3rd Gen Eon Ticket

Started by Palamon September 25th, 2020 11:47 AM
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Back in the old days of Gen 3, you needed an e-reader to get the Eon Ticket. Were you ever lucky enough to receive one?


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Game Shark says I did.
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I was 3 years old when they started getting distributed, so unfortunately nope.


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Unfortunately not. :( Missed out on all the cool events from back then since I didn't get WiFi until gen 6. Would've been cool!


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I have an E-reader now, but sadly no Eon Ticket card.. I did fake it with a cheat device though!

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I'm from the UK and I'm pretty sure the e reader wasn't even released in europe, which makes me wonder why they kept all the eon ticket stuff in the european release of the games to begin with.


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Unfortunately not. Planning to pick up one on eBay when I see it for cheap, though. Bought an e-Reader the other week pretty much for that purpose.

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Even if they had events anywhere near me (I think they probably only did them in London, and I'm closer to the capitals of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland than I am to London despite being in England), my parents would not have bought an accessory. So no. No events until Platinum, when we got wi-fi.
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Hello there! I was able to attend an EON ticket event back in 2004 at my local Gamestation in the United Kingdom, where they were distributing the ticket. You had to connect your Game Boy Advance with a representative via a link cable. Once you had it, you could send out 100 EON tickets to people you battled or traded with. I believe my copy will still distribute them if I were to ever connect my game with someone else.

It was a fun day, I even received a goodie bag with some cool swag in there, and I met a friend who I still speak with to this day!