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Locate the ASM corresponding to this code in your ROM (which is probably a bit of a nightmare, because that function is massive), and dummy-out the gender checks in the ASM (either by making the 3 branches that correspond with those checks always-taken or never-taken, depending on what's appropriate).
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mgriffin, I truly appreciate your time and effort to help me out. It means a lot to me, thank you.

However, I do not actually understand you. I've been using various tools and tutorials to this point, and have not encountered the terms "ASM" or "dummy-out", and therefore do not know what they mean. Would you be willing to explain in more detail, or else point me to a resource in which the explanation lays? Even if you cannot, thank you again for your effort.


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asm = assembly = game code

there is no script that covers cute charm only infatuating the opposite gender
somewhere within the literal largest function in the game (covering many of the battle effects that abilities have) there is the code covering cute charm and in order to make it bisexual you'd need to delete the game code (asm) that corresponds to the c code highlighted here:

if you're not much of a programming person then it is rather steep
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