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Hello! I am not a lot into rom hacks, but it's a world that always fascinated me. The first thing I have ever done that was related to rom hacking was to change the in game sprite of the main character in Pokémon Diamond. That's pretty basic and easy. This time, I want to bring my experience a step forward: I want to change every music in Pokémon Platinum with classical music. I know it's quite crazy and long, but I have studied. It's possible to do that, despite everyone doesn't advice you to do so. It has indeed some limitations: the music format can't be mp3 but in the DS music file format.
The general process is really long and I will already tell you that it's going to be long and lowkey painful, but it can be done because I have already inserted a couple of tracks that successfully work. What is needed to do is:

- choosing the classical piece
- transcribing the piece into an app that can then make you download it as a midi file
- converting the midi file into the DS music sound format
- replacing the new file with the original one
I need help with both choosing the classical pieces and also for the rest of the process. It's not hard, because it's just about repeating the same process over and over and I could do it by myself, but it would take me a lot of time. So, who am I looking for?

- People who know classical music to advice me other pieces
- People who know music in general that want to transcribe the pieces
- Testers
- Everyone wanting to learn and help with the project

It's going to be a very unique game and it's going to give much more expression to the player. It's about playing an old and well known pokemon game with a new light, making it a brand new experience!
I will then play the game and write the progress on Travel Journal, adding a gameplay video each time. I will also learn more stuff about classical music and then share everything I know about it on Travel Journal. You would be invited to do that as well!

For now, here's a couple of videos of two replaced songs in the game:

- The wild pokemon battle theme
- Solaceon Town theme



As you can hear, at 2:27 the piece loops, so that's not a problem: it can be done!




- My discord is +* ok ! 🖤 psycho_bih 💔++🖤!love🦋✨#9701(or give me yours in the PMs here)
- You can PM me here
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