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    In Sabrina Tucker's eyes, the problem with Jasper Nevada is that it's so small nothing exciting happens. One day she had to pick up her little brother from preschool. On the way home, they get attacked by a Decepticon. They get rescued be Cliffjumper. What other things will she discover after becoming a member of Team Prime?

    All I own is my character Sabrina Tucker and her family, and the other characters I added. All other Transformers Prime characters belong to their respective company.

    Chapter 1: A New Danger
    Sabrina's POV

    I wish something interesting would happen in Jasper. This small town is ideal for families since everyone is nice well except for Vince that is. I miss my mom she was deployed overseas two months ago. She told me to help my dad take care of the house and my four-year-old little brother Brandon. Dad texted me during lunch that I have to pick up Brandon from Preschool. I'm sitting in Band class playing the violin my mom bought me for my tenth birthday. My teacher Mr. Howell told the class that Friday is a tryout for the first chair in each instrument. I was close last year because of my rival, Priscilla Collins, distracted me by nudging me so I'd play the wrong note.I finish playing the final measure of the song I'm going to play at the recital next week. I look up at the clock to see that I had two minutes to pack up my things.

    I lower my music stand after I put my violin into the case. I close my music book, put it into my bookbag and carefully put it on my back. I pick up my violin and start to leave the room. I look over at Mr. Howell. He nods and motions for me to get going.

    Dad, this would be so much easier if dad would buy me a car. I have my driver's license for Pete's sake,

    I walk down the hallway to the front door. I'm about to open the door when I hear, Vince, the school bully's voice call out his famous taunt, "Hey Band Geek," I don't have time to fire back a response since Brandon is waiting for me. I knew Vince is annoyed when I see him walk up to me from the corner of my eye. Then he yanks my violin case from my left hand.

    I quickly turn around and try to get it back, "Vince, give that back, lease. I have to pick up my little brother from Preschool,"

    "Sorry, Tucker, no can do," Vince says with a smirk.

    I know my dad would get mad at me if I start a fight. I growl through my teeth before I stomp on Vince's right foot. He winces in pain. I quickly catch my instrument as he stumbles to get his footing. Then I dash out the door doing my best not to look back, so Vince didn't get another chance to steal my violin.

    Twenty minutes later I arrive at Jasper Little Ram Preschool. Brandon is standing outside with his teacher, Mrs. Sampson. I groan as he squeezes the air from my lungs as he gives me a bear hug when I get to the door.

    "Hey, little brother, how was school?"

    "Great, I made you a picture in art class," Brandon answers.

    "I can't wait to see it, but could you let me breathe."

    Brandon nods and releases me from his hug then takes hold of my free hand. We walk up to Mrs. Sampson. She has his lunchbox in her hand, "Don't forget this,"

    "Thank you, Mrs. Sampson," Brandon says.

    "You're welcome," Mrs. Sampson says.

    "Come on Brandon. We should head home. I have a lot of practicing to do if I want to make first chair violin this year,"

    "I know you make it this year Sabrina. You're the bestest violin player ever," Brandon says.

    "Brandon, what have mom and dad told you about bragging?"

    "That it's impolite,"

    We say goodbye and walk down the sidewalk. I start to get a little on edge when I see a purple car with a strange symbol on the grill following us from the corner of my eye. I let go of Brandon's hand and kneel down in front of him.

    "Brandon, you remember what mom and dad told us to do if we ever were followed by a strange car,"

    "Yes, we run and try to find another grownup to help us,"

    "Right, I want you to run and to get help okay?"

    "Sabrina, the people living on the street don't like kids,"

    Darn it, he's right, now what do we do?

    "Sabrina, the car just turned into a robot that has blasters," Brandon says in a shaky tone.

    I figured his imagination is working overtime since cars can't do that. I turn around to see that he's telling the truth. I feel Brandon give me another bear hug this time I didn't care as he squeezes all the air out of my lungs again since I know he is scared. I was too, but I couldn't let him see that.

    "Don't worry buddy, I won't let this thing hurt you, I promise,"

    I set down my violin case and take out the pepper spray dad bought me. He usually is a 'tad' bit overprotective. Right now I'm hoping that this will work on a giant metal robot that's about to kill us. I start to take off the lid when I see a red Dodge Challenger with two horns on the front speed up. It crashes into the purple robot knocking it to the ground. A few seconds later I feel Brandon start to loosen his grip. I turn around in time to catch him before he hits the pavement.

    Why is this thing attacking us?

    I slowly stand up cradling Brandon in my arms. I chuckle when as I hear him mumble "I'll protect sissy's violin," I walk over into the alleyway and set him up against the wall behind the dumpster. I leave to retrieve my violin. I run up to the case and pick it up. As I turn around to see the purple robot called for one of its friends the new player runs up to me and it about to snatch me off the sidewalk, then I see a blue motorcycle drive up and turn into a robot. This one has a different logo on its shoulder.

    "I don't think so Decepticon," It says as I watch it repeatedly punch the one that tried to kidnap me.

    I know I have to check on my little brother, but this was too cool I wanted to see who would win. I watch the match a bit longer before I run back to the alley. I smile when I see my little brother run up to me as I approach the dumpster. I hand him the violin.

    "Sissy, is it safe to go home yet?"

    "I'm not sure buddy. Stay here,"

    I tip toe back to the entrance to the alley and peak around the corner. Then I hear the distinct sound of a semi truck horn as drives up to the other robots. The semi turns into a robot as well.

    "Hey, Boss," The red robot says.

    "Cliffjumper, you were very lucky that you didn't cause any damage to the buildings in this area." The Semi Truck bot says.

    Then I see Brandon run out of the alleyway towards the robots.

    "Brandon. get back here," I shout.

    Brandon ignores me and keeps running towards the robots. I was happy to see that he did check for others cars before he hops down off the curb to go into the street.

    Okay, this is officially the weirdest day of my life.

    Even though these robots saved us I couldn't be sure if they liked humans or not.

    ~Aliens In Jasper~

    Normal POV

    Cliffjumper sees Brandon running up to them. The four-year-old is about to run into Arcee's leg, so he picks him up.

    "Hey, kid, watch where you're going," Cliffjumper says.

    "Sorry, Mr. Red Robot, sir. Thank you for saving Sabrina and me," Brandon says.

    "Who Sabrina?" Cliffjumper asks.

    "Sabrina must be that girl hiding in the alleyway over there," Arcee says.

    Sabrina still has no clue what is going on. She tries to remain calm as Acree approaches her. She sees the robot kneel down in front of her."Relax, Sabrina, I'm not going to hurt you."

    "Thank you for all your help, Ma'am," Sabrina says.

    Sabrina slowly steps out of her hiding spot. She and Arcee walk over to the other robots. Acree sees Sabrina's eye nearly pop out of their sockets when she sees Brandon on Cliffjumper's shoulder.

    "Brandon, be careful if you fall dad will ground me till I graduate high school," Sabrina says.

    "Don't worry Sabrina. Mr. Cliffjumper won't let me fall," Brandon says.

    "So who is the semi truck robot?" Sabrina asks.

    "I'm Optimus Prime, and you and your brother will get a better explanation of why my teammates and I are on your planet tomorrow," Optimus says.

    "Aw, I can't wait that long," Brandon whines.

    "Sorry Brandon, but we need to get home," Sabrina says.

    "Cliffjumper, you will escort Sabrina and Brandon to their home," Optimus says.

    "Yes, Sir," Cliffjumper says.

    "Yeah, I get to ride in the front seat," Brandon cheers.

    "No, you won't, buddy. You're not tall enough or old enough to ride shotgun," Sabrina says.

    Cliffjumper takes Brandon off his shoulder and places him on the ground next to Sabrina. Then he transforms back into a car.

    "Sabrina, please, I won't tell dad, I promise," Brandon begs.

    "I said no," Sabrina says.

    The Autobots are confused when they see Sabrina finally say yes after Brandon makes his eyes sparkle and quiver his bottom lip.

    "Now I regret ever teaching you that look," Sabrina sighs.

    Sabrina and Brandon walk over to the car. She opens the passenger side door and helps him up onto the seat. After she buckles him in and sets her things down on the floor, she looks up to see the belt start adjust to fit him properly.

    "Whoa, Cliffjumper, why didn't you tell me that you could do that?" Sabrina asks.

    "Don't know I guess I forgot that I could do that. I also can turn off the passenger side airbag too," Cliffjumper says.

    "That would be great," Sabrina says as she closes the door.

    Then she sits down in the driver's seat and buckles herself in and places her hands on the steering wheel. The only thing on Sabrina's mind as Cliffjumper starts to drive away is.

    Okay, Mr. genie, sir, who granted my wish for something interesting to happen in Jasper. Could you take back my request, please?

    Sabrina's POV

    I unbuckle my seat belt after Cliffjumper pulls into the garage door.
    "I'm confused, Sabrina. Humans call this a driveway, right? So. why am I parking in it?"

    "The humans who invented the word were confused too I guess."

    "Do you kids usually have two parents?"

    "We do, but our mom is in the Military. The past three months without her have been hard. So, I've been helping my dad out around the house and looking out for Brandon,"

    "That seems like a lot of pressure to put on a kid your age,"

    "Maybe a bit, but it helps mom out too. She asked me to help out as much as a could in her last letter, so I'm not going to let her down,"

    I get out and walks over to the passenger side. I open the door and watch Brandon hop out. I gather out things.

    "Thank you again for saving us, Cliffjumper,"

    "You're welcome,"

    I close the door. Then Brandon and I head inside. We watch from the living room window as Cliffjumper drives away.

    "Sabrina, do you think we'll see him again?"

    "I don't know Buddy. How about I make us some mac and cheese for dinner?"

    "Yeah, my favorite,"

    I put my things down on the coffee table and head to the kitchen to start making dinner.

    I wish there were another way I could thank Cliffjumper for what he did for us - I mean he saved our lives.
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      Chater 2: A Family Argument
      Sabrina's POV

      I wake up the next morning to my dad calling my name and telling me to get dressed for school. I groan as I toss off the cover and slowly trudge over to my closet. I take out a pink college sweatshirt, a red v neck tank top and a pair of black platform ankle boot. I went to my dresser to take out a pair of ripped jeans. After I get dressed, I walk over to my desk to put on some makeup I put on my waterproof mascara and my light pink liquid lipstick. I walk downstairs and enter the kitchen. I see dad's mad face as he sees what shoes I decided to wear today.

      "Sabrina Tucker, go back upstairs and put on a different pair of shoes,"

      "But, dad that will ruin my outfit,"

      "I don't care. You could twist your ankle,"

      "I'll be careful, dad, besides I walk down the stair just fine didn't I?"

      "Don't sass me young lady. Go back upstairs and change your shoes now!"

      I realize that I don't have any more to say to argue to let me wear my boots to school. I leave the kitchen and sit down on the bottom step then take off my boots. I carry them in my right hand as I walk back to my room. I go back to my closet.

      He never had a problem with me wearing these shoes when mom was here. Why is he acting so different since mom isn't here? I'm going to show him and everyone at school that I can be rebellious.

      I walk over to my bed and sit down to put my boot back on. Then grab my book bag, my violin, and my purse. I'm glad that I finished all my homework in school, so I have enough room in my book bag to put the violin case safely inside it. I put it in the second pocket away from my back. After I zip it close, I put it on my back then walk over to the window. I open it and take out the fire escape ladder dad bought. I place it onto the sill and quietly unroll it. Then I pick up my purse and put it on my left shoulder then climb down the ladder. I glance down at my watch and see that 5 am.

      Dad, just because mom is in the Military that doesn't mean you can wake me up before sunrise. I don't even have to be at school till 8:15.

      I decide to take a morning walk to clear my head. I get three blocks before my cell phone starts to vibrate. I take it out of the front pocket of my purse.

      I'm sorry, dad, but I don't want to talk to you right now.

      I shove it back into my purse and keep on walking. I get to the stop sign when I see Cliffjumper drive up from the corner of my eye. He stops and opens his passenger's side door. I look around to make sure none is around before I get inside. Then take off my book bag and purse and set them the floor, sit down in the seat and buckle my seat belt.

      "Hey, Cliffjumper, what are you doing here?"

      "I was on my morning patrol, and I saw you."

      "It's too early to go to school. Do you think that we could go back to your base? I'd love to get a bit more sleep,"

      "I was going to ask why you're up this early."

      "My dad thinks I function better he wakes me up before the sun is up,"

      "Why are you walking around Jasper this early?"

      "I got into a fight with my dad. He didn't want me to wear my boots to school,"

      Then I hear a rumble of thunder and see some dark clouds rolling in as I glance in the rearview mirror. I sigh in relief knowing that I'll be safe from getting soaked. I lean back and close my eyes then fall asleep as I feel Cliffjumper pull away.

      Cliffjumper's POV

      I activate my holoform and look over towards the passenger seat as I pull back into the base. I see Sabrina in power down...I mean asleep. After I try and fail to wake her up, I transform to my robot mode. I carry her over to where the TV is and lay her down on the couch. I turn around to see Ratchet and Arcee walk up to me.

      "Why did you bring that human here?" Ratchet asks.

      I put my finger to my lips "Shh, Ratchet you'll wake her up. She need a place to sleep other than her house,"

      "How come?" Arcee asks.

      "She said that her dad freaked out about what is was going to wear to school,"

      Arcee walks over to the railing and sees what Sabrina decided to wear to school. "I don't see anything wrong with it's within the school's dress code,"

      "Cee, how do you know what the school's dress code is?"

      "I decided to do some research to get to know this planet better. I stumbled upon it,"

      We walk away from Sabrina so she wouldn't hear any more of our conversation. An hour later we hear a buzzing sound, so we turn around to see Sabrina waking up. She reaches over to her table and takes her cell phone out of her purse. The buzzing sound stops as she sets her phone down on the table. She slowly sits up on the couch and turns around when she hears me walking up.

      "Morning Sabrina,"

      "Hey, Cliffjumper, I take it Ratchet is the orange and white Ambulance robot that isn't fond of humans?"

      I nod. I put my right hand in front of the couch. Sabrina hesitantly hops off the couch and lands on my hand. I walk back over to Ratchet and Arcee. A few seconds later we hear a loud growling sound.

      "What was that?"

      We look down at Sabrina to see her cheeks start to turn red, "Sorry everyone, that was my stomach. I'm a little hungry,"

      "I can take you back to your house,"

      "No thank you Cliffjumper. I'd rather pick something up from the diner. If you are aliens, don't you want to keep that a secret from everyone else. Don't you have some program you can use to make a fake human, so the citizens won't think we have haunted cars driving around Jasper,"

      "We do have a program that creates holloforms," Ratchet answers.

      "Really?" Sabrina gasps.

      "I'll show you what mine looks like,"

      Sabrina's POV

      Cliffjumper activates his holoform program after he sets me down on the floor. He sees a slightly unimpressed and worried look on my face when I see a Twenty-year-old man wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a bull and the words "You mess with the bull you gets the horns" on it, a pair of ripped jeans and black leather with spurs on the heels."Not bad, but if you're going to taking me home. If my dad sees this walk me to the door, he might freak out, and call the police,"

      "What do you suggest?"

      "I think you should try to look like a high school student. Then you could tell him that you graduated early and came back to Jasper when you found out the college you applied to the staff didn't treat you with respect, so you had to drop out,"

      "That is a pretty accurate and long explanation," Arcee says.

      "Well, I'm a terrible liar. At least this sound realistic, so he won't get specious,"

      "Shouldn't I have a human name too so we can keep up this ruse?"

      "How about Clark,"

      "Sounds good,"

      "Sabrina, you might have to help Ratchet with reprogramming Cliff's program to make him look like a high school student," Arcee says.

      "Okay, if Ratchet is fine with haveing me as a temporary partner,"

      "Fine, fine, let's get this over with," Ratchet says waving his hand slightly annoyed.

      Cliffjumper picks me up and puts me on his shoulder. It feels kind of strange riding on the shoulder of a two-story tall robot. Ratchet plugs a cable into Cliffjumper's head. Then I see the programs appear on the screen in front of us.

      "What should the holoform look like?"

      "You can keep the face structure the way it is you just need to soften a few of the features and little less facial hair. The hair should part to the left but have it be a clean cut it also should be a light brown, and eyes should be hazel instead of the color blue they are right now. Also, most human boys aren't that muscular so tone that down about ten percent."

      "Anything else?" Ratchet asks.

      "Nope, it's perfect,"

      Ratchet updates Cliffjumper's program then unplugs him from the computer. Then we walk back over to Acree.

      "How about we take my new holoform for a test run?"

      "Sure Cliffjumper, that sounds like a good idea to me. I need to eat something before I go to school other wise I won't be able to focus on anything, but food."
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        Chapter 3: An Embarrassing School Day
        Sabrina's POV

        Cliffjumper pulls into the school parking lot. He pulls into the spot then I get out to see Graham Burton walking up. Graham is wearing his usual white button-down shirt, faded blue jeans and tennis shoes. A light breeze blows his short black hair away from his green eyes. My throat starts to get dry. I swallow the spit in my mouth to wet it. Then I feel my heart start to race as he gets closer to me.

        "Hey, Sabrina, I can't believe that you dad finally bought you a car. It's awesome,"

        I try to come up with a lie that he would believe, but when I open my mouth, only a little squeak comes out. I turn away to try to hide the fact I'm starting to blush from completely embarrassing myself in front of him. I see Cliffjumper's holoform walk over to me. "Hi, I'm Clark, and this is my car, not Sabrina's. I rescued her from getting kidnapped last night. Sabrina talked to her dad and told her that I was part of the big brother program at the community center,"

        "Okay, so, Sabrina, I'll see you in Chemistry class, partner,"

        I nod and let a sigh of relief as he walks into the school. Cliffjumper hands me my violin. "Thanks for having my back,"

        "No problem, why did you freeze up like that,"

        "I'm not very good at talking to Graham outside of Chemistry class - that is,"

        "Why did he call you partner,"

        "We're lab partners,"

        "Okay, I have to go, but I'll pick you after school."

        "Why exactly,"

        "Optimus' orders,"

        "Got it,"

        After Cliffjumper dries away, I head to my locker to puts my things away things. I turn around and bump into Jack Darby. My books spill into the floor.

        "Sorry, Jack I didn't see you,"

        "No, problem, let me give you a hand."

        Jack gives back my chemistry notebook; then we head to class. The warning bell rings. Jack and I walk into Mr. Henderson's chemistry class. Graham walks up to me.

        "Hey, Sabrina,"

        "Hey, Graham," I say shyly trying not to blush.

        "So, are we going to get the high grade in the class on this project like we usually do?"

        I just nod agreeing to his boasting since I forgot how to speak after he puts his arm on my shoulder.

        "Great, but the only reason we get the highest grade is that you always triple check we did the math right. That's why you're the best lab partner,"

        I nod again. I'm saved by the bell literally when it rings, and Jack gently nudges me to bring me back to reality. After Graham walks back to his seat.

        "Hey, I still can talk to Sierra either," Jack says.

        "Yeah, I noticed that yesterday at lunch," I chuckle.

        I walk over to my desk. After Mr. Henderson takes attendance, "Okay class, your experiment results on what cations and anions are present in the compound I gave you on Monday is due tomorrow. Now, go back to the lab tables and get to work," I get up and walk back to the lab table Graham, and I are working at he brings over the test tubes. I get the distilled water and everything else we need for the experiment.

        "Let's get to work, Sabrina, we'll be the first to turn in our results,"

        "We sure will," I say in a squeaky voice.

        "You okay Sabrina?"

        "Yeah, I'm fine," I say in the same tone.

        What is wrong with me? I've always been able to talk to him in class without any problem. Why can't I talk to him today?

        I've never been so happy when the bell rings again to signal the end of class. I turn the results of the experiment to Mr. Henderson then quickly leave the room. I get to my locker and put away my chemistry notebook. Then take out my Geometry book and everything else I need for class then turn around to see Miko Nakadai run up to me.

        "So, have you asked Graham out yet?"

        "No, Miko, I haven't. For the record, to ask him out I need to be able to talk to him,"

        "How did it go today?"

        "Terrible, all I did was squeak or if I did say something my voice sounded like I was one of the Chipmunks,"

        "Wow, and I thought you were overreacting,"

        ~~~ Aliens In Jasper?~~~

        I get through Geometry class and happily leave even though I'm smart the funny part is math is my least favorite subject in school. I go to my locker to get my purse and everything I need for Spanish Class then head to the cafeteria. I arrive to see Graham saved me a spot in line. I smile and walk over to him.

        "Thanks," I say in my chipmunk voice.

        "You're welcome,"

        I'm happy today is build a burger day. I order a turkey burger with Onions, Peppers, on a Potato Roll, with Barbecue Sauce. I also get a side of sweet potato fries and a bottle of water. I get to the register and take out my wallet. I see that sent all of my money buying breakfast at the diner. I forgot that my dad is giving me my allowance tomorrow.

        "Miss. Wood, I'm short on cash could we do an I Owe You,"

        "Sorry, Miss. Tucker,"

        I see Graham hand Miss Wood the money to pay for my lunch and his,"Don't worry Sabrina, I've got this,"

        We sit down at our usual table near the window. My voice still sounds like a chipmunk as I open it to say, "Thank you I'll pay you back once my dad gives me my allowance tomorrow,"

        "Hey, you helped last week when you tutored me in History, this is my way of thanking you,"

        I mentally slap myself for acting like this around him. We've been going to school together for two years, and now I can't talk to him. I see a few of his friends wave for him to join them at their table.

        "You don't mind if I go sit with them do you,"

        "No, not at all go ahead,"

        After he leaves, I pick up my bottle of water and take two big sips. Then I start eating I take out my phone to text my dad. I know it's lame to text him to say I'm sorry about what happened this morning, but I've embarrassed myself enough today with Graham. I open my phone and start a new conversation with my dad. I know he isn't up to date with the text lingo so I have to write full grammatically correct sentences I'm glad I have unlimited texting.

        'Hey, dad, I'm sorry for how I was acting this morning. I shouldn't have snapped back like I did,'

        I hit send and take another bite of my burger while I wait for his reply. My phone vibrates a few seconds after my third bite of my burger.

        'It's okay sweetie. I shouldn't have freaked out about your clothes either. You've grown up so fast I'm still stuck in the 'You're my little girl' phase. So where did you go?'

        I smile and send him my reply. 'It's okay Dad. I know you're looking out for me. I went for a walk and ran in Clark he gave me a ride to his place to wait out the storm. I would have called you, but his house has terrible cell phone reception.'

        'Okay, sweetie, I knew you would have found somewhere to ride out the storm. Also, you don't have to pick up Brandon from Preschool today,'

        'How come?'

        'I have the day off,'

        'Does that mean I can get my allowance today after school?'

        'Nice try Sabrina, but no,'

        'It was worth a shot. Clark is picking me up after school is that okay?'


        'Okay, dad, I have to finish eating my lunch. I'll see you when I get home,'

        'Okay, Sabrina, I love you,'

        I quickly close my phone when I see Miko walk up. "Hey, guys, what's up?'

        "Nothing much, so who were you texting?"

        "My dad, we got into a fight this morning, and I wanted to apologize,"

        She sits down and starts eating. We finish our food then throw away our trash before we have to head to our next class. Spanish Class is my favorite class, but today I couldn't stay focused all I could think about is does Graham think I'm stupid. My notes today is filled with does Graham think I'm stupid translated into Spanish. I'm so distracted that I didn't hear Mr. Santos call on me.

        "Senorita Tucker, how do you say training in Spanish,"


        "No, Senorita Tucker, it's El entrenamiento, can you try to pay attention today,"

        "Yes, Senior Santos,"

        ~~~ Aliens In Jasper?~~~

        I head to band class after stopping by my locker to get my violin and the folder with my sheet music. Graphic Design, History, and English class went as well as Spanish I was distracted whether or not Graham still thinks I'm smart or as intelligent as a bag of rocks. I open the band room door and bump into another student. I catch the blue saxophone case before it hits the floor.

        "I'm sorry, I've been distracted today,"

        "Yeah, so have I," The student says.

        I look up to see Graham holding my violin case. "Graham I didn't know you're in Mr. Howell's band class. Nice catch by the way,"

        Graham hands my violin back to me, "You're welcome. I like hearing your real voice and not the chipmunk version,"

        "Thanks, so do you know if Mr. Howell would let me have a spare key so I could practice for the first class violin test,"

        "He's a reasonable man. I'm pretty sure he would, but the school doesn't allow students to stay after school without a teacher present."

        "Rats, I forgot about that rule,"

        "I usually go to the library to study for my last class since I have study hall. I'd love to hear you play."


        "Yes, after what I heard when you played at last year's school talent show. I think you're a much better violin player than Priscilla Collins. How did she win first chair violin last year?"

        "That girl cheated and thanks for the compliment. I have been playing longer than she has. She still doesn't know how to play a g sharp on the d string. You don't have to stay you know,"

        "I know, but I want to. I'll watch Priscilla Collins too and make sure she doesn't try anything funny,"

        "Thanks, I have to see if my dad remember not to text me during school hours other then during lunch. I'll be inside in a second,"

        Graham nods and a small smile comes to his face before he goes back into the room. I couldn't believe it for the first time today I talked to Graham and didn't make a complete fool of myself. I totally rock. I walk in the room still very proud of myself until Priscilla Collins walks up to me.

        "Hey Sabrina Out-of-tuneker,"

        "If you're trying to come up with a musical pun using m]y last name you're going to have to come up with something else because that was lame,"

        "Whatever, but your crush decided to give up his study time to hear you play. He should have reconsidered the only place you'd sound good is at the bottom of a well,"

        "That would be you, Priscilla, I've been playing since I was 10. You've only started playing last year,"

        "Then how come I'm first chair and you're not,"

        "You cheated and you know it. If I were you, I'd get ready to move down a chair after the competition Friday I'm going to be sitting in your seat,"

        "I doubt that,"

        "I guess we'll find out Friday won't we,"

        ~~~ Aliens In Jasper?~~~

        I leave band class, head to my locker, then go outside to wait of Cliffjumper. I see a yellow and black muscle car. A blue motorcycle with pink details is parked next to the muscle car. I hop down off the ledge after I see Cliffjumper pull up. I get in the passenger seat and buckle up. Then he starts the engine and drives to the base.

        "I forgot to tell you that you did a good job today. Even if you didn't rescue me that whole big brother program at the community center angle, I'm one hundred percent sure that Graham totally bought it,"

        "Thanks, so, how was school?"

        "It was the same as always - boring,"

        "Why did your voice get all squeaky when that Graham kid talked to you?"

        "I might like Graham - a little,"

        "A little, I think you're crushing on the Graham kid,"

        "How would you know what a crush is?"

        "I might be an alien, but we share some of the same emotions you humans do. I have made a fool of myself in front of a female cybertronian,"

        "So, if you like a girl your heart beats super fast,"

        "For us, it's called a spark, but yes it acts the same way,"

        "That's good to know, but I've talked with Graham four times today. I embarrassed myself by talking in my chipmunk voice. I think I should just give up on telling him how I feel and just secretly crush on him. Then pray that another girl asked him out,"

        "You shouldn't give up. He obviously like you for you,"

        "How could you tell?"

        "Trust me on this,"

        "Okay, Cliffjumper, so why was Arcee and that others car at the school?"

        "That's Bumblebee. He and another kid saw him, and Acree take down some others 'Cons before she came to help me,"

        "Do they know you guys are aliens?"

        "No, Optimus wants to tell all of you at once,"

        "That makes sense,"
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          Chapter 4: Questions Answered
          Sabrina's POV

          We arrive at the base. I see Miko and Jack get off of Arcee. Then Raphael gets out of Bumblebee.

          "Acree, you said there were two boys," Ratchet asks.

          "Miko, probably just eavesdropped on a conversation and saw Arcee."

          "Wow, Sabrina, you're good," Arcee says.

          "Thanks, so is Optimus going to give us the run down on why you guys are here? I need to practice my violin so I can prove to Priscilla Collins that I am a better musician than she is,"

          "Who is this Priscilla Collins person?"

          We turn around when I hear Optimus walk in the room."Cliffjumper you'll have to wait a few minutes before Sabrina can answer your question,"

          "So, what planet are you robots from?"

          "Cybertron," Cliffjumper says.

          "Why are you and the others here on Earth, Optimus?"

          "Cybertron is unable to support life after centuries of civil war," Optimus answers. "And to protect your from the Decepticons,"

          "I take it the Decepticons are those purple cars that tried to blast Brandon and me yesterday,"

          "Yes, where is your little brother?" Cliffjumper asks.

          "Dad is watching him. I only babysit Brandon when dad is working late,"

          "What caused the civil war to break out on your planet? What were you fighting over?" Raphael asks.

          "Over our planet supply of Energon,"

          "I take it Energon is your version of our blood. If you don't have it flowing inside your body, you can't function,"

          "Exactly Sabrina,"

          OPitmus continues to explain what happened during the war on Cybertron. Miko starts to get bored and asks if there is going to be a quiz after he finishes his lecture. I give her a friendly shove before I ask the most important question of all, "Why did you bring us here? We didn't do anything wrong all of us, except for Miko, just were in the wrong place at the wrong time,"

          "I fear that Megatron may come back to seek revenge. If he does your planet could become like Cybertron barren and unable to support life,"

          "I'd be okay if Megatron could erase all little brothers in the world,"

          "Come on Sabrina. I'm sure that you don't mean that," Jack says.

          "All Brandon does is go into my room without asking. Then makes it look like a bomb went off or break things - like my science fair projects. Dad, just baby's him and yells at me when I get mad at him like I'm the bad guy,"

          "He should be here as well so we can protect him, and the rest of you until we can figure out what the Decepticons are planning,"

          "Optimus, not to sound ungrateful or anything, but bring a four-year-old here is a bad idea. He would just get hurt, and I'd have to take the heat since I'd be in charge of him. Plus, I have a bad feeling that Ratchet isn't too keen on your plan too,"

          "Sabrina is right, Optimus, if these human children get caught underneath our feet," Ratchet says.

          "You could squish us,"

          "We will be careful where we walk,"

          A few seconds later an alarm goes off. Honestly, it's much less annoying than my alarm clock in the morning - well the morning my dad lets me us it that is. "I thought they would have deactivated all the security measures on this missile silo. Considering the Army, abandoned it several years ago,"

          "We reactivated them when we moved in," Cliffjumper says.

          Ratchet pulls up the image from the camera, "It's Agent Fowler, along with Agent Tucker and his wife,"

          "Agent Tucker?" Miko says.

          "Sabrina, isn't your last name Tucker," Jack asks.

          "Yes, but my parents aren't cool enough to be secret agents," I answer, "Optimus, I thought my friends, Brandon and me were the only humans that knew you existed,"

          "Agent Fowler and his teammates were assigned to be our liaison to the outside world," Optimus explains, "They only come if there are issues,"

          "I guess you want us to hide,"

          Optimus nods. We run away and hide underneath a fleet of stairs close to where Acree and Bumblebee are standing. We lean against the wall. I peak my head out when I hear the elevator door slide open. I see Agent Fowler then my mom and dad exit right behind him.

          "Prime, what are you 'Bots doing out there?" Dad snaps.

          "I had complaints from my superiors about a three-hour traffic jam," Agent Fowler adds.

          "Not to mention the seven accidents and 34 fender benders. also the reports of a speeding motorcycle of unknown make." Dad continues.

          "You forgot about they also mentioned a custom black-and - yellow muscle car," Agent Fowler says as he finishes my dad rant.

          "Clam down you two, none got hurt. I'm sure Optimus has everything under control, " Mom says.

          I quickly lean back against that wall as I try to wrap my brain around the fact that my mom never went to fight in Afganistan. She and my dad have been keeping it a secret that they are working for the Government as secret agents. I guess their lesson that secrets and safety don't go together was a lie. I set my violin case down in between me and Miko. She accidently kicks it away from the wall with her right foot.

          "Miko, way to blow our cover," I whisper.

          "Sorry," She whispers back.

          A few seconds I hear the universal signal that kids know you're in trouble when my mom shouts, "Sabrina Lilah Tucker, get out here right now," I slowly walk over to my violin and pick it up. I go over to the stairs and stand in front of them.

          "Agent Fowler, we have to talk with our daughter."

          "I understand. Prime, please do all of us a huge favor and handle this under the radar before we resort to using the Miltary," Agent Fowler says.

          After he leaves, my parents turn their attention back to me.

          "Sabrina, how did you get involved in this," dad asks.

          "Yesterday, when you told me to pick up Brandon. We were walking home we got attacked. Then Cliffjumper showed up and saved us,"

          "Thank you Cliffjumper for saving my family," mom says.

          "You're welcome Ma'am,"

          "Dad, did you hire a babysitter to watch Brandon?"

          "Yes, I did,"

          "I guess I have to say goodbye to everyone, don't I,"

          "No, Sabrina, I believe that Optimus is right. The Autobots are more capable of protecting you from the Decepticons than your father and I can," Mom says.

          "Thank you, mom,"

          "You're welcome, but remember I want you home before 10:15,"

          "I will be home on time, I promise,"

          My parents leave to meet up with Agent Fowler. I walk back down the stairs to the others and see a shocked expression on their faces.

          "What wrong?"

          "I can't believe you have a 10:15 curfew on a school night," Jack says.

          "Why is that so unbelievable?"

          "Because my Curfew is 10 pm,"

          "My parents are slightly less overprotective than your mom I guess,"

          I walk over to the area where the TV is. I set my things down and take my sheet music out of my bookbag. Miko walks up to me.

          "Sabrina, have you noticed that you don't look like your parents?"

          "Yeah, so what. Some children look like their parents, and some don't, why do you ask?"

          "I was just curious if you ever considered that you're adopted?"
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            Chapter 5: More Questions Arrise

            Sabrina's POV

            "No, Miko, I have not thought about it. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to find somewhere to practice,"

            I walk back down the stairs and walk around the base till I find an empty room the only problem everything is robot sized. Now I wish that I asked Cliffjumper to stop by my house so I could get my music stand. I turn around to see Cliffjumper walk in."Hey, Cliffjumper, what's up?"

            "Optimus assigned me to be your guardian,"

            "What does being my guardian mean other than protecting me from the Decepticons?"

            "I'll let you know when I think of another reason besides the one you just mentioned,"

            "Okay, could you help me out my holding my sheet music for me,"


            Cliffjumper kneels down in front of me, and I set my things down then I take the book with sheet music from Disney and flip through the pages till I find "You'll Be In My Heart." He holds out his hand, and I place the book on top of his fingers. I'm surprised that it sits on his metal fingers without sliding off. I take out my violin and tune it before I put my chin on the rest and start to play. I get to the part where the lyrics say "I know we're different but, deep inside us we're not that different at all," got to back to thinking is Miko right am I adopted. I'm so distracted that I stop playing after I get through the second chorus. I lower the bow and look down at my feet.

            "Why did you stop? I wanted to hear the rest I can't believe one small Earth instrument can make such a beautiful sound,"

            "I second Cliffjumper's opinion," Acree says.

            I look up to see Acree standing in the doorway. "Thank you for the compliments you two, but I'm too distracted by my conversation with Miko before I found this place to focus on the song,"

            "What did Miko say?"

            "She mentions that I don't look like my parents."

            "Why does it matter if you look like your parents?" Acree asks.

            "Honestly I'm not sure, but here on Earth most children look like their parents,"

            "What does it mean if you don't?" Acree asks.

            "It means that another family adopted the child,"

            "Have you ever brought this up with your parents before?"

            "No, Cliffjumper, I haven't. I never thought about before. Now, that Miko brought it up I can't stop thinking about it."

            I put my violin away as well as my sheet music. I don't why suddenly I feel so many different emotion flowing through my body, anger, sadness, rejection, and several others I can't place. I stand up, and the only thing I feel like doing is crying. I don't want Cliffjumper to think I'm a crybaby. I just try my best to hold back the tears that start to build up in my eyes.

            "You feeling okay Sabrina?"

            "Cliffjumper, I'm all right, why do you ask,"

            Arcee walks over to me and puts her hand on my shoulder, "I think he's asking because you like your about to cry." I slowly look up at her. "Sabrina, closing yourself off from feeling won't help anyone,"

            "It's that your way of saying keeping all my emotions bottled up is bad?"

            "She is quoting me,"

            "I don't see how crying is going to make me feel better. I don't know who I am or where I was born. If I ask my parents about this, I'd be betraying them." My voice starts to crack as a few tears begin to roll down my cheeks."They've accepted me into their lives, and this is how I'd be returning all the love they gave me the past sixteen years by saying 'Hey mom and dad, am I your biological daughter?' It would break their hearts,"

            I quickly regain my composure and wipe away my tears. I pick up my things and leave the room. I hear loud pounding footsteps as Cliffjumper and Acree walk behind me as they follow me to the main room. I set the things down on the coffee table. I see Raf and Miko are playing a video game. I hear Miko groan in disappointment when Raf blows past her to win. She and Raf put their controllers down on the couch next to them before they stand up.

            "You'll Be In My Heart is my favorite song from Tarzan," Raf says.

            "Jack do you have a favorite song?"

            "No, all of Phil Collins songs are incredible in that movie it's too hard to pick just one,"

            "So, why did you stop playing halfway through?" Raf asks.

            "I got distracted thanks to Miko,"

            "What did Miko do?" Ratchet asks.

            "She asked me if I ever considered that I might be adopted,"

            "How did Miko come to that conclusion?' Ratchet asks.

            "She noticed that I don't look like my parents,"

            "Why does that even matter if you're adopted or not. We'd still be your friends," Jack says.

            "Jack, I appreciate what you just said. If Julian and Elena aren't my biological parents. Where are my birth parents? Did they even love me if they gave me away to another family?"

            "You really should talk to them about this," Jack suggests.

            "I know I should, but I'm scared that they'll hate me,"

            I take out my phone and see that it's 9:55. I have fifteen minutes till I had to be home. I also notice that I don't have any bars.

            "It's there some equipment that you're using to block the signal from the cell tower from reaching my phone?"

            "There isn't a machine doing that Sabrina. It's a security measure," Optimus answers.

            "Jack you have five minutes to get home before your mom sends out a search and rescue team to find you,"

            "Sabrina, my mom is a worry wort that's all,"

            "I remember she blew a gasket when you bought that Moped when you were thirteen,"

            "I've matured a lot since then,"

            I sly raise my eyebrow "Sure you have but talking to girls is a different story,"

            "Whatever," Jack says as he lightly punches my left shoulder.

            "I should get going too, my parents will ground me till the next report card comes out," Raf says.

            Optimus tells the others which human they will be protecting as their guardian. The green robot, Bulkhead, is going to have his hands full trying to keep Miko out of trouble. He tells Bumblebee that Raf's well being is in his hands now. I knew that Acree didn't want to be Jack's guardian from how she rolls her eyes before walking over to him. I go gather up my things before I head home too. I'm not in the mood to practice anymore. Cliffjumper transforms and I get in the driver's seat. He stops in front of the driveway. After I close the door he activates his holoform then rolls down the window."Do you have school tomorrow?"

            "No, we have the weekend off. All of the teachers forget that and assign us homework,"

            "So, do you get to stay in power down longer...I mean sleep in,"


            "Cool, I guess I'll patrol the streets,"

            "Okay, see you tomorrow Cliffjumper,"

            "Sabrina, we are friends now so that means you can call me Cliff,"

            "Got it,"

            Cliff rolls up the window. He waits till I close the front door before he drives away. I walk into the living room and pick up one of the family photos off of the shelf next to the TV. It was taken at Brandon's birthday last year. I never noticed that Brandon and I don't look like we are related.

            I can't believe it this means Miko was right. I am adopted. I thought this is where I belong. I don't think I should talk to Julian and Elena about this. They don't love me.

            I set the photo down and go to my room. I set my things on the desk and change into my PJs. I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I go past Julian and Elena room, I catch bits and pieces of their conversation.

            "Elena, I'm not sure if Sabrina is old enough,"

            "She is sixteen, Julian. We have to tell her. We've kept this a secret from her long enough. She deserves to know,"

            "I know, Elena, your right. We'll have a family meeting tomorrow after breakfast,"
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              Chapter 6: Running Away from The Truth
              Sabrina's POV

              I know that listening in on their conversation is wrong, but Mr. and Mrs. Tucker told me the secret and family don't go together. I guess that was a lie and they don't consider me an actual member of the household. I'm just another family's mistake they choice to take in and raise instead. I look in the mirror and frown as I see my reflection in the mirror.

              Should I stay to let "my parents" explain why they refused to tell me that I'm not their biological daughter?

              I pick up my toothbrush and refuse to smile when I brush my front teeth. Two minutes late I head back to my room and see the glow in the dark stars that Mr. and Mrs. Tucker put up over my bed when I was three to help me not be afraid of the dark. They spell out "I Love You." I let out a long sigh and decide it's time to take them down.

              Just another thing on the list of stuff "my parents" forgot to do. They should have taken them down when I was six, so I have to do it myself.

              I tiptoe down the stairs and get the step ladder and everything else I need for my project. I go back to my room to get started. By midnight I'm happy with my work, I even managed to remove all the glue off the ceiling without taking much of the paint with it. I put a fresh coat of paint on it to be on the safe side. I got back downstairs to the put everything away. I throw the stars away in the trash can outside so they couldn't find them. I go to bed around one am since my mind refused to shut down. I wake up from a dream about finding out that my birth parents are dead. I realize that I'm not emotionally ready to hear why my birth parents gave me away and why my adoptive parents kept this information a secret. I pick up my phone off the nightstand and see it's 5:30. I put it down and stretch before I get out of bed. I change into a plain blue t-shirt, jeans and a pair of hiking shoes.

              I also grab the small Army backpack I got last year for my birthday. I pack it with the fully stocked tactical trauma kit I also added an ice pack, some extra clothes, enough food to last me through the weekend, A water bottle, and a few others things I could rustle up without waking everyone up along with my violin case and some sheet music. I also take out the padfolio from the desk drawer and put it in the outside pocket. Then I sneak out through my bedroom window - again.

              I should have left a note. I don't want anyone to find me. I need some time to figure things out.

              I look back one more time before I run away. I'm afraid that once "my parents" tell me, all I'm going to do is want to find out everything I can about my birth parents. It's better for everyone if I leave that way they can have another daughter who can do everything I can't like pass on all their good genes to the next generation. I never told them before ever since I started Middle School this voice in my head kept saying that I wasn't meant to be with them. I'm better off by myself I need to find out what my purpose is and who I am.

              Twenty minutes later I get to the woods and find a place to make camp. I build myself a shelter from twigs and pieces of bark I find scatter on the path like I read about in a survival manual I checked out from the library a few years ago. I put the tarp over the roof and tied it tight so it wouldn't move and block the wind. I kept my phone off to save the battery since I don't know how long it will take to charge using the solar battery charge Mr. Tucker bought me for Christmas last year. I take out my sleep bag and crawl into and try to get some more sleep. I feel a few rays of sunshine hit my face so I roll away from it so I can get a few more seconds of sleep. I give up after I hear some voices.

              "Cliff, we're out here scouting for energon,"

              "I know Cee, but I stopped by Sabrina house to pick her up, but she wasn't there,"

              "Cliff, I'm sure she okay,"

              I groan and get out of my sleeping bag. I quickly roll it up, put it back in my bag out it on my back and hide behind a tree. A few seconds later I hear Acree and Cliffjumper enter my campsite.

              "The source Ratchet's scans picked up is just up ahead. Cliff, what's wrong why did you stop?"

              "Nothing Cee, I think I know where Sabrina is,"


              "Hiding behind the tree over there next to that shelter,"

              I sigh and walk out from behind the tree. I slowly walk over to them.

              Cliffjumper's POV

              "Cliff, how did you know where I was hiding?"

              "You should have tried harder to cover your tracks,"

              "I'll remember that for next time,"

              "Why are you out here?"

              Sabrina looks down at her feet and mumbles "I might have run away from home,"

              "You ran away?" Acree and I say in shock.

              "I don't want to talk about it. You two have a mission to complete, don't you?"

              "I can take care of myself I'm not a defenseless little kid. There is no way the Decepticons can find me the path are too narrow for a car."

              "Sabrina, I admire your confidence, but you can't stay out here, it's not safe, the Decepticons could find you from above," Acree says.

              "Wait since when can they fly?"

              "There are two kinds of Deception troopers the cars and the seeker planes. We can't risk them spotting you when you make a fire at night," Acree says.

              "Arcee is right Sabrina. You should come with us back to the base. Plus, Optimus would rip out my spark if I failed to protect you since I'm your guardian,"

              "Fine, I'll go, and Cliff you have mastered the guilt trip."

              I pick Sabrina up and put her on my shoulder. Arcee and I head towards the Energon. We harvest all we can and head back to base.
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                Chapter 7: Secrets and Family Don't Mix Part 1 - A Message From Alpha Trion

                Sabrina's POV

                "Sabrina, the ground bridge works for humans. You might feel dizzy after we get back to back," Cliff warns.

                I prepare myself to feel nauseous as Cliff walks into the green portal. We exit and walk over to Optimus and Ratchet.

                "Sabrina, how are you feeling? The other children have said that they felt their bones vibrate or dizzy after going through the ground bridge."

                "I feel fine,"

                "So, why are you up so early. I remember you said that you hate getting up early." Ratchet adds.

                "I do, but I overheard Mr. and Mrs. Tucker talking last night. They said that they're finally going to tell me that me I'm adopted."

                "I thought you wanted your parents to tell you about how you came to be a part of their family?" Optimus asks.

                "I thought I did. I'm starting to have this feeling again that even though I look like a human, this isn't where I belong,"

                Optimus helps me down off Cliff's shoulder. He sets me down on the floor. Cliff and Arcee start taking the energon to the storage area. Cliff tries to carry ten pieces at once. The top two bits fall off the stack and land on the floor. I run over to them and pick one up. Cliff told me that this form is highly combustible, but when my fingers touch it, I feel a sharp jolt of electricity flow through my body. I scream in pain. I quickly drop the energon before everything turns black.

                I'm pretty sure that this is a dream since I'm not in the base. I turn around and find myself surrounded by blue light and a robot that has a long beard looking down at me.

                "How are you? Am I dead? Are you my robotic guardian angel or something?"

                "I am Alpha Trion young one. No, you are not dead, and I'm not an angel,"

                "Okay, Alpha Trion, sir, why are you here?"

                "I am here to tell you that you are part Cybertronian,"

                "How I function and have the appearance of human?"

                "That is how the other Primes and I decided to disguise you so the Decepticons couldn't find you."

                "Hold on, so I'm an Autobot?"

                "Yes, but your Cybertonian form will fully activate in the coming months,"

                "So, I have to give up the life I known for the past sixteen years to become one of you,"

                "You will be able to change from your Cybertronian form and human form at will,"

                "I'll be able to go to school like I normally do,"

                "Yes, but you are allowed to interact with other humans except for the ones who know we are here on Earth,"

                "So, I'll have to go through puberty again,"

                "Yes, I'm afraid so. You'll have to learn how to control your new Cybertonian form, and it will be painful,"

                "That isn't a good selling point,"

                "I'm sorry young one, but it's the truth. You must wake up now. I'll contact you again,"

                "Alpha Trion, wait,"

                "Sabrina, wake up," Cliff shouts.

                "Cliffjumper. relax, she is fine," Rachet says.

                I slowly open my eyes. Everything is blurry for a few seconds till I see Cliff looking down at me. The next thing I know he picks me and hugs me.

                Cliffjumper's POV

                I'm so happy that Sabrina is awake that I ignore the loud buzzing sound.

                "Cliffjumper, you're suffocating her." Ratchet shouts.

                Ratchet takes Sabrina out of my arms and puts her back down on the bed. She coughs a few times before her lungs start to fill with oxygen and can breathe normally again.

                "Sorry, Sabrina, I forgot you humans need to breathe to function properly,"

                "It's okay you were just happy, be careful next time alright. I'd like all my bone and internal organs to stay where they are supposed to be,"

                Ratchet pushes me away and scans her again.

                "By the All Spark, I'm picking up a faint trace of energon flowing through Sabrina's body,"

                "How is that possible Ratchet? Sabrina is human not Cybertonian,"

                "All of you might think I'm crazy, but Alpha Trion contacted/ talked to me while I was unconscious,"

                "Why would one of the original Primes speak to you?" Ratchet asks.

                Sabrina's POV

                "All he said was I'm part Cybertonian,"

                "That would explain why my scanner picked up a faint energon pulse." Ratchet says.

                "Why did that Energon shard shock me? Was that supposed to happen?"

                "I'm not sure Sabrina, raw energon is highly combustible but it shouldn't have generated an electric pulse like it did," Ratchet explains.

                "Alpha Trion did say that my Cybertronian form would fully activate in the coming months. Do you think I have a unique ability that allows me to pull energy from raw energon?"

                "I'm not sure, or it could just be your body is trying to adjust as your Cybertronian side is beginning to surface,"

                "Great Cybertron's version of puberty has started. I hate having to go through it twice. I hope I don't have to sit through a Cybertronion version of Sex Ed because Earth's is terrible. The first class was when I was ten,"

                "It's that young for Earthlings?" Cliff asks.

                "No, for a girl it usually starts between the ages 8 to 15 for boys it's 10 to 14. So, in fifth grade, we had our first Sex ed class of many. Before students can take the course, the parents had to sign a permission slip. After they had been turned in, the teachers split the class up boys in one group and girls in the other and told us was what changes were going to happen to our bodies. It didn't make it less awkward when it did happen, but it did take away a bit of the fear, though."

                "We do have one, but we call it Cybertronian body changes and Sparkmating," Ratchet says.

                I had this strange feeling that I'm about to get my first lesson, so I make my escape. I quickly sit up and soon realize that was a bad idea. I start to see double as the room spins around me. I feel Ratchet puts his hand on my shoulder and lays me back down on the bed, "Eh, Eh, you're not going anywhere. I need to run a few more tests to make sure that zap you received from that energon shard didn't harm any of your internal organs,"

                I try to shake off my dizzy spell and get up again. Ratchet gently pushes down on my shoulder to keep me from moving.

                "But, I need to practice for the first chair competition for band class,"

                "Sabrina, the more you fight it the long it's gong to take me to finish," Ratchet says.

                "Fine, but I'm ticklish so I am going to squirm when you do to the abdominal exam," I sigh as I cross my arms over my chest.
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                  Chapter 8: Secrets and Family Don't Mix Part 2 - We are not Family Anymore
                  Sabrina's POV

                  Ten minutes ago Ratchet released me from the medical bay. I go over to the platform where the TV is and take my violin, music stand and sheet music out of my bag. I set up the music stand next to the big chair. I set the sheets with my scales on top of the folder with "Canon in D" that Mr. Howell gave me to practice for the competition.

                  "I don't get to help you anymore," Cliff sighs.

                  "I'm still going to need your help, Cliff. Could you record me while I play "Canon in D?" If I make one mistake while I play it during the competition, I can kiss first chair violin goodbye. I'm not going to let Priscilla Collins beat me this year. She didn't even deserve to win last year."

                  "Sure thing partner, what did Priscilla Collins do that's got you so fired up?"

                  "Priscilla cheated while I was playing she walked past me and 'accidentally' poked me in the stomach with her bow.

                  "How come the teacher didn't say anything?" Arcee asks.

                  "The rules say that all Mr. Howell has to do during the competition is listen to the student play. He can't even look away from his score sheet, or the competition is over."

                  "Wow, but could you play that song you did yesterday. I'd like to the whole thing?"

                  "So, would I," Acree adds.

                  "I usually don't take request, but I'll make an exception just this once,"

                  I walk back over to my bag and take out the book with the music in it. I go back over to the music stand, flip through it and place the book down. I open my violin case and realize it looks different than it did yesterday. I look at my name to see the dots look like they've were filled in with bits on Energon.

                  "That's weird,"

                  "What is," Ratchet asks.

                  I pick up my violin and walk over to the railing. Ratchet and Optimus walk over me. I hand my violin to Ratchet. He and Optimus take turns looking at it.

                  "This isn't going allow the 'Cons to track me is it?"

                  "No, these bits are too small to register on our tracking system," Ratchet says.

                  "Yes, Ratchet is correct, you'll be fine,"

                  "That's good I'd hate to have to quit the band. I'd have to take 'Let's embarrass the kids who know they lack athletic ability so they can be mocked for it till they have kids or their own,' or known to the rest of the children on Earth as Gym class,"

                  Optimus hands it back to me, and I walk over to the music stand. I let out a shaky sigh before I put my chin rest and start to play "You'll Be In My Heart" again. This time I play through to the end of the song. I close the book and put the sheet music to "Canon in D" on top of it. I nod to Cliff after I put my violin to my chin again then start to play. He stops when I put my violin down on the coffee table. After I listen to the recording, I played the wrong note on measure ten, and I was flat three times throughout the song on top of that.

                  "This song isn't that difficult I should be able to play it with making a single mistake,"

                  "I didn't hear any mistakes," Ratchet says.

                  "Yeah it sounded great," Cliff adds.

                  "Thanks, you two, but I've been playing for six years. I can tell when I play note or when I'm out of tune,"

                  I play it two more times till I hear the proximity alarm go off. I put my things away and walk down the stairs. I see the image from the camera on the screen and see 'my parents' walking over to the elevator. I turn around and try to leave when I hear the door open and get about three steps before Cliff picks me up and sets me down in front of them.

                  "Cliff, what are you doing?"

                  "Sabrina, you can run away forever. You need to let them explain why they didn't tell you that you're adopted,"

                  "Cliffjumper is right, sweetheart," Mr. Tucker says.

                  "Sabrina, your father and I meant to tell you that we adopted you years ago, but our mission got in the way." Mrs. Tucker says.

                  "So, using your job as an excuse to keep this a secret from me. Neither of you felt any guilt for the choice you made? I thought you loved me, but I was wrong,"

                  "We did feel guilty sweetheart, and we do love you," Mr. Tucker says.

                  I feel more anger begin to build up inside me. My voice changes from a moderate tone to shouting, "Mrs. Tucker, were you really in the Army serving overseas the past six months or was that a lie. Why should I believe a word either of you say? You could just say things to make yourselves feel better about this,"

                  "Sabrina Liah, I know you're upset with us. That doesn't give you the right to talk to either of us in that tone young lady." Mr. Tucker says.

                  My voice changes one more time as it cracks when tears start to stream down my cheeks."I'm sorry Mr. Tucker, but I don't have to listen to you or your wife. We are no longer a family, so I don't have to go back to the house anymore. I'm staying here with my fellow cybertronians where I belong,"

                  Elena's POV

                  Sabrina turns around and runs down the stairs. Cliffjumper tries to stop her with his right hand by placing it in front of her, but she spins around it. Then continues to run out of the room.

                  "Sabrina, come back," Cliffjumper shouts

                  "It's okay Cliffjumper, let her go. She needs time to reflect on her emotions,"

                  "Elena, our daughter just disrespected us. We need to find her and ground her till she is eighteen," Julian says.

                  "Julian, she may have raised her voice. I noticed that she never called us by our first names, so she still respects us. Sabrina has every right to be mad at us. We kept this a secret from her for too long. I'm not sure if she believe us if we said that the owners of the orphanage said that they just found her and another baby in a basket on the porch one night."

                  "What happened to that other baby?" Cliffjumper asks.

                  "He was adopted by another family,"

                  "Do you know that boy's name by any chance?" Ratchet asks.

                  "Yes, his name is Graham. His parents work in Unit E as well,"

                  "Elena, you and your husband are aware that Sabrina is part Cybertronian correct?" Ratchet asks.

                  "Yes, but we were contacted last night by Alpha Trion. My husband and I just thought it was a wired dream caused by that pepperoni pizza we ate before bed,"

                  "Mrs. Tucker Alpha Trion's message to you was very real. The history of Earth and Cybertron are linked, so we must find Graham to protect him as well."Optimus says.

                  "Shouldn't we find Sabrina first?" Cliffjumper asks.

                  "Don't worry Cliffjumper, if Sabrina isn't still here in the base. I'm pretty sure she went to her secret spot in the forest that she likes to go whenever she wants to be alone with her thoughts. She'll be fine,"

                  "The 'Cons could spot her and take her to their ship." Cliffjumper gasps.

                  "Clam down partner, if Sabrina has done this before, I'm sure she has a route she takes that would make it hard for someone to track her," Arcee says.

                  "Arcee is right. We did find out where it is. Although we did have to through some pricker bushes and the path is narrow its hidden by some thick tree as well," Julian says.
                  "If Sabrina wants to stay here to keep us safe from the Decepticons finding out where we live, that fine. Make sure that she still goes to school,"

                  "Yes, Ma'am," Cliffjumper says.

                  "Thank you, Cliffjumper. Julian let's head home to explain things to Brandon,"

                  Julian nods and we walk back over to the elevator. We get into the jet and fly back to headquarters.

                  Sabrina, sweetheart, I'm sorry we did this to you. We've been terrible parents. I hope that you can trust us again.
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                    Chapter 9: Wait, Graham, you're Adopted too?

                    Sabrina's POV

                    I sneak out through the door at the end of the tunnel when I see Bumblebee enter. After it closes behind me, I head off to the forest. I get to the path leading to my hiding space. I realize that I need to make the entrance a little bigger when a cut appears on my right arm after I crawl past the thorn bush. As the path widens out enough for me to sit down. It was bleeding a lot, and it wasn't bad enough that I needed stitches. I see a broken tree branch to my left, so I rip off a few leaves then place them over the cut. I knew I should use my shirt, but this is my favorite I'm not going to destroy it just to patch up a small cut. I slowly stand up and walk down the path. I reach the cave and sit down to rest.

                    Two minutes later I take my hand off of my arm and see that the bleeding stop. I quickly stand up when I hear a few pebbles shift as someone walks up. I gasp when I see Graham enter the cave.

                    "Graham, how do you know about this place?"

                    "I like to come here when I've had an emotionally stressful day or week. What about you?"


                    "After I patch up your cut on your arm, do you want to talk about it?"

                    "Sure, I guess, you're a great listener,"

                    "I know,"

                    Graham steps closer to me, and my heart begins to race. He sets down his bag and takes out a first aid kit. I feel a spark of static electricity as he touches my arm. I look down at him and see the one part of his eye is energon blue and the inside is green. He finishes cleaning my cut and puts a dressing on it.

                    "To answer your question, my parents told me I'm adopted,"

                    "My parents said the same thing today, too,"

                    "I bet you're feeling mad, sad and just confused about what is going to happen next,"

                    "Exactly, so how am I supposed to get past all these feelings?"

                    "Talking to someone usually helps,"

                    "That and having someone who is going through the same thing helps too,"

                    "Yes, it does, so if you ever want to talk I'm here for you,"

                    "Thanks, Graham so did your parents have any information about your birth parents?"

                    "No, they didn't,"

                    "That weird wouldn't the people in charge of the orphanage have the information on file?"

                    "They do, but my parents said that I just showed up on the porch one night in a basket with another baby,"

                    "That is strange, was there a note attached to the basket?"

                    "Yes, I have it. The writing is in same come kind of code that no computer program can translate,"

                    "Can I see it?"


                    Graham hands the note to me. I look at it and recognize that it's written in Cybertronian code since it looks like what I saw on the computers back at the base.

                    "I have some friends that can help."


                    "Yes, just promise me that you won't tell anyone about them,"


                    "You trust me, right?"


                    "Let's go,"

                    Graham and I leave the cave. We head to the Autobot base. I lead Graham around the back of the base. We climb the side of the mountain. I wince in pain as I look at my right arm to see the bandage get caught on a branch and it made the cut deeper as the edge went into my skin. I reach over to break it and keep climbing. Graham pulls me up, and we sit down on a rock a few steps away from us.

                    "Man, Sabrina, bushes and tree branches hate you today," Graham jokes.

                    "Not the best time to crack a joke," I snap.

                    "Sorry, we have to get you some help," Graham says.

                    He helps me stand up, and we go over to the elevator. I hear the proximity alarm go off as we step down on the landing pad.

                    "Isn't this place abandoned, so why are the security systems still active?"

                    "I'll explain everything once we're inside, I promise,"

                    Normal POV

                    Inside the base, Ratchet sees Sabrina and Graham on the monitor. Cliffjumper looks over at Arcee and sees she is upset, "What is that girl thinking?"

                    "Cee, calm down, I'm sure Sabrina has a good explanation why she brought that boy here. Ratchet can you zoom in?"

                    "Of course,"

                    "Guys, we don't have to look for Graham, Sabrina already found him," Cliffjumper gasps.

                    "How can you be so sure that's the kid were looking for?" Acree asks.

                    "We'll find out in a minute they should be arriving any second," Ratchet says.

                    The elevator door opens. Ratchet and Cliffjumper walk over to the platform. They gasp in shock seeing an unconscious Sabrina in Graham's arms.

                    "What happened kid," Cliffjumper asks.

                    "Cliffjumper, she needs medical attention this boy can explain everything after we get her to the medical bay," Ratchet snaps.

                    Graham nervously follows Ratchet to the medical bay. He lays Sabrina down on the bed. Then he walks back over to Cliffjumper and lets Ratchet to his job. They watch Ratchet activate his holoform. Sabrina slowly opens her eyes and can barely make put a 5''6' man in his thirties with black hair and green eyes. He is wearing medical scrubs and doctors lab coat.

                    "Ratchet, you have a holoform too, why didn't you use it before? When did you learn human medicine?" Sabrina asks.

                    "Sabrina, save your strength. Yes, I do, it's going to easier for me to help you this way. Also, I thought it would be a good idea to learn about Erath science and medicine since we accepted you and your friends in our lives. I'm going to put in sleep so I can safely remove the branch from your arm," Ratchet says.

                    He attaches the IV drip and heart monitor before placing a mask over her face. When she is completely under the anesthetic, the medic gets to work. Ten minutes later Ratchet scans her arms to make sure that there is no nerve damage. He sighs in relief and starts to stitch the cut closed. The medic, cliffjumper and Graham walk to the main room so Ratchet can tell the group about how the surgery went.

                    "How is Sabrina doing Ratchet?" Cliffjumper asks.

                    "The surgery went well, but she lost a lot of blood," Ratchet answers.

                    "Couldn't we just give some energon?" Cliffjumper suggests.

                    "That's too dangerous Cliffjumper. She only has a small trace of energon in her system now. If I introduce too much at once, she could go into shock," Ratchet replies.

                    "Then what are we going to do?" Arcee asks.

                    "I'll donate some of my blood to help her," Graham says confidently.
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                      Chapter 10: Graham’s introduction to the Autobots

                      Normal POV

                      The Autobots look down at Graham to see the outer part of his eyes are energon blue, and the inside is green.

                      "Graham, am I Optimus Prime. My friends and I are robotic organisms from Cybertron. I know we need to help Sabrina, but did you happen to have a dream where you received a message from a robot named Alpha Trion?" Optimus asks.

                      "Yes, Optimus I did two weeks ago, and two days ago my parents told me that I'm adopted," Graham answers.

                      "What did Alpha Trion say?" Optimus asks.

                      "He told me that I'm part Cybertronian. I didn't believe him at first. When I noticed my eyes changed color last week I knew it was true," Graham says.

                      "Graham, I'll introduce you to the others and continue this conversation after you help Sabrina," Optimus says.

                      "Are you sure kid?" Cliffjumper asks.

                      "Yes, I am, Sir," Graham answers.

                      "Kid, call me Cliff, okay?" Cliffjumper says.

                      "Sure thing Cliff," Graham says.

                      "How can we be sure that Sabrina's body won't reject your blood?" Ratchet asks.

                      "My blood type is O, so I'm a universal donor which means my blood doesn't have A nor B antigens on red cells, so it won't trigger Sabrina's immune system to attack the new red blood cells from my blood," Graham explains.

                      "Graham, go with Ratchet," Optimus says.

                      "Yes, sir," Graham says.

                      Graham and Ratchet go back to the medical bay. Ratchet activates his holoform again and gathers everything he needs for the transfusion. Graham takes a bottle of water and a pack of cookies of his backpack from his bag to eat after Ratchet finished taking the blood from his body. Ratchet scans him first so he could see how much energon was in the boy's bloodstream.

                      "This will work after I remove some of the energon from it. Right now, your energon level is at fifteen percent," Ratchet says.

                      "It that why eyes changed color?" Graham asks.

                      "Yes, I'm afraid that they'll become completely blue when your energon levels reach fifty percent," Ratchet says.

                      "How long until that happens?"

                      "I'm not sure but, I should be able to run a test to figure that out. For now, I'll just need to remove some of the energon from your blood before I can give it to Sabrina,"

                      They glance over at Sabrina and see her start to wake up. Ratchet walks over to her.

                      "Ratchet, is my arm still attached?" Sabrina asks groggily.

                      "Yes, it is Sabrina,"

                      Sabrina tries to lift up her arm but only raises it p a few inches before it drops back down on the bed. Still speaking in her groggy tone, "Why does it feel so heavy?"

                      "It's still numb from the medicine I used to turn off the nerves in your arm so I could remove the branch,"

                      She starts to giggle as the light above her start to multiply and flicker like stars. "Ratchet, I can see the big dipper," A few seconds later she goes back to sleep. Ratchet turns his attention back to Graham and gets to work on the blood transfusion. An hour later Sabrina and Graham rejoin the group. A few seconds later Cliffjumper picks Sabrina up and gives her a hug.

                      "Thank the Allspark. You had me worried sick kid,"

                      "Cliffjumper, be careful you could pop one of her stitches," Ratchet snaps.

                      "Ratchet forgot to mention you're also crushing my lungs," Sabrina groans.

                      Cliffjumper puts Sabrina down back on the floor.

                      "So, Graham, I take it you've already met the Autobots?" Sabrina asks.

                      "Not all of them, Just Arcee, Optimus, Cliff, and Ratchet,"

                      A few seconds later Bumblebee and Bulkhead come back from their morning patrol.

                      "Perfect timing you two, The big green guy is Bulkhead."

                      "I take the the yellow and black one is called Bumblebee?"

                      "You got it. Bulkhead and 'Bee this is Graham,"

                      Graham says hi to them. Bumblebee walks over to him. He kneels down and holds out one of his fingers to shake Graham's hand.

                      *It's nice to meet you, Graham,* Bumblebee buzzes.

                      "The pleasure is mine Bumblebee," Graham says.

                      "So, what did that note say?" Sabrina asks.

                      "What note?" Ratchet asks.

                      Sabrina takes the note out of her pocket and hands it to him. "Where did you get this?"

                      "She got it from me. My parents gave it to me when they told that they got it the day they adopted me." Graham says,

                      "What did you parents say about how you arrived on this planet?" Optimus asks.

                      "All the information the orphanage has about me is that showed up on the porch one night in a basket with another baby and that note was attached to it,"

                      "Well, it says "Please watch over these two sparklings they are critical to the restoration of our planet. I've disguised them as humans to keep them hidden from the Decepticons. Their Cybertron side will appear after their sixteenth Earth birthday. I'll contact the Earth family I feel is right one to protect them until that day. Thank you for your assistant humans," Well it seems Alpha Trion has a plan,"

                      "How are we supposed to restore Cybertron?"

                      "I'm not sure Graham. You'll need a guardian to protect you while you're outside of the base," Optimus says.

                      "Who is going to be his guardian Optimus. You and Ratchet are the only Autobots left," Arcee says.

                      "Optimus, no offense, but you're the team leader. It would be best of Ratchet would be Graham's guardian. You have enough on your plate as it is,"

                      "Sabrina Optimus is a Prime. He can handle it," Cliffjumper says.

                      "Cliffjumper, she meant no disrespect. Sabrina, I appreciate your concern, but for now, you two need to stay here till we can figure things out," Optimus says.

                      "What about school?"

                      "You two will still be attending you'll just return here afterward instead of your homes," Optimus answers.

                      Sabrina's POV

                      "I have one more question. If we showed up on the same day, does that mean Graham and I are siblings?"

                      "Not necessarily, you two arrived at the orphanage on the same day. It doesn't mean that your sparks released from the Well of All Sparks on the same day." Ratchet answers.

                      The next thing I know my heart starts to race when I glance down to see Graham is holding my hand. I look up, and our eyes meet. His eyes look different they aren't completely green anymore the outside is energon blue.

                      "They still look dreamy. I mean any girl would get lost in them," I chuckle nervously.

                      "Like you did,"

                      I start to blush and feel a huge lump form in the back of my throat. I had a feeling that I'm about to start talking like a chipmunk when he lets go of my hand and puts his arm on my shoulder.

                      "Sabrina, call me crazy, but I think you might like me,"

                      "What gave it away?" I squeak.

                      "One, you're blushing. Two, you have suddenly got nervous whenever I'm around. Third, in chemistry class, I have seen you look at me then turn away and smile when I look back at you,

                      I summon up all the courage I can and swallow the lump my throat, "Yes, Graham, I do like you. A lot but can we be a couple?"

                      "Why can't we? Ratchet did say there is no evidence that we're siblings,"

                      'I know, but couldn't it be dangerous especially after our Cybertronian side fully activate?"

                      "I don't think so, but we'll have to learn how to control it let's do it together as a team,"

                      "Okay, let's see how things go. I'm ready to start down this new path on my road of life," I say confidently.
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                        Chapter 11: Moving into the Base Part 1, Packing up
                        Sabrina's POV

                        "I should head back to my house to get a few more things so I can turn one of the extra rooms more fit for a human to stay in,"

                        "Sounds like a good plan. I should do that too, and maybe afterward we could go out to lunch?"

                        "Nice segway into asking me out on a date there Graham. If we did, I'm sure we'd have to be chaperoned by our guardians,"

                        "True, but they'd be outside the restaurant in vehicle mode keeping an eye out for Decepticons. Is that a yes or no to the date?"

                        "How about we try something different?"

                        "What did you have in mind?"

                        "We could have a picnic here on the roof. Then tonight maybe we could watch the stars?"

                        "Sounds good, but you're not going to lift a finger. I'm going to make it,"

                        "You're such a gentleman, and everyone says chivalry is dead,"

                        "Great, do you think you can suppress your appetite for another hour or so?"

                        "I guess I can for you,"

                        Graham smiles then he kisses me on the cheek. I look over at him and try to act cool since I just got my first kiss. Then he moves closer and whispers in my ear, "You know you look even cuter when you blush," I playfully shove him away. He grabs my left wrist to steady himself as he falls backward. A few seconds later I manage to slip my wrist from his grasp. Graham regains his balance, and he catches me in his arms.

                        "Thanks, nice save,"

                        "No problem,"

                        He helps me to my feet, and I walk over to Cliff.

                        "Ratchet, I know you said that Graham and I might not be siblings. Could you run a blood test just to make sure, please?"

                        "I guess I could because I can tell it will put some of your fears to rest," Ratchet answers.

                        "Thank you Ratchet,"

                        "You're welcome," Ratchet says.

                        "We should head to our houses to gather our things,"

                        "Okay, but am I going with you and Cliff?"

                        "Cliffjumper is going to stay here. I'll help you and Sabrina my trailer can carry all of your belongs in one trip." Optimus says.

                        "Okay, so who's house are we going to stop at first?"

                        "We should stop by your house first,"

                        "Okay, as long as I don't have to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Tucker."

                        "Sabrina, I know you're upset, but they are your parents. You should call them mom and dad,"

                        "I will Graham in time, but for now I'm going to call them Mr. and Mrs. Tucker,"

                        Normal POV

                        Optimus transforms and the teens follow him outside. After Ratchet attaches the trailer, Optimus opens drivers side door. Sabrina climbs in and closes the door. Graham gets in as well, and Optimus drives off to Sabrina's house. Optimus pulls up to her house, and Sabrina sees her parents car in the driveway. She and Graham get out. They walk up to the house and head inside. Sabrina's parents walk up to them.

                        "Sabrina, we still need to talk about what we discussed earlier," Julian says.

                        Sabrina doesn't say a word to her father and leads Graham to the basement to find some empty boxes to pack her belongs into after they locate four boxes they head to her room. Sabrina places another shirt into the box and turns around to get another from her dresser when she sees Brandon standing in the doorway.

                        "Sabrina, did mom and dad kick you out?"

                        "No, Brandon they didn't. I have to go stay at the Autobot base for a while,"

                        "How long is awhile?

                        "Not sure buddy,"

                        "I don't want you to leave."

                        A few seconds later Sabrina sees tears start to stream down his face. She walks over to her and kneels down in front of him. He gives her a bug hug and cries into her chest. She picks him up and walks over to the bed then sits down. Brandon slowly lifts his head up, and Sabrina uses her left hand to wipe away some of his tears.

                        "I'm sorry Buddy, but I have to leave. It's the only way to keep you safe,"

                        "Can't I go with you and stay at the base?"

                        "Sorry, buddy, I'm don't think Ratchet would like having any more humans around other than Graham and me,"

                        "Can't I stay the night, please?"

                        "We'll see, buddy. For now how about you come along. I'll let you help me unpack,"

                        Brandon nods and a small smile comes to his face. Sabrina puts her little brother back down on the floor. They finish packing up the last box and head back downstairs. Brandon is wearing his galaxy print backpack, he always wears to sleepovers at his best friend Princeton's house, on his back. He has it packed with the things he usually takes to one of those sleepovers.

                        "So, Sabrina, you're going to watch your little brother with us having to ask you?" Julian asks.

                        "Sabrina is letting me help her move into the Autobot base dad," Brandon says with a big smile.

                        "That's fine but if he is going to stay the night make sure he goes to bed on time," Elena says.

                        "I will Mrs. Tucker. We need to get going." Sabrina says.

                        The group walks out the door and over to Optimus. They see his holoformA 6''1' man is his middle thirties with short black hair and light brown eyes. HIs outfit is a leather jacket and matching shirt and jeans the same color as his robot form, wave to them after he opens the door to the trailer. They walk over to it. After the group puts the boxes into the trailer. Sabrina holds on the one labeled Science Fair Project as they walk to the cab. Graham helps Brandon up and buckles him in the backseat. Sabrina decides to sit in the backseat with her brother so she could make sure he would behave and to keep her project safe till they got back to the base.

                        "So your brother will be joining us,"

                        "Yes, Optimus, but it's just going to be for tonight. I hope that alright. He was upset about me leaving," Sabrina says.

                        "It's fine. I'll inform Ratchet,"
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                          Chapter 12: Moving into the Base Part 2, Meeting Graham's Family
                          Sabrina's POV

                          Optimus pulls up in front of Graham's house. His parent's car is in the driveway. We get out and walk up to the door.
                          "Graham you have a little sister right?"

                          "Yes, her name is Isabella. She is in Brandon's Preschool class,"

                          "Why does she tackle me when she sees me?" Brandon asks.

                          "She likes you,"

                          "Eww, girls have cooties," Brandon says.

                          Graham opens the door then lets Brandon and me walk in first. The next thing I see is a four-year-old girl with braided pigtails wearing a floral print dress running up to Brandon. She tackles him to the floor.

                          "Isabella that's not how we greet guests," Graham scolds.

                          "Sorry big brother, but Brandon is my boyfriend," Isabella says.

                          "Eww, No I'm not," Brandon shouts.

                          Graham kneels down and picks up Isabella.

                          Graham's POV

                          "Isabella, remember what dad said about you and dating?"

                          "Yes, he said I can't date till I'm fifteen. I'm still allowed to have playdates right?"

                          "Yes, but mom and dad have to schedule them with Brandon's parents first,"

                          "Is this girl that Sabrina you've told mommy and daddy about at dinner. How you think she is cute and the smartest girl in the school,"

                          After I set her back down on the floor, Brandon gets up and hides behind Sabrina;s leg after Isabella tries to tackle him again. She turns around and picks him up.

                          "Thank you, Sabrina. I don't want to have a play date with her I won't survive," Brandon says.

                          We head upstairs to Graham's room. Sabrina sets Bandon down on the bed while she helps me pack up my things. Brandon picks up three boxes and tries to carry them downstairs.

                          "Brandon, I know you want to help. Take one at a time please; I don't want you to trip since you're not able to see where you're going," Sabrina scolds

                          "Okay," Brandon sighs.

                          Sabrina sets down the box in her hands and puts two of Brandon's on top of it then we continues down the stairs. After we reach the bottom, and heads outside and put the boxes in Optimus' trailer, my parents greet us.

                          Sabrina's POV

                          "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Burton,"

                          "Hello Sabrina, so you are pretty as my son said you were," Mr. Burton says.

                          "Dad," Graham snaps.

                          I look over at Graham and see him start to blush from his father's embarrassing remark. I turn my attention to my little brother as a few strands of my hair get blown into my face as a light breeze comes through, I put them back behind my ears and feel my cheeks start to heat up as I begin to blush. This time I'm happy Bradon is trying to get away from Isabella since she is chasing him again. I quickly pick him up as they run past me.

                          "Sabrina, is mom going to embarrass me when I get to be your age?" Brandon asks.

                          "Yes, buddy, that one of their primary jobs other than making sure you are a nice person and treat others with respect,"

                          "This girl is keeper Graham, ask her out already," Mr. Burton says.

                          "Dad, stop," Graham snaps again.

                          "Zachary, will you stop embarrassing our son. We just got called into work, remember?" Mrs. Burton says.

                          "Right, son we have go. We need you to watch your sister,"

                          "Okay, but I was going to hang out with Sabrina," Graham says.

                          "Youll have to take Isabella with you," Mr. Burton says.

                          Then his parents zip over to their car and drive off. Optimus open the doors, and we buckle our younger siblings into the backseat. We sit down in our seats as Optimus closes them behind us.

                          "Even my parents give me a warning before they stick me with babysitting duty. I wonder why they rushed off like that, do you know what your parents do for a living?"

                          "No I don't, Sabrina, they never told me," Graham answers.

                          "They could be secret agents," Brandon says.

                          "Yeah, if they told us we probably have our minds erased like in that one movie with Will Smith," Isabella adds.

                          "You mean Men in Black Isabella. How do you know about this film it's rated PG-13." Graham says sternly.

                          "You talked about with your other friends on the phone a lot," Isabella answers.

                          "So, you spied on your big brother,"

                          "Yes, Miss Sabrina,"

                          "It's just Sabrina sweetheart, but listen in on your brother's private conversation is wrong,"

                          "I know, I'm sorry Graham, I won't do it again, I promise," Isabella apologizes.

                          "Apology accepted," Graham says as he turns around in his chair and messes up her hair.

                          Then we buckle up, and Optimus drives off to the base. Honestly, I can't wait to see the look on Ratchet's face when he sees that Brandon isn't the only younger sibling we brought back. The ride to the base wasn't too long, but I glance in the rearview mirror when I didn't hear either Brandon or Isabella ask 'Are We There Yet?' I smile when I see them fast asleep. Isabella is using Brandon's lap as a pillow while he is resting his head on top of his right hand.

                          At least Isabella and Brandon got their afternoon nap in today that's good. That is so cute I should take a picture, but it would wake them up.
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                            Chapter 13: Moving into the Base Part 2, - Ratchet's Assignment
                            Sabrina's POV

                            Five minutes later Optimus drives through the hidden door that hides the tunnel leading to the inside of the base. After he stops, Graham and I get outs when we hear Ratchet disconnects the trailer. I turn around in my seat and see that Brandon and Isabella are still asleep. I knew that we didn't have too much longer till they woke up. I pick up the box with my science fair project and get out. Cliff walks up to me.

                            "HI, Cliff, could you take this?"

                            "Sure, but what's inside?"

                            "My science fair project is worth 3/4 of my grade. If anything happens to it, my "A" in chemistry is history."

                            "Aren't you a bit overdramatic," Arcee says walking up.

                            "No, I'm not Arcee. Cliff, could you put it down on the table?"

                            "Sure thing partner," Cliff says.

                            I hand the box to him. I turn back around and pick up Brandon out of the backseat. I carry him over to the couch. Graham does the same thing with Isabella. I take the sleeping bag out of my backpack, unzip it and drape it over them. We walk back over to the others.

                            "Optimus, you said you were only bringing Sabrina's younger sibling. Who is the other one?" Ratchet asks in an angry tone.

                            "She is my little sister Isabella. My parents just told me to watch her. I didn't have any time even to argue with them they just zipped off to their car. She is too young to stay home alone," Graham answers.

                            "Our base isn't what you humans call a daycare. It is not safe for them to be running around," Ratchet snaps.

                            "Relax, Ratchet, Brandon is going to be going home tomorrow after he helps me move in,"

                            "Help us move in," Graham says

                            "Fine, but you two better keep an eye on them. I'm not going to be helping you," Ratchet says in a calmer tone.

                            "Ratchet you're going to help them," Optimus says.

                            "Really?" Graham and I ask.

                            "Yes, Ratchet is going to be Graham's guardian," Optimus answers.

                            "Me?" Ratchet asks.

                            "Yes, Ratchet, you'll have more free time to teach Graham and Sabrina about Cybertron." Optimus answers.

                            "Plus, if our cybertronian side start to surface during school and we get hurt. We can't go to the hospital. You're the only one who knows how to help us," Graham says.

                            "Graham is correct," Optimus says.

                            "Also a Semi truck is too big for the school parking lot,"

                            "Another good observation Sabrina. Ratchet, you and Graham are partners," Optimus says.

                            "Ratchet, did you finish the test to find out if Graham and I are siblings?"

                            "No, I'm afraid there wasn't enough DNA test from your dried blood Sabrina. The best way I found while I doing some research is to swab the inside of your mouths to get a saliva sample." Ratchet answers.

                            After we let Ratchet get his sample for the test Graham and I hear the sound of Brandon scream at Isabella telling her that he isn't her boyfriend. We leave Ratchet's lab, and I pick up my little as he runs up to me.

                            "Can I help you unpack now Sabrina?" Brandon asks.

                            "Sure buddy,"

                            An hour later our siblings meet the others. I'm sitting on Cliff's shoulder and watch Isabella and Miko sit on the couch drawing. Brandon, Jack, and Raf are racing some remote control cars that Raf brought with him. I smile as we head back to Ratchet's lab. We enter and see Graham sitting on Ratchet's shoulder. Ratchet turns around to face us.

                            "So, Ratchet, do you have the results yet?"

                            "Yes, I do," Ratchet answers.

                            "That was fast,"

                            "I was thinking the same thing," Graham adds.

                            "The results show that only 10% of your DNA match up,"

                            "That means we're not siblings,"

                            "Yes," Ratchet says.

                            "That's good so we can be a couple now," Graham says with a big smile.

                            "You two can be a couple, but you need to know about what might happen after you have mastered your Cybertronian powers," Ratchet says.

                            "Do we have to hear this right now," Graham and I complain.

                            "Yes, you lessons about Cybertron start now," Ratchet says.

                            Our first experience of Cybertron sex ed starts. Ratchet first explains to us that there is a code on our DNA will determine what our cybertronian forms will look like and what kind of weapons we'll have as well. I'm only half listening since I have other things on my mind right now. I'm happy that we're not siblings it would have been weird if we were. I know before we left to gather our things that I'm ready to face what is going to happen next on this new path. Honestly, I'm scared of what is gong to happen when my cybertronian side starts to surface.

                            "Sabrina, are you okay?" Graham asks.

                            "I'm all right," I say as I fake a smile.

                            "You're scared about what is going to happen when your cybertronian side activates aren't you?" Graham says.

                            "Yes, how can I be sure that the code on my DNA won't reveal that I'm going to turn into a monster and destroy everything I see,"

                            "I know that won't happen," Graham says

                            "How can you be so sure?"

                            "Becuase it's hard to believe that someone who refuses to kill any creature, even a spider though you're scared of them, and helps others when she can. You're not going into a monster," Graham answers.

                            "Is there a way we could see what we're going to look like Ratchet?"

                            Ratchet nods then walks back over to the computer. He hits a few keys and a picture of what a feminine cybertronian look like all I noticed is that I don't have many options I'd look like Arcee or have a "bulky" upper body and a slimmer midriff.

                            I'm glad I'll still look cute and not a monster. Now I have to wait to see what I look like.
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                              Chapter 14: Occupying The Preschoolers
                              Sabrina's POV

                              Graham and I leave Ratchet's lab. I wish I never found out that I was part cybertronian. I realized that sex ed is horrible not matter what planet you live on Ratchet spent the past two hours lecturing us on everything from spark mating to what puberty on Cybertron contains. He almost started teaching us about the history of our home planet. We head back over to our siblings. Brandon and Isabella run up to us.

                              "Are you and Graham going to let us help you move in now?" Brandon asks.

                              I nod. The four of us head over to the trailer. Cliff and Arcee join us. I open the door. We take out all the boxes.

                              "So, where is Graham going to stay?"

                              "We only have one extra room, so he is going to share a room with me." Cliff answers.

                              "Cool," Graham cheers.

                              We head to our rooms to get settled in Brandon, Arcee, and I walk into my room. I realize that I need to get an air mattress to sleep on since I'm going to be living here.

                              "Sabrina, are we still brother and sister?"

                              "Of course we are. Why would you think we weren't?"

                              "Since one of the kids at school their older brother said we're not family because you're adopted,"

                              "When did this happen?"

                              "At school on Friday,"

                              "Don't listen to what anyone else says, buddy. DNA doesn't make a family. Love does, and no matter what happens I'll always be your sister."

                              Brandon runs over to me and gives me a big hug. Twenty minutes later we leave and meet back up in the main room.

                              "So, what's first on the activities list?" Cliff asks.

                              "Sabrina, could you play a song on your violin please?" Brandon asks.

                              "Graham, can you play something too, please?" Isabella adds.

                              "Graham, would happen to have the sheet music for 'You Raise Me Up' by any chance?"

                              "Yes, I do its one of my favorite songs," Graham answers.

                              "That's one of my favorite songs too. Does it have the notes for violin and clarinet?"

                              "It sure does," Graham says.

                              "So, are you up for doing a duet?"

                              Graham nods. We grab our instruments, and Graham puts the music on the stand. After we tune them, we started to play.

                              Normal POV

                              The other Autobots walk up when they hear the duo's beautiful music fill the room. Brandon and Isabella clap when their siblings finish playing the song.

                              "Wow, you two sound great together," Arcee says.

                              "Thanks," Sabrina and Graham say.

                              They put their instruments away. Then they rejoin the group with the preschoolers.

                              "Can we go to the park?" Brandon asks.

                              "Yeah, I want to swing high on the swings," Isabella adds.

                              "Okay, we'll head to the park," Sabrina says.

                              Cliff transforms then Sabrina and Brandon get into the car. Graham and Isabella look over at Ratchet. The Autobot medic lets out a long sigh before he transforms too. Graham helps his little sister into the passenger's seat. Ratchet adjusts the seatbelt to fit Isabella better. Graham gets in the driver's seat. Then the group heads to the park. Cliffjumper and Ratchet activate their holoforms after their passengers got out. They head over to the playground. Isabella grabs Cliff's hand and drags him over to the swings. Two other kids were there taking turns pushing the other on the swing. Isabella sits down. Cliff knew that she wants him to push her after she keeps looking over at the other kids then back at him. Sabrina smiles watching her guardian playing with Isabella.

                              "Graham could push me on the merry go round?" Brandon asks.

                              "Sure," Graham answers.

                              Brandon grabs Graham's and leads him over to it. Sabrina and Ratchet sit down on the bench where they could keep an eye on the others. Ten minutes later the others walk over to them.

                              "Can you and Graham show us how to play tetherball?" Brandon asks.

                              "Sorry, buddy you know that I'm not good at sports." Sabrina answers.

                              "It wouldn't hurt you to try. I'll take it easy on you," Graham says.

                              "Yes, it would. Tetherball should be called dodgeball with a rope." Sabrina says

                              Sabrina's POV

                              An hour later we return to the base. The Preschoolers are drawing while Graham and I work on our science fair projects in Ratchet's lab. I know earlier I said that I'm ready to handle turning back and forth from my cybertronian form to my human one. Also, I'm not so sure if can handle all these changes. I tape the title onto the display board then close it. I turn around and walk over to Graham.

                              "Graham, thanks for keeping Brandon busy at the park. You didn't have to do that, you know?"

                              "I know that, but he did ask politely."

                              "True, but he didn't have to drag you over to the merry go round,"

                              "Good point,"

                              "So, I think we should check on our siblings,"

                              Graham and I leave the lab. We enter the room to see Isabella chasing Brandon. We shake our heads and try to get them to stop running around the base.
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                                Chapter 15: Dream Vehicle Mode

                                Sabrina's POV

                                Graham and I just put our younger siblings to bed. We went up to the roof. Graham sets a blanket down on the landing pad. We sit down and watch the sun slip below the horizon.

                                If we are going turn into aliens robots, I hope we do get to turn into cars that way I can sort be able to drive a cool car.

                                I'm still doing my best to be brave about all these changes that are happening to me. The truth is I'm terrified of when they are going to happen. I don't want it to start during band class or in school at all for that matter. I want to beat Priscilla Collins and take her place as first violin the band. My thoughts are interrupted when I feel Graham put his arm around my shoulder. I look over at him.

                                "Could you take your arm away please?" I ask.

                                "Why I thought we were going to try to be a couple?" Graham asks.

                                "Yeah, I guess I forgot about that," I say.

                                My cheeks start to turn pink as I blush from embarrassment. I quickly look away to try to regain my composure.

                                "You know you look even cuter when you blush," Graham says.

                                I turn my head to look over at him again. I chuckle at his witty compliment. I say, "So, what do you want to talk about?"

                                "How about what our vehicle modes will be once we learn how to control our Cybertronian sides?" Graham answers.

                                "I guess we can. I've asked Mr. and Mrs. Tucker to buy me a sky blue Chevy Equinox,"

                                Normal POV

                                Inside the base, Ratchet it at his normal spot working on the computer. Cliffjumper walks up to him.

                                "Ratchet, have you see either Sabrina or Graham?" Cliffjumper asks.

                                "They when outside to watch the sunset," Ratchet answers.

                                "So, they are trying to date after all," Cliffjumper says.

                                Ratchet just nods and continues to type away. Then his optics widen in shock seeing the massive rain storm about to hit Jasper.

                                "By the Allspark, I need to warn the kids about this storm," Ratchet says.

                                "Why they won't rust,"

                                "True, but they could get struck by lightning," Ratchet says.

                                Ratchet leaves the room to go warn the teens.

                                Sabrina's POV

                                "Nice choice. I've always wanted to be able to fly so I thought I could be an X-wing fighter jet," Graham says.

                                "Isn't that from Star Wars?"

                                "Yes, my parents are huge Star Wars fans," Graham answers.

                                "What color are you going to be?"

                                "I was thinking Yellow with silver details," Graham says.

                                "Sounds good to me,"

                                "Graham, you may have to choose a different vehicle," Ratchet says.

                                Graham and I jump out of our skin. We turn around and see him walking up to us.

                                "I thought it would be a good idea you said that most of the Decepticons can fly," Graham argues.

                                "True, but Graham's choice wouldn't blend in too well," Ratchet says.

                                "I guess we'll test your theory after we learn how to control our Cybertronian side," Graham says confidently.

                                "Ratchet, what are you doing out here?"

                                "To tell you two to come back inside," Ratchet answers.

                                "Why exactly?"

                                "I hacked into the weather satellite a big storm will be here in five minutes," Ratchet explains.

                                "We still have five minutes," Graham says.

                                "We'll come inside in two minutes, promise,"

                                Ratchet nods and heads back inside the base. Graham and I talk some more. I realize that we have a lot in common. We both love music, like taking hikes through forest and action movies. A few seconds later we hear a loud rumble of thunder as the wind starts to pick up.

                                "I guess we should head in now," Graham says.

                                "I guess so," I sigh.

                                The storm clouds quickly roll in, Graham picks up the blanket, and we run inside to beat the rain.
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                                  Chapter 16: Explaining Human Fears
                                  Normal POV

                                  Cliffjumper and Ratchet look over at the elevator. The door open and the Autobots see their human partners walk in soaked to the bone. Sabrina and Graham's shoes slosh as they head to the stairs and walk over to them.

                                  "Ratchet, I think you need to work on your Earth math," Sabrina says.

                                  "Sabrina, we should change out of these wet clothes, so we don't get sick," Graham suggests.

                                  Sabrina nods. They didn't want to wake up their siblings since they had a feeling the storm would in a few minutes. The duo heads to the bathroom they found when Brandon needed to go earlier. Graham let Sabrina go in first. After she changed into her dry clothes Sabrina plugs in the hair dryer she packed to dry her hair. Tem minutes later Graham and Sabrina go over to the platform. They sit down on the couch in front of the TV turn it on but keep the volume down.

                                  "How much longer till our siblings wake up?" Graham asks.

                                  "Why would they wake up?" Cliffjumper adds.

                                  "Whenever there is a big storm the loud noises scare them. Considering that the last rumble of thunder shook the base Brandon and Isabella should be coming in..." Sabrina answers.

                                  The group hears the sound of the preschooler's footfalls as they run down the hallway in fear. Brandon and Isabella are holding onto their stuffed animals they sleep with at night. Sabrina and Graham get up and go over to the hall. A few seconds later they get a big bear hug from their siblings.

                                  "Sabrina, the monsters outside want to destroy the base," Brandon shouts.

                                  "Yeah, they want to kidnap us," Isabella adds.

                                  Graham and Sabrina pick their siblings up then walk back over to the couch and sits down.

                                  "Why do storms scare young humans?" Cliffjumper asks.

                                  "It's a common fear for kids Cliff. The loud sounds cause their imaginations to go into overdrive." Sabrina explains.

                                  Another loud rumble of thunder shakes the base. Then some hail stones thump as they land on the roof. The preschoolers jump and snuggle closers to their older siblings to hide from the noises. A few seconds later the lights start to flicker and go out.

                                  "Brandon was right the monsters want to destroy the base. They stole the lights," Isabella says.

                                  "Monsters aren't real Isa," Graham coos as he gives his sister a hug.

                                  "The storm just knocked out the power. I'll go get some flashlights," Ratchet says.

                                  Sabrina's POV

                                  Ratchet leaves and comes back with two flashlights in his hand along with the others. Bumblebee shines his flashlight towards Cliff. We hear Brandon and Isabella scream in terror when they see Cliff's shadow appear on the wall in front of us. A few seconds later they get down off our laps and run away as fast as they can.

                                  *I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare them,* Bee buzzes.

                                  "It's okay Bee I know it was an accident. The storm has Brandon and Isabella spooked that's all,"

                                  "Wait Sabrina did you just translate what Bumblebee just said?" Cliff asks.

                                  "Yeah, I'm part Cybertronian remember," I answer.

                                  "We know that, but I didn't think you'd be able to translate Bee so soon," Cliff says.

                                  "I guess PI isn't the only universal constant. It looks like girls mature faster on Cybertron just like on Earth," I sigh.

                                  "I explained that to you and Graham earlier were you even listening?" Ratchet asks.

                                  "Yes, I was Ratchet. You can yell at me later. Right now, we need to find Brandon and Isabella," I answer.

                                  *Who's on what team?* Bee asks.

                                  "I thought you and Ratchet could come with me. If Bulkhead and Arcee don't mind helping Graham, he does need some light to see," I explain.

                                  "What about me why aren't I going partner?" Cliff asks.

                                  "Sorry, Cliff, but Brandon and Isabella are spooked enough as it is. I don't want to risk them running off again,"

                                  ~ Aliens In Jasper?~

                                  Cliff nods. Then Bumblebee, Ratchet, and I leave the group. The first place I suggest we look is Graham's room. We get halfway down the hallway when I trip over something. Bumblebee runs up and catches me in his free hand.

                                  "Thank you Bumblebee nice catch,"

                                  *You're welcome and you okay?"*

                                  "Yes I'm fine,"

                                  Bumblebee sets me back down. He shines his flashlight towards the floor, and we see Brandon's stuffed chocolate lab, Woofy. I know the stuffed dog's name is lame, but he did get it when he was two. I pick it up and say, "At least we know that were going in the right direction,"

                                  *Why did Brandon have this with him?*

                                  "It's his bedtime toy. It helps to comfort him he's still scared of the dark and thinks there are monsters in his closet. So, he sleeps with this to remind him that he is safe," I explain.

                                  *How many fears do humans Brandon's age have?*

                                  "Let's see there is the dark, noises at night, masks, and monsters and ghosts,"

                                  We continue down the hallway and get to Graham's room. I ask Ratchet to stay outside. Then Bumblebee and I go inside and find Brandon hiding underneath Cliff's bed er berth at least that is the term Ratchet told me to use. I knew seeing Woofy wouldn't be enough to get him to come out, so I have no choice but to sing a few songs Mr. and Mrs. sang to me whenever I was scared to calm him down. I take a deep breath and start to sing "You are my Sunshine." I see a small smile appear on his face before he starts to crawl out towards me when I finish the song. He stands up and gives me a hug. After he backs away, I hand Woffy to him and say,"Here you go buddy,"

                                  "Thanks, Sabrina, can you give me a piggyback ride?" Brandon asks.

                                  I nod and kneel down in front of him. He climbs on my back and wraps his arms around my neck. I slowly stand up, and we leave the room.

                                  "Sabrina, can you sing another song, please?" Brandon asks.

                                  "Sorry buddy, I don't Bumblebee and Ratchet would want to hear me sing again,"

                                  *Your singing voice sounded just as beautiful as the music you make when you play your violin,* Bumblebee buzzes.

                                  "I agree with Bumblebee I have no problem hearing you sing again. If you could stay still I'd like to scan Brandon to make sure he didn't hurt himself during his escape from seeing Cliffjumper's shadow," Ratchet adds.

                                  "Is it going to hurt?" Brandon asks.

                                  "Not a bit. It's just like getting an X-ray,"

                                  After Ratchet finishes his scan and finds the Brandon is okay, we head down the hallway to meet up with the others again.
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                                    Chapter 17: Distractions From The Storm
                                    Graham's POV

                                    Bulkhead, Arcee and I turn the corner. I see Maple, Isabella's stuffed moose, in the middle of the hallway. Arcee picks it up and hands the stuffed animal to me. We continue our search for my little sister. We check the room she is sharing with Sabrina first, but she wasn't there. I start to get worried since she doesn't know the layout of the base as well as the Autobots. The only thought going through my mind is I hope she is hurt. I jump when Arcee puts her hand on my shoulder. I look over at her.

                                    "Don't worry Graham. We'll find your sister," Arcee says.

                                    "I know Arcee, but I remember how scared I was of storms when I was her age. She has to be scared out of her mind now," I sigh.

                                    "How about we check your room, and they search ours," Arcee suggests.

                                    "Sounds good,"

                                    We stopped by my room and Bulkhead's to have the same results as before Isabella wasn't there. We even checked Bumblebee's, Ratchet's and even Optimus' still no sign of my little sister. Arcee's room is the last room left, and I hope the process of elimination is in our favor. As we get closer to the door, Arcee holds up her hand to tell us to stop.

                                    "What's wrong 'Cee?" Bulkhead asks.

                                    "I don't hear anything,"

                                    "The sound is too soft for your human ears to pick up but my audio receptors can hear it clear as day. Isabella is in my room. I think she's calmed down since she is crying softly and saying that she wants Maple," Arcee says.

                                    "Who's Maple?" Bulkhead asks.

                                    "It's her stuffed moose Bulkhead that's the name she gave it,"

                                    "Why did she call it Maple?" Arcee asks.

                                    "Two years ago my family took a trip to a maple syrup festival in Canada. My dad bought Maple for her at the gift shop, and that was the first thing that popped into her head when dad asked her what she was going to name it,"

                                    "Bulk, Graham and I can handle this. You stay out here," Arcee says.

                                    Bulkhead nods. Arcee and I walk inside, and she shines her flashlight towards the corner in the back of the room. We see Isabella hunched down hugging her legs. I go up to my little sister and hold out Maple. Isabella snaps it out of my hand just as another loud rumble of thunder shakes the base.

                                    "Big brother, I'm sorry for running away. I'm a big scaredy cat," Isabella sniffs.

                                    I pick her up, and she sets her head over my heart. Then I give her a hug and see looks up at me with a small smile on her face.

                                    "It's okay to be scared, Izzy, everyone is afraid of something," I coo.

                                    "Even the Autobots?" Isabella asks.

                                    I see Arcee walk up from the corner of my eye. She kneels down behind me.

                                    "Yes, kiddo, we do. I'm afraid of losing Cliffjumper... I mean another partner to the deceptions," Arcee says.

                                    "Miss. Arcee do you like Mr. Cliffjumper?" Isabella asks.

                                    "Just call me Arcee, kiddo, okay? I do not think we should be talking about this right now," Arcee says.

                                    "Arcee, what was your first partners' name? If you're up to talking about it that is, It's okay if you're not," I say.

                                    "It's fine, Graham. His name was Tailgate," Arcee answers.

                                    "Was he nice like Graham," Isabella asks.

                                    "Isabella," I scold.

                                    "It's alright Graham. Tailgate was a member of Delta Team during the War for Cybertron. We were members of the same unit. There was one battle where he failed to take out a sniper, forcing me to enter hand-to-hand combat." Arcee says.

                                    "What happened next?" Isabella asks.

                                    "Sorry kiddo, I'm afraid it's not appropriate for you to hear. I'd hate to give you nightmares," Arcee answers.

                                    "Aww," Isabella whines.

                                    We leave Arcee's room and head back to the main room to see if Sabrina, Bumblebee, and Ratchet found Brandon.

                                    ~ Aliens In Jasper?~

                                    Sabrina's POV

                                    The two groups rendezvous at the end of the hall. I tell Brandon that his piggyback ride is over due to my arms beginning to get tired. I slowly kneel down, and Brandon climbs down off of my back.

                                    "Ratchet, when you tracked the storm did you happen to see how big it was?"

                                    "No I didn't, but I'll check it again once the power returns," Ratchet answers.

                                    *How do we keep Brandon and Isabella from getting scared again?* Bumblebee asks.

                                    "When I was little I remember when storms would scare me Mr. and Mrs. Tucker would get my mind off of being scared by distracting me," I answer,

                                    "How do we do that?" Bulkhead asks.

                                    *Sabrina you could try singing again. It seemed to work well earlier.* Bumblebee buzzes.

                                    "Sabrina, you can sing?" Graham asks.

                                    "Yes, and I'd like to keep a secret,"

                                    "Why?" Arcee asks.

                                    "Everyone is allowed a secret or two."

                                    We go back to the main room. Graham, Brandon, Isabella, and I sit back down on the couch.

                                    "Can you sing "There Was an Old Lady," please?" Brandon asks.

                                    "Sorry, buddy, but that song needs more than one person," I answer.

                                    "I'll help," Graham says.

                                    "Me too," Isabella adds.

                                    When we finished the song, we sing to more songs "Down By The Bay' and "BINGO" we are about to sing one more when I look down and see Brandon fast asleep with his head on my lap. Graham and I pick them up and carry them back to our room and tuck them back into their beds. We leave our rooms and go back to the main room. We sit back down on the couch.

                                    "You do have an amazing voice," Graham says.

                                    "Thanks," I say blushing a bit.

                                    "You're welcome, will I get a chance to hear you sing again?" Graham says.

                                    "Maybe, as well as you don't tell the Miko or the others,"

                                    "I won't tell the others I promise," Graham says.

                                    "Good," I sigh.

                                    I set my head on his shoulder. Then my eyes start to get heavy, and I fall asleep.
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                                      Chapter 18: Nightmares and Memories
                                      Normal POV

                                      An hour later the Autobots decide to turn in for the night. Cliffjumper and Ratchet go over to the platform and see their partners fast asleep on the couch they are laying on their sides resting their heads on top of their right arms. They carefully pick them up and carry them to their rooms. Then the Autobots get some rest themselves. Thirty minutes later in Sabrina's room, the teen starts to toss and turn. Inside Sabrina's dream, her cybertronian side is fully active but she still hasn't learned how to control it. All of Team Prime is laying around her on the ground unconscious. She walks over to Cliffjumper and drops to her knees as she sees the whole in his chest where is spark chamber is. Tears begin to stream down her face.

                                      "Cliff, I'm sorry, I've turned into a monster," Sabrina says tearfully.

                                      Meanwhile, in Cliffjumper's room, the Autobot feels a sharp pain in his spark that jerks him out of his power down. He decides to check on Sabrina and walks to her room. He enters to see Sabrina crying in her sleep. His spark aches again as he approaches Sabrina's bed. A few seconds later Sabrina's eye dart open as she sits up her hands were shaking as she uses her blanket to dry her tears. As her vision returns to normal, she turns her head to see Cliffjumper standing by her bed. He holds out his hand, and she slowly climbs onto it. They leave, and Cliffjumper walks to his room.

                                      Sabrina's POV

                                      Cliffjumper sets me down on his berth before he sits down next to me. I look over at him again.

                                      "Cliff, how did you know I was having a nightmare?"

                                      "I felt a sharp pain in my spark," Cliff answers.

                                      "I guess you want me to talk about my nightmare, right?"

                                      "Only if you feel like it," Cliff says.

                                      "Cliff, you wouldn't mind if I stayed with you tonight?"

                                      "You're scared you'll have the dream again, right?" Cliff asks.

                                      "Yeah, a little bit,"

                                      "Sure, I guess we're having what you humans call a sleepover?" Cliff asks.

                                      I nod and leave to get my sleeping bag out of my backpack from my room. I go back to Cliff's room and find a safe spot to roll out my sleeping bag then climb inside.

                                      Normal POV

                                      This time when Sabrina begins to dream it was different. She can make two metallic faces as things slowly came into focus. One looked exactly like a female cybertronian from the picture Ratchet showed her earlier.

                                      "Hi, Swiftglide," The female bot whispers.

                                      "There's our beautiful femee," The male bot whispers.

                                      "Yes, she is, I wish we didn't have to send her away,"

                                      "I know, but Cybertron isn't a safe place to race a family anymore. Not with a war about to break out any time now,"

                                      Then everything slowly begins to fade away as Sabrina wakes up again. Meanwhile, in Graham's room, he wakes up from having a similar dream, but the two robots in his dream called him Strikezone. The teens knew that waking up Ratchet from his power down was a bad idea, but they need to know if those dreams were dreams or if they were memories of their past lives on Cybertron as sparklings. Sabrina and Graham tiptoe down the hall towards Ratchet's room. They are shocked to see he isn't there. A few seconds later they hear the door open and turn around to see Ratchet standing behind them.

                                      "It's four in the morning I thought you two would still be asleep. What are you doing here?" Ratchet says.

                                      "I had this dream at least I think it was a dream. I saw two Cybertronian and one called Swiftglide," Sabrina says.

                                      "I had that same dream, but one called me Strikezone," Graham adds.

                                      "By the Allspark, Sabrina, Graham, those weren't dreams. You two were seeing a memory of your lives before you came to Earth as humans," Ratchet gasps.

                                      "How is that possible. I mean no human can remember anything that happened when they were a baby. How come we were able to remember something that far back in our lives," Sabrina asks.

                                      "It could have been your subconsciousness mind merely aiding you two since I have a hunch both of you are curious if you even have parents on Cybertron," Ratchet answers.

                                      "If the war on Cybertron wiped out every living thing on the planet. Is there even a chance that our parents even survived?" Sabrina asks.

                                      "When the planet went dark the masses were scattered. So, you parents might just be living somewhere here on Earth." Ratchet answers.

                                      "Is there any way we can locate them?" Sabrina asks.

                                      "Yes, I like to know if my birth parents are alive as well," Graham adds.

                                      "I'll do my best to try to locate them as doing my other work finding energon," Ratchet says.

                                      "Okay, thank you Ratchet, we appreciate it," Sabrina says.

                                      "You're welcome. Also, Cliffjumper does have patrol go on this morning. He should be waking up soon. I'm positive that Optimus would like it you went along with him so the two of you can bond." Ratchet says.

                                      "As long as we stop somewhere so I can fuel up. I'm okay with riding along," Sabrina says.

                                      They leave Ratchet's room and head to the command center. Graham and Sabrina still couldn't believe that they remembered something from their lives as Cybertronians.

                                      "You know since you're awake I could continue your lessons on Cybertron, Like for instance how we mating works," Ratchet says.

                                      Graham and Sabrina turn around and praises the Primus and to God fill their minds when they see Cliffjumper walking up. They run up to him.

                                      "Cliff, can we leave to go on patrol," Sabrina says.

                                      "Yes, can I tag along too, please," Graham adds.

                                      "Sure, let's go," Cliffjumper says.

                                      Cliffjumper transforms then Graham and Sabrina quickly get inside. Then Sabrina tells Cliff to step on it. He speeds off, and the teens look in the rear view mirror to see Ratchet fanning the smoke away before hearing him shout, "You two are getting away that easily your lesson will continue when you return,"
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                                        Chapter 19: Energon Level 30%
                                        AN: There is going to be a Bible verse in this chapter is going to be from the New Revised Standard Version. Sorry, if it offends anyone I thought it would work well given Sabrina's current situation.

                                        Sabrina's POV

                                        We stopped by my house so Mr. Tucker could give me my allowance. Ten minutes later Cliff pulls into the parking lot of the diner. After Graham and I get out, he turns on his holoform, and we walk inside to grab some breakfast. The hostess greets us and shows us to our table in a section with two others families with little kids. I figure that they were getting food before they went to church. Graham and I sit down on the right side of the table. I sit near the window.

                                        "What would you like to drink?" The hostess asks.

                                        "I'll have an orange juice," Graham says.

                                        "I'll have white milk,"

                                        The hostess looks over at Cliff and asks him what he'd like to drink.

                                        "I'm not thirsty right now, ma'am, but thank you for asking," Cliff says.

                                        After the hostess leaves Graham and I let out a quiet sigh of relief. I turn to look out the window and see another family walk past. The mother is pushing their child in a stroller. I turn my head to start looking over the menu even though I know what I'm going to order. A few seconds later the waitress arrives, and she sets our drinks in front of us. "Do you still need a few minutes to look over the menu?"

                                        "No, I'm ready. DO you know what you want Sabrina?" Graham asks.

                                        "Yes, I'd like the french toast topped with strawberries and powder sugar please,"

                                        "Would you like any meat or eggs to go along with that?" The waitress asks.

                                        "No thank you,"

                                        "I'll have the Greek omelet," Graham says.

                                        The waitress writes down Graham's order and leaves again to put tell the cook what we wanted. I start to think about whether or not Ratchet will be able to locate our birth parents since we have no way to get any information about what happened to them after the war broke out on Cybertron. I pick up my glass of milk and take a long sip. After I set it down, I start to zone out, but it doesn't last very long since I feel Cliff kick me in the shin - hard. I sharply breathe in through my teeth and bit the inside of my cheek to keep myself from swearing. I didn't want any of the parents to give me any disapproving looks if their children hear any of those words I wanted to say.

                                        "Sorry, kid, it didn't mean to kick you that hard," Cliff apologizes.

                                        "It's fine Cliff. Sorry, guys, I'm a little distracted this morning thinking about whether or not Ratch... er Ryan will be able to locate our birth parents."

                                        "I'm sure he can he's the best at that kind of thing," Cliff says.

                                        "We should have ordered some food to take back our family,"

                                        "I'm sure we still can before we leave," Graham says.

                                        After we get our food, we ask the waitress if we can put in another order to take home with us. She nods, and we order the breakfast tots without the caramelized onions, mushrooms, or the pickled jalapeos. She heads to the kitchen again to put in our order. We start eating, and ten minutes later we finish. The waitress returns with the check and the food we are taking back to our siblings. We get up and walk over to the cash register. Graham and I split the check. Then we put the tip on the table and leave to head back to the base.

                                        ~ Aliens in Jasper?~

                                        Twenty minutes later Cliff pulls into the base. We get out, and he transforms back into his robot mode. Graham and I go over to the TV. I sit down on the couch. Graham sits down next to me after he puts the bag down on the coffee table. We turn around to see Ratchet walk in with Isabella and Brandon sitting on his shoulder.

                                        "Hey, Sabrina are we still going to Church with Mom and Dad?" Brandon asks.

                                        "Sorry, Buddy. I'm not going,"

                                        "Why not?" Brandon asks.

                                        "I'm afraid of being judged bt others if my Cybertronian side starts to activate."

                                        "Yeah, my mom and dad told me that the Bible said that in the book of John there is a verse that talks about that," Isabella says.

                                        "I know that sweetheart. That would be John chapter 7 verse 24. It says "Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment." I'm still scared of what might happen if it does happen during the service,"

                                        "I could go with you," Graham offers.

                                        "No, it's okay. I wouldn't want the Decepticons to show up. It's safer if we just drop them off and let them go without us,"

                                        "You two better eat your breakfast before it gets cold," Graham says.

                                        He reaches into the bag and takes out the bowls, silverware, and food. He splits it up into the two bowls. After Ratchet sets them down on the floor, they walk up to him. He hands them their food, and they sit down to eat it.

                                        "Alright, Graham, Sabrina, it's time for me to tell you about what I mentioned earlier," Ratchet says.

                                        Graham and I groan as we head down the stairs. Ratchet holds out his hand. We climb onto it, and he walks us to his lab.

                                        Ratchet's POV

                                        I let Graham and Sabrina sit on my shoulder, so they wouldn't have to stand on my hand while I explained to them what spark mating is. I knew that hating hearing this since they explained to me how their Earth parents explained to them how mating works for humans,

                                        "Okay, spark bonding is when the sparks of two Cybertronians reach for each other and merge before going back to their owners."

                                        "Okay, will that happen when Graham and I share our first kiss?" Sabrina asks.

                                        "No, it will happen the day you two decide that you want to be spark mates,"

                                        "So, what does a spark look like?" Graham asks.

                                        "I'll show you, just don't touch it,"

                                        I hold up my hand so they can climb onto it. Then I hold it in front of my chest. I close my optics and relax, so my spark chamber will open. I've tried what the humans call dating before the war broke out, so I have heard from the femee what it looks like a red-orange glowing orb with a blue hue. I can hear the children's gasps of amazement when they see my spark for the first time. I quickly open my optics to close my spark chamber when I feel the warmth from their hands getting close to it. After it closes I place my hand close to the floor, they climb off.

                                        "I told you not to touch it," I snap.

                                        "We're sorry Ratchet," The children say.

                                        Graham and I watch Sabrina slowly walk backward and leans up against the wall. Sabrina starts to panic when she sees her left arm begin to turn to metal.

                                        "Ratchet, what's happening? Can you make the pain go away please?" She begs.

                                        I see tears start to fall from her eyes as the pain begins to build in her arm. I see sweat roll down it along with the tears, and her face turns pale. A few seconds later Graham runs over to her as we watch her fall to the floor.

                                        "Graham, bring her over here. I need to check her energon levels,"

                                        Graham carries Sabrina over to the bed. After he lays her down, I run my scanner over her body.

                                        "By the Allspark, her energon levels are already at 30 percent,"

                                        "You told me that my energon level is at thirty too, but all that happened to me was my eyes changed color completely," Graham says.

                                        "Remember Graham. I told you that your bodies are going to respond differently when your energon level reaches a certain percent."

                                        ~ Aliens in Jasper?~

                                        I tell Graham that Sabrina will be awake when he returns from dropping Brandon and Isabella. He nods and heads back to the main room. I look back over at Sabrina and watch her arm slowly regain its fleshy appearance. I activate my holoform so it would be easier for me to dry the sweat off of Sabrina's face. As I'm doing this, I see her eyes begin to flutter. She groans as they open slowly and asks, "How long was I out? Why did my arm turn to metal?"

                                        "About a minute and a half. It changed because the amount of energon in your bloodstream has reached thirty percent."

                                        "That doesn't make any sense yesterday you said that there wasn't even a trace of energon in my bloodstream," Sabrina says.

                                        "Remember, that girls do mature faster. That means the energon in your bloodstream will rise faster than you think it will,"

                                        "What am I supposed to do if this happens in school?" Sabrina asks.

                                        "You'll have to try to do your best to keep yourself from fainting from the pain."

                                        Sabrina starts to sit up, and she asks, "How do I get my arm to turn back to normal?"

                                        I place my hand on her chest and lay her back on the bed when I see her starts to sway from side to side. " You're not going anywhere. Just take it easy for a few more minutes, To answer your question, try to think of something that reminds you of your human side."

                                        Sabrina nods. I watch her start to doze off and try to fight it. I chuckle as she drifts back to sleep. I deactivate my holoform and leave the medbay to tell the others what happned.
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                                          Chapter 20: Batting For The Right To Play Part 1, - We have to take Gym Class Now?!

                                          AN: A fellow author on quotev, Robot dad, came up with the name of the principal of the school.

                                          Sabrina's POV

                                          The next morning I wake up and get dressed for school. I decide to change up things up a bit. Today I'm wearing a Miso Embroidered Blouse, a pink 3/4 sleeve jacket, a pair of low rise shorts and my favorite boots. I also decide to a wear a pearl mesh bracelet and the Montana Silversmiths Cubic Zirconia Rope Ring that one of my Aunts gave me for my birthday last year. I walk to the bathroom so I can French braid my hair in front of the mirror so it wouldn't look like a first grader did it. After I finish braiding my hair, I go back to my room and put a little makeup. I grab my violin and bookbag then leave again to meet up with Cliff and Graham.

                                          I walk into the command center, Cliff and Ratchet walk up to me with Graham riding on his shoulder. I notice that I'm not the only one who decided to wear something different to school. Today Graham's outfit is a navy blue with a red and gray stripe across the chest, a gray shirt underneath it, a pair of light mocha brown jeans, a pair black Vans Brand shoes. I was hoping Graham would compliment me, but all he did was stare at me and blush. I want to say something but can't since he looks even more handsome than he does in his usual outfit.

                                          "Good morning Sabrina, so Ratchet are you going to drive Graham to school?" Cliff asks.

                                          "No, Cliffjumper, you will drive Sabrina and Graham to school," Ratchet answers.

                                          "Why can't you drive Graham to school? You are his guardian," Cliff says.

                                          "I know Cliffjumper, but my vehicle mode doesn't blend in well at the school," Ratchet says.

                                          "That's a good point Ratchet, but you could drop him off. Graham could come up with some excuse of how you meet,"

                                          "It just better if Cliffjumper drops you two off," Ratchet says.

                                          "Fine, Ratchet," Cliff sighs.

                                          Ratchet holds his close to his shoulder so Graham can climb onto it. Then he sets in down on the floor, and Graham walks over to me. My heart skips a beat when I glance down to see Graham is holding my hand. When I look up our eyes meet, it was like time stood still for that one moment. The next thing I know Graham is leaning in and his lips are a few inches away from mine.

                                          Is Graham about to kiss me? Am I going to get my first kiss?

                                          "Come on you two lovebirds, we have to get going," Cliff says.

                                          Graham quickly backs away. I mentally groan, and we look over at Cliff. He takes a few steps back and transforms. We walk over to him. Graham lets go of my hand, and we get into the car. Then Cliff drives us to school the ride is full of awkward silence.

                                          "So, are you going to tell the others about you are half cybertronian?" Cliff asks.

                                          "I think it's better if I don't tell them yet. I will soon, but for now, I believe we need a code word to use if it does happen in school,"

                                          "How about Chem Lab," Graham suggests.

                                          "Sounds good,"

                                          Twenty minutes later, Cliff pulls into the school parking lot. We get out and walk up to the front steps to see Miko sitting on the top step. I see her eyes nearly pop out of their sockets when she sees us holding hands.

                                          "Oh my gosh, are you two a couple now," Miko shrieks.

                                          "No, Miko, Graham has been helping me deal with all the emotions and stress I've gone through after Mr. and Mrs. Tucker told me that I'm their adoptive daughter on Saturday, that's all,"

                                          We stop by our lockers before heading to class. I hear snickers and a few "aw they are so cute together" as we walk down that hall to Mr. Henderson's class. Jack meets up with us before we get to the room. The three of us walk in and sit down at our desks. I see a stack of papers on the counter in the front of the room and pray it is the test we took last week. After he takes attendance and picks up to the stack of papers then walks to the first row and hands some of them to the student sitting at the first desk. I hold my breath to muffle a scream of frustration since I want to know how I did on it. I take a piece of paper and hands the rest back then read it.

                                          Today after homeroom all students that take classes in the art and music programs, please meet in the cafeteria for a meeting. I will give you a late pass since this will take a few minutes.


                                          Mr. Liverance

                                          My anxiety level starts to go up from two to nine. "Okay, class today we start learning the Periodic Table. Your first assignment is going to be making flash cards of all the elements with your lab partner," The class groans in unison since the other students hated making flash cards. I didn't mind since they are an excellent study tool. I picked up my chemistry book, a stack of index cards and my pen then walk back to one of the lab tables. Graham sits down next to me. We get to work after getting to nickel my hand starts to hurt. I thought it was writer's cramp, but the pain is the same when my arm began to change in the lab back at the base. I look down to see my fingers already turn to metal and my palm slowly gains a metallic appearance. I try not to panic and think of a memory of when I was six in the hopes that it would help. When it didn't change back, I gently nudge Graham and whisper "Chem lab," Graham stops working on his flash cards and quickly covers my hand with his to prevent any of the others from seeing my hand.

                                          "Graham, what do we do now, if I ask Mr. Henderson if I can go to the bathroom everyone is going to see it," I whisper.

                                          "Not if you put it in your pocket," Graham whispers back.

                                          I raise my right hand, "Mr. Henderson, may I go to the bathroom?"

                                          "Of course," Mr. Henderson answers.

                                          I stuff my hand into the pocket and walk up to the front of the room. Mr. Henderson gives me the bathroom pass. I leave and head to the girl's room. I set the pass on the little ledge underneath the mirror. I turn on the cold water and place my mettle hand in it. I remember Ratchet said that exposure to sub-zero temperatures causes system failures in cybertronian.

                                          I hope that this cold water will help my hand turn back to normal.

                                          Two minutes later I close my eyes and see another memory of me as a sparkling. I might be in a Cybertronian version of a day care center. I see bottles filled with energon on a shelf and ball barrings scattered all over the room. I'm sitting on the floor playing with another sparkling a mech. We are playing with a ball barring rolling it back and forth to each other. Then I see one of the workers walk up to us. She picks me up.

                                          "Sorry, Swiftglide, play time is over," The worker says.

                                          "Why?" I ask.

                                          "Mommy and daddy are here," The worker answers.

                                          I'm brought back to reality before I got a chance to see what my birth parents looked like because the water was too cold for my nervous system to handle. I pull my hand out, turn off the tap, grab a paper towel to dry my hand and head back to class.

                                          Why did that memory suddenly come back now? It's weird that other sparklings eyes looked a lot like what Graham's do now. Could we have been friends on Cybertron?

                                          I give the pass back to Mr. Henderson and sit back down at the lab table to finish my flash cards. Twenty minutes later, the bell rings, and we head to the cafeteria.

                                          "Graham, while I was trying to turn my hand back to normal I start to see another memory of when I was a sparkling,"

                                          "Did you see what your birth parents look like?"

                                          "No, but I saw another sparkling that had eyes that looked just like yours,"

                                          Normal POV

                                          Before Graham and Sabrina can walk into the cafeteria, Miko runs up to them and bombards the duo with questions about why, Mr. Liverance, the principal wanted all of them to meet up here. A few seconds later, a loud whistle echoes off the wall and the students quickly covers their ears with their hands. Sabrina, Miko, and Graham make their way through the crowd of teens to be in the front to hear the Mr. Liverance's announcement.

                                          "Now that I have your attention students, I have some bad news the superintendent of the school called me this morning and told me by the end of this semester we'll no longer have any money to fund the music and art programs at this school," Mr. Liverance says.

                                          "What does this mean for us?" Miko asks.

                                          "Yeah, are we going to have to take gym class?" Priscilla shouts.

                                          "Yes, I'm afraid so," Mr. Liverance answers.

                                          "How is that going to work we only have one gym teacher,"

                                          "I working on hiring another gym teacher. For now, you still can attend your classes like you normal do." Mr. Liverance says, "Here are your late pass now get to your next class,"
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                                            Chpater 21: Batting For The Right To Play Part 2, - Vince's Taunts

                                            Sabrina's POV

                                            I walk into Mr. Jameson Geometry class and sit down at my desk to see a new handout on it. I see we are starting a new unit today after reading the title 'Trigonometry Ratios' on the handout. When the bell rings, Mr. Jameson walks to the front of the room with a big stack of papers in his hands, "Okay class I have the results of last week's test on Geometric Mean and SRT,"

                                            The class groans in unison, I usually don't join in, but this time I did since I couldn't remember any of the formulas even though I looked over my notes every day leading up to the test. I wasn't too confident when I finished that I did well.

                                            Please be a B- or even a B, so my grade doesn't drop below a C.

                                            I look around the room and notice Mr. Jameson walks past a few students and place their tests face down on their desks. He walks up to me and hands me my test. After he turns around to continues to pass out the rest of exams, I pray one more time to 'the Man upstairs.' I slowly look down at my test and see a B+ on the top right-hand corner of the paper. I want to let out a happy shriek, but I didn't need everyone staring at me for making a scene. I just smile and let out a sigh of relief that I got a good grade.

                                            "Okay, class if you're unhappy with your grade. I'll let you retake the test on Friday. Now, it's time to start the next unit," Mr. Jameson says.

                                            The handout Mr. Jameson gave us wasn't helping me at all. It was full of even more words that weren't even sure are even in English I thought it looked like the Cybertronian code Ratchet is trying to teach to Graham and me along with our others lessons about life on Cybertron. I wanted to raise my hand, but I'm scared that everyone would think the smartest kid in class is becoming an idiot. I just keep referencing the worksheet as I continue to take notes.

                                            "Okay, does anyone have any questions?" Mr. Jameson asks.

                                            I start to raise my hand, but the shoulder starts to hurt just like my hand did in Chemistry class. I try not to cry from the pain since it's worse than it was earlier. I see Mr. Jameson eyes widen in shock and his tone shifts to a concerned parent when he sees me wince, "Sabrina, do you need to go see the nurse?"

                                            "No, sir, I'll be okay. I just slept on it wrong. May I be excused to get some air?"

                                            "Of course," Mr. Jameson answers.

                                            I get up and walk over to him. He hands me a hall pass. I leave the room and go to the girl's room again. I stand in front of the mirror then roll up my right sleeve, and I watch the metal start to form on my shoulder.

                                            I don't need all the others students thinking I'm a freak. Vince already makes fun of me because I'm smart. I'm already upset about not being able to beat Priscilla for first chair violin in band class today.

                                            Now my arm is covered from shoulder to the tips of my fingers in shades of blue metal. It stays like that for a moment, until I think about last summer when my family when to Myrtle Beach then it slowly starts to change back to normal. I sigh in relief as the pain subsides. I turn on the water and cup my hands underneath the tap. When they fill with water, I splash it onto the face, push down the handle to shut off the tap and watch it roll down and land in the sink. I notice for the first time that my eyes aren't hazel anymore they've turned to icy blue. After the last of the water drips off my face, I head back to class glad that none walked in and saw my arm covered in metal.

                                            ~ Aliens In Jasper?~

                                            I'm glad when the bell rings, and I head to lunch. I smile when he laces his fingers in between mine on my let hand as we continue to walk down the hallway to the cafeteria.

                                            " I just heard that some of the kids have come up with couple names for the two of us?" Graham says.

                                            "Yeah, so what are they?" I sigh

                                            "They have it narrowed down to two names, Grarina and Sabriam," Graham answers.

                                            "I'm not in the mood to get caught up in this right now. We have to find out some way to save the art and music program not just for us but for all of the generations that come after us."

                                            "Why would you care about if your little brother won't get to draw pictures in art class? You two aren't even real brother and sister considering I just found out that you're adopted," Vince taunts.

                                            I let go of Graham's hand and pivot on the right foot. Vince walks up but stops to stand at the end of the hallway with a sly smirk on his face.

                                            "Vince, didn't your parents teach you any manners?"

                                            "No, they didn't,"

                                            "Haven't you heard this quote before, have you? It says 'Family is not defined by our is built and maintained through love.' I know that my parents love Brandon and me. Why don't you take your opinions somewhere else?" I shout.

                                            "Sabrina, I've always had a hunch you were adopted. Since you look so different than the rest of your family and you are a wimpy band geek. You refuse to fight me, and that makes you a bad role model for your 'little brother' Brandon," Vince taunts.

                                            "I'm going to show you that I'm no wimp. Brandon is my little brother, and I don't care if a DNA test tells us we're not related." I snarl.

                                            Anger slowly starts to build up inside me. I know fighting Vince is wrong, but I need to do it since I want him to get off my back. I clench my fists and am about to charge in at him. Graham stops me by wrapping his arms around my waist.

                                            "Sabrina don't you'll get detention if you fight him," Graham says.

                                            "I know why your birth parents gave you away. You're a hopeless cause they knew you'd grow up to be a loser," Vince taunts.

                                            "That's it," I snap.

                                            I break free of Graham's hold and run up to Vince. I pin him to the floor and hear some students chant "Fight, fight," My fist is inches away from Vince's right eye when I feel someone grab my hand then pull me away. I turn my head and see Mr. Liverance look down at me with a look of shock and disappointment on his face.

                                            "Miss Tucker, what is going on here?" Mr. Liverance asks.

                                            "Vince found out I'm adopted and said that my birth parents gave me away because I'm a hopeless cause,"

                                            "You two are coming to my office now so that I can get both sides of what happened," Mr. Liverance says.

                                            After I have to listen to Mr. Liverance lecture Vince for about ten minutes about how he needs to stop bullying the others students and focus on his school work since this is the third time this semester he has proved another student into a fight Mr. Liverance called his parents, and he got suspend for three days. Mr. Liverance goes easier on me since I didn't start the fight and all I was doing was standing up for myself he gives me a detention and fills out a disciplinary notice for my parents to sign. I leave and head back to the cafeteria to get finally get some lunch.

                                            I hope Mr. and Mrs. Tucker aren't at the base when I get back. I'd hate for the Cliff and the others to see how they react when they have to sign this disciplinary notice.
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                                              Chapter 22: Babysitting Punishment

                                              Sabrina's POV

                                              The rest of the school day went okay I head outside and see Cliff along with Ratchet pull up. They activate holoforms then 'Clark' and Ratchet walk up to me.

                                              "Where is Graham," Ratchet asks.

                                              "He'll be out in minute, but I have to head back inside,"

                                              "Why?" Cliff asks.

                                              "I have to report to detention," I answer.

                                              I turn around when I hear the door open. Then Jack, Graham, and Raf walk down the steps.

                                              "What happened?" Jack asks.

                                              "At lunch, Vince may have said some things that may have ticked me off. Then I tackled him and was about to punch him in the face,"

                                              "Then Mr. Liverance showed up and told the two of you to go to his office," Graham interrupts.

                                              "In others words, Vince provoked you into fighting him," Ratchet says.

                                              "Yes, Vince got suspend for three days. Mr. Liverance also filled out a disciplinary notice for 'my parents' to sign after I get out of detention that is,"

                                              "Isn't that a little harsh? You didn't start the fight," Cliff asks.

                                              "That's true, but I could have just ignored Vince's taunts. Then we wouldn't be having this conversation,"

                                              "I should get going,"

                                              "Okay, can I see your phone for a second," Ratchet says.

                                              I nod, take my phone out of my purse and hand it to him. When he gives it back to me, I see the name Clark on my contact list. I figure Ratchet must have figured out how to match a patch for my phone so I can call the base after detention gets out. Then I head back inside and walk to the classroom where I need to report to for detention. I sit down in one of the desks. Ten minutes later, a sudden migraine hits me. The soft clicking sound of the minute hand as it moves around the clock face is as loud as a rock concert. I didn't know what is wrong with me, I felt fine till now. I set my arms on top my desk and put my head on top of them. I hope that preventing any sounds of entering one of my ears will help to stop the pain.

                                              "Miss Tucker, you are not allowed to sleep in detention," The teacher says.

                                              "I'm sorry ma'am,"

                                              Normal POV

                                              Sabrina slowly lifts up her head. A few second later a dizzy spell hits her. She blinks her eyes a few times to try to get her vision to return to normal, but it only makes things worse. Then the teacher catches Sabrina before she hits the floor. Miko gets up from her desk, dashes over to them and says, "I'll take her to the nurse's office."

                                              "Miss Nakadai, usually you are not allowed to leave the room. However, this is an emergency, so I'm going to let you go." The teacher says.

                                              Miko mentally screams for joy as she takes Sabrina to the nurse's office. The school is aware that Sabrina's parents sign her up for the Big Brother Big Sister program at the community center. The nurse sees Clark's number on her phone. She calls it and asks him to come to pick her up. 'Clark' tells the nurse he'll take her to see a doctor as he carries her out to the car.

                                              ~Aliens in Jasper~

                                              Sabrina's POV

                                              "Ratchet, what's wrong with her? Why did she pass out?" Cliff asks.

                                              "Cliffjumper, relax, the scan says Sabrina just used up all the energon that is in her system." Ratchet answers.

                                              I slowly open my eyes. I start to panic when I realize that I'm not at school anymore. I wave of relief rushes over me once I make out the ceiling of Ratchet's lab. I try to sit up and hear Ratchet say, "Eh, Eh, you aren't going anywhere young lady. Not until I can come up with a way to safely replace the energon without harming your nervous system or your internal organs,"

                                              "Is that why are my ears still ringing and my head is pounding," I complain.

                                              "Yes, for now, try to save your strength," Ratchet answers.

                                              "What about using my science fair project. It collects excess condensation from the air and stores it in a tank to use for drinking water. You could redesign it, so it creates a form of energon that Graham and I could drink. That way this won't happen to him too,"

                                              Ratchet place his hand on my shoulder and lays me back down on the bed when everything starts to spin around me. The last thing I remember before things go black again is Cliff shouting my name as well as Ratchet reassuring him that I'm going to be okay.

                                              Two hours later, I'm riding on Cliff's shoulder as he does his chores. He walks into the main room in time to hear the elevator door open. Then I see Agent Fowler and Mr. Tucker walks in.

                                              I guess it's time to see how many times I hear my full name in the next minute.

                                              I take the disciplinary notice out of the folder in my hand, and let out a long sigh as they walk up to us. Cliff helps me down off of his shoulder and sets me on the floor in front of them.

                                              "Hello, Sabrina, how was school?" Agent Fowler asks.

                                              "Okay, but I found out that the funds for the art and music program will run out by the end of the semester,"

                                              "That's terrible, so what is that you have in your hand?" Mr. Tucker asks.

                                              I hand the note to Mr. Tucker. For the second time today another adult gives a disappointed look appear on their face, but this time the look turns to anger when Mr. Tucker finished reading what is on the paper.

                                              "Sabrina Lilah Tucker, you got into a fight. Your mother and I have told you that fighting isn't the right way to deal with a bully," Mr. Tucker scolds.

                                              "I know, but Vince said that I was a hopeless cause. He also said that Brandon and I aren't a family just because I'm adopted. I just stood up for myself and my family. Isn't that what family is supposed to do for each other?" I argue.

                                              "Yes, but you can stand up for your family without breaking any of the school rules. Since you decided to let your anger get the best of you, I'm going to call the babysitter and tell her she doesn't have to watch Brandon after school. I'm going to have you keep an eye on him," Mr. Tucker says sternly.

                                              "That is so unfair, you're ruining my life," I snap.

                                              "You can snap at me all you want, but I'm not changing my mind." Mr, Tucker says, handing the note back to me, "We'll be back in an hour."
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                                                Chapter 23: A Decepticon Nature Hike
                                                Sabrina's POV

                                                Mr. Tucker drops Brandon off and tells me that he is going to be staying the night. I'm going to have to make sure he is on time for Preschool tomorrow morning. I nod, then he heads back to the house. We walk over to the TV. Brandon sets his backpack and a rolled up piece of paper on the coffee table.

                                                "What is this Buddy?"

                                                "It's a picture I made in art class," Brandon says.

                                                I have to find a way to save the art and music program.

                                                "Sabrina, can we go on a hike through the woods?" Brandon asks.

                                                "Sure, as long as you stay close to me,"

                                                "I will Sabrina," Brandon says.

                                                "I'm not sure it's wise for the two of you to go out alone," Cliff says.

                                                "Don't worry Cliff. We've done this before. Come on buddy, let's get going,"

                                                We walk over to the computer to see Optimus, Arcee, and Ratchet standing in front of it. On the screen is the map of the United States. A few seconds later two energon signals pop up.

                                                "Yeah, maybe we can go see Mount Rushmore," Brandon says.

                                                "Sorry, Buddy, but Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota. The signal is coming from North Dakota,"

                                                "Where is the other one, Sabrina?" Brandon asks.

                                                "I'll give you a hint. It's where the president and his family lives in a big white house,"

                                                "Washington, DC," Brandon says.

                                                "Right, good job,"

                                                "Cliffjumper, I need you to go with Arcee to investigate an energon signature in Washington DC. I'll check out the signal in North Dakota," Optimus says.

                                                After Ratchet activates the ground bridge, they transform, and the trio leaves. I bend down to tie my shoe as I start to stand up Brandon jumps onto my back. I begin to lose my balance and fall forward towards the computer. I close my eyes and brace myself to smash into it. I don't feel the texture of the wall, but the smooth and coolness of metal. I open my eyes and see that Ratchet caught us.

                                                "Thank you Ratchet,"

                                                "You're welcome," Ratchet says.

                                                I nod. Brandon climbs off my back and slides down onto Ratchet's palm. Then we hop down onto the floor.

                                                "Remember to stay within communication range, and take this with you as well," Ratchet orders handing me a water bottle filled with what looked like blue Kool-aid.

                                                "How come I don't get any kool-aid?" Brandon asks.

                                                "That isn't whatever Earth drink you mention Brandon. It is a specialized form of energon that your sister needs to drink," Ratchet says.

                                                "We will don't worry," I say confidently.

                                                Then we start to leave when Bumblebee walks up to us.

                                                *Where are you two headed?*

                                                "Just going to take a short hike through the forest,"

                                                *I wish I could go with you,*

                                                "Me too, but you're supposed to be robots in disguise,"

                                                *Just be careful,*

                                                "We will, besides what could go wrong,"

                                                Normal POV

                                                On the Nemesis, the scanners pick up a weak energon signature from the forest where Sabrina and Brandon are hiking. Soundwave has the ship's computer narrow in on the reading. Then they see Sabrina chase after her little brother as he starts to take off down the path.

                                                "Why would a human give off an energon signature?" Knockout asks.

                                                "Starscream, I want you and Knockout to go and investigate. Even bringing that she-human back to the ship if you must," Megatron orders.

                                                "Yes, Lord Megatron," Starscream says.

                                                Soundwave opens a portal, and they leave to follow Megatron's orders. Megatron starts to let out an evil chuckle in the hopes that Sabrina has some secret that would turn the battle with the Autobots in his favor.

                                                Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, Cliff and Arcee pull into a parking lot. Agent Fowler pays for parking for them. They activate their holoforms to walk around downtown. Cliff sees Arcee's new holoform for the first time. It's a 5''5' girl in her twenties. She has blonde hair with pink streaks and blue eyes. She is wearing a deep blue motorcycle outfit.

                                                "Wow, 'Cee when did you program that?" Cliff asks.

                                                "I asked Sabrina and Graham to help me out yesterday," Arcee answers.

                                                "You look hot, well at least that's what humans would say," Cliffjumper compliments.

                                                "Thanks,"Arcee says, blushing slightly.

                                                "Alright you two, let's get started, we only have two hours before that pass expires," Agent Fowler says.

                                                The group decides to try to blend in with a group of human so they can keep their cover the best they can. The only problem is Agent Fowler didn't notice it is a biking tour till the guide tells everyone to pick out a bike and follow her. Arcee and Cliffjumper learned fast after they hit a few curbs before the group rides past the Washington monument. The scanner in her pocket starts to go off when they stop The Georgetown Waterfront Park. They leave the group to find the energon.

                                                In North Dakota Optimus, had to activate his holoform too. As other the drivers pass him on the highway, they see a 6''1' man is his middle thirties with short black hair and light brown eyes sitting in the driver's seat. His outfit is a leather jacket and matching shirt and jeans the same color as his robot form. A family with a child Brandon's age comes alongside him. Optimus look to his left to see the boy moves his right arm up and down trying to get him to honk his horn. Then sees a big smile appear on the child's face when he hears the sound of his horn as the car fades from sight. Then he turns his attention back to his mission. He gets off at the next exit when his scanner picks up the energon signal. After he locates somewhere, he could park for free, Optimus goes off into the woods following his scanner towards the signal Rachet located.

                                                ~Aliens in Jasper~

                                                Sabrina's POV

                                                I run up to Brandon. He giggles as I pick him and spin him around. I stop when I feel my right hip and leg start to hurt. I manage to walk over to a log and set him down, I slowly back away as the pain increases. I lean up against a tree and take a few sips from my water bottle hoping that the energon might help the go away. It doesn't work, so I nervously look down at my hip covered in the same color metal my arm was when it changed in school today now there is a blaster in the holster resting on it.

                                                Then I hear the roaring of a Jet engine along with the sound of branches breaking as someone runs up to us. My heart starts to race as adrenaline begins to flow through my body. The next thing I see the jet turns into a robot with high heels and mistle on its wrists. Then another robot shows up, and this one did look super cool. It's bright red and has a paint job almost as good as Cliff's. I knew these two worked for Megatron when I see the Decepticon logo on their chests.

                                                Scrap, I should have kept my mouth shut when we left the base. I have to get Brandon to safety no matter what.

                                                I run over to my little brother. I reach out to him, but the 'Con with the high heels snatched me up."Well, Knockout, it seems like this she-human isn't a human after all,"

                                                Even though I had no clue how to use the blaster on my hip, I take it out and shot it. The blast hits it, and I start to fall. I'm sure that I broke left my ankle since loud cracking sound flow into my ears as my foot lands on the robot's metal one.

                                                "Brandon, we have to run," I shout.

                                                I lead Brandon towards my secret hiding spot. Since I knew that the 'Cons wouldn't be able to follow us down the narrow path even if they tried, we arrive at the entrance.

                                                "Brandon, keep going and stay in the cave till I show up okay?"

                                                "Okay, Sabrina," Brandon says.

                                                I hand my phone to Brandon, and he starts to walk down the path. I turn around and see the 'Cons are getting close. I realize the adrenaline is wearing off because I feel the intense pain from my left ankle and my right hip flow trough my body. Everything starts to spin around me the last thing I see before everything goes black is a robot that looks a lot like Arcee but it pink and white run up and stand in front of me.
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                                                  Chapter 24: Another Female Autobot
                                                  Normal POV

                                                  Back in Washington, DC, Agent Fowler and the Autobots locate the energon. All the group finds is one small fragment of energon. Cliffjumper walks over to it and picks up the blue crystal. The run back to rejoin the tour and bike back to where the tour started. The trio walks back to the into the parking lot. Arcee waits till they get out of the city before she changes her holoform to her other one she calls 'Sadie.'

                                                  "Hey, Ratchet, we found out why the energon signal barely registered on our scanners. It was just a fragment," Cliffjumper says.

                                                  "Good work you three. Once you return to the arrival coordinates I can bridge you back to base," Ratchet says.

                                                  "We're three clicks away Ratchet," Arcee says.

                                                  The group arrives at the coordinates. Once Ratchet sees their signals appear on the screen on the computer back at the base he activates the Ground Bridge. After the portal closes behind them, Cliffjumper lets Agent Fowler out before he transforms. A few moments later, Optimus contacts the base and asks for Ratchet to open a portal at his location.

                                                  "Ratchet, all I found was two energon shards," Optimus says.

                                                  "All we found was one," Arcee says

                                                  "DO you think the Decepticons put them there to distract you?" Graham asks.

                                                  "The odds of the Decepticons doing something like this is very high," Ratchet answers.

                                                  "Have Sabrina and Brandon come back from their hike yet?" Cliffjumper asks.

                                                  "No, and I'm getting worried," Graham answers.

                                                  "Don't worry, she probably just lost track of time," Agent Fowler says.

                                                  Meanwhile, in the forest, the Autobot glances over her shoulder and see Sabrina laying on the ground unconscious. She recognizes the color scheme of the metal on Sabrina's right leg.

                                                  Alpha Trion contacted me yesterday and told me to help Swiftglide. He also said he disguised her a human, could this girl be her? She thinks.

                                                  She turns her attention back to the Decepticons. The Autobot continues to keep her fingers on the trigger of her weapon to keep the 'Cons a safe distance away from her and the teen.

                                                  "Why are you chasing this girl?" She asks.

                                                  "We believe that she-human is Cybertronian. The girl is giving off a weak energon signal," Knockout says.

                                                  The Decepticon Medic decides to make things interesting. He runs over to the path where Brandon is. Her blue optics look over in that direction too.

                                                  That path is too narrow for Cybertronians our size, so the other human is safe. She thinks.

                                                  A few moments later her thoughts echo a couple of Cybertronian swear words as she hears Brandon's screams of terror when Knockout fits his arm through the branches to snatch the four-year-old off the rocky ledge.

                                                  Sabrina's POV

                                                  I hear Brandon scream bloody murder. My eyes dart open, and my body fights me as I slowly stand up. I limp around and stand in front of the pink Cybertronian. I wince through my teeth as I get into a similar stance to her. Then I slowly take aim at the red sports car 'Con's spark chamber. I know that my energon level are low again since I feel another migraine coming on as things start to spin around me.

                                                  "Put my little brother down, or I'll shoot,"

                                                  "Sorry she-human, I can tell you care too much for this one well being. You won't shoot," It says.

                                                  I know it's risky, but I pull back the trigger. The next thing I know I am flying backward. I hear a clanking and a loud pop when I hit something metal. I look up, and instead of seeing the sky, I see the blue optics of the Cybertronian that saved me.

                                                  "Thank you for help Ma'am,"

                                                  "You're welcome Swiftglide. I'll save your little brother." She says.

                                                  "How do you know my Cybertronian name? Who are you?"

                                                  "Call me Elita, and I know your parents," Elita says.

                                                  I want to ask her more, but everything slowly fades to black again.

                                                  Elita's POV

                                                  I feel Swiftglide's body goes limp in my hand. I gently move it back and forth to try to wake her up, but she doesn't stir. I set her down in front of a tree and turn my attention back to the Decepticons. I notice the one holding Swiftglide's brother dodged her blast. Its shoulder had a big scratch on it. Then I see a ground bridge portal open. My spark stops for a moment when I see Optimus and Ratchet come out of it. Optimus runs up to the 'Con and punches it in the face. Optimus catches Swiftglide's brother in his free hand. Then he and Ratchet runs over to me and sees Swiftglide. Ratchet immediately gets to work and scans her.

                                                  "We need to get her back to base stat. She needs an energon infusion," Ratchet says.

                                                  Optimus sets Swiftglide's brother down. Optimus and I turn around and shoot at the 'Cons while Ratchet calls for the ground bridge. When the portal open next to us, we hear Ratchet call to us. Optimus picks up the boy, and we head to the base. As we exit the portal, Cliffjumper runs up to us.

                                                  "Ratchet, what happened?" Cliffjumper asks.

                                                  "A robot with high heels and one that looked like a sports car attacked us," The boy says.

                                                  "Elita, how did you find them? When did you arrive on Earth?" Cliffjumper asks.

                                                  "Cliffjumper, Elita can answer your questions later. Right now I have to get Sabrina to the medical bay," Ratchet says.

                                                  "Is Sabrina going to be okay?" The boy asks as tears start to form in his eyes.

                                                  "Don't worry Brandon, she'll be fine," Cliffjumper says.

                                                  Optimus puts Brandon down on the floor. He starts to follow Ratchet to the medical bay tears stream down his face. My spark aches when I hear him say, "I'm sorry Sabrina for being a bad little brother." I kneel down in front of him. I place my hand in front of him. He slowly walks into it, and I move it close to my spark chamber.
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                                                    Chapter 25: Another Sparkling Memory

                                                    AN: I'm going to use Sabrina's Cybertronian name when she remembers life as sparkling.
                                                    Normal POV

                                                    Two minutes after Ratchet attaches the IV to Sabrina's left arm. He looks down at her right leg and sees it slowly turn back to normal. Sabrina starts to come around just as Ratchet's holoform places his hand on either side of Sabrina's shoulder to pop back into place.

                                                    "Ratchet is Brandon okay? I'm sorry that I couldn't keep the 'Cons from kidnapping Brandon and me. Not to mention not calling you when it happened," Sabrina says.

                                                    "Sabrina you don't have to apologize for what happened, none is mad at you. Your brother is fine," Ratchet says.

                                                    "I guess that loud popping sound I hear during the fight was my shoulder coming out of its socket?" Sabrina asks.

                                                    "Yes, I'm going to pop it back into place now," Ratchet says.

                                                    The Autobots gasp when they hear Sabrina shout some Cybertronian swear words when Ratchet pops her shoulder back into place. After he puts the sling on her arm Ratchet finds everything he needs to make a cast for Sabrina's ankle. Then Ratchet leaves to rejoin the group to give them a report on Sabrina's injuries.

                                                    Meanwhile, the soothing beat of Elita's spark soothed Brandon a little too well. Optimus and the others watch the four-year-old fall asleep in Elita's hand.

                                                    "I don't blame him for power downing ... I mean falling asleep," Cliffjumper says.

                                                    "The experience with the Decepticons must have shared him too," Elita says.

                                                    Cliffjumper shows Elita to Graham's room. Elita lays Brandon down on the bed. They walk out as quietly as they can so Brandon can rest.

                                                    "So, Elita, how did you get to Earth?" Optimus asks.

                                                    "Back on Cybertron, after I received Optimus' encrypted message to meet up with him on Earth. My ship got hit by meteors, and I had to make a rough emergency landing. I got hurt but managed to summon up enough strength to reprogram my stasis pod open when the ship's computer picked up a Decepticon signal," Elita explains.

                                                    "I'm glad you are back Elita and thank you again for helping Sabrina and Brandon," Optimus says.

                                                    "So I take it Sabrina is Swiftglide's human name?" Elita asks.

                                                    Optimus nods and offers to give her a tour of the base. Back in the medical bay, Sabrina's eyes start to flutter as she begins to have another dream/memory of her life as a sparkling on Cybertron. This time Swiftglide is a four-year-old sparkling. She is playing a game of chase in front of her house with another Black and Blue femee.

                                                    "Seaglide, I'm faster than you," Swiftglide says.

                                                    "No away little sister, I'm the fastest," Seaglide says.

                                                    "Mom and dad said we are twins," Swiftglide says.

                                                    Then the two sparkling stop running when they see a purple bird. Seaglide runs up to the fence and opens the gate. Then she takes off down the sidewalk.

                                                    "Mom told us to stay in the yard," Swiftglide shouts.

                                                    Swiftglide knows they'll get in trouble for leaving, but she did want to know if it had any family. She glances back at the house before darting out the gate to catch up with Seaglide The sparklings start to get scared when they realize they've entered the part of Cybertron their parents told them they were not allowed to go ever - Kaon.

                                                    "Seaglide, we need to go back," Swiftglide says.

                                                    "I know, but I don't remember the way back home," Seaglide says.

                                                    "I can't remember either," Swiftglide says.

                                                    The toddlers slowly start to walk backwards when they see two huge purple tentacle looking things coming towards them.

                                                    "Daddy told us that the Deceptions live here. He didn't say they had tentacles," Seaglide says.

                                                    "I know, Seaglide are you scared?" Swiftglide asks.

                                                    "Yeah, super scared," Seaglide answers.

                                                    "Me too, I want to run, but my feet won't move," Swiftglide says.

                                                    "Mine won't move too," Seaglide says.

                                                    The twins sparks start to beat so fast they are afraid they might leap out of their spark chambers as the tentacles grab their ankles. The two scream as loud as they could, but it was useless since on the Decepticons controlled this part of Cybertron. The next thing they feel is the tentacle carefully lay them down. When they open their eyes the twins see Megatron's face looking down at them with an evil smirk.

                                                    "Well done Soundwave, you've captured two Autobot sparklings," Megatron says.

                                                    "Mr. Megatron what are you going to do to us?" Swiftglide asks.

                                                    "Yeah, we just want to go back home to mommy and daddy," Seaglide adds.

                                                    "I'm afraid I can't tell you that young one?" Megatron chuckles.

                                                    "Why Mr. Megatron," The twins ask.

                                                    Megatron does say another word he snatches Seaglide. The girls shout each others name as Soundwave picks up Swiftglide and slams her into the wall till she passes out.

                                                    When the dream ends, Sabrina's eyes dart open as Elita and Ratchet run into the room after they hear her scream. They see her face is dripping with cold sweat and her hands are shaking.

                                                    "It's okay Swiftglide you're fine. You just had a nightmare," Elita says as she rubs circles on Sabrina's back.

                                                    Ratchet activates his holoform. Then walks over to Sabrina and takes the IV needle out of her arm since her energon level is back to normal. Then he picks up a towel and dries the sweat off of her forehead.

                                                    "This wasn't a nightmare Elita. I just remembered the last time I saw my twin sister Seaglide," Sabrina says.
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