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have you ever gone through a pokémon game for the very first time, using a challenge run? or are you someone who plays with no rules in the first playthrough and sees challenges as ways to replay the game again?

i've only done challenges in games after starting a new file! my first file is always super casual with no rules. but i'm thinking of at least trying a nuzlocke run for the next main series game that comes out when i first play it <3
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I never do challenge runs as my first run. I want to experience the game first with a proper 6-pokemon team. That way, for any future runs/challenge runs, I know what to do to get through it fast.
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I don't think I've ever done a challenge on my first run. I usually try to play the game "as it was intented" to really judge if the game is good. I also try to explore as much as I can during my first playthrough, since I don't really do that in my next runs. And I treat that first save as a base where I send my Pokémon from other runs.
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I have done both (if you count romhacks) and most recently did my first playthrough of Pokemon X/Y in the draft challenge. For romhacks, I usually would nuzlocke them completely blind (especially romhacks similar to Drayano's hacks where it's the base game but harder + every national dex mon available in the story) and that is frustrating at times when you encounter surprise battles that weren't in the base game and you aren't prepared for them (the surprise Aaron battle in Renegade Platinum for example)

Outside of romhacks and Pokemon X/Y, I would play the game normally just to have a more relaxing/casual experience. Also, it allows me to prepare myself for any future challenge runs I may do of said games now that I know what to expect.


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nooooo lol my first playthrough is always just a normal run. i like to play the game as intended and use all new pokemon and see which ones i like, see how the story is, enjoy exploring, and just have a good time. no sense in doing a challenge right off the bat and hating myself tbh lol. i've always been big into the whole collecting aspect and trying out different pokemon so that's the most fun to me. that's how i like to spend my first time through a new game. making new friends, in a sense.
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