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If you guys were gonna ask me who are my actual siblings, I would like to tell everybody that I have secret siblings... this basically means they are anime cartoon characters and so am guys can only find us in the world of Pokémon, but not in the real world.

Siblings names? Oh yeah my siblings names are Team Rocket MJ Jessie, Team Rocket L3J James, Tommy aka TheKumamon2000, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Clemont Citron aka TheChespin2000, Bonnie Eureka aka TheDedenne2000, Emilia Nuzlocke aka TheBraixen2000, Serena Nuzlocke aka TheDelphox2000 and Isabelle who is unfortunately deaf.

Unfortunately I cannot bring them here because I don’t want the administrators and moderators to find them as sock puppet profiles, after we all been kicked off the previous site. I can’t afford to getting banned from another site just like I did from the previous sites.

I’ll just be fine all by myself as my siblings told me I have to be brave enough to join site like this without them.

If you guys look to meeting my siblings, you’ll have to go on YouTube to see for yourselves. We’re mostly active on there and Twitter.

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