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So an unpopular opinions thread but for PMD. Just don’t let anything escalate too badly, be civil, follow forum rules.

As for my unpopular opinions:
- I loved GTI
- I mean, I didn’t like the lack of the starter quiz, as well as a few minor gripes, but overall wven if it wasn’t as good as EOS, I still loved it because I found it entertaining.
- SMD is niether underrated nor overrated. I’d say it’s neutral rated.
- I liked the first part of SMD with the school more than the 2nd half with the guild. I feel the SMD guild members were either forgettable or unlikable/bland/annoying versions of the PMD2 guild members.
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I thought Super Mystery Dungeon was on par with Explorers of Sky.


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I really liked Gates to Infinity too, even if it’s possible that was just my bias from it being my first real MD game.

Playing as Pikachu is not unoriginal or boring, even with all the other awesome choices. ❤️


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Explorers of Time and Darkness had better starter options because you could play as a male Skitty. The too long didn't read: you could play as any of the availble starters, regardless of which gender you pick. I don't know if this is considered an unpopular opinion, though? I just don't like how some of the starters were locked to one gender (Cyndaquil can't be played as a female, for example) in Red Rescue Team/Blue Rescue Team and Explorers of the Sky.

*I should mention that all the starters, regardless of gender in Time/Darkness have a corrosponding nature to them. For example, male Skitty is Hasty nature, female is Naive.


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I posted way back in September, and this was bumped so i'll write in another.

I would have been okay with them skipping the original mystery dungeon and just giving explorers of sky the remake. I think the original had the weakest story.


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i loved GTI a lot, the music was AMAZING and i especially enjoyed the story :O i loved exploring the frozen places (it's been a while since i played, pls forgive my forgetfulness lol) and i really liked the whole idea with the gates and how you can travel using them!


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unsure if this is a popular opinion or not but EoS does not age well when you compare it to pmd dx. the dungeon walking/running speed of EoS seems... awfully slow compared to pmd dx. EoS of course released in 2009, so i don't expect it be timeless or anything, but it's quite frankly surprising and rather jarring going back to it after playing pmd dx. it's like i cant even enjoy doing dungeon much, anymore.


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- School theme is more fitting for the PMD franchise than being a guild, it kinda shows the mentors are being serious than just chillaxing (I'm looking at you wigglytuff)

- Unpopular: Player's partner dreams are kinda different dream big about going out and being great explorer, expect GTI which I like about it is build a paradise I feel other series kinda feel same dream that feels recycled

There are some stories that I quiet enjoy Grovyle was being good and was his job with the (human) later part of the story proven he wasn't the bad guy and just protects (while the others think he interfere with most important part)

GTI to think Muanna was called for help, but realizing hydreigon who plead for help (what a twist)

I feel emotionally attached to the ending after finishing final boss where the player returns to human world, I think GTI is well done trying to make everyone forget about the player existed,
but player was given that recorder thing to remain them that partner and the rest of his friends trying so hard not to forget it really touched my heart htat day so beautifully done. Others are fine, but GTI did superbly on the feel meter
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An unpopular opinion thread? Interesting.

Here’s one: EoS is not very good and has aged poorly.

The only superb thing about the games as a whole are their soundtracks.
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well i have mystery dungeon on my nintendo but there are some parts in the game that catch the eye and there are some parts that seem impossible to get through

soo i kind of like it and i kind of dont but it has been a while since i last played it so i dont realy know
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Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but while I think that EoS is a good game over all, there are some things about it that are really annoying, like sentry duty and Dialga. For me Dialga is a really annoying boss to fight. Not to mention the whole not being able to evolve until you completely beat the game and the post game thing that carried over into later Mystery Dungeon games is dumb.
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I'm not sure is it an unpopular opinion, but I highly disliked recruitment being replaced by the network in SMD. network by itself was fine and new, but I really wanted it to be more personal than "this is my friend's friend, let's go take down regigigas"
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-The original Red/Blue Rescue Team really have not aged well. They just have a bunch of small issues that really add up to make a less enjoyable experience than any of the subsequent games, Gates to Infinity included.

-I like Explorers of Sky’s extended starter roster in concept, but I dislike it in execution. I think making gender exclusive starters was a super dumb idea and I wish it didn’t cost Meowth and Munchlax as hero options.

-Gates to Infinity has the strongest extended cast of characters in the series.

-Super Mystery Dungeon is my personal favorite game in the series. I feel like it has the best balance of having both good gameplay and a good story.

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I've never played GTI or Super, so idk how much water this opinion holds, but as much as I like Mystery Dungeon, there's something about the series that bothers me a lot:
The Mystery Dungeon games do away with one of the core Pokémon series's main aspects: using different Pokémon. The fact that you're forced to use your starter and partner through most of the campaign can make the actual main story of Mystery Dungeon a bit less fun to play through than it usually would be, and sometimes downright cruel, especially when, let's say, you pick a Treecko in Rescue Team and get stuck on Mt. Blaze. The Explorers games take this problem even further because of just how many dungeons you're forced into using only your starter and partner. The fact that you can't evolve either is obviously a necessary concession for story purposes, but I'd rather that not be the case, because forcing the starter and partner to never evolve doesn't give the game a good sense of progression.
I'd honestly really like if Mystery Dungeon took cues from something like Etrian Odyssey, where you're allowed to play with team composition as much as you'd like outside of sidequests and missions, while the main story progresses. (Once again, I've never played GTI or Super, so if this is the case in either or both of those games, lemme know.)

On an unrelated note, I have some mixed opinions on Rescue Team DX as a remake.
One one hand, I really like how it ironed out many of the original game's problems, especially when it comes to recruiting Pokémon. In fact, recruiting Pokémon is actually a really fun time, because who doesn't like leading a caravan of up to eight Pokémon? I like that they added a risk-reward factor to it as well: newly recruited Pokémon have unlimited PP, but there isn't always safety in numbers, as if any member of your team faints to an enemy, that enemy becomes stronger. The remastered soundtrack is also a joy, because it strikes a balance between "faithful recreations" and "worthy remasters."
On the other, I don't like that they added absolutely nothing to the main story, and it's still as short as it used to be. I don't like that they changed dungeons like Western Cave either, because I honestly liked the original, longer version with powerful Pokémon, and I don't like that Murky Cave is now a clone of Waterfall Pond. They've made some strange decisions too, like for some reason removing Nincada from Lapis Cave and forcing you to go to Miracle Sea to recruit one? What's up with that? Joyous Tower is also obsolete, now that the Pokémon you'd normally only find there can just be recruited in random places. I really don't like how slow it is compared to the old PMD games, either, which makes already long dungeons a slog because of animations and downtimes taking longer than they need to.
I'm not sure my opinions on RTDX are exactly unpopular, but overall I think they're good remakes with a few questionable design decisions.


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Even though i have no problems with the whole "human turned into a pokemon" i wouldnt mind you just being a pokemon with memory loss about yourself or even just an average pokemon who went exploring with their friend.

Now, while i agree that gender locked starters are dumb, i would rather have that then the options being only the main series starters and 2 extra pokemon (looking at you, super) like, why cant i play as Shinx? Vulpix? Eevee even? i really dont mind being a mix of both, but only the maing gens starters make it a bit boring imo.
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Controversial maybe, but Chatot PMD2 did nothing wrong. The dislike he gets is out of proportion, and probably people misremembering/exaggerating events in the game. He served his role as a supportive, caring teacher who is just unafraid to make strict/harsh decisions when necessary. The game just emphasises the latter part of his character by giving it harder consequences more than the former.

While I love PMD2, I think the story is sort of overhyped and there are a few plotholes that don't make sense (why is there a human in the future, for one ? ?). It's still a solid adventure bit, but not as good as people remember it to be. GTI had one of the better stories imo


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unsure if this is a popular opinion or not but EoS does not age well when you compare it to pmd dx. the dungeon walking/running speed of EoS seems... awfully slow compared to pmd dx. EoS of course released in 2009, so i don't expect it be timeless or anything, but it's quite frankly surprising and rather jarring going back to it after playing pmd dx. it's like i cant even enjoy doing dungeon much, anymore.
See, I actually find quite the opposite. I loved Dx, don’t get me wrong, it’s my favourite switch game to date. However, my one complaint is that I wish the storyline was longer. Explorers of Sky is so incredibly rich in content. From the wonderfully diverse locations to the beautifully orchestrated soundtrack, explorers have sky has just so much to offer, and story-wise, dances circles around Dx in my opinion.

I also do love Chatot, one of my favourite things about explorers of darkness, time, and sky, is the guild members. I consider Chatot to be quite iconic, as he is an immensely dogmatic, eccentric, and hilarious character. Sunflora, however, is my personal favourite guild member.

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