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Started by Aquacorde June 7th, 2020 7:53 AM
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Is this RP still accepting sign ups, it says open but I wanted to check first
Yup, always accepting! :)
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She's been here since the beginning, but it's time for a proper SU for Sunny.

Name: Sonya "Sunny" Dey
Age: 15
Pronouns: She/Her
Home Region: Kinyo
Device: Holotch.
Pokémon on Hand:
Sputter (Litwick) (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Level: 19
Timid Nature
- Ember
- Minimize
- Confuse Ray
- Hex
- Will-o-Wisp

Flare (Darumaka) (M)
Ability: Hustle
Level: 15
Hasty Nature
- Rock Smash
- Taunt
- Bite
- Incinerate
- Fire Fang
- Headbutt

Striker (Aron) (F)
Ability: Rock Head
Level: 20
Impish Nature
- Reversal
- Harden
- Headbutt
- Metal Claw
- Rock Tomb
- Protect


At 5' 6", Sunny is slightly over average height, with a lean and wiry frame. She has tan skin, green eyes, and naturally red hair that she dyes a brighter shade of red, with her bangs grown out to two distinct points that frame her face, the tips of which are dyed yellow. She dresses casual, with her clothes usually being cheap or second-hand, as long as they're comfortable and she can move. She has a short leather jacket, which she's started rolling the sleeves up on after getting a fancy watch phone.

Personality: Direct, assertive, and absolutely lacking a filter, Sunny says what she feels and does what she wants. She's very physical, and doesn't quite grasp the idea of "personal space". She likes to take charge of a situation, but gets frustrated easily. Combined with her flair for the dramatic and apparent lack of shame, it would take an extreme amount of patience to be her friend, so she's gotten used to being alone. That said, if she does get close to someone, she's fiercely protective of them.

History: Sunny was born in Kinyo, a region where Pokémon training is on the decline. She grew up hearing stories of dramatic battles and Champions who were like local heroes, and wanted to enter the Pokémon League to battle for the crowds and inspire young children, just like she had been. She set out to capture her own Pokémon, but without the right equipment or training, ended up essentially kidnapping a wild animal, suffering a nasty burn for her efforts. Rather than become discouraged, she resolved to become a Trainer the right way, and enrolled in the Mahono Academy. Unfortunately, shortly after starting her journey, the Kinyo League shut down due to lack of interest. She heard that some Kinyo trainers, including her best friend and rival, were relocating to the Hoenn region, so she set out to continue her journey there.

Current Goal: For now, Sunny just wants fun and adventure, but would like to become a Gym Leader or even Champion some day. If that doesn't work out, maybe she could be a Ranger or Researcher, something that lets her go explore.