethan hears someone calling him as he puts away the presents. The source of the voice is a teenage girl with pink hair standing just next to him. He realizes that he is too engaged in thinking about the answers to take a single notice of the girl.

                            "May I have your name, miss?"

                            "My name's Whitney!" The girl exclaims enviously, "That quiz was soooooo darn hard! I want the prize, too, so I 'audited' here for days since the very first to find out the rule the questions were asked. But my plan was entirely messed up 'cause all the questions sound totally random, including everything from heaven to earth! Even if as an observer, I failed to figure out a single question. Bah, I think I'll be saying farewell to my prizes!"

                            "What a pity." says Ethan, "I'm Ethan. Miss Whitney, you must be the Leader of Goldenrod Gym?"

                            "Whoa, how do you get it?"

                            "You said you're out of the Gym for 'personal matters'. What other things than this quiz festival could attract your attention, then?"

                            "Ehehe…" Whitney smiles embarrassedly, aware that Ethan is a future challenger, "Sorry about the inconvenience. I'm going back to the Gym now. The quiz festival is held annually, and I'm patient enough to wait another four seasons!"

                            While Whitney is jogging back to the Gym for preparation, Ethan carries out a 2-day training plan at the fields.

                            [11:01 AM, November 30, Route 34]
                            On Route 34, Ethan releases Quilava and Mareep, hunting battle opponents.

                            At that moment, the Egg in Ethan's bag start shaking violently! The Egg is going to hatch! Ethan takes out the Egg at once and hold it gently but firmly in his arms.

                            "Crack! Crack!" Multiple cracks spread on the Egg's shell, foreseeing the breakthrough of the Pokémon it embraces. Ethan's eyes are fixed on the Egg, waiting for the moment a new life that descends to the mortal world.

                            "Crack! Crack! Crack!" As the cracks on the shell multiplies, Ethan's heartbeat is reaching its climax…

                            "… Boop!" Minutes later, the upper part of the shell falls off, revealing the face of a baby Pokémon. The Pokémon grows cream skin, black eyes and a tiny mouth. Spike-shaped structures are present on its head, resembling a crown.

                            "The upper body is out, and soon will be the lower!" thinks Ethan.

                            However, the hatchling does not seem to rush to get rid of the remaining half of the shell. Instead, it pierces through the shell with its limbs. Its stubby hands does not have fingers, but its feet are split into two toes each, with a pad at the bottom of the soles.

                            Smashing the shell, the Pokémon opens its eyes, observing the world of strangers innocently.

                            "What a cute Pokémon! I've gotta see what I should call it…"

                            Ethan scrolls his Pokédex down until he stops at number 175:
                            Page 1:
                            No. 175 Togepi
                            Type: Fairy
                            Category: Spike Ball Pokémon
                            Height (Average): 1'00'' (0.30 m)
                            Weight (Average): 3.30 lbs. (1.50 kg)
                            Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female
                            Description: The shell seems to be filled with joy. It is said that it will share good luck when treated kindly.
                            Area: Unknown

                            Page 2:
                            ID: 89311
                            Gender: Female
                            Current Level: 1
                            Nickname: None
                            Ability: Serene Grace (Boosts the likelihood of additional effects occurring when attacking.)
                            Trainer Memo: Lax nature. Hatched at Route 34 at Lv1.
                            Known Moves: Growl (Normal), Charm (Fairy), Metronome (Normal)

                            "Togepi… so you're called Togepi!"

                            Hearing her Trainer calling her name, Togepi greets Ethan waving her tiny hands.

                            "Togepi. You're a step out of your shell. Would you like me to remove it for you?" offers Ethan.

                            Out of his exception, Togepi shakes her head, unwilling to accept the offer.

                            "So you wanna keep it? Fine, I'll not push you."

                            Togepi jumps out of Ethan's arms, loafing around like a walking learning infant.

                            "I know! Togepi, come and know your senior fellows!"

                            Ethan summons and introduces Quilava and Mareep to Togepi. With joyous cries, the three Pokémon quickly shorten their distances between each other. Quilava and Mareep take a great liking towards their lovely junior, while Togepi is merry about making new friends.

                            "And Togepi. You know Metronome, doesn't you? Wouldn't you show it to us?"

                            Togepi agrees and waves her hands, with a white beam of light engulfing her body. Seconds later, Togepi dashes head first towards Quilava, with the latter hastily dodging. It is a powerful Double-Edge!

                            "… Terrific! It relies on luck to draw a move like this, but you're doing great as only a baby!"

                            Togepi hops around ecstatically. Even a piece of insignificant compliment is enough to cheer the lax cutie up.
                            --End of Epsiode 10--
                            Save File:
                            Player: Ethan
                            Time: Day 10
                            Pokédex: Seen 30, Owned 4
                            Badges: 2

                            You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                            Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                            My remixed music list: Here
                            My deviantART page: Here
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