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I used to post my stuff on Quizilla back when it was still alive., Archive of Our Own, and Quotev are some other sites I used to post on too years back. What about you guys?
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I don't post anything anywhere consistently but beaides PC I've posted stuff on, AO3, and... maybe tumblr? Maybe serebii or bulba? I'm not really sure. It was only crossposted to those places if anything. AO3 is the main host of my non-rp stuff, and my rp stuff hasn't left here.
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So far, I have only posted Shattered Crests on this forum and another one called Canalave Library.
Although, my polishing version of my story for the fourth (maybe pre-final) draft of Shattered Crests is on I do intend to bring this version as the definitive and post it on this forum and Canalave once I have finished the current drafting of Shattered Crests and made some good headway with the polished chapters.

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For all kinds of fic AO3 and FFnet, and then Serebii and Canalave Library forums for Pokemon. I used to post on Tumblr too but because sometimes I edit after posting editing several places was a hassle for me so I would just post an announcement and link several places.

I often say a lot AO3 is only for fanfic tropes and probably shipping, and yeah I still think that. I rarely write fanfic tropes, or at least the popular ones, so my fics don't get all that much kudos/comments/traffic. Sometimes I write a fairly popular ship but again usually a niche topic. FFnet I kinda not care for reviews anymore. There I'm like if I get a review, cool. If not, then that's fine too. I kinda take more stock on AO3 since that's the fic archive everyone on Tumblr and Twitter would often advertise.

Lately I've been thinking of not posting on Serebii anymore. There was an incident a couple years ago that broke the group in half and splitting into their own communities. Before then, one group would rave each other on their fics while mine would often get ignored. Canalave is a little better and I have a few folks commenting on Foul Play there on a regular basis, though I'm a bit sadden I used to have a bigger readerbase but they then stopped catching up after Chapter 5 or so.

...You can probably tell I've been down with not sure if there's a community I fit in hahaha.

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I only write my fic and do RPs here on PC but I've posted other writing on DeviantArt and put a weekly comic strip out on Twitter. I've got a book available online too if that counts lol.
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