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    Chapter 122
    Ash made his way back out of the woods, walking around the tree he had climbed up to avoid the charging Tauros from earlier. Although it hadn’t actually been a Tauros but the Ditto that was no taking the form of an Arcanine and leading the way for Ash. It was hard for Ash to believe how much his situation had changed in just the past few minutes. Then again, he had been having a very eventful birthday, to the point where this wasn’t even the biggest change in circumstances that day.

    The red and white building that Ash had seen earlier was still in view, so Ash called his Ditto back into its Pokéball and made his way over to it. The building appeared to be an old, decrepit manor of some sort, which managed to remain bright and colorful despite the wear and tear that became more and more noticeable as he approached. As he approached the building, a rising feeling built up in Ash that is must have been abandoned long ago. It was unlikely that he would find any help here.

    Ash looked up at the sign hanging above the front doorway. ‘House of Imite’. The name didn’t sound familiar to Ash but he only had a moment to think about it before he jumped suddenly, startled as someone opened the door and walked out.

    It was a boy around Ash’s age, wearing a red and white jacket over a dark purple t-shirt and a dark blue pair of jeans. He had black hair that kind of spiked out a bit and there was a Pikachu resting on his shoulder, although that wasn’t what really caught Ash’s attention.

    “Oh, hi. Are you here to challenge the Gym Leader, too?” The boy asked when he saw Ash there staring at him.

    “There’s a Gym Leader here?” Ash was surprised to hear that.

    “Yeah. The actual Gym is still being built right now, so this place is being used until they finish with that.” The boy explained. “But isn’t that why you’re here?”

    “Um… no.” Ash smiled weekly in embarrassment. “Actually I’m kind of lost right now. I was just looking for someone that I could ask for directions.”

    “Where do want to go?” The boy asked. “I can probably tell you how to get there. I haven’t been in this area for very long, but I think I know the area well enough.”

    “Well, anywhere really.” Ash replied.

    “Well, Fuchsia City is just a couple miles west from here.” The boy pointed in the direction Ash had been walking. “I was actually just about to head over there myself so that I can challenge the city’s Gym.”

    “Thanks. Ash said as he started to notice the distant cityscape of on the horizon.

    “It’s really no problem.” The boy smiled and started to walk past Ash. “I always help anyone in need whenever I get the chance.”

    “One more thing…” Ash said before the boy could leave. “I just wanted to say that I used to have a hat just like that one.”

    “Oh?” The boy automatically glanced upward, towards the hat he was wearing, which looked identical to the one that Ash had just lost. “What happened to it?”

    “A Mankey stole it this morning.” Ash explained. “Took it right off my head and ran off before I could get it back.”

    “Well, in that case, this probably is yours then.” The boy said as he took the hat off and tossed it to Ash.

    “What?” Ash stared at the boy in confusion as he caught the hat.

    “Shortly before I got here I ran into a wild Mankey, which must have been the same one that you encountered.” The boy said. “Naturally, I sent out my Pidgeotto to attack it and then managed to capture the Mankey but then I sent it out to get a better look at my new Pokémon I realized that he was wearing this hat. I figured that it must belong to someone who lost it and that the best thing to do would be to wear the hat. That way, if I ever ran into the hat’s owner they would notice it and be able to tell me that it was there’s. It seemed much more efficient than just going around asking everyone I meet if they lost a hat, or something along those lines, and it would appear that I was right.”

    “Well, thank you. I didn’t think that I would ever get this back.” Ash could barely follow along with the boy’s story because he was talking so fast, but he thought that he caught the gist of it. He put his hat back and suddenly realized just how weird it had been not wearing it.

    “No problem.” The boy smiled, holding out his hand. “By the way, my name’s Satoshi. Satoshi Shigeru, of Viridian City. Most people call me Shu. What’s your name?”

    “I’m Ash Ketchum, of Pallet Town.” Ash grabbed Shu’s outstretched hand and shook it.

    “Small world.” Shu laughed. “My friends used to call me Ash when I was younger, short for Satoshi. Over time the nickname just kind of phased out though and people started calling by Shu, taking the ‘sh from Satoshi and the ‘u’ from Shigeru. Anyway, I should probably be heading off now and leave you to your own business. Catch ya later!”

    Shu waved as he left, heading up the road leading towards Fuchsia. Ash thought that Shu seemed friendly but he sure talked a lot. Ash felt like he still had the sound of Shu’s voice echoing through his skull as he stepped into the House of Imite.

    It was dark inside, but fortunately Ash had remembered to grab a flashlight while he was at home. He pulled it out of his backpack and used it to light the way. The building seemed abandoned as he wandered through the halls and he was starting to wonder if maybe Shu had lied about it being a Gym.
    “This place gives me the creeps.” Ash muttered to himself. “It feels like its haunted or something.”


    Ash jumped and nearly dropped his flashlight. He slowly turned around to see who, or what, was behind him and saw Hanami floating there.

    “You startled me.” Ash said, relieved that it was just her.

    “That was kind of the point.” Hanami smiled mischievously. “And everywhere you go could be considered haunted as long as I’m with you.”

    “I guess that’s kind of true. Although it feels like it’s been a while since you’ve shown yourself.

    “It’s only been around a day.” Hanami pointed out. “Don’t tell me you forgot about me that quickly.”

    “No, no!” Ash waved his hands nervously, not wanting to admit that he actually had forgotten about his ghostly traveling companion. “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know if there’s anyone else in here besides us, would you?”

    “Are you talking about the Gym Leader that the boy from earlier mentioned?” Hanami closed her translucent eyelids for a moment, concentrating on something, and pointed towards a door leading out of the hall. “I sense someone over in that room. It must be her.”

    “Good.” Ash said. “I was starting to worry that I’d been lied to.”

    Hanami faded away again and Ash headed towards the door that she had pointed to. He opened it up to see that it led into a large room filled with chairs facing an elevated stage of some sort. Ash put his flashlight away as the lights were actually on in this room and looked around as he walked slowly towards the stage, but he couldn’t see any sign of another person in there with him. He stopped halfway along the walkway between rows of seats and closed his eyes, taking long, drawn-out breaths. He tried to remember what it had felt like back in Saffron City when he had started to see things when his eyes were shut. He had been under a lot of stress back then but something deep in the back of his mind told him that he would be able to do it again if he simply concentrated hard enough. He was right.
    It felt a bit different this time. Before, it had been like he was able to see what was in front of him when his eyes were shut and that he could look past what his eyes would normally have seen, even through solid objects and walls. This time it was more like he was feeling what was around him. Not just in the direction that he was facing but the entire room. The entire mansion, in fact. Every chair, every hallway, every speck of dust. It was all clear to him.

    After a moment of taking in the strange sensation, his attention focused on the area up above the stage. There was a person up there, a girl, who was waiting for him to get closer so that he could surprise him. He didn’t sense any ill will from her though, simply a desire for theatrics. Her presence reminded Ash of the Ditto that he had just caught.

    Ash opened his eyes again and everything returned to normal. Though a part of him could still feel the Gym Leader’s presence up above. He continued walking towards the stage and felt the girl drop down onto the stage, probably using a rope to control her descent. He climbed up onto the stage where he was greeted by… himself?

    “I’m here to challenge to challenge the Gym Leader. You wouldn’t happen to have seen here, have you?”
    Ash wasn’t sure what was going on. This person appeared to look just like him and was even talking in his own voice. It was as if he was facing himself but that couldn’t be. He could clearly sense that it was the girl he had felt.

    “But… aren’t you the Gym Leader?” Ash asked in utter confusion.

    Ash’s doppelganger mirrored his confused expression, staring at him for a moment. “Wow, hardly anyone ever sees through my disguises that quickly.”

    The lights suddenly turned off for a second and when they turned back on the Ash imposter was gone, replaced by a girl with bushy teal hair tied back in twin ponytails and wearing an orange shirt with a yellow star on it.

    “My name’s Duplica. I’m the Gym Leader here.” She said. “Now what are we waiting for? Let’s get this battle started.”
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      Chapter 123
      Ive never seen anything like this. The Iron-Masked Marauder sat at an old computer console, going over whatever data had been left behind.

      What is it? Giovanni stood behind the Marauder, with his arms folded tightly.

      Ive found some notes on Mewtwos development. The Marauder said. I didnt know it was even possible for a Pokmon to develop so much power so quickly. It says here that only a week after it was created, they set Mewtwo loose against a herd of thirty Tauros that they look from the Safari Zone. He defeated the entire herd without taking a single hit.

      That is impressive. Giovanni smirked. Assuming that his power continued to grow.

      Apparently he got so strong that the scientists eventually had to develop a special armor for him to limit and control his power.

      A lot of good that did them. Do you have anything of actual importance to report about your findings?
      The Iron-Masked Marauder paused for a moment. No.

      Then Ill leave you to your research for now. Giovanni turned around and headed for the doorway but then turned back. By the way, have you finished setting up Dark Synergy Crystal yet?

      Yes. The Marauder asked, a bit confused by the unexpected question. Why do ask?

      I was just curious. Giovanni slipped out the door without another word.

      * * *

      Unless Im wrong, you currently have four Gym Badges. Duplica said as she stood at one end of the stage.

      Thats right. Ash stood at the other end.

      Then that means this will be your last three-on-three Gym battle. So, we might as well not doddle any longer and get this battle started.

      Ash sent out his Fearow, who flew out of his Pokball and landed on the floor a few feet in front of Ash. Duplica called out a Raticate that ran around in a tight circle for a moment before standing up straight and using Growl. Fearow flew up and spread his wings out wide. A valley of stars launched out from them and hurtled towards Raticate. Raticate tried to jump out of the way of the Swift, but the stars arced around and hit Raticate anyway. Raticate was knocked onto its back but quickly rolled back onto its feet and looked up at Fearow with a Scary Face. It startled Fearow, causing him to slow down, but didnt really do Raticate any good because it didnt have any attacks that could actually hit Fearow while it was flying high in the air. Or at least, thats what Raticate wanted Fearow to think.

      Raticate suddenly ran towards the wall and started climbing up with surprising speed. Once it had gone up high enough, Raticate jumped off and managed to Tackle Fearow, knocking the giant bird down to the ground and using Super Fang to bite into Fearows right wing. Combined with the damage that Fearow had already sustained when he and Ash had plummeted into the ground earlier, this left Fearow too weakened to fly. Fearow remained undeterred by this and used his left wing to knock Raticate away using a Steel Wing attack. Raticate was knocked into the wall and stunned for a moment by the impact. Fearow took this opportunity to use Roost. He closed his eyes and began to glow faintly as an aura of white feathers surrounded him and his injuries began to rapidly heal. Raticate charged towards Fearow to try and interrupt but was too late. Fearow took off back into the air and out of Raticates reach just in time to avoid being hit by Raticates Crunch. Raticate stared up at Fearow, trying to decide what to do now. But there was nothing that Raticate could do as Fearow dove back down and rammed hard into Raticates side, knocking out the Mouse Pokmon.

      Impressive. Duplica said as she returned her Raticate back to its Pokball. Now its time for the second part of our cat and mouse game.

      Ash had no idea what Duplica was talking about at first but then she sent out her second Pokmon and it sort of made sense. Her Persian landed on the ground in front of her and the Classy Cat Pokmon let out a fierce Growl, lowering Fearows attack. Fearow flew up high above Persian and circled the air a few times while Persian stared up at him intently. Fearow dove down to strike Persian but Persian was able to leap out of the way in time and Fearow was barely able to pull up in time to avoid crashing into the stage floor. Persian turned around and dashed towards Fearow, hitting him with a Slash before Fearow had time to react.

      Fearow flew back into the air and instead of using Fly again decided to use Ariel Ace instead. His wings began to glow just before he dove down and Persian jumped out of the way again but this time Fearow was able to twist around in midair and slash Persian across its side with one of his glowing wings. Persian was knocked onto its back but was able to quickly roll over and get back to its feet. Not fast enough, though, as Fearow flew straight up, spinning itself rapidly in the air and swooping back down, hitting Persian with Drill Run. Persian was knocked back several feet and sprawled out on the ground as it lost consciousness.

      Wow, youre actually doing better than I thought you would. Duplica said. One more to go, but can you beat my best Pokmon?

      * * *

      Daisy stretched and sat up in bed, yawning loudly as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked over at the clock and realized that she should probably get up and actually do something. If they knew where Gary was now then that meant that Koga would no longer be out looking for him. Daisy figured that she might as well give the Fuchsia Gym a visit and challenge Koga to a battle. She was sure that she had probably fallen behind the others in regards to collecting Gym Badges and now was as good a time as any to earn one more.

      Daisy got out of bed and returned all of her Pokmon to their Pokballs except for Cleffa. After she brushed her hair, put her hat on and slung her bag over her shoulder, Daisy picked up Cleffa and cradled the shiny baby Pokmon in her arms. Cleffa giggled as Daisy headed out of the hotel room and started down the hallway. It didnt take long before she had reached the lobby, where she checked out and then left.

      Fuchsia City had sort of a musky feel to it. Daisy wasnt sure if she had really noticed it before but it seemed obvious to her now. The air was thick and humid. She wasnt sure how anyone could live in a place like this. Although maybe it wasnt always like this, she wasnt really sure. Daisy made her way along the dark red roads across the city until she finally found herself standing outside of the Fuchsia Gym.

      The moment she stepped into the Gym Daisy realized that she was drenched in sweat. She felt sticky and gross, though Cleffa didnt seem to mind at all. Nothing ever did seem to bother her adorable little pink and green star.

      Daisy looked around the Gym, which seemed to have an elegantly old-fashioned look to its design. She spotted Koga sitting at the far end of the Gym, apparently meditating. She started to walk up to him but instead ended up slamming into something. Cleffa let out a squeal as Daisy stepped back and rubbed her injured nose. At first, she couldnt see anything there, which made her utterly confused about what just happened. After a moment she realized that there was a glass wall in front of her, polished so clean that the only reason she could see it at all was the smudge marks she had left when she walked into it. Daisy tried to walk around seemingly random glass wall only to walk into another one. She had no idea why all of this glass was in her way, but she looked down and happened to notice that there was a slight divot in the floor where the glass was. She looked around to see if there were any more and quickly came to realized that the entire Gym was some sort of invisible maze that she was apparently going to have to navigate through in order to get to Koga.

      Well She muttered under her breath. This is different.
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        Chapter 124
        Duplica sent out her third and final Pokmon. Ash was surprised to see a familiar looking pink blob, as Duplicas Ditto smiled blankly at Ash and his Fearow. Ash ordered his Fearow to attack the Ditto with Aerial Ace, but Ditto used Transform to turn into a copy of Fearow and countered the attack with Mirror Move. A reflective barrier appeared in front of the Ditto just as Fearow was about to strike and caused him to be hit by his own attack instead. Fearow recoiled and flew back as Ditto assumed a defensive stance with its wings folded in front of it almost like some kind of shield.

        Ash noticed that the Dittos transformation wasnt fully accurate. Its eyes hadnt changed, remaining the simple black dots that the Ditto had in its regular form. The edges of its beak were also completely straight, rather than jagged like Fearows. He thought this was kind of strange considering that the Ditto he caught earlier hadnt had the same issues, at least as far as he had noticed.

        Whats it like to have to fight yourself? Asked Duplica, who had apparently switched back to her Ash disguise while Ash was focused on the battle.

        It feels kind of familiar, actually. Ash replied, thinking of his battle against Gastly back on Maidens Peak, where he had used his powers to conjure up an illusory doppelganger for Ash to fight. It was then that he had realized how important it was to grow and mature as a person. I can switch out my Pokmon whenever I want in a Gym Battle, right?

        Just so long as you never use more than three different Pokmon in the fight. Duplica said. Although doing so would leave you open to an attack. Kind of like right now!

        Duplicas Ditto suddenly charged at Ashs Fearow with a Drill Run, but Fearow was able to dodge the attack.

        That shouldnt be much of an issue. Ash said as he recalled Fearow back into its Pokball. Now, lets see what youve got!

        Ash sent out his newest Pokmon and Ditto landed on the stage, almost identical to Duplicas had looked before it used Transform.

        Oh, wow! Duplica seemed surprised. I didnt realize you had a Ditto of your own. Its been a while since Ive seen anyone else with one.

        I just caught right before I got here. Ash explained.

        Duplicas Ditto used Fly, rising up into the air before it would attack.

        Wait a minute Duplica said. Does that mean what I think it means?

        I guess that would depend on what you think it means. Ash replied, curious as to what she was talking about.

        The fake Fearow swooped down and tried to dive bomb Ashs Ditto. However, it found its attack interrupted as a large yellow hand grabbed it by the beak, holding the large bird in place.
        It is! Duplica exclaimed. Ive had my eye on that Ditto for a while now but I didnt think that anyone would actually be able to catch it!


        Fear seemed evident in the fake Fearows black beady eyes for a split second as it stared up at the Electabuzz that was holding it in place. But it was too late for Duplicas Ditto to do anything as Ashs Ditto let out a massive Discharge through its hand.

        Most Ditto can only transform into other Pokmon another Pokmon that theyre directly looking at. Duplica said as her Ditto collapsed onto the ground, shrinking down into its natural pink blobby form. Some cant even do that very well. Mine Ditto here, for example, has trouble mimicking faces. But some Ditto have the unique talent to perfectly imitate any Pokmon from memory.

        Yeah, I noticed that. Ash commented as they both recalled their Ditto.

        Ive been trying to catch that one for a while because I thought that it would make a good addition to my show. Hopefully even bring in enough people that I could afford to build this old theater back up. But I just never managed to catch it.

        You can have it if you want. Ash suggested, holding out Dittos Pokball.

        No, thats alright. Duplica shook her head. You caught the Ditto, so you should keep it. Besides, my Gym is almost finished with its construction and once thats done Ill probably be too busy anyway.

        Ash lowered the Pokball back to his belt and walked up to Duplica, who reached into the pocket of her replica of Ashs jacket and pulled out a badge that looked like four green ovals forming a rounded square around a pink center.

        Youve earned this Core Badge. Duplica handed the badge to Ash, who held it high above his head triumphantly.

        Yes! Ash turned his head almost reflexively to see Pikas reaction, only to be reminded that his Pikachu wasnt with him. His smile faded away and he pinned the Core Badge to the inside of his jacket, along with the Boulder Badge, Thunder, Cascade Badge and Earth Badge he had already earned. Just three more to go.

        * * *

        Brock wiped his forehead with a sweat rag as he sat down on a large rock. The sun seemed particularly bright after spending all night working underground. His father walked up beside him and sat on the cold, wet grass.

        It looks like were finally done. Flint sighed. That turned out to be a lot more work than I was expecting.

        Yeah. Brock agreed. Do you have any idea what could have caused all of this?

        Havent a clue. Flint shook his head. It looks almost like a hurricane passed through here but that isnt possible. The only thing I could think of would be that all of this devastation was somehow caused by a Pokmon battle.

        What kind of Pokmon could have caused this level of ecological damage? Brock asked his father.

        Thats the part I still dont understand. Im especially confused as to what would have caused Digletts Cave to have completely collapsed. I just heard from Bruno that his Steelix had to completely re-dig the entire tunnel.

        Brock was suddenly glad that his father wasnt looking at him, otherwise he would have seen the look of embarrassment that just passed over Brocks face. Yeah, I have no idea either. Brock lied, not wanting to admit his own involvement with that.

        Im just glad that we had that Aggron helping us fix things up out here. Flint remarked. Although I dont know what an Aggron was doing on its own here in Kanto.

        I dont know either. Brock was glad for this change in topic. Ive heard that Aggron are often seen restoring the environment after natural disasters. That doesnt explain why it was here, though.

        I guess there are just some things that well never know. Flint sighed and lied back on the grass.

        How are the others doing? Brock asked.

        Your brothers and sisters are all fine. Flint sat up again and turned to face Brock. They miss having you around, though. Honestly, I get the impression that they would rather have you around than me.
        Brock let out a chuckle. Im sure theyll come around eventually.

        Flint stared off into the distance for a moment, apparently deep in thought. I just got a letter the other day... from Lola.

        Brock nearly fell off of the rock he was sitting on. Mom?

        She said that shes finally coming home.

        Brock sat in stunned silence. His mother had disappeared nearly two years ago, shortly after his father had left. She said she was going to sail around the world with her Pokmon and walked out the door, and that was the last anyone had seen her. Brock wasnt even sure if she was even still alive at this point.

        Did she say when? Brock asked at last.

        No. Flint shook his head. She just said that had almost finished her trip and that shed be back soon. She didnt say where she was or when soon will be.

        Well Brock wasnt really sure what else to say. I guess having Mom back will be nice. It will definitely be different for the kids. I dont think Billy and Tilly even remember Mom.

        A cool breeze blew through Route 2 as father and son sat together in contemplative silence. It was hard to believe how much their familys lives had changed in just the past few months.
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          Chapter 125
          Daisy turned around one last, near-invisible corner in the Fuchsia Gym and found herself standing directly in front of Koga. The Gym leader stood up from his kneeling position and nodded.

          You have done well to make it here. He said. Most challengers take much longer to make their way through the maze. Many even find themselves giving up before they reach me.

          Why do you even have this maze here? Daisys frustration was evident in her voice.

          If a trainer does not have the patiants or skill to navigate this maze, then they do not have what it takes to become a Pokmon Trainer. We have decided to begin renovating the Gym system to include challenges that teach potential trainers the skills that they need besides simple battle strategy.

          I guess that kind of makes sense. Daisy said, not really understanding how a maze of glass walls was supposed to teach anyone anything. But then why is this the first time that Ive had to go through anything like this?

          My Gym is the first to have gone through these new renovations. It will take some time before all of the Gyms are finished, but hopefully everything will be ready in preparation for next years Pokmon League Tournament. Now, shall we begin the battle?

          Huh? Oh, right. Daisy took a few steps back, nearly bumping into one of the glass walls in the process. My name is Daisy Oak from Pallet Town and I challenge you to a Gym Battle.

          I, Koga of the Fuchsia Gym, accept your challenge. Koga said, stepping back as well and pulling a Pokball out from his sleeve. Now, without any interruption, let the battle commence.

          * * *

          Attila and Hun walked back out alongside the main road in Porta Vista. Attila had a certain swagger in his step which showed that he was in a good mood.

          Now, where were we? Attila wondered aloud, trying to get his mind back on track after that diversion.
          I believe we were going to track down that brat and his friends. Hun smiled mischievously.

          Yes, thats right. Attila nodded. They wont know what hit them.

          Really? I thought you would want them to know what hit them. Hun replied sarcastically.

          You know what I mean.

          You boys look like you could use some help.

          Attila and Hun turned around to see who had just spoken. They were both surprised to see three all too familiar faces that they were sure they would never see again. Hunter J, Annie and Oakley walked up to them.

          What do you want? Attila asked them angrily.

          Who? Me? Hunter J asked coyly. Whatever would make you think that I want something?

          You wouldnt be here if you didnt. Attila pointed out.

          I suppose that is true. But to be honest, we werent actually looking for you specifically. This happy reunion is the result of luck more than anything else.

          Get to the point.

          Fine, fine. Hunter J raised her hands up in a gesture of supposed goodwill Im sure I dont need to tell you that Team Rocket is in pretty bad shape after everything thats happened in the past few days. Were going around to pick up the pieces.

          Youre taking advantage of the current situation to get as much of Team Rockets resources under your own control.

          Theres no hiding anything from you. Hunter J gave a false laugh. And since weve found you here, I was wondering if youd be interested in joining us.

          And why would we work for you? Attila asked rhetorically. Youve all already betrayed us before.

          Now when did we do that? It was obvious from Hunter Js tone of voice that she knew exactly what he was referring too.

          The S.S. Anne. Attila said. Back when you left Team Rocket and let the boat on fire while we were still on it.

          Because obviously there was no way you could have made it out of there in one piece. Hunter J remarked sarcastically. And as for leaving Team Rocket, well, I cant help but notice that you two arent in uniform anymore.

          We realized that Team Rocket was holding us back. Attila replied.

          Well, Id say thats something that we all had in common. Hunter J turned to the two sisters behind here. Isnt that right, girls?

          Yes. Annie said while Oakley nodded in agreement.

          You see? Hunter J turned back to Attila and Hun. Were all the same here when you get right down to it. So why dont we work together and help each other out?

          Attila and Hun glanced at each other for a moment before Attila answered her. Fine. Well join you for now. But dont get used to it.

          * * *

          Red and Sable ran up to an intersection and stopped.

          Did you see which way she went? Red asked Sable, his worry on the verge of becoming panic.

          No. Sable answered in her usual calm, almost monotone voice. Ive been behind you this whole time, after all.

          Red sighed in exasperation. Alright then. I guess well split up. Ill go this way and youll go that way.

          That sounds like a plan. Sable mused and ran off in the direction that Red pointed.

          Red set off in the other direction, searching for any sign of Yellow as he went. He looked down every side road and alleyway he passed until he found himself standing outside of the Celadon Department Store. He looked up at the massive building and realized that if Yellow had gone this way she probably would have stopped and gone in here since this is where they were planning on going. He walked up to one of the two sets of automatic doors, which slid out of his way as he went inside. Red found himself in what seemed to be a lobby of some sort. There were people of all sorts waiting or walking around the lobby and several clerks standing at customer service desks. Red walked up to one of the clerks.

          Excuse me. Have you seen a young girl come in here? Red asked him. Shes around nine years old with long blonde hair tied back in a large ponytail, wearing an orange dress over a black shirt and blue pants.

          Im afraid that I havent seen anyone matching that description. The clerk replied apologetically.

          Red sighed. Okay. I guess that means that she didnt come this way after all. Thank you for your help.

          Red turned around and walked back outside. He looked back and forth down the street, trying to figure out which way to go next. He could feel his heart pumping fast and loud in his chest as he tried not to panic. Why did Yellow have to keep wandering off like this? He silently made a note to try and get some kind of Pokmon that would be able to track her down quickly if this ever happened again and set off back in the direction he had come from. After running down the sidewalk for a moment he slowed to a walk and was finally able to calm down as he saw Sable walking towards him with Yellow beside her.
          When the two girls reached Red, he knelt down and grabbed Yellow by the shoulders.

          Dont run off like that. He said sternly.

          Sorry. Yellow looked embarrassed, as did Chuchu resting on her head. I didnt mean to go very far but then I got swept up in a crowd and got lost.

          Thats alright. Red sighed and stood up again. The important thing is that youre safe now. Just make sure to stick with me from now on.

          Shouldnt that be us? Sable asked with mild sarcasm.

          Yeah, sure.

          Well, it wasnt all bad. Yellow said, her usual pep returning to her as she held up a Pokball. I met a friendly guy who gave me this.

          What is it? Red asked.

          He said it was an Eevee. Yellow answered cheerfully. He found it wandering the streets on its own and wanted someone to be able to take care of it.

          Well, that was certainly nice of him to give it to you. Did you thank him?

          Um, yeah. Yellows expression suggested that she was lying.

          Well, anyway, we should get going. Red grabbed Yellow by the hand and turned around. The Department Store is right over here.
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            Chapter 126
            Ash left the House of Imite and walked along the road leading to Fuchsia City. It proved to be an uneventful walk which was a relief for Ash after how hectic his day had been so far. After a while, he decided to stop for a moment and rest for a while. He took off his shoes and socks so that he could feel the cool green grass on his feet, which proved to be very refreshing after walking for so long. Then he figured that it would be a good idea to let his Pokmon out as well so that they could enjoy this moment as well.

            Sandslash stretched his arms out wide and fell forward onto its belly on the old dirt road Ash had been walking beside. At first, Ash thought that it was weird that Sandslash would choose to rest in the dirt rather than in the grassy field, though it occurred to him that it might have something to do with Sandslash being a Ground-type Pokmon.

            Kingler, on the other hand, didnt seem to have much of an issue with the grass, despite also having a weakness to the Grass-type. The Pincer Pokmon snipped away at a circular patch of grass and sprayed it with a light foam, which he then used as a bed of sorts to rest on.

            Haunter had apparently been taking a nap, which was not interrupted by being called out and he just floated around asleep in midair. Ash found the sight almost comical as Haunters detached hands moved up and down as Haunter started to snore lightly. Ash wasnt exactly sure why Haunter was snoring, though. He was pretty sure that the Ghost-type Pokmon didnt actually need to breathe. He decided to ask Haunter about it later when he got the chance to.

            The latest of Ashs Pokmon, Ditto, morphed into the form of a Bellsprout and sank its root into the ground, which began to glow. It took a moment for Ash to realize what it was doing, but it popped into his head that Ditto must have been using Ingrain to rejuvenate itself.

            Ash held up the Pokball that his Fearow was in and stared at it. He wanted to let out the first Pokmon that he had ever captured with the others but unfortunately, it was still fainted from his battle with Duplica and he didnt have any Revives that he could use to heal Fearow.

            Ash sighed as he put Fearows Pokball back away and took his backpack off. He set it on the ground next to him and leaned back onto the grass, staring up the deep blue sky. It occurred to him that this was the first time he had ever been truly on his own before. It was a weird feeling that he wasnt used to, but there was something almost comforting about it. Thats not to say that he had anything against being with others. In fact, he still missed his traveling companions. But it was nice to have a break from everything and simply be by himself. Well, almost alone, anyway. He still had his Pokmon with him. Most of them.

            He still wasnt used to not having his Pikachu around with him. Ash and his Pikachu may not have gotten along well at first, but it didnt take long for them to bond with each other. He just hoped that Pika would be alright and that they would be reunited soon. He didnt know much about Pokrus, but he hoped that Pika would be fine by the time Ash could head back to the Indigo Plateau to check up on him.

            There was also his other Pikachu, Volty. Ash was confident that she was alright. He had given her to Misty, after all, which meant that she was in good hands. He did wonder how long it would take before Misty and Brock could finish with their assignments and join up with him again.

            Ash shuddered as he thought about the other Pokmon that he didnt have with him anymore. The Raticate King. He was beginning to wonder if catching that thing had been the right thing to do back when they encountered it in the sewers underneath Saffron City. It had seemed like the best option at the time, in fact it had been the only option at the time, but Raticate King had proven to be more than Ash could keep control of. Now it was roaming the area around the Indigo Plateau, doing who knows what. He just hoped that it would keep his promise not to do anything bad. It was still hard not to worry about it, though.

            * * *

            Misty got up out of bed. She had to stop for a moment and hold on to the edge of the bed to keep herself upright as a massive wave of dizziness rushed over her. The doctor had said that she had a concussion but that she should be fine soon. She wasnt feeling too sure about that though. The doctors had also said that they were all ready to leave now and Lorelei was already waiting by the door for Misty and her sisters to get ready.

            Once Misty was confident that she would be able to walk without any issue, she went to the door to stand by Lorelei as her sisters did the same. Her sister Daisy had her arm around Bill, who was helping her to stay up even though she didnt need him to. The sight of how lovey-dovey those two had gotten while she was away made Misty feel sick. It also made her think of Ash for some reason, but she didnt know why and quickly brushed the thought out of her head.

            Alright, it looks like were all ready to go. Lorelei said, in her usual no-nonsense demeanor. Now, Im going back to the Indigo Plateau to report in before returning to my Gym. Id suggest you all head straight back to Cerulean and get some rest.

            Actually Misty said weakly. I want to go to the Indigo Plateau with you. My friends should still be there and I want to meet back up with them.

            Fine, then Misty and I will go back to the Indigo Plateau while everyone else will return to Cerulean. Is that plan alright with everyone?

            The four Sensational sisters and Bill all nodded and confirmed their agreement so Lorelei turned around and opened the door leading out of the hospital room.

            Ive already arranged for someone to meet us outside and Teleport us to our destinations. If there are no other objections, then we should head out now.

            The group of six headed out of the hospital room and down to the lobby. The hospital seemed kind of busy, but Misty assumed that it must be normal for a major hospital in a city as big as Porta Vista to be this crowded. It was certainly busier than she ever saw the Cerulean Hospital, at any rate, and she and her sisters would go there often to help cheer up and entertain the patients. As they headed out the front door, Misty saw an ambulance pull up and a team of medical personnel rushed to meet it. She caught a glimpse of red hair as they brought two people into the hospital, which caused Misty to absently reach for the orange ponytail on the side of her head and look over at Loreleis deep crimson hair. Misty shook her head and tried to push the image out of her head. That proved to be a mistake, though, as she suddenly got another dizzy spell and nearly tripped over her own feet.

            Are you okay there? Violet asked her with more concern in her voice than Misty was used to hearing from any of her sisters.

            Im fine. Misty responded automatically, though she wasnt completely sure if it was true.

            The group continued to make their way through the city, though Lorelei was the only one who actually knew where they were going. Eventually, they reached the local Pokmon Center and Lorelei slowed to a stop, the others following suit.

            Were here. Lorelei said. Although it would appear that the person who was supposed to meet us here is late. I guess were just going to have to wait for a moment.
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              Chapter 127
              Daisy held her Cleffa in her left arm so that she had her right hand free to call out her first Pokmon. Bulbasaur emerged from its Pokball, ready to take on Kogas Muk. The Seed Pokmon used Growl on Muk, causing the purple pile of poisonous sludge to lower its attack. Muk then Sludge Bomb, hurling a large glob of its own body at Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur was able to dodge the attack, however, and used Take Down to ram itself into Muk. Muk took advantage of Bulbasaurs close proximity and hit her with Pound. Bulbasaur let out a spray of Sleep Powder from the leafy bulb growing out of her back as she was hit by Muks fist, causing the Sludge Pokmon to fall asleep and leaving it open for Bulbasaur to hit it with a barrage of attacks. Bulbasaur launched a Leech Seed from its bulb so that she could start siphoning away Muks health and revitalize herself as she pelted Muk with Vine Whip after Vine Whip. Bulbasaur managed to beat Muk before it had a chance to wake up.

              As Koga recalled his fainted Muk, Bulbasaur began to glow brightly and grow. The bulb on her opened up to reveal a flower bud as Bulbasaur evolved into an Ivysaur. Daisy didnt have time to celebrate her starter Pokmons evolution, however, as Koga sent out a Weezing. The Poison Gas Pokmon released a Smokescreen from the holes covering its body, filling the area with a thick, black fog. Neither Daisy nor Ivysaur could see anything through the fog, so Ivysaur let out another spray of Sleep Powder in the hope that she would be able to lull Weezing into a deep sleep before it could attack her. Unfortunately, it didnt work and Ivysaur found herself being Tackled from the side and knocked onto her back. Ivysaur used Vine Whip in the direction that Weezing had just attack from, but Weezing had already moved somewhere else. The Smokescreen was beginning to fade, but it was still hard to see anything and Ivysaur had no way of clearing the air, meaning that all she could do was wait.

              Weezing launched a Sludge Bomb at Ivysaur, who was unable to see the attack coming fast enough to dodge and ended up getting hit directly in the face by the attack. Fortunately, she could not be poisoned by it because she was a Poison-type Pokmon herself, but it did force her to have to close her eyes tightly shut to avoid getting the sludge in them. Daisy knew that there was no use in making Ivysaur try to continue to fight in this condition, so she recalled Ivysaur back into her Pokball and sent out Butterfree to continue the battle. Daisy knew that sending out her narcoleptic Buttefree would be a risk, but it paid off as Butterfree was actually awake for once and used Silver Wind to clear the air of what remained of the Smokescreen, knock Weezing down onto the floor and give herself a boost. Weezing slowly rose up back into the air, but Butterfree hit it with a Psybeam. The blast of psychic energy from Butterfrees antennae proved to be too much for Weezing, who fainted and fell back to the floor again.

              Kogas third Pokmon was Arbok, which slithered along the floor after it emerged from its Pokball. Its Intimidate ability caused Butterfree to lower her physical attack, but that didnt affect the power of her Psybeam, which she fired at Arbok just as it lunged up to strike with Fire Fang. Arbok was knocked back by the attack and rolled on the ground, allowing Butterfree to hit it with another Psybeam. Arbok was then able to get back up spit out an Acid Spray from its mouth, drenching Butterfree in the poisonous fluid. Butterfree used Psybeam again and this time was able to knock Arbok out.

              Daisy was surprised by how well she was doing. She had already managed to take out half of Kogas team using only two Pokmon. She hoped that her luck would continue for the rest of the battle as Koga sent out a Venomoth. The Poison Moth Pokmon and Daisys Butterfree flew in circles around each other in the air, each waiting for the other to attack. After a moment, Venomoth unleashed a wave of Poison Powder from its wings, which scattered through the air and latched onto Butterfree, poisoning her. Butterfree did her best to tough out the potion and used Supersonic to send out a pulse of sound waves that disrupted Venomoths coordination and caused confused it. Venomoth flew around and accidentally rammed into one of the invisible wall surrounding the relatively small battle arena they were fighting in. Butterfree then hit Venomoth with a Psybeam. Venomoth tried to counter by shooting a Signal Beam at Butterfree but missed and the beam of green light reflected off one of the glass walls and hit Venomoth instead. Venomoth looked like it wouldnt be able to take much more and another Psybeam from Butterfree proved that it couldnt. Venomoth fell to the ground, leaving Koga with only two Pokmon left.

              Koga recalled his Venomoth and called out his next Pokmon, Tentacruel. The big blue Jellyfish Pokmon seemed to hover just off the ground and quickly launched a Water Pulse at Butterfree. Butterfree wasnt able to dodge in time and was knocked back into a glass wall. Daisy was surprised at how durable the walls were and assumed that they must have been made out of some sort of enforced glass that was specifically designed to be able to stand up to the abuse they would take during Pokmon battles. Either way, she decided that Butterfree was looking rather tired and decided that it was time to swap her out.

              Butterfree, return! Daisy said as she held up Butterfrees Pokball. The Butterfly Pokmon was engulfed in a stream of red Poknergy and pulled back inside the Pokball. Daisy then pulled out another Pokball to call out her next Pokmon. Lets see what you can do, Poliwag!

              The round blue Tadpole Pokmon hopped up and down excitedly and slapped the ground with its tail, then jumped up and used Double Slap to strike Tentracruel across the face twice. This seemed to make Tentacruel angry and it lashed out with its tentacles, trying to catch Poliwag with Constrict. Poliwag was able to effortlessly dance around just out of Tentacruels reach and sprayed Bubble from its small pink mouth, which burst right in Tentacruels face, making it even angrier. Tentacruel continued trying to ensnare Poliwag within its grasp, but Poliwag was able to hop around Tentacruels tentacles and get close enough to smack Tentacruel with another Double Slap. Furious, Tentacruel tried to hit Poliwag with a Bubblebeam but missed. Poliwag almost seemed to be playing with Tentacruel as it dodged all of Tentacruels attacks and kept hitting it with Double Slap and Bubble. Eventually, Tentacruel tried to slap Poliwag away when he went up to hit Tentacruel with Double Slap again, but Poliwag dove to the side instead and Tentacruel slapped itself in the face, knocking itself out.

              Daisy was surprised to see Poliwag become enveloped in white light it evolved like her Bulbasaur had just a few minutes ago. His tail retracted into his body and he sprouted a pair of arms as he grew over a foot taller than he had been before, becoming a Poliwhirl. Meanwhile, Koga sent out his final Pokmon, Golbat.

              The large bat Pokmon unleashed a powerful Supersonic, letting out a powerful screeching noise that was so loud and high pitched that Daisy found herself unable to think straight. Poliwhirl seemed to be affected even worse, as he stumbled around and started firing a Bubblebeam wildly in all directions. Daisy was barely able to avoid getting sprayed herself before Golbat interrupted the attack by swooping down and striking Poliwhirl with a Wing Attack. This snapped Poliwhirl out of its confusion and allowed the evolved Water-type to charge into Golbat with Body Slam before the Golbat could fly out of his range. Golbat was knocked onto the ground, allowing Poliwhirl to use Bubble Beam again, this time actually managing to hit his intended target. Golbat struggled to get off the ground, but Poliwhirl hit it twice with Double Slap, knocking Golbat out.

              This match is concluded. Koga said as he recalled his Golbat. You are the victor.

              Yeah! Daisy raised up her right hand and Poliwhirl jumped up, high-fiving her.

              And by winning this battle you have earned a Soul Badge. Koga pulled the pink, heart-shaped badge out of his sleeve and held it out as he walked towards Daisy.

              Thank you. Daisy said politely as she took the badge from him. She pulled out her Badge Case and opened it up, placing her new badge with the five that she already had. Just two more to go.
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                Chapter 128
                Lorelei and Misty were teleported to just outside the Indigo Plateau. Lorelei headed straight inside through sliding double doors that opened up automatically as she walked up to them. Misty followed after her, looking around for Ash and Carmine. As Lorelei headed straight for the hallway leading back to the offices so that she could fill in her report, Misty wandered over to the Pokmon Center built into the west wing of the main building.

                Hey, Nurse Joy! She called to the nurse stationed there, who was sitting at her desk working on some sort of word puzzle. Do you know where Ash is?

                Wha Nurse Joy looked up at her. Oh, you just missed him. Mr. Noir said that they were heading to Pallet Town.

                Well, thats just great. Misty muttered under her breath.

                I could call a ride for you, Ms. Sensational.

                That would be nice, thank you. But dont call me that. Just call me Misty.

                Of course, Ms. Misty.

                Misty let out a sigh of mild annoyance.

                Also, Nurse Joy said. I wanted to ask you something. If you are going to go see the young Mr. Ketchum, I was wondering if you could deliver his Pikachu to him as well.

                What? Misty wasnt sure why Ash wouldnt already have his Pikachu with him. The two were completely inseparable.

                His Pikachu came down with a bad case of Pokrus while they were here. Nurse Joy explained. So he left Pikachu in our care before he left. And now his Pikachu has now made a full recovery and can be discharged, but I cant seem to get in contact with them through the number I was given. Would you mind delivering Pikachu for me?

                Sure. Misty said, still a bit surprised.

                Great! Ill go get him and call for someone to take you to Pallet Town.

                Nurse Joy set down the crossword book she was working on, then turned around and headed into the back area of the Pokmon Center. Misty waited around, tapping her foot impatiently, for a few minutes, before Nurse Joy returned with Pikachu sitting on her shoulder and a Pokball in her hand.

                Here you go. This is his Pokball. Nurse Joy said, handing the empty Pokball to Misty. And heres Pikachu.

                Pika jumped down onto the desk, looking up at Misty excitedly. It was clear that the Electric-type Mouse Pokmon was happy to see Misty again. Misty felt that something seemed different about Pika than she remembered, but she couldnt quite put her finger on what it was. Pika jumped up as Misty held out her arms and she caught the Pikachu, holding him close to her.

                Someone should be here to pick you up shortly. Nurse Joy said. Thank you again for doing this.

                * * *

                Ash walked along the side of the road with his Pokmon. Fuchsia City had finally come into view off in the distance as they made their way. Ash was excited to finally that their destination was finally in sight and sped up his pace. He had to slow down again, though, because Sandslash and Kinglers shorter legs meant that even though they were running they couldnt keep up with Ash unless if he wasnt going slowly enough for them.

                Ditto, on the other hand, was running circles around them in the form of a Dodrio. Ash wondered briefly if he could ride Ditto if he got tired, but figured it probably wouldnt be a good idea. He had only had Ditto for a few hours now, at most, but he had already got the impression that Ditto was kind of a prankster. There was no telling what kind of shenanigans that Ditto would try to pull.

                Haunter drifted along to Ashs left, acting as if he still wasnt fully awake yet. Ash wasnt sure why a ghost would even need sleep to begin with but figured that being a Ghost-type Pokmon probably wasnt the same thing as actually being a ghost, despite the similarities.

                As they finally reached the edge of the city, Ash recalled his Pokmon back into their Pokballs. Fuchsia was unlike any city that he had ever seen. The roads seemed to be paved with some kind of red gravel that gave the city a very distinctive feel. Not to mention the fact that only half of the city appeared to actually be a city. Almost everything north of the main road looked more like some kind of zoo. Ash wasnt even sure if this place could even be called a city. It felt more like some sort of strange town.
                Ash spotted the familiar red roof of a Pokmon Center at the top of a short hill on the south end of town, which appeared to be where the bulk of the actual city was built. He made his way over there, walking by a fenced off habitat containing a Kangaskhan. On his other side was what looked like the backyard of what had to have been the largest house in town. He had never seen anyone have a lake in their backyard before, though. He thought he saw a Gyarados briefly stick its head out of the water for a second. Ash stared blankly at where it had surfaced for a moment, not sure if he had really seen it. The lake didnt look large enough to have something as large as a Gyarados in it. After a few seconds, he decided to just keep going. He needed to get to the Pokmon Center so that he could heal his Pokmon and call home to let his mom know where he was.

                It didnt take long for Ash to make his way to the top of the hill and to the Pokmon Center. As he walked into the Pokmon Center, he passed by a girl with dark brown hair she seemed to scoff at him snobbishly on her way out. Ash looked down at himself and realized that he looked dirty and disheveled but he didnt really care that much. It was just a part of being a Pokmon Trainer, after all. He headed straight for the desk where a nurse was waiting.

                Hello, welcome to the Pokmon Center. She said. Do you want me to heal your Pokmon for you?

                Yeah. Ash said, placing his four Pokballs on the tray that the nurse held out to him.

                Alright then. This will just take a moment.

                Ash wondered why Pokmon trainers apparently werent allowed to just use the healing machines themselves. It didnt seem like they were particularly hard to operate and it seemed kind of unnecessary to always have to hand his Pokmon to a nurse every time. He figured that there must be some reason for it, but he didnt really feel like asking as the nurse handed Ashs Pokmon back to him. He took the Pokballs and put them back on his belt before turning and heading over to where the phones were. He was sure that his mom would be worried sick by now and didnt want to keep her waiting any longer.

                He stood in front of the green video phone and dialed home. It was the only phone number that he had ever bothered memorizing. Ash barely had time to pick of the phone and hold it up to his ear before his mom answered and he was staring at his face in the video screen in front of him.

                Oh, Ash, where are you? Are you okay? You arent hurt, are you? I was so worried! You look alright, are you alright? Oh, I hope youre alright! Delia was speaking so quickly that Ash barely had time to register what she was even saying.

                Im fine, Mom. Ash tried to reassure her. Im in Fuchsia City right now.

                Im going to send Carmine to come get you right now. Delia said.

                Um Ash wasnt sure how to say what he wanted to say. I would actually prefer if you didnt.

                What? Delia was stunned by this unexpected reply.

                Well, I was thinking that, since Im here, I might as well continue on my journey. On my own.

                But why?

                Well, I just kind of want to prove to myself that I can do this without having Carmine around. Its been nice having him to train me but I want to prove to myself that I can do this without help.

                But Delia didnt know what to say.

                Just let the kid go. Ash heard Carmines voice from the other end of the line. He must have been standing just off-screen. Hes more than capable of handling himself.

                Im going to get this thing activated or whatever. Ash held up the currently useless Pokgear that she had given him that morning. So youll be able to get a hold of me whenever you want.

                Ash wasnt sure that he actually wanted his mom to be able to call him at any time, knowing that she would probably be constantly checking up on him, but he knew that it would make her more comfortable letting him stay on his own for a while.

                Okay. Delia relented at last. But if anything happens, anything at all, Im sending Carmine right away.
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                  Chapter 129
                  Ash set the phone down and turned around to leave. A new city meant a new Gym and he was looking forward to getting his second badge that day. If only he could always get things done so quickly. He would have finished his journey a long time ago if it was that easy. Then again, Gym battles get harder the more badges you win so even if he could reach the Gyms quickly, he would still have to train for them. But Ash was still confident that he could take on the next Gym without any problems. That last one was quite easy and even if he would have to face a full team of six Pokmon next time, he knew that his team would be able to handle it. Of course, it would be easier if Ash himself had a full team.

                  As Ash headed for the door to leave, he caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see someone waving at him from the other end of the Pokmon Center.

                  Hey, Ash! Over here!

                  It took Ash a moment to recognize the trainer that he had met earlier outside of the House of Imite. It took him even longer to remember the guys name. He walked over to where Shu was sitting. There were eight chairs positioned around a large glass table with two at each side, alternating between blue and yellow cushions. Shu sat in one of the chairs facing the entrance of the Pokmon center. He looked pretty much the same as earlier except that he was now wearing a red baseball cap with a stylized yellow PM on the front. Ash assumed that it was supposed to stand for Pokmon Master. There was another kid sitting in one of the other chairs, who Ash didnt recognize.

                  Um, hi. Ash said uncertainly as he walked up and stood behind one of the chairs facing Shu.

                  Good to see you again. Shu smiled. I take you managed to defeat Duplica without any trouble. I take it that shes probably still new to the whole Gym Leader thing because she doesnt seem to be very good at battling yet, but I think that she does have potential. I know I was able to knock out all six of her Pokmon using only my Pikachu and that Mankey that I caught earlier. But I suppose I should probably ask you how youre doing instead of just rambling on about myself.

                  Ash walked around the chair he was standing behind and sat down in it, taking his backpack off and setting in the floor. He had a feeling that he was going to be there for a while. He noticed that Shus Pikachu was lying down relaxed on the armrest of his chair and that the other trainer had a Pikachu of his own that was resting on his lap. Ash subconsciously reached a hand over his shoulder to pet his own Pikachu but, of course, his fingers met nothing but air. He tried to pass off the movement by rubbing his shoulder instead.

                  Im fine. Ash said reflexively. But I was planning on going over to challenge the Fuchsia Gym right now, so if you dont mind

                  Oh, that sounds like a good idea. Personally, I was planning on taking a break and challenging the Gym tomorrow but I suppose just getting it over with has its merits as well. And how many trainers can say that they managed to get two Gym Badges in one day? I actually dont know but I doubt there are very many. But then again maybe there are a lot that have. In fact, I suppose its possible that youve already done so yourself and that this will actually be your third badge of the day. I actually dont even know how long youve been a trainer or-

                  Shu! The other trainer cut him off. Slow down.

                  Right. Shu looked embarrassed. Im rambling again, arent I? Sorry about that.

                  Im Ritchie, by the way. The other trainer said to Ash.

                  Im Ash. He replied. Ash Ketchum.

                  Ritchie tried to hold back a chuckle.

                  What? Ash wondered what was so funny.

                  Oh, nothing. Its just that Ash is what we used to call Shu when he was younger. Although, if youve already met him, then he probably already told you that.

                  I think he did mention that. Ash tried to remember.

                  Im pretty sure that I did. Shu said.

                  So, are you two traveling together? Ash asked.

                  No. Ritchie replied.

                  We both grew up in Viridian City together but when we both started our Pokmon journeys, we went separate ways. Shu elaborated. Meeting up here today was actually just a nice coincidence.

                  How about you? Ritchie asked Ash. Where are you from?

                  Pallet Town. Ash answered. Its a small town just south of Viridian.

                  Yeah, Ive heard of it before.

                  Hey, does that mean youre related to Graham Ketchum, the famous Pokmon Trainer? Shu asked excitedly. Ive heard that he lives in Pallet Town too, and you have the same last name.

                  Yeah. Ash said. Thats my dad.

                  It must be so cool to have a famous Pokmon Trainer for a dad. Whats he been up to? I havent heard of him entering any tournaments or anything the past few years.

                  Ritchie turned to Shu and started shaking his head quickly. Ash figured that he had probably heard about what happened in the news.

                  Um Ash looked down at the table. He disappeared. Five years ago.

                  Oh Shu realized from Ashs reaction that it must have been a sore subject, which it was. Im sorry to hear that. Um, anyway

                  Shus attention drifted away as Ash heard the Pokmon Centers front door slide open. He let out a shrill whistle, which caused Ritchie to sigh and bury his face in hand in embarrassment from his friend's behavior. Shu got up quickly, almost knocking his Pikachu onto the floor, and hurried over to greet whoever had just walked in.

                  Why, hello! Shu said energetically to whoever had just entered the Pokmon Center. My names Shu, short for Satoshi Shigeru. But you can just call me Shu. What brings such a beautiful girl such as yourself to a place like this?

                  Umm I need to get my Pokmon healed.

                  Ash suddenly turned around in his chair, surprised by the familiar voice. Daisy was standing there holding a small, pink and green Pokmon in her arms.

                  Hey, Daisy! Ash waved at her.

                  Hi, Ash! Daisy beamed as she saw him there.

                  Daisy. What a fitting name for a delicate young flower such as yourself.

                  Daisy glared at Shu, apparently having taken that as an insult. Nice try, but Im not interested.

                  Oh well. Shu shrugged and started walking back to the table. It was worth a try.

                  Daisy went to talk to the nurse and get her Pokmon healed while Shu returned to his seat.

                  So, I take it you know that girl. Ritchie said to Ash, trying to ignore Shu.

                  Yeah, thats my friend Daisy. Ash said. Shes from Pallet Town, too.

                  Interesting. Ritchie said. I guess this must just be the place to meet up with old friends.

                  Maybe. Ash shrugged. Im pretty sure that its just a coincidence, though.

                  Two pairs of old friends meeting up at the same place on the same day seems like an awfully big coincidence, though.

                  I think you might be looking too deeply into this. Shu said. And this is me saying that.

                  I know. Ritchie laughed.

                  Daisy walked up to them and sat down in one of the chairs on the side of the table no one was sitting at yet.

                  So what are we talking about over here? She asked.

                  Nothing, really. Ash said.

                  Hi, my name is Ritchie. Ritchie introduced himself. And my rather rude friend over here is Shu, but he already told you that.

                  Im Daisy. Daisy leaned forward and set her Cleffa down on the table. The baby Pokmon looked around and sat down, a big smile on its face.

                  Is that a shiny? Shu asked with intrigue.

                  Thats what Ive been told, anyway. Daisy shrugged. I dont really care about that though. Id love my little baby Cleffa either way.

                  Wait, whats a shiny? Ash asked, confused about what they were talking about.

                  A shiny Pokmon is a rare kind of Pokmon that has a different coloration than normal. Shu explained. Theyre supposed to be extremely rare. Most trainers are lucky to ever even see one, let alone capture one.

                  That sounds interesting. Ash said. I wonder if Ill ever find one.

                  I doubt it. The changes of ever encountering one are supposed to be well below one in a thousand.
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                    Chapter 130
                    Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Zoroark and Jigglypuff all stood around in the alleyway between the Cerulean City Gym and the Pokmon Center next door to it, continuing to argue about what they should do since the Gym was closed. They were all too busy to notice the three older members of the Sensational Sisters walk past the alleyway towards the Gym and just continued trying to come up with something to do that they could all agree on.

                    Look! Bulbasaur yelled at the others. Why dont we just split up and do our own things for now, then meet up here again tomorrow and see if the Gym is open yet.

                    I suppose that does sound like a good idea. Squirtle stroked his chin in an attempt at looking contemplative.

                    Seems good to me. Charmander said enthusiastically.

                    That would be fair. Zoroark nodded.

                    Whatever. Jigglypuff didnt seem as pleased as the others.

                    Alright then! Squirtle raised a fist into the air dramatically. We will meet up back here again in twenty-four hours!

                    The group of five headed out of the alleyway and into the city, where they parted ways. However, as Zoroark used her Illusion ability to reassume her Zahira Darhk disguise and walked by the entrance to the Gym, she suddenly turned back and called out to the others before they wandered too far off.

                    Hey, look! Its open now!

                    The other four Pokmon all headed back to her with surprised looks on their faces.

                    What, already? Bulbasaur asked.

                    Yeah. Zoroark pointed to the door. The sign that said it was closed is gone and the lights are on now. The Gym Leader must have just come back while we were trying to decide what to do.

                    Now if only they could have gotten here a little sooner. Squirtle muttered. We could have avoided this whole thing and just went straight to challenging the Gym.

                    Well, whats done is done. Zoroark shrugged. Now, lets just go get this over with. Bulbasaur is up first, right?

                    Yep. Bulbasaur nodded. I think I that I should be ready for this, so lets go.

                    Zoroark stepped closer to the door, which slid open to allow her and the others to head inside the Gym. They were immediately hit by the smell of chlorine, though Squirtle was the only one to actually know what it was, as they headed over to the large pool that filled the center of the Gym. Daisy, Violet and Lily were talking about something together and were surprised to see Zoroark and the others come up to them.

                    Can we help you? Violet asked Zoroark.

                    Im here to challenge the Gym Leader. Zoroark said.

                    Violet turned back to her sisters with an expression that suggested that she was unsure about something, but then Daisy raised her hand.

                    I accept your challenge. Daisy said and started walking over to the other end of the pool.

                    Are you sure about this? Lily asked her oldest sister.

                    Yeah, sure. Daisy said weakly. Why not?

                    Daisy reached her spot and pulled out a Pokball.

                    I think Ive heard of you from some of the other Gym Leaders. She called out to Zoroark. Youre Zahira Darhk, right?

                    Um, yes. Zoroark had to think for a moment to remember her fake name.

                    Alright. Daisy let out a soft sigh and grabbed the side of her face with her left hand. Im not feeling too great right now, so lets get this done quickly. If you can knock out all three of my Pokmon using up to three of your own, then you win. If I knock your three Pokmon first, then you lose.

                    Right. Zoroark nodded.

                    Then lets get this battle started. Go, Goldeen!

                    The white and orange Goldfish Pokmon emerged from Daisys Pokball and dove into the pool while Bulbasaur stood in front of Zoroark and prepared himself for the battle. He was a disadvantage due to being limited to his spot while Goldeen had free range of the entire area. He decided that the best course of action would be to wait for Goldeen to strike, then hit it with his own move. He waited as Goldeen swam around the pool, looking like it was considering its own options before it jumping out of the water in front of Bulbasaur so that it could hit him with a Peck attack using its horn. Bulbasaur slapped Goldeen to the side with his Vine Whip and followed it up with a Leech Seed. The seed hit Goldeen just under its left fin as it fell back into the water, taking root and hindering Goldeens maneuverability, in addition to slowly draining its health. Goldeen struggled to swim around to the other side of the pool without being able to use its left fin properly but was slow enough that Bulbasaur was able to hit by launching a pair of Razor Leaves at Goldeen. Goldeen was barely able to hold on after the attack but had enough strength to turn around and fire a water Pulse from its horn at Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur was hit directly in the face by the attack and become momentarily confused. He flailed his vine around and accidentally whipped himself with them while Goldeen swam up and jumped out of the water. The Water-type slammed into Bulbasaur horn-first using Peck, which caused Bulbasaur to take a step back and whip his vines around even more, hitting Goldeen and knocking it out.

                    Daisy recalled Goldeen and sent out her next Pokmon, Dewgong. The majestic white Sea Lion Pokmon dove into the water like Goldeen had and used Icy Wind. It felt like the temperature in the Gym must have dropped at least twenty degrees and the pool started to freeze over. Dewgong jumped up onto the newly created sheet of ice covering the surface of the water as it formed. Bulbasaur saw this as an opportunity and jumped down onto the ice. He and his opponent would now have equal footing, or so Bulbasaur thought. Unfortunately for him, he had not taken into account how slippery the ice would be and ended up sliding right into the side of the pool. Dewgong did not hesitate to attack Bulbasaur while he was vulnerable and blasted a Signal Beam from the horn on its head. The Bug-type move hit Bulbasaur from behind as he tried to get back onto his feet and sent him ricocheting off of the wall and around the frozen pool. Dewgong then used Ice Shard, condensing the moister in the air into a large cone of ice which dropped down onto the frozen-over water and cracked the layer of ice. Dewgong followed it up with another Ice Shard, followed by another until the sheet of ice covering the pool shattered and Bulbasaur fell into the icy water. Bulbasaur managed to pull himself up onto a frozen chunk of ice but used the last of his strength to do so and promptly collapsed.

                    Squirtle sighed as he walked up to the side of the pool. Things were not going according to plan. Bulbasaur was supposed to take down at least two of the Gym Leaders Pokmon, but what was done was done. Squirtle dove into the icy water and swam up to Bulbasaur and was able to pick him up and carry him out to the edge of the pool, where Zoroark grabbed Bulbasaur and lifted him up. Daisy and her sister watched this and were confused as to why Zahira didnt simply recall Bulbasaur into its Pokball like any other trainer would, but none of them decided to question her about it right then.

                    With that done, Squirtle turned around to face Dewgong and jumped up onto a chunk of floating ice. His options of effective moves to use against Dewgong were limited, but fortunately, the Water and Ice-type Dewgong likely didnt have very many moves that would be effective against Squirtle, either. Dewgong fired a Signal Beam at Squirtle, who side-jumped out of the way and into the water. He navigated around the chunks of frozen ice that filled the pool as Dewgong dove into the water as well. Squirtle had never been so glad that Samantha used to enter him into all of those Beartic Swim challenges back in the day, which made Squirtle used to swimming in this kind of environment. Unfortunately, Dewgong was even more comfortable swimming around the ice-filled water, which meant that Squirtles past experiences merely helped even the odds rather than give him an advantage. Still, Squirtle had confidence in himself and was sure that he could win this battle.
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                      Chapter 131
                      Squirtle dove under a particularly large chunk of ice as Dewgong zigzagged through the water towards him. As Dewgong approached, Squirtle swam back up and Tackled Dewgong with enough force to knock Dewgong out of the water, where it landed on a patch of ice. Squirtle jumped out of the water after Dewgong, only to get hit with a Signal Beam and get sent flying back into the edge of the pool. Squirtle felt the air get knocked out of his lungs as his shell collided with the side of the pool and he sank into the freezing cold water.

                      Squirtle found the settling in his mind that perhaps, even after all of his training, he was still far too under-leveled to actually stand a chance in this fight. He tried to shove that thought out of his mind, though. Now was not the time to be second-guessing himself. He needed to concentrate on the battle and try harder to defeat his opponent.

                      Dewgong dove back into the water and swam over to Squirtle, Headbutting him before Squirtle was able to swim out of the way. Squirtle knew now that he was outmatched, so he did the only thing that he could. Squirtle used Withdraw, retracting into his shell in the hope that he could by himself enough time to come up with a plan on how to beat Dewgong. Unfortunately, he was running out of air and would soon have to swim back up to the surface of the water so that he could breathe. Combined with Dewgong repeatedly ramming into Squirtle, he knew that he was in a very bad situation that he needed to find a way out of. Unfortunately, no opportunities presented themselves and he was forced to try and swim up for air. As soon as Squirtle pulled his head and limbs out of his shell, Squirtle found himself being knocked upward by a particularly strong Headbutt from Dewgong. The force of the attack sent Squirtle flying up out of the water and he landed flat on his back next to Zoroark. He tried to stand back up again, but the last of Squirtle’s strength failed him and he collapsed.

                      Charmander gulped audibly as he stared at Squirtle in horror. He slowly turned his gaze to the icy pool, where Dewgong was waiting. It was all up to him now, but Charmander knew that there was no way that he would stand even the slightest chance against Dewgong. Despite his fear, Charmander inched his way slowly to the edge of the pool, holding his tail defensively behind him to try and prevent it from getting wet. Charmander still remembered the torturous pain he had been in when he had to stay out in the pouring rain after Damion had abandoned him and had absolutely no desire to have to go through that again.

                      Once he had reached the side of the pool and looked down at Dewgong, who was lying on a large chunk of ice, waiting for him. Charmander already knew that this battle would end in his swift defeat, but despite that he called up as much of his power as he could to let out the strongest Ember that he could muster. Dewgong was unable to dodge the attack but still seemed relatively fine despite taking the full force of Charmander’s Ember. Dewgong’s face suddenly contorted in extreme effort, as if it were trying to lift something up that was far too heavy. After a moment, the pure white Sea Lion Pokémon released a blast of Sheer Cold. Charmander felt like the blood running through his veins was icing over as his entire body froze up and he fell onto his back before passing out from the cold. The battle was over.

                      “Well…” Daisy said awkwardly, clearly having expected a bit more from ‘Zahira’s’ team. “Better luck next time, I guess.”

                      * * *

                      Misty looked around as she walked through the streets of Pallet Town. It occurred to her that she had no idea where she was actually going.

                      “You know where Ash lives, right?” Misty asked the Pikachu resting on her shoulder.

                      Pika nodded and pointed towards what appeared to be an inn. Misty was confused for a moment, before remembering that she had been told that Ash’s mom managed the Pallet House. She was fairly sure that Ash and his mom did not actually live there but she didn’t have any better ideas, so she made her way towards it. Just as she almost reached the entrance of the Pallet House, however, the front door of the house just across the street opened up and a familiar man with dark red hair walked out.

                      “Carmine?” Misty turned and ran to him.

                      “What are you doing here?” Carmine asked her as she got close, before he notices Pika on her shoulder.

                      “I wanted to see Ash.” Misty explained. “I’ve got something for him.”

                      “I can see that.” Carmine nodded. “Unfortunately, you’ve just missed him.”

                      “What?” Misty wasn’t counting on that.

                      “Yeah. He’s actually in Fuchsia right now.”

                      Misty stared at Carmine, dumbstruck. Her jaw dropped slightly.

                      “It’s a long story.” Carmine shrugged. “Which I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to tell you when we get there.”


                      “Yeah, sure, why not. We agreed that I won’t be traveling with him anymore but that doesn’t mean that I can’t give you a lift to go see him. It’s not like I have anything better to do right now.”

                      “Thank you.” Misty said. “It sounds like a lot has changed since I left.”

                      “It’s been a long day.” Carmine shrugged. “And I’m sure it’s probably been even longer for the birthday boy, so let’s not keep him waiting any longer then he has to.”

                      “Wait, it’s Ash’s birthday?” Misty gasped.

                      “Yeah, it is. Now let’s get going already.”

                      “But shouldn’t I get him a present or something?”

                      “Is that really what you’re thinking about right now?” Carmine sighed. “Getting that Pikachu back is probably going to be the best thing he could hope for. Plus, he seems pretty fond of you, so that’ll be a bonus.”

                      Misty blushed and looked down at her feet.

                      “Oh, grow up.” Carmine sighed again and pulled out an Ultra Ball. “Now let’s get this show on the road before you waste any more of my time. If you have any more questions, just ask Ash when you see him.”

                      “Right.” Misty looked up again. “So will we be teleporting or…”

                      “We’re flying.” Carmine sent out his Skarmory. “Do you have a problem with that?”

                      “No.” Misty shook her head. “I was just wondering.”

                      Carmine climbed up on the back of his Armor Bird Pokémon and patted it on the head. “She’s strong enough to carry us both there, but you’re going to have to hold on tight.”

                      “Are you sure we can’t just teleport there or something?” Misty asked.

                      “If I had a Pokémon that could use Teleport then we’d already be there right now. Now get on or we’re taking off without you.”

                      “Right.” Misty rushed over and climbed on Skarmory’s back behind Carmine. She put her arms tightly around his waist as Pika climbed down and nestled between them as comfortably as he could.

                      A moment later and they were off, soaring through the skies above Kanto. Misty clung on tightly to avoid falling off the big metal bird and Pika had to hold himself steady between the two humans. Misty was surprised at how fast Skarmory was able to go and was glad that it didn’t take very long before they slowed down and landed right in front of the Pokémon Center in Fuchsia City.

                      “We’re here.” Carmine said as Misty let go of him and stepped back onto the ground.

                      “I noticed.” Misty’s felt like everything was swirly around for a moment before Pika jumped back up onto her shoulders.

                      “Then what are you standing around out here for?” Carmine asked as he recalled his Skarmory back into its Ultra Ball. “He’s probably still inside.”

                      “Right.” Misty headed for the Pokémon Center’s entrance. The twin doors slid open as she walked up to them and headed inside.

                      It only took a few seconds for Pika to spot his trainer and jump down onto the floor, running towards where Ash was talking with some other trainers. Misty tried to stifle a laugh at Ash’s surprised reaction as Pika suddenly jumped up onto his chair to greet him, then walked up behind Ash’s chair and looked down at Ash right as he happened to look up. The look on Ash’s face was priceless.
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                        Chapter 132
                        Misty? Ash blurted out in shocked surprise as he looked up at the redheaded Gym Leader standing over him.

                        Pika rubbed his face against Ashs chest affectionately, happy to be reunited with his trainer. The Pikachus cheeks brushing up against Ash were sending a small electrical current running through him, that was nothing compared to the shock of Pika and Mistys sudden and unexpected appearances. Before Ash could come up with anything else to say, but to his mild surprise, Shu spoke up instead.

                        Why, hello there. My name is Satoshi Shigeru but you can call be Shu. Misty looked up at the unfamiliar trainer who she was sure she had never seen before, who had suddenly gotten up and walked over to her when she hadnt been looking. So youre Misty, huh? I take it that you must be the youngest of the Sensational Sisters of Cerulean City. I had always heard that the fourth Sensational sister was supposed to be the least beautiful but clearly those rumors were false. Why, it actually feels like a shame that I had to go up against one of your sisters when I challenged the Cerulean Gym since that means that I missed out on the change to see your beautiful face before now.

                        Misty blushed slightly, partly embarrassed by the unexpected attention. She wasnt entirely sure how to react, but it was always nice being told that she was better than her sisters. Misty thought that Shus mannerisms kind of reminded her of the first time that she had met Brock.

                        I didnt think that Id see you again so soon. Ash stood up quickly, holding Pika in his arms as he turned to face Misty. He glared at Shu through the corner of his eye for a split second before turning his gaze back to Misty. How did it go?

                        Thats a bit of a long story. Misty said awkwardly. Lets just say that we werent really able to find anything out. I headed back to the Indigo Plateau when we finished, but the nurse told me that you had already left and asked me to bring Pika to you. Then I got a lift to Pallet Town, only to find that you werent there either, so Carmine ended up having to fly me all of the way over here.

                        Shu glanced back and forth between Misty and Ash. He then gave a sly grin and backed off, sitting back down in his chair. Both of his and Ritchies Pikachu had jumped up onto the glass table and were trying to get a better look at the third Pikachu that Ash was holding.

                        Huh, thats odd. Misty said as he looked back behind her. I thought Carmine had come in here with me. I wonder where he went.

                        Who knows with him? Ash shrugged. But its nice to see you again. And thank you for bringing Pika back to me. I was worried about him.

                        No problem. Misty said. So, whats going on here, anyway?

                        Hi, Misty! Daisy waved.

                        It took Misty a moment to realize who Daisy was since she hadnt seen her since the S.S. Anne, but she waved back. Ash sat back down and Misty walked around to take a seat next to him.

                        Its nice to meet you. Ritchie said, nodding politely. My names Ritchie and, well, I guess Shu here already introduced himself. We were all just telling each other stories about our Pokmon journeys so far.

                        Ash let go of Pika, who jumped off his lap and onto the table where the other two Pikachu and Daisys Cleffa were. The three Electric-type Mouse Pokmon seemed to introduce themselves to each other, while Cleffa danced around happily. Misty suddenly remembered something and pulled out a Pokball, letting Volty out to play with the other Pikachu. Pika and Volty immediately ran up to each other and rubbed their cheeks together, sending sparks flying around them.

                        Am I the only one here who doesnt have a Pikachu? Daisy asked sarcastically.

                        It would appear so. Shu laughed.

                        Well, Volty is actually Ashs. Misty pointed out. Ive just been holding on to her for a while. So, what exactly happened to put you all the way over here, Ash?

                        Didnt Carmine tell you when he brought you here? Ash asked.

                        Misty glared at Ash silently.

                        No, I guess he wouldnt do that. Ash laughed and scratched the back of his head nervously.

                        Seriously, how did you end up going from the Indigo Plateau to Pallet Town all the way out here in Fuchsia City within a day? Misty asked.

                        Its a long story. Ash replied.

                        I have time. Misty folded her arms and leaned back in her chair.

                        Wait. Shu said. I thought you only had five badges. Why were you already at the Indigo Plateau?

                        Five badges? Daisy repeated in surprise. You have one less than me? I thought I would have behind the rest of you by now.

                        Hey, you know what? Ash tried to change the subject. I just remembered that I was going to go challenge the Fuchsia Gym. I should probably go do that now before it gets too late.

                        What are you talking about? Ritchie asked. Its still just early afternoon. You still have plenty of time to take on the Gym today.

                        Come on, Pika! Lets get going! Ash quickly stood up and slipped his backpack on, then held his arm out just long enough his Pikachu to jump on and climb up to his shoulder before turning around and running out of the Pokmon Center.

                        * * *

                        Red, Yellow and Sable sat down on a bench in the park directly across from the Celadon Department Store after they had finished shopping. Red was sure that he had never spent so much money before in his life and the fact that he could actually afford it amazed him. He wasnt used to actually having enough money to just spend it on things.

                        That was fun. Sable said.

                        Yeah! Yellow agreed.

                        Not exactly something that we can do on a regular basis, though. Red sighed. He may have been able to afford it, but they had still burnt through a lot of what he had saved up since starting his journey. But it will be nice to finally have enough sleeping bags for everyone.

                        Ive never actually used a sleeping bag before. Sable mused as she held the new straw sunhat she had gotten and pulled out a pair of feathers from a pocket sewn into her dark purple dress. She stuck the two feathers into the side of the hat and put it on. The feathers seemed to catch the sunlight in such a way that one seemed to reflect a rainbow of color while the other sparkled silver.

                        Woah. Yellow seemed mesmerized by the hat.

                        Have you been carrying those around this entire time? Red asked Sable.

                        Yes. Sable nodded. They were given to me a long time ago.

                        Red waited for her to elaborate, but it was clear that she was done talking about it. Yellow decided to take off backpack that Red had just gotten for her and set in on the ground by Red, then ran off towards the large fountain in front of them, which seemed to be the centerpiece of the park.

                        Dont run off too far! Red called after her.

                        I wont! She yelled back.

                        That girl just wont stay still for very long. Red leaned back against the bench.

                        Its in her nature. Sable said. We were all like that once, full of excitement and waiting to explore the world around us.

                        I guess. Red sighed.

                        And I feel like being around her has started to bring back that part of me.

                        Sable stood up on the bench and held her arms out to her sides, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of the sunshine and the slight breeze that was blowing by. Red looked up at her and for a moment she almost seemed to have a faint pink glow around her but it disappeared as he blinked. Red figured that it must have just been the sunlight playing a trick on his eyes.

                        What are you staring at? Sable asked as she opened her eyes again and looked down at Red.

                        Nothing. Red said quickly as he turned back to watch Yellow run around the fountain with Chuchu and Eve.
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                          Chapter 133
                          Ash ran down the street as he hurried over to the Gym, Pika clinging tightly onto his shoulder. He was able to find the Gym easily and rushed inside. He spotted the Gym Leader sitting in the middle of the room right away and walked up to challenge him, only to run face-first into an invisible wall. He took a step back and stood there for a moment before holding his hand out against the reinforced glass.

                          “What?” Ash muttered to himself as he walked along the wall, keeping his hand out to feel around for when it ended.

                          When Ash reached the edge of the glass wall, he went around it and tried to head straight to the Gym Leader again. Unfortunately for Ash, he ran into another glass wall. He tried not to curse as took a step away from the glass wall. It was obvious that this was supposed to be some kind of invisible maze. Ash had no idea why this maze was here, but he felt like he really didn’t have time to try and make his way through it.

                          Ash closed his eyes and started breathing slowly. It came to him faster this time than it had back in the House of Imite just earlier that day. The glass walls that were more or less invisible to his eyes were as clearly visible to him as anything else with this second sight that he was developing. He still had no idea how this worked or why he was able to see things this way, but he certainly wasn’t complaining.

                          Now that he was able to ‘see’ the walls of the maze clearly, he was able to navigate through it without any trouble. He noticed as he walked around the Gym that there seemed to be passageways underneath the floor. He thought this was odd at first, a feeling that only increased as a woman ran through one of those passageways leading to where the Gym Leader was sitting. He watched as the dark purple figure of the Gym Leader stood up and went through some sort of trap door beneath him, while the lighter purple figure of the person below climbed up and took his place. It took Ash a moment to realize what was going on before he remembered that Gym’s tended to have more than one Leader. He had likely just seen two of the Gym Leaders here change shifts or something along those lines.

                          It didn’t take Ash very long to get through the maze. He opened his eyes just as he turned the final corner to where the new Gym Leader was waiting.

                          “My name is Ash Ketchum and I challenge you to a Gym battle.” Ash said.

                          “I am Aya of the Fuchsia City Gym.” The dark-green haired Gym Leader said. “Now let’s get started, shall we?”

                          Aya pulled a Pokéball out from her sleeve and held it out. A giant ball of purple ooze splatted onto the ground. A pair of eyes slowly opened up as the Muk opened its mouth and stretched out an arm from its sludge-like body. Ash grabbed a Pokéball from his belt and sent out his own Pokémon.

                          “You can do this, Haunter!”

                          The Ghost and Poison-Type Pokémon emerged from his Pokéball, floating in the air with a serious expression on his face.

                          “Very good.” Aya said. “Sending out a Poison-type against me may not give you an advantage in this fight, but using a Poison-type means that I can’t inflict Poison on your Pokémon, severely limiting my potential strategies.”

                          Ash blinked. He hadn’t even taken that into consideration. He had sent out Haunter first simply because he was one of his strongest fighters. He wasn’t sure how well Fearow or Kingler would do in this battle and he had decided that Ditto’s versatility and power made it best suited for if he didn’t have any other options. Sandslash would have a type advantage against Aya’s Poison-type Pokémon, but Ash felt like saving him for later, just in case. He actually would have preferred to send Pika out first, since this was their first battle together again, but unfortunately Misty hadn’t given him the Pikachu’s Pokéball yet, which meant that Pika wasn’t officially a part of his team again right now and he wouldn’t be allowed to use him. Plus, he would have had to take someone out of his team, since he already had six Pokémon, including the egg that Professor Oak had given him. Ash briefly wondered when he had started putting this much thought into which Pokémon he would lead a battle with. Pushing that thought aside, Ash shifted his focus onto the battle.

                          Muk used Minimize to reduce its size, shrinking down to around half of its original size to make it harder for Haunter to his it. While it shrunk, Haunter used Confuse Ray on Muk, causing it to become confused. In its confusion, Muk ended up punching itself in the face by mistake. While Muk was distracted by its own inadvertent attack, Haunter hit Muk with a Shadow Punch. Muk tried to throw a Sludge Bomb at Haunter but ended up throwing straight up, where it then fell back down and hit Muk. Haunter followed that up with another Shadow Punch. After taking several more hits without being able to attack Haunter at all, Muk finally collapsed.

                          Aya sent out her second Pokémon, a Weezing. The Poison Gas Pokémon floated around in the air, facing Haunter with an angry expression on the larger of its two heads, while the smaller head seemed bored and wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around it. Weezing didn’t act at first, so Haunter hit it with a Sucker Punch. Weezing was knocked back by the attack but quickly recovered and used Assurance, ramming into Haunter while engulfed in a shroud of energy. Haunter drifted away from Weezing, unused to taking a direct impact like that, and decided to Spite Weezing. A flash of red glinted in Haunter’s eyes as he glared at Weezing, who suddenly found itself drained of the energy needed for another attack like that.

                          Aya decided that the best course of action now was to have her Weezing use Smokescreen, temporarily filling the area with a thick black fog that would make it harder for Haunter to be able to attack Weezing. What she didn’t count on was Haunter using Night Shade to send out a pulse of ghostly energy in every direction. The move proved enough to take down Weezing, while not affecting Ash or Aya at all despite them both standing in range of the attack.

                          With two of her Pokémon down, Aya sent out her Arbok. The large purple snake slithered around the ground. It was unable to use its eye to see due to the smokescreen still filling the air, but was able to detect Haunter’s position by scent. Arbok made its way behind Haunter and got ready to strike. Ash could sense Arbok’s movements and was about to warn Haunter of the oncoming attack, but was too late. Arbok shot up from the ground almost like a bolt of lightning and bit Haunter using a Crunch attack. Haunter let out a brief howl of pain and hit Arbok with a Shadow Punch, for once glad that he had hands. Arbok was knocked back onto the ground as Haunter gathered energy and threw a Shadow Ball at where he was sure that Arbok must have landed. The attack hit but was not enough to knock out Arbok, who leapt up at Haunter and used Crunch again. Both Pokémon fell to the ground, with Haunter knocked out.

                          Ash recalled Haunter back into his Pokéball and pulled out his next one. The smoke was finally beginning to clear as Ash sent out his Sandslash. Arbok tried to use Crunch on Sandslash, but the spiky Pokémon used Defense Curl so that Arbok ended up biting into Sandslash’s tough spikey shell, hurting itself more than Sandslash. Sandslash then unrolled itself and swiped the air with its claws, creating a tornado of sand and causing Arbok to be engulfed within the Sand Tomb. Arbok was tossed around by the sand, leaving it open for Sandslash to use Defense Curl again and then slam into Arbok with Rollout, knocking out the Cobra Pokémon.

                          Sandslash continued rolling around the floor as Aya recalled her Arbok and sent out a Venomoth. However, almost as soon as the Poison Moth Pokémon emerged from its Pokéball, Sandslash suddenly jumped up from the floor, continuing to roll around, and slammed into Venomoth. Venomoth tried to use Silver Wind on Sandslash but wasn’t fast enough and Sandslash rammed into Venomoth with Rollout again, knocking it out.

                          “You’re doing much better than I thought you would.” Aya said as she recalled her Venomoth. “But don’t get your hopes up. This battle is about to turn around in my favor.”
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                            Chapter 134
                            Aya pulled out a Pokéball and sent out her fifth Pokémon of the match: Tentacruel. The moment that the big blue squid-like Pokémon emerged from its Pokéball, Ash knew that he was in trouble. He wasn’t very familiar with Tentacruel’s ability but it was obviously a Water-type, which put his Ground-Type Sandslash at a big disadvantage. On the other hand, Tentacruel must have been a Poison-type as well if Aya was using it, which meant that it would still be weak to Sandslash’s attacks like all of her other Pokémon. Or at least, it would be weak to Sandslash’s attacks once Sandslash was finally finished with it Rollout.

                            Tentacruel didn’t even seem to flinch as Sandslash crashed into it and shot out a Bubble Beam from the central jewel on its head. Sandslash was knocked into one of the reinforced glass walls surrounding them and fell to the ground, almost out of energy. Ash was surprised at how much punishment those walls were able to handle but didn’t have time to think about it because the battle was still going on.

                            “Sandslash, return!” Ash called out as he held up Sandslash’s Pokéball. He wasn’t going to just stand around and watch his Pokémon get beaten when he didn’t have to. This left him with a bit of a dilemma of who to send out next, though. He really wished that he hadn’t run off to the Gym like he did because if he hadn’t, then he would actually be able to use Pika right now. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option unless he wanted to be disqualified from the battle. “Go, Kingler!”

                            The orange Pincer Pokémon landed on the hardwood floor in front of Ash and snapped its claws menacingly at Tentacruel. Tentacruel responded by thrusting one of its tentacles at Kingler with Poison Jab. Pincer was hit by the attack and infected by Tentacruel’s poison but was able to grab the tentacle and squeeze it with Vice Grip. Tentacruel tried to use Bubble Beam to force Kingler to release his grip but Kingler countered with a Bubble Beam of his own. The two powerful streams of bubbles collided in midair and resulted in an explosion of water across the battlefield. Kingler then jumped forward with more power and agility than would be expected from the crab-like Pokémon and uppercuted Tentacruel with a Metal Claw while still holding its tentacle firmly in its large left pincer. The attack didn’t do much damage but it was able to through Tentacruel off balance. Kingler took the opportunity to attack while Tentacruel was stunned and let go of the tentacle he was holding to fire a Mud Shot at Tentacruel. The mud covered the Jellyfish Pokémon’s face, forcing Tentacruel to keep its eyes shut tightly and effectively blinding it.

                            Tentacruel jabbed at the air with its tentacles, each glowing purple with the power of its Poison Jab. However, each attempt at an attack completely missed Kingler, who was able to fire two more Mud Shots at Tentacruel before it collapsed, motionless on the ground.

                            “I was expecting Tentacruel to get a lot more done than that.” Aya said, a bit stunned as she recalled Tentacruel back into its Pokéball. “To be honest, I think that you’ve probably won this battle already. But I do still have one more Pokémon left for to beat before you can claim your prize.”

                            Aya sent out her final Pokémon, a Golbat. The blue Bat Pokémon was much larger than Ash would have thought it was, being almost as tall as Ash himself. But then again, size wasn’t everything and it was only about a foot taller than Kingler anyway, so Ash wasn’t worried about that. In fact, Ash wasn’t worried at all.

                            Golbat let out a loud Screech, forcing Kingler to drop its defenses and making him more vulnerable to Golbat’s attacks. Ash and Kingler weren’t going to let Golbat get any attacks in after that, though, as they already had a plan.

                            “You know what to do!” Ash yelled.

                            The inside of Kingler’s left pincer began to glow light blue as he pointed it at Golbat. Golbat didn’t have time to move out of the way before Kingler fired a powerful Ice Beam from his pincer that hit Golbat’s right wing, encasing it in ice. Golbat dropped to the ground with a loud thud, unable to support the added weight of the ice, let alone fly with it. Golbat tried to launch an Air Cutter at Kingler with his free wing but wasn’t able to finish the attack in time before Kingler fired another Ice Beam and that wing was trapped in ice as well.

                            Golbat was left almost defenseless before Kingler but wasn’t ready to give up yet. It gave a Supersonic screech that caused Kingler to become confused, making Kingler trip over his own legs as he tried to launch a third Ice Beam to finish of Golbat. Kingler was injured by the fall, which combined by the poison that had been running through his system this entire time, proved to be enough to make Kingler faint.

                            “You did good.” Ash told his fainted Pokémon as he recalled Kingler back into its Pokéball. “Now, Fearow, finish this with an Aerial Ace!”

                            The mighty bird Pokémon almost seemed to shoot out of his Pokéball like it was a cannon, slamming into Golbat beak first with enough force to send Golbat flying back a foot or two despite the heavy ice still weighing it down. Fearow landed on the ground and looked up at the sky triumphantly as Golbat fell face first onto the floor.

                            “Well, looks like you win after all.” Aya said as she recalled her final Pokémon. “Of course it’s really not that hard to beat a Gym Leader. Our teams and strategies are so limited that we can’t really go all out against trainers like you. If this had been a real fight then I could have wiped the floor with you. I mean, just my Nincada alone could have-”

                            “Enough, sister.”

                            Aya jumped and froze in shock before slowly turning around to face the man standing behind her, not having noticed him climb out from the trap door hidden in the floor.

                            “K-Koga.” She stammered. “How long have you been there?”

                            “Not long.” Koga replied. “But long enough to see you disgrace yourself. There is no need for you to dismiss your own defeat like this. Now, go home and meditate on what you need to improve in yourself.”

                            “Fine.” Aya’s shoulders shrugged as she trudged towards the trap door and left.

                            “I am sorry for that.” Koga said, turning to Ash. “I am afraid that my younger sister still needs to learn humility.”

                            “It’s fine.” Ash didn’t really see why this was a big deal.

                            “I was able to watch some of your battle and I must say that I was quite impressed. While what my sister said about our teams being highly regulated and restricted in official Gym matches is correct, those limitations are there to ensure that those who challenge us are able to learn new ways to overcome specific challenges. It also allows us to make sure that the trials that trainers go through remain relatively consistent regardless of which Gym Leaders they end up fighting and to make sure that you are always up against an opponent that is just at the right level of challenge.”

                            “I think that Misty and Brock have mentioned that to me before.” Ash noted.

                            “Ah, yes. You are the one who they have been traveling with as of late. Ash Ketchum.” Koga nodded and pulled something out of his sleeve. “I remember seeing you at the Indigo Plateau but I did not get a chance to introduce myself to you then. I am Koga of Fuchsia City and it is my honor to present you with this Soul Badge as a reward for your victory over my sister.”

                            Koga stepped forward and held out the pink, heart-shaped badge, which Ash accepted from him.

                            “Thank you.” Ash said enthusiastically as he pinned the badge to the inside of his jacket. “By the way, I wanted to ask you something…”

                            “You wish to challenge me to a battle.” Koga stated before Ash could ask. “I am afraid that would be pointless right now. You have already earned the Soul Badge and if I were to fight you as a Gym Leader, the results would be no different than the battle that you just won.”

                            “But what about-”

                            “And while I believe that you are an exceptional trainer for your level, I do not believe that you have reached the point necessary to take me on in a serious match yet. While I have heard of your battle with Giovanni, that victory was due to a combination of your opponent not being properly prepared for a battle and underestimating your skill.”

                            “Oh.” Ash said, looking down at the floor.

                            “That being said,” Koga continued, “you are close. Come back here when you have a bit more experience under your belt and I will be perfectly willing to take you on in an all-out battle. In fact, I may even be willing to teach you some of my higher-level techniques.”

                            “Yes!” Ash yelled a bit louder than he should have. “I mean, thank you. I’ll look forward to it.”

                            “As will I.” Koga nodded. “But for now I think that you should go. It looks like your friends are waiting for you.”

                            Ash turned around and was surprised to see Misty and Daisy watching them from the entrance of the Gym.

                            “Oh, uh… right.” Ash turned back to Koga but was surprised to see that the Gym Leader had vanished. “I guess I’ll be going then.”
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                              Chapter 135
                              “Alright, I think it’s about time that we get going.” Red stood up as Yellow walked back to the bench where he and Sable were, carrying Eve in her arms while Chuchu was resting on her head.

                              “Already?” Yellow asked with a bit of disappointment in her voice.

                              “Well, we don’t really have anything else to do here.” Red pointed out. “So I think that it’s for the best that we head over to Saffron City now. It shouldn’t take too long if we have Abraham use Teleport to take us straight to where we exited the Underground Path on Route 7.”

                              “Okay.” Yellow still seemed a bit disappointed to be leaving Celadon but she shifted Eve into her left arm and grabbed Abraham’s Pokéball off of her new belt.

                              The sleeping Abra emerged from the Pokéball and levitated in the air between Yellow, Red and Sable. A moment later and the city around them had been replaced with a forest as they stood outside a small, green-roofed building. There was a larger building not too far off in the distance that served as a gateway into the city.

                              “Let’s go.” Yellow said as she recalled Abraham back into his Pokéball and began to walk off towards the gate.

                              “Hold on, aren’t you forgetting something?” Red asked before Yellow was able to get very far.

                              “What do you mean?” Yellow asked, confused.

                              Red held Yellow’s backpack that she had left by the bench when she had gone off to play, which he had made sure to grab before they left.

                              “Oh, right.” Yellow hurried back to him and set Eve on the ground for a moment so that Red could help her put the backpack on. “Now let’s go!”

                              * * *

                              Squirtle slowly opened his eyes as he regained consciousness. It took him a moment to take in surroundings before he realized that he was in the back alley behind the Cerulean City Gym. Charmander and Bulbasaur were on the ground beside him, also slowly waking up, while Zoroark looked over them with a worried expression on her face and Jigglypuff sat on a large wooden box that was propped up against one of the walls.

                              “Are you okay?” Zoroark asked as she noticed the three slowly waking up.

                              “Never better.” Squirtle mumbled sarcastically as he slowly rose to his feet. “No thanks to Bulbasaur.”

                              “What’s that supposed to mean?” Bulbasaur asked him angrily. “I put my all into that fight!”

                              “Did you?” Squirtle pulled his sunglasses out of his shell and wiped the lenses with the back of his stubby hand before putting them on. “Did you really?”

                              “Of course I did! Why wouldn’t I?”

                              “I don’t know. Why didn’t you?”

                              “What are you accusing me of?” Bulbasaur asked angrily.

                              “Guys, calm down.” Charmander said desperately as he rushed to stand between them before their argument could turn into another fight. “It’s no one’s fault that we lost.”

                              “Except that it was.” Squirtle argued. “Bulbasaur was holding back!”

                              “No I wasn’t!” Bulbasaur insisted. “Why would you even think that?”

                              “Because I’ve seen what you can do!” Squirtle yelled. “You’re already ready to evolve!”

                              Everything went quiet. Bulbasaur stared at Squirtle with a confused look while the others waited in stunned silence.

                              “N-no I’m not.” Bulbasaur said defensively as he turned away.

                              “Yes, you are.” Squirtle insisted. “I’ve seen you use Razor Leaf. That’s a move you shouldn’t be able to learn unless you’ve already passed the point where you can become an Ivysaur.”

                              “How do you know that?” Bulbasaur asked even more defensively. “I could have been born with that move, or have been taught it.”

                              “Were you?” Squirtle asked.

                              Bulbasaur stared at Squirtle for a moment before lowering his gaze. “No.”

                              “Then why haven’t you evolved? You could be stronger than you are! We could have won that battle!”

                              “Because I’m scared!”

                              That sudden outburst sent Squirtle into a stunned shock like the others. Bulbasaur himself seemed kind of surprised by it.

                              “I’m scared.” He mumbled. “Because I don’t want to lose myself.”

                              “What do you mean?” Charmander asked.

                              “I’m afraid that if I evolve then I won’t be me anymore. I’m scared of how it could change who I am.”

                              “I know what you’re going through.” Zoroark said. “I felt similarly when it was time for me to evolve from a Zorua. You may be bigger and stronger than you were before but evolving won’t change who you are.”

                              “And you’ve got us here to support you.” Squirtle said. “You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

                              “Yeah!” Charmander said. “We’re all here for you.”

                              “Do you guys really mean that?” Bulbasaur asked, his confidence returning to him.

                              “Of course.” Squirtle said. “We are a team, after all, and that means that we’ve always got your back.”

                              “Thank you. I think I’m finally ready now.”

                              Squirtle set out a deep breath and closed his eyes. He relaxed his muscles and for the first time finally stopped holding back the force that had been trying to overtake him for a long time now. It was warm and gentle as the energy engulfed his body and he began to grow. The leaves on his back grew and opened up to uncover the red flower bulb they had encased and he felt the muscles of his hind legs grow considerably stronger. When he opened up his eyes again he could that everyone else seemed shorter than before. But that was just because he was taller now. He was an Ivysaur now.

                              “How does it feel?” Zoroark asked him gently.

                              “It feels good.” Ivysaur said. “I feel like better, stronger and like a great burden that I’ve been trying to fight back is gone now.”

                              “Great!” Squirtle gave him a thumbs-up. “When you’re ready we can challenge the Gym again and this time you can wipe the floor with them.”

                              “Are you really bringing that up now?” Zoroark asked, exasperated by Squirtle’s reaction.

                              “It’s fine. Just give me a little time and I’ll be ready to take them down this time.” Ivysaur chuckled and stood up on his hind legs, something that he had never been able to do before. “Wow, everything seems so different from up here.”

                              “It sure does.” Zoroark laughed. “I more than doubled my height when I evolved. Not to mention having my front legs turn into arms. A whole world of possibilities opened up for me.”

                              Ivysaur looked down at his own front legs. “Yeah, I don’t think that I’m going to be able to start using these things as hands any time soon. Plus, I’m going to be back on all fours again when I evolve into Venusaur. But I’ve got my vines for that, so I don’t really need arms anyway.”

                              “It feels weird having to look up at you.” Charmander said.

                              “And it feels weird having to look down at you.” Ivysaur laughed. “This will take some time to get used to for all of us.”

                              * * *

                              Giovanni walked into the empty lab and looked up at the Dark Synergy Crystal that had been hooked up to some machinery on the wall. He had sent a team of agents to the Ferrum region a year ago to find out what it was that allowed the trainers of the region to bond with their Pokémon more closely than anywhere else. This is what they had returned with. At first, Team Rocket’s scientists had no idea what to do with the crystal or how to tap into the seemingly unlimited energy housed within it. But that changed when Cipher collapsed and Giovanni was able to poach a number of their former members, including a scientist by the name of John Vicious. Or “The Iron Masked Marauder” as he called now himself.

                              The Iron Masked Marauder was able to adapt the process that Cipher had developed to create Shadow Pokémon to use the Dark Synergy Crystal as an energy source. The result was Project Dark, which allowed more a more efficient process and better results than the Shadow Pokémon project had ever been able to have. They had even managed to convert humans using the process, with their first test subject being a random grunt by the name of Karla Shamus, or Agent Masque, as she had been codenamed after the test proved successful. Thanks to their recent advancements, the Dark Synergy Crystal had likely become the greatest assets that Team Rocket had ever acquired. With the only thing that could potentially rival it being in Pokémon contained within the Dark Ball that Giovanni now held in his hand.
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                                Chapter 136
                                Gary had to hold one of his arms above his eyes to block out the sun as he and his Growlithe made their way back out of the lava tube in Cerise Island. After having spent several hours inside of the dark cavern with only Growlithe’s flame as a light source, the sun seemed far brighter than he remembered it being. He sat down on a large rock near the tunnel’s entrance and rested for a moment.
                                “I feel exhausted again.” He moaned lightly and looked up at the top of the volcano. “And now I have to climb back up there. Great.”

                                He stood up again and stretched out his legs before sending Growlithe back into his Pokéball, then started climbing back up the side of the dormant volcano.

                                “This certainly isn’t how I expected to spend my day when I got up this morning.” He said sarcastically to himself. “Then again, I woke up washed up on the beach with no idea how I got here.”

                                * * *

                                “What did Koga want to talk to you about?” Misty asked Ash as he made his way out of the glass maze and back to the entrance of the Fuchsia Gym.

                                “What?” It took a moment for Ash to realize what she meant. “Oh, nothing. He was just saying that I have the potential to be a good trainer but that I’m not on his level yet.”

                                “Wow.” Ash didn’t expect Misty to react so surprised. “That’s pretty high praise coming from him. Koga’s usually pretty hard on newer trainers.”

                                “Really?” It was Daisy’s turn to act surprised. “He seemed pretty supportive when I fought him this morning.”

                                “That’s odd. Koga’s always been really hard on me.”

                                Ash just shrugged and walked over to the front doors to leave. “I don’t know. Maybe you’re just not a good enough trainer?” He teased as he walked out the door.

                                “What was that?” Misty yelled angrily as she ran out after him.

                                Daisy sighed and smiled weakly before walking out of the Gym. Ash and Misty were already at least halfway down the street by the time she stepped outside, so Daisy had to run after them in order to try and catch up. She wasn’t used to running and was practically out of breath by the time she got to the Pokémon Center.

                                Ash was just getting his Pokémon handed back to him by the nurse when Daisy walked in. She was so tired from running that she went over and took a seat around the table, where Shu and Ritchie were still talking. Meanwhile, Ash walked over to the public PC set up near the front desk and logged on to it.

                                “What are you doing?” Misty asked, standing next to him and watching as he signed into his Pokémon Storage account.

                                “If I want to put Pika back on my team, I’m going to have to take someone out.” Ash explained, a bit of disappointment in his voice. “Since I’m not allowed to have more than six Pokémon on my team at once.”

                                “Oh, right.” Misty nodded. “Wait, you already have six other Pokémon? I thought you had, like, five.”

                                “I have, um… nine, I think.” Ash said. “When you left I had Pika, Fearow, Sandslash, Kingler, Volty, Haunter and the Raticate King. So that was seven. But then I gave Volty to you and had to leave Pika at the Pokémon Center there because he got sick, which left me with five. But I, um, don’t have the Raticate King with me, so really I only had four Pokémon in my team. Then I was given an egg by the Professor and caught a Ditto earlier today, which put me back to having a full team of six Pokémon. With Pika back that means I have seven with me so I have to put one in storage for now.”

                                “Huh.” Misty wasn’t sure what to say. “So, who are you taking out of your team to make room for Pika?”

                                “I’m not really sure.” Ash replied. “I don’t really want to send any of them away. I know they’ll all be fine over at the Professor’s place but I kind of wish that I could have all of them with me.”

                                “That’s against Pokémon regulations.” Misty pointed out

                                “I know.” Ash sighed. “I need Fearow with me in case I need to use Fly, Haunter and Ditto are my two strongest fighters, so I should keep them with me, and I want to keep the egg with me so that I can hatch it. That means that I have to pick between Sandslash and Kingler. It would be nice if I knew what the egg would hatch into.”

                                “You don’t know? But shouldn’t Professor Oak have told you when he gave it to you?”

                                “He doesn’t know either.” Ash explained. “He found it but doesn’t know where it came from, so there’s no telling what it could hatch into.”

                                “That’s odd.”

                                “I think I’m going to take Kingler out for now.” Ash said. “I can always swap him back in later.”

                                Ash moved the icon representing Kingler out of his party and into Professor Oak’s ranch, then saved and logged out. He could feel Kingler’s Pokéball disappear from around his belt and felt a twinge of guilt even though he knew that he shouldn’t feel bad about this. He then turned to Misty and held out his hand.

                                “What?” She asked.

                                “I need Pika’s Pokéball back.” Ash pointed out.

                                “Oh, right.” Misty blushed slightly in embarrassment and handed the small red and white orb back to Ash. “Here.”

                                “Thanks.” Ash said as he clipped the empty Pokéball to his belt.

                                * * *

                                Gary finally made his way to the top of the volcano and walked over to the empty Gym. Fortunately, Lance had left it unlocked for him so he was able to go inside and head over to the healing machine he had used earlier so that he could heal up his Pokémon again. Once that was done he headed back outside and looked around. Lance wasn’t back yet and he really didn’t have anything else to do until the Gym Leader returned, so he decided to let his Pokémon out and check up on how his team was doing.

                                “Come on out, everyone.” Gary said as he sent out his Pokémon one by one.

                                First, he sent out his Blastoise, which had just evolved from Wartortle while they were training in the cave. The large blue turtle landed on the ground with a thud and stood up tall, blasting two massive streams of water from the cannons protruding from the back of his shell, which rained back down as a light spray. Gary’s Nidoqeen landed beside Blastoise and seemed agitated by the water, giving Blastoise a nasty glare. Growlithe also didn’t seem to like the spray of water too much but wasn’t as annoyed by it as the Ground-type.

                                Gary’s Exeggcute danced around merrily, five of the six egg-like ‘heads’ that made up Pokémon hopped around the sixth, which seemed to be the leader among them. Gary had just recently put his Kangaskhan and one of his Pinsir in his team as well and the two both seemed to stand away from the rest of the group. Their body language showed that they hadn’t quite gotten used to being a part of the group yet.

                                Gary walked around his Pokémon, looking them up and down in an attempt at evaluating them. He felt that each of the six Pokémon that he had currently assembled together were adequate enough for his tastes, though they still had some room to grow. He would have to make sure to pick up some evolutionary stones soon for his Growlithe and Exeggcute, who he was almost ready to have evolve into their higher forms. He also wasn’t entirely sure he really wanted Kangaskhan and Pinsir to stay as main members of his team, though, but he was willing to test them out for a while before looking for better options. Kangaskhan, in particular, felt a bit redundant when he already had Nidoqueen on his team and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of Pinsir yet. Still, they would do for now. And it wasn’t like he had to limit himself to just six Pokémon, either. It would probably be better to train up more Pokémon to swap in and out of his team for more versatility and variety.
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                                  After a hiatus of around 6 months, I finally have anew chapter out. Who knows when the next one will be.
                                  Red, Yellow and Sable walked down one of the many roads that crisscrossed through Saffron City. Tall skyscrapers were packed closer together than the ones they had seen back in Celadon, with houses lining the edges of the city. It seemed like it should have been a much more impressive sight than it was, but there was an overwhelming sense that something was off. It took a while for the group to figure out why.

                                  “What happened?” Yellow pointed to the top of the tallest building, in the middle of the city.

                                  “I have no idea.” Red felt a twinge of unease mixed with a bit of fear as he noticed the level of destruction in the area. Not just the massive gaping hole and numerous broken windows on that one building, but all of the damage that the nearby buildings had also taken. It was clear that some kind of destructive battle had taken place here. Red thought back to the battle against the giant Tentacruel, realizing just how badly that could have turned out. His mind suddenly flashed to the S.S. Anne and he stopped in his tracks.

                                  “What’s wrong?” Yellow asked him.

                                  “N-nothing.” Red shook his head and continued walking. He wasn’t sure what just happened. It was almost like he was on the verge of remembering something, but had no idea what. Whatever it was, it was gone as soon as it had popped into his head. “Let’s just find the Gym. I don’t want to spend any more time here than we need to.”

                                  “I think that’s it over there.” Sable pointed to a building up ahead, at the edge of the city. “Although, I think I may be seeing double.”

                                  “No, I see it too.” Red commented as the Gym came closer into view. Or rather the Gyms, as there seemed to be two of them side by side.

                                  The trio made their way to the two Gyms. The one to the right seemed relatively normal, though the Gym on the left had clearly seen better days.

                                  “I guess we’ll check out that one.” Red motioned to the right-hand Gym. “The other one looks abandoned.”

                                  “The lights are on.” Sable pointed out.

                                  “Yeah, but…” Red tried to think of an excuse. “Let’s just try this one first.”

                                  Red walked up to the Gym and paused to wait for the automatic doors to slide open before heading inside. Yellow and Sable followed him in. The gym seemed fairly empty save for a large chair on the far end that looked almost like some kind of creepy throne. There was an ominous tension in the air that sent a chill went down Red’s spine as he walked across the purple tiled floor and Yellow grabbed his arm, pulling herself close to him. Sable seemed perfectly at ease.

                                  “Welcome, Samuel Redwood of Pallet Town.” A dark-haired teenager stood up from the throne. She snapped her fingers and the dark room suddenly lit up. “I am Sabrina, the leader of this Gym.”

                                  “How do you know my name?” Red immediately realized that was a stupid question as he already knew that Gym Leaders already had access to the records of all of the trainers in the region. Obviously, she had simply memorized the names of the trainers that she knew would be challenging her.

                                  “I know many things.” Sabrina replied. “For I have had psychic powers ever since I was but a child. It started with a spoon twisting in my hand and has only grown since then. But then again, psychic powers should be nothing new to you considering who you travel with.”

                                  “What?” Red was utterly confused by this unexpected revelation. “Y-you can’t be serious.”

                                  “I am always serious.” Sabrina closed her eyes. “And I can sense that you know what I am telling you is the truth. You have many questions for me. However, they shall have to wait until after our battle, which will now commence.”

                                  Sabrina lifted her hand and a Pokéball resting on the armrest of the chair she had been sitting on suddenly floated into the air, hovering beside the Gym Leader. The Pokéball emitted a beam of red light as an Abra appeared in front of her.

                                  Red was startled to see the Pokéball float like that, but fortunately it didn’t distract him too much. He was familiar with Abra thanks to spending so much time with Yellow’s, and he knew that it would be difficult to fight one head on because it would just end up using Teleport to avoid the attack. Fortunately, one of his new Pokémon had exactly what he needed to get around this.

                                  “Porygon, use Lock-On!”

                                  The red and blue polygonal bird emerged from its Pokéball and hovered in the air between Red and Sabrina’s Abra. The Virtual Pokémon’s eyes turned green and its pupils changed into target reticules as it targeted the Abra, which continued to hover in the air, sound asleep.

                                  “Now, use Signal Beam!”

                                  Porygon fired a beam of green energy at Sabrina’s Abra. The sleeping Pokémon teleported out of the way of the beam’s blast, exactly as Red expected. As Porygon’s attack reached the spot where Abra had been it suddenly shifted directions as if ricocheting off of thin air and hit Abra from behind. The Psi Pokémon was knocked forward by the blast. It seemed as if Abra was going to fall to the ground but just as it was about to hit the floor it Teleported directly in front of Porygon with its hands raised to its forehead. There was a blinding Flash of white light, disorienting both Red and his Porygon.

                                  “Lock-On.” Red ordered as he rubbed his eyes, unable to see much of anything at the moment.

                                  Porygon’s eyes briefly turned white as the digital Pokémon rebooted its optical sensors before it took aim once again. Porygon launched another Signal Beam and Abra used Teleport to get out of the way. As before, the Signal Beam changed directions to strike Abra but the Psi Pokmon was able to Teleport again. This did not actually help Abra, however, as Porygon’s attack redirected itself again to hit him. Sabrina’s Abra was knocked out by the hit, falling to the ground.

                                  Sabrina waved her arm and Abra was sent back into its Pokéball. Another Pokéball hovered over from Sabrina’s chair to send out her second Pokémon, Mr. Mime. The pink and white Barrier Pokémon stood in place, moving its hands as if there was some kind of invisible wall in front of it.

                                  “Signal Beam!”

                                  Porygon fired yet another sickly green blast of energy, which bounced off of the invisible wall that Mr. Mime had formed, fizzling out into nothing.

                                  “Wait, what?” Red thought for a moment that his vision was still being affected by Abra’s Flash from earlier.

                                  “Do not think that you will be able to defeat Mr. Mime so easily.” Sabrina spoke for the first time since the battle began. “His pantomime isn’t just for show, you know. Mr. Mime has the power to solidify the air around himself with his fingertips, allowing him to create barriers and other objects at will through his motions. But of course, I sense that you are already working on finding a way around this.”

                                  “Porygon, return.” Red gritted his teeth. He really didn’t like the idea of his opponent being able to read his thoughts. “Charmeleon, show them your Flame Burst.”

                                  Red’s starter Pokémon emerged from his Pokéball and landed on the ground before spitting a sizable ball of fire at Mr. Mime. The attack struck another invisible wall created by Mr. Mime. However, rather than simply dissipating, the fireball split apart and spread around the wall. It failed to hit Mr. Mime directly, but the heat of the blast forced him to drop his guard for a moment.

                                  “Now follow it up with a Fire Fang!”

                                  Charmeleon leaped forward, opening his mouth as his teeth became engulfed in flame. Before Mr. Mime was able to create another Barrier to defend himself, Charmeleon was already biting into his shoulder. Mr. Mime knocked the Flame Pokémon away from him with a Double Slap and tried to create a Barrier. He wasn’t fast enough, however, and Charmeleon was able to uppercut Mr. Mime in the chin with a Metal Claw. Mr. Mime flipped through the air before falling back face-first onto the tiled floor. He was able to get back up just in time to block another Metal Claw with one of his Barriers.

                                  Mr. Mime went on the offensive now, sending a blast of Psychic at Charmeleon. Charmeleon tried to brace himself against the attack, but it didn’t do much. Mr. Mime then jumped forward to hit Charmeleon with another Double Slap. He wasn’t fast enough though and ended up getting hit with a Flame Burst at point blank range. Mr. Mime collapsed to the ground and Sabrina used her telekinesis to swap in her last Pokémon.

                                  Kadabra hovered just above the ground in a meditative pose. Charmeleon fired a Flame Bust at Kadabra, but the evolved Psi Pokémon used Teleport to suddenly appear behind Charmeleon. Charmeleon didn’t have enough time to react before Kadabra slashed at him with Psycho Cut, striking Charmeleon in the neck with the spoon it held. Charmeleon then quickly turned around to hit Kadabra with a Metal Claw, but Kadabra evaded the attack and fired a blast of Psychic at Charmeleon. Charmeleon stumbled but was able to pick himself back up again, a determined fire in his eye.

                                  “This is the part where it starts to get interesting.” Sabrina said. “And I suppose congratulations are in order.”

                                  A white light engulfed as the Flame Pokémon began to grow larger. A pair of wings sprouted forth from his back as the light began to fade and the newly evolved Charizard stood there triumphantly.

                                  “Woah!” Yellow couldn’t help but look on in awe. Even Sable almost seemed mildly impressed.

                                  “Alright!” Red pumped his fist dramatically. “Now, Charizard! Let’s see what you’ve got!”

                                  Charizard let out a powerful roar. Kadabra took the opportunity to fire another Psychic attack. This proved useless, however, as Charizard sprung forward. Using his new wings to increase the speed and power of his jump, Charizard slashed right through the attack with his claws as they were surrounded in a ghostly purple aura. His momentum allowed Charizard to continue hurtling forward and he was able to strike Kadabra with Shadow Claw. Kadabra recoiled from the blow and used Teleport to relocate to the other end of the Gym.

                                  Heavily weakened, Kadabra attempted to use Recover to restore his health but Charizard didn’t let him have the chance. Charizard fired a Flame Burst at Kadabra, hitting him before his Recover could take effect. Kadabra then attempted to counter with Psychic but Charizard simply brushed off the attack and fired another Flame Burst, draining the last of Kadabra’s strength. Sabrina recalled Kadabra into his Pokéball before he even hit the ground.

                                  “Victory is yours.” Sabrina said as she walked towards Red, the marsh Badge flouting just above her outstretched hand.

                                  “Thank you.” Red nodded and took the badge from her.

                                  “Now, as I said before our battle, I will answer some of the questions that you have. First off, I cannot read the girl’s mind to access her memories and tell you who she is.” Sabrina looked apologetically at Yellow.

                                  “Why not?” Yellow asked.

                                  “Because you are a psychic like me.” Sabrina explained. “In fact, your psychic power is even greater than mine was when I was your age, something which I did not think was even possible before now.”

                                  “Really?” Yellow and Red were both extremely surprised to hear this, though Sable didn’t seem to react to the news.

                                  “Yes, and unfortunately you seem to be subconsciously blocking off access to your memories. Even I can’t reach them.”

                                  “Oh.” Yellow looked down at the floor in disappointment.

                                  “Your Pikachu, on the other hand, is a different story.”

                                  “What?” Yellow and Red both turned to Chuchu, who seemed to tense up in Yellow’s arms.

                                  “I’m a bit confused myself.” Sabrina confessed. “That Pikachu you have there seems to have strong psychic powers as well. In fact, now she’s blocking me out of her thoughts completely, which is not something that I ever thought I would say about a Pikachu. I was able to get a bit from her a moment ago, however. It would appear that Pikachu knew you before you lost your memories and knows who you are. Sadly that was all I was able to get from her.”

                                  “Chuchu?” Yellow looked down at her Pikachu.

                                  “I guess that might explain why she came to our rescue back in Porta Vista.” Red realized. “But now I feel like I’m even more confused.”

                                  “I am sorry that I couldn’t be more help.” Sabrina said.

                                  “That’s alright.” Red smiled. “I guess we’ll just have to find things out on our own. That was kind of the plan anyway.”

                                  Red placed a hand on Yellow’s shoulder and the two turned to head out. Once they had their backs turned, Sable and Sabrina locked eyes with each other.

                                  -Why didn’t you want to tell them more?- Sabrina asked telepathically.

                                  -Because,- Sable gave a smile that made Sabrina a bit uneasy. -They could get into trouble if they find out too much now.-

                                  -But that thing is after her.-

                                  -I know. That’s why I don’t want them to know. If they found out everything now, then they would end up looking for him. But they aren’t ready yet.-

                                  -I still feel like leaving them in the dark is a bad idea.-

                                  -I know it may not seem like the best option to you, but trust me. They have me looking out for them, after all, and there’s nothing I want more than to keep my family safe.-
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