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Quotes. Some of the hardest lines in media come from anime. Sometimes the things that stick with us from these shows are potent one-liners that left us reeling, and other times it's something deeper and more philosophical than we were expecting to get out of a Pokemon movie. Come on and share with us whatever those famous lines are that have found a place to live in your head rent free.
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When I was a kid watching the first pokemon movie a lot of things went over my head but this one quote stuck out with me.
''I see now that the circumstances of one birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with that gift of life that determines who you are.'' - Mewtwo.
Even this hit deep when I didn't really understand anything at the time and that just shows how deep the quote is for a pokemon movie of all things, Idk if they still make the moves with such deep subjects in them.


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I have barely wanted any episode of One Piece, but one I remember had Luffy arguing that he's not a hero and gives following example: "For example, let's say you have meat. A pirate has a banquet with the meat. But a hero is a guy, who gives out the meat to everyone else. I want to eat damn meat!" I like how simple it sounds while also having a cool message.


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I mean, we've all talked about the Mewtwo quote so I'll skip that.

I actually had to think about this one because specific dialogue rarely sticks with me the same way overarching stories do. But I think

"No matter where you go, everyone is connected" from Serial Experiments Lain is a good one. It is simultaneously a statement that you're never truly alone (for better and for worse) and a reminder that no matter how isolated you think you are, or how above it all, your actions will have far reaching consequences for other people. It's really encapsulates the modern world... which is very impressive since the anime is from the 90s.

"We have to change our way of thinking if we want to change the future" from Shinsekai Yori is also really good. Exactly what it says on the tin, you can't change anything without changing yourself. If you want to make a better future, you have to change the way you act in the present. It's true at both the personal and societal levels.

"You found me" from Anohana. Look, there's no deep or poignant reasoning behind this one. It hits only in the context of the show. If you know, you know.
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