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Pokémon Radiant White


Pokémon Radiant White is a ROM hack made using Pokeemerald, as well as numerous decompilation features.

The goal is to make a ROM hack that demonstrates what Pokeemerald is capable of, as well as making a dream of mine (Law, Lead Developer) come true: Making the Pokémon game I always wanted to play.

The story takes place in Elara. A region based on Northern Norway. You are a student of Deneb Academy, handpicked to work with Professor Hazel to discover the wondrous bond that can form between Pokémon and Trainer. But beware, for there are trainers out there, that won't hestitate to halt your journey.

We hope to recruit some more people to work with us closely, but if you dont have a lot of time and would just like to pitch in that is more than welcome. We appreciate every bit of help we can get.


  • Elara, a new region with a custom tileset based on DPPt
  • Reworked UI to provide better info, such as IV's and EV's, as well as unique summary screens
  • A new cast of characters
  • Bond with your Pokémon and release their full potential, with new Bonded forms, a new alternative to Mega Evolutions
  • Features such as: Fairy Type, Physical/Special Split, Trainer dialogue mid-battle, new items, sideways stairs and more


Current Team

  • The Law - Project Manager, Programming, Spriting, Writing and Mapping.
  • Clair - Ideas and Playtesting
  • Shin - Spriting and Playtesting
  • Riviera - Spriting (Hiatus)
  • Inferno - Writing

What we are looking for

  • Spriters - We got a lot of spritework that could use an update. Also includes tilesets.
  • Writers- A few writers to help with dialogue, as well as laying finishing touches on the script
  • Programmers - Anyone that can help with hiccups that occur, although coding is almost done at this point
  • Playtesters - Before we release the Demo, we'd like to catch as many bugs as we can.

Find us on discord:
Check out our Pokecommunity page:

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