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Old 4 Weeks Ago (6:02 PM). Edited 4 Weeks Ago by simone1234.
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    Hey all, what do you like in this anime/ your opinion on who you think shall win in upcoming episodes ?

    (Don't forget to use spoiler tags to avoid ruining surprise for new people

    [ spoiler] insert text without space [/spoiler ]

    I wish they reveal the Aoi discover secret of Yusaku soon

    Today few hours ago i have seen the new ep 90
    I hope Blue maiden wins, but chance is that Bohman wins, he is upgraded and Playmaker had hard times defeating him when he was incomplete, but maybe the start of duel had a hint of when bohman wanting to give the winner cure for Aoi friend, so maybe aoi has still a chance

    Do you remember "Blood shepperd scene " ? I have a theory that he might fight Revolver later on cause of Lighning absorb thing, he might recreate him or something, i saw that ep 92 might have a fight of Playmaker Vs his best friend Kusanagi Jin... I hope it's not true.
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      Loving it so far, Best Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoff so far it seems.
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        I still like Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V than VRAINS, and i am thinking plan to watch it, but i need to finish Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V first, i watch mostly dub and i hate the dubs that 4K Media still make it one.
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        Old 3 Days Ago (3:11 PM). Edited 3 Days Ago by Quiji.
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          It's awful. Yusaku is an even blander version of Yusei and an even bigger Mary Sue. AI's dialogue is annoying. Go is full of angst which might've worked well if his rivalry with Playmaker wasn't so one-sided. Aoi is eye-candy with no substance. The side characters have no charisma in general. The dude who uses drones is so vapid and it was torture watching him duel so many times. Soulburner is Crow 2.0 with even more unnecessary screen-time. And my biggest issue with the series is the decks themselves. Just watching each duel gave me a headache since every card seems to have half a dozen effects. It's hard to follow what the hell is even happening.
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