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Game: Emerald

Job: Herbalists

~ (Grass, Slender but little stamina, Biology)

~ (Caring, Blissful, Great lyrics)

~ (Ice, Capricorn, Snowy Field)

Special mission:
Herbalists: You can only use Revival Herb, Energy Powder or Berry to heal in battle. You cannot use any artificial consumable items such as potion, revive in battle. Except, pokeball.

Sceptile (Homeopathy) - Sceptile's stamina is not the best. You must switch it out every two turns. If it eats a berry, it can stay for two more turns. With no team member, it must be fed one berry after the battle (Only applies to gym leader and special trainer battle).

Wigglytuff (Music Therapy) - Wigglytuff loves to sing. It always use a sound-based move first in battle. On top of that, it must learn one status or HP recovering move such as rest.

Glalie (Cryotherapy) - Glalie must learn one two type move. It must have headbutt as its moveset, as well. Glalie will use headbutt on rock, ice and steel type on the first turn to show its aggressiveness.

Hope it's a good challenge!

Thank you for the challenges Panda280! My sister and I will try it out as soon as possible!



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Name: Poke Fan
Game: Fire Red
Gender: Male
E:Pumpkin Pie
G: I consider myself good
K: I don't really hate any pokemon, expect that damned pick plague doctor sin from gen 7.
M:I prefer grey or cooler colors
O: I listen to whatever comes on.
P: Thanksgiving
R: I don't like traveling
S: I rather be smart but ugly.
T: Yellow
U: 3
V: Gym
W: I can play games good
X: Lazy, Tired, and Bored
Y:Skull Grunts
Z: None.
Game: Fire Red

Job: Fitness trainer
You aim to train Pokemon untill they reach their fullest capability. You cannot evolve your Pokemon until they learn all the available moves or until they at level 40. For third stage pokemon, you can evolve the pokemon to the second stage.

Optional challenge:
You must do this when you first catch the pokemon and every time you challenge the gym for the first time to motivate them.
- Nidoking - 5 pushs-up or lifting something 5 times on both arms.
- Arcanine - Jog in place for 5s
- Hitmonchan - Punch at the air 5 times (Don't hit anything)

Nidoking - (Brawn, Mammals, Scorpio) - It loves to show you how strong it is. It charges at enemy without hesitation.
- Must have one poison move
- Always use damaging move first
The last move nidorino learned is at L53.

Arcanine - (Dog, Bored, Dislike Travelling) - A good dog, but it always bored. It only acts if it senses danger.
- Can only use super effective moves or not super effective moves at full HP. Choose a random move if these moves are not available
- You can use any move after it has taken damage
- If this is too hard to do for growlite, you can follow this rule after it evolved.
The last move Growlithe learned is at L49.

Hitmonchan - (City, Gym, Mascular) - Love to eat before going to battle.
- It must be fed with berry or food first before a gym battle or elite 4
- If you feed it with 3 proteins, you don't have to do it anymore.
- Always use fighting move first when it sent into battle



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Actually, there were other people in the queue as well (on page 12).

Anyway, just in case, I re-present my answers.

A) USERNAME: _confused_piplup_
B) WHICH GAME: Pokémon Emerald
C) GENDER: Female


a) Favorite color: Cyan/Aqua

b) Select one of the following which best describes you: Brains

c) Favourite Animal: Dolphin

d) Where would you rather be: Beach

e) Favourite Food: Pizza

f) Do you see yourself as more masculine or feminine than others of your gender? If yes, then which one? more masculine (rip...)

g) Which one are you most like? Good

h) Would you rather be slender or muscular? Slender

i) Which do you prefer? Reptiles

j) List top three favourite Pokemon types in order of preference. Empoleon/piplup, Milotic, Lumineon

k) What Pokemon do you hate (no more than 5): Gordurr, Simsear, Conckeldurr, Buzzwole

l) What profession do you aspire to be most? Psychologist

m) Do you rather dress with a variety of colour or in earth tones? variety of colour

n) Name a person that Inspires you? N/A

o) What is your favourite music? Classical

p) What is your favourite non-religious holiday? N/A

q) What is your zodiac sign? Gemini

r) Where in the world would you love to travel to? Australia

s) Would you rather be smart and unattractive or attractive and unintelligent? attractive and unintelligent

t) What colour do you loathe? Red

u) ON a scale of 1-10, how confident are you? 3

v) Favourite type of Subject: Languages

w) Name one talent of yours. N/A

x) Describe yourself with three adjectives. Example: smart, kind, pretty: kind, polite, caring

y) Which Pokemon trainer from anime/games do you identify with most? Lucian

z) What type of Pokemon do you loathe? The ones who look too muscular
Game: Emerald

Job: Pokemon psychologist
Some of your pokemon has problems battling. As a Pokemon psychologist, you must train them and support them. If you find this annoying, you can do this on gym battle or important trainer only.

Exploud (Classical Music, Languages)
- Exploud is a kind Pokemon, but it has trust ssue. It will not listen to you. If you choose a move, flip a coin. If head, use that move. If tails, choose the opposite diagonal move.
- This effect is nullified after you get the fifth badge.

Bellossom (Variety of Color, Slender)
- Bellossom has doubt about the future. It has trouble execute more than two move in the battle before switching.
- This effect is nullified after you get the sixth badge.

Milotic (Aqua, Milotic)
- Milotic feels it should not be the first of the party. It must be at the second or third slot at all time.
- This effect is nullified after you get the seventh badge.
Have fun with the challenge!

At the elite 4 - If possible, please read this when you battle Sidney.
If you make it to the elite 4, you start to doubt yourself whether you deserve this or not. Your behaviors force you to use your pokemon like they were in their past self. However, each elite 4 you beat, they remind you that you are a good trainer that help them get stronger, and they know you deserve this!.
(At Sidney = all the above conditions apply to your pokemon,. At Pheobe = choose one of your pokemon to remove this status. At Glacia, choose another pokemon. At drake, these condition no longer apply to all your pokemon.)