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Started by ddrox13 June 21st, 2018 6:59 PM
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Help! I need as many new friends as possible in the next 45 minutes because most of my 40 friends haven't open their gifts (one even has never opened a gift from me) and only 3 people have accepted the friend requests I've sent in the last 24 hours (and one hasn't opened today's gift...)
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hmm.. what to do today... pokemon...digimon...my own characters... hmmm...


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I just started playing recently again level 22 I'm in America, looking for new pokemon go friends to play with.
ugh, I think my friend code is: my username on pokemon go is "LetsGoMarc" with current outfit Luvdisc
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Pm me or message me if you add my FC
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Going to give it another shot, with the new mechanics i'll be able to send and recieve gifts almost on a daily basis.
feel free to add me
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Add me if you want, just let me know if you add me. I don’t check too often though.
(I’m RadEmpoleon, on Team Valor, from America)

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