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That Dream...Make it Come True!

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Posted June 8th, 2019
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Case Closed!

“Greetings, Detective! My name is Sasha Howlett, Chief of Police in Castelia City, and I’m happy to inform you that you have been accepted into the Kuzunoha Detective Agency’s Intern program! Be proud of yourself! Only a few sleuths are accepted each year. Tell your Poke-partner to be proud too! It’s in no small part your connection with your partner that put you over the top on our list of applicants.”

How it Works:

One of two things will happen on any given update.

A: Small cases - Players will be given a list of cases that need solving. You can choose from this list which case you wish to solve, and the answer to the case will be PMed to you. How you solve the case is up to you and your writing ability.

B: Big cases - Sometimes there will be large cases that will require every player’s cooperation. In these cases, detectives will be given a list of clues or people/Pokemon to investigate. Once everyone has done their part in gathering evidence, it’s time to put your clues together and solve the case!

Where do the Pokemon come in?

Each player has a Partner Pokemon, this Pokemon is your constant companion and friend, constantly by your side. Due to the close bond you share with this one particular Pokemon, you have grown to be able to understand it. This means players can communicate with their partner Pokemon, and ONLY their partner Pokemon. This will come in handy, since not all witnesses, or even victims, will be human.

While you cannot catch Pokemon by conventional means, that does not mean you cannot befriend Pokemon found within the mission field and gain their assistance for your case. Think Pokemon Ranger, where the player could get the help of local Pokemon, but only their Partner Pokemon stays with them after the mission’s end.


The majority of the story will take place in Castelia City, Unova, with potential missions leading the player to the connecting routes. Castelia is a huge city, with plenty of back alleys and sewer systems for sneaky criminals to hide out in, so you’ll need to be ever vigilant!

What does the GM do?

For the most part, I’ll be a guiding hand. My characters will only be around to give exposition, and take part in Joint Posts if requested.

What does the player do?

You post, you interact with others, and you solve cases!

1. Follow PC and RPT general rules, don’t be a jerk.
2. Communication. Is. Key. This is going to be a tight knit group, if you need to drop off the face of the planet for a few days, the group needs to know.
3. Godmodding/Bunnying is not okay, unless you are given permission from the player you’re attempting to bunny.
4. Be nice and have fun?
5. Don't be afraid to ask questions and submit ideas!
Sign ups:


Age: 17-25

Appearance: Pictures and a small description, if you will!

About: Tell us a little about your character. What’s their personality like? What’s their backstory? What made them want to join the agency? How did they meet their partner Pokemon? This doesn’t have to be too long, since I’m sure people want details to be revealed as the story progresses, but give us something to go off of.

Partner Pokemon species: Pretty much any non-legendary first or second stage Pokemon is acceptable, but keep in mind that this Pokemon has no Pokeball, and has to be able to travel with you. So...maybe don’t pick Wailord.

Partner Pokemon nickname:

Partner Pokemon moveset: Moves up to level 30, one egg move and one ™ move are welcome.

Partner Pokemon Personality: Your Partner Pokemon is more or less your second character, so tell us a little bit about them!

Partner Pokemon Description: What makes them different from others in their species? Maybe their color pallet is a little different, maybe they have a different pattern. Maybe they wear clothes! Be creative about your super special partner~


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Saved for later!


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Reserving this post for my character.


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Case Closed

Name: Danielle "Yell" O'Brien

Age: 20

Appearance: Tall and slender, Yell is just shy of 6' and no more than 150 lbs. She has fair skin, dirty blonde hair to her shoulders, hazel eyes, a sharp chin and hawkish nose. She dresses for comfort, wearing sleeveless shirts, simple pants, and sturdy shoes; with a plain leather jacket if the weather calls for it.

About: Yell is, in a word, cat-like. More specifically she's confident to the point of arrogance, insatiably curious, determined to a fault, and she blames her flaws and failures on others. She's also quick to anger, fiercely loyal to her friends, and never forgets when someone does her a kindness or an insult. She tends to be grumpy and reclusive, but has more patience and is happier with her friend Scribble at her side.

Growing up, Yell didn't have any friends. She thought other kids were too silly, adults never took her seriously, and Pokemon just didn't like her. She was either in her room with a book or out playing in the streets, but either way she was alone. This changed when, as a young teen, she was wandering down a back alley and saw three punks tormenting a baby Mimikyu, who was too scared to fight back. Yell caught one off guard with a sucker punch, but was easily tossed aside by the other two. Baby Mimikyu, bolstered by his savior's bravery, Scratched another in the face. They were swiftly beat down by the punks, who then left, but the two were inseparable ever since. They searched for Mimikyu's parents, and while they never found them, the two enjoyed their time together, and had fun looking for clues, following leads, and trading odd jobs and favors for information. Doing good things felt good, and when Yell's father challenged her to make a career out of it, they started looking into the detective business.

Partner Pokemon species: Mimikyu

Partner Pokemon nickname: Scribble

Partner Pokemon moveset: Scratch, Shadow Sneak, Mimic, Thunderbolt (TM)

Partner Pokemon Personality: Scribble is the fun loving member of this partnership, the one who gets along with everyone and is always ready with a joke. He's seen some dark things in the city, but doesn't let it get him down, choosing to approach life with unrelenting optimism. He doesn't like fighting, only resorting to violence as a last resort, and prefers to talk to people despite their prejudice for his species and Ghost types in general. He enjoys long walks, big meals, and lazy afternoons, but his work ethic is a little lacking. He often requires Yell to keep him focused, and he gets confused and restless when she's not around.

Partner Pokemon Description: Mimikyu are known for their distinctive costumes, but Scribble absolutely loves dressing up in various disguises. He likes to accessorize with various hats, scarfs, and even coats, basically any non-pants article of clothing. Knowing that Yell doesn't like rodents, his "default" costume instead emulates another Electric type, Jolteon.


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Here's my SU, hope it good!

^ ^
Momoka Fujioka 19 Years Old Female

Appearance: Momoka is a brand new young adult with a curvy figure and athletic build, she tends to have her long brown hair loose most of the time and with some loose strands framing her face and short ones acting as bangs, covering her forehead. She has warm amber eyes and small nose and mouth.

About: Momoka is a compassionate and emphatic woman, she likes to help people around and won’t hesitate to put herself in danger if the job calls it.
Momoka comes from a unique background: her mother is a seamstress and is a top model who makes clothes for people and pokemon alike, teaching Momoka her teachings and skills. Her father, though, is a business man and cares only for his company, leaving a negative effect on Momoka. In her childhood, her mother got her a pokemon to keep her company while she and her husband worked, a rare Fennekin with the ability Magician. That happiness didn’t last though, her mother went missing and was never found, causing her father to fall into a depression and ignore Momka due to her likeness to her mother. As the years passed, Momoka would watch the tv or listen to the radio, listening in and hoping for news on her mother’s disappearance, but none was given.
As she continued to wait, she heard about other people disappearing as well and hear about how some other families reacted. She looked at her partner before coming to an agreement; they would take all the money out of her savings account that her mother and father put in in case of emergencies: about $75,000 on her 18th birthday and leave since she would be of age to live on her own. When the day came, they did the deed and moved to an unknown city, hoping that her father wouldn’t look for them, since he didn’t care to even look after her. There, she applied at a detective agency, and when they asked her why she wanted to join, she responded with: “My mother went missing years ago and the case went cold. My family suffered and broke down from that and I don’t want any other families to go through the same thing as mine did. If I find my mother along the way, it's a bonus, but my main priority is to help people find their lost ones.”

^ ^

Species: Braixen Nickname: Vulpa Ability: Magician
Move Set: Ember - Howl - Flame Charge - Psybeam - Fire Spin - Lucky Chant - Grass Knot ™ - Hypnosis (Egg Move)
Personality: Vulpa is a reserved pokemon, tends to keep to herself except with her trainer/partner Momoka. She was cheerful in the beginning, but when Momka’s mother died and her father started to ignore his daughter, Vulpa took it upon herself to care and watch over Momoka since she couldn’t do everything on her own just yet at the time. She started to become protective of her, would make sure she tends to her necessities, remind her of stuff, and followed her, becoming her pokemon partner in future cases.
Description: She does tend to wear a light pink fedora hat with a bright pink stripe, a pink bow tied into her chest fur, bright sea green bead strand tied around her tail, a red bow tied to her magic branch, and pink gloves.

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Reserving post for the SU that might come here~
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Reagan Theese

Reagan Theese / female / 22 years old

Reagan is a slim built, 5'6", and has hazel eyes. Often times, she's mistaken for a child, however this 22 year old is well above drinking age and certainly above detective-ing age! Her hair is a rose brown and hangs in a longer, loose bob cut. She's usually found wearing some kind of official uniform or attire to compensate for her short stature and childish looks. When she gets her Pokemon detective badge, she'll wear it proudly right on her chest!

Reagan had grown up hearing tales of Team Plasma and their ultimate goal of liberating all Pokemon from their oppressors. And even as she entered adulthood, she found herself agreeing with the philosophy that no Pokemon should ever be exploited for their trainer's use. However, because being part of an evil team is an absolute, emphatic no for Reagan, she decided to direct this energy into helping those Pokemon who may be treated unjustly. She has since developed close and special bonds with many Pokemon, especially the friendship-induced evolution of her Togepi, as well as witnessed the love humans have for them. Her vigor and enthusiasm to help those who cannot help themselves is her most powerful motivator, although she deep down believes all Pokemon would live better, more natural lives without human intervention.

Outside of her detective work, Reagan tends to be very soft spoken, indecisive, and shy, often finding herself being interrupted and talked over by her superiors. Seldom will she interject her personal opinions, unless it is a matter of fighting for Pokemon rights. Despite being a wallflower and having a tendency to let people walk all over her, Reagan has an uncanny wit that allows her to come to swift and accurate deductions. She attributes this to spending much of her spare time reading, being a closeted nerd, and browsing Pokemon Social Justice Warrior blogs that agree with her more "less humans" mentality. This belief, however, will never outright be stated unless pushed to an absolute extreme. While she generally gets along with all of her peers, Reagan often censors herself in an effort to not create conflict and would almost rather be invisible to a crowd unless the creatures she admires and respects the most are not getting the justice they deserve. She hides her innermost feelings from everyone but genuinely just wants to help create a safer world for Pokemon.

While a potentially impressive detective in the making, she'd sooner be the person to fetch everyone's coffee.


Togetic "Sona" // lv.24 // Male

Ability: Serene Grace
Moves: Metronome - Fairy Wind - Wish - TM29 Psychic

"Sona" the Togetic, is an energetic and feisty little Pokemon! But he didn't always start out that way. When he was first given to a young Reagan as a simple egg, neither of them knew what a pill he would evolve into. Sona’s typical Togetic characteristics differ in that the little triangles on his body look closer to circles or small cheetah spots. He finds fun in most everything, even if it's likely to get him in trouble, and often causes secondhand embarrassment for Reagan. Sona is a little oblivious to dangers around him, or perhaps headstrong enough to believe he can overcome anything. If bored, he'll simply make his own drama to act out and easily carry Reagan and her peers with him on pointless tasks. He's protective of Reagan, and if he feels she's being ignored, will often make a scene drawing direct attention to them both - much to Reagan's chagrin. Loyal to a fault, Sona will travel with Reagan through any case, no matter how challenging! And you never know when a good Metronome will come in handy!

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