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Monotype Challenge: Grass


  • defeated Sophocles' trial, despite some difficulty because Bug>Grass
  • cleared Acerola's trial
  • defeated Guzma and liberated Po Town
  • saved in Aether Paradise



Decidueye lv. 45
Sucker Punch | Leaf Blade | Spirit Shackle | Pluck

Petilil lv. 33
Magical Leaf | Growth | Leech Seed | Giga Drain

Lurantis lv. 43
Leech Life | Brick Break | Leaf Blade | Poison Jab

Tsareena lv 45
Trop Kick| Stomp | Acrobatics | Razor Leaf

Shiinotic lv. 42
Charge Beam | Spore | Sludge Bomb | Giga Drain

*will be posting images soon

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    Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
    Wow you really leveled up that Blastoise, it's going to make the game easy! By the way, is it Lapras the other Pokémon you plan to add? Anyways, here comes another update!
    Yeah, I kinda overleveled him, but I made up for it by barely using him in this update, and no, it wasn't Lapras I was planning to use

    I have kinda been grinding this game a lot today and am nearly done with my game!
    This update has just been me grinding the entire time, and working on taking out gyms when i'm a high enough level, thats really it.

    I am currently in Viridian Gym, and I feel like I am ready for the E4 right now!

    Team -

    Level 45
    - Surf
    - Bite
    - Strength
    - Mega Kick

    Not much has changed with Blastoise, aside from me giving him stregnth instead of Mega Punch for utility and the higher accuracy, aside from that, he has taken a backseat and let the other team members develop

    - Surf
    - Rain Dance
    - Ice Beam
    - Bite

    Vaporeon has never been a pokemon I was super thrilled to use, but I picked it up because it was one of the only water types I could use before getting past snorlax, and I have to say that I am happy I did, it is tanky enough and deals enough damage for me to even say that Vaporeon is my favorite eevelution now.

    Level 45
    - Brick Break
    - Hypnosis
    - Surf
    - Dig

    Poliwrath has been great all around in both attacking departments, and has been one of my favorite pokemon to use so far. I have never used one in a playthrough before, but I will definitely be doing so again! No complaints here.

    Level 44
    - Surf
    - Psychic
    - Recover
    - Thunderbolt

    One thing Starmie has over everyone else is this overpowered movepool. It is a great member and I can definitely say that Starmie has been the MVP ever since I got it, just due to it's clutch ability and how it covers nearly everything, especially water counters.

    Level 45
    - Slash
    - Mud Shot
    - Surf
    - Rock Tomb

    Okay, this is where I spent most of my day, even if leveling Kabutops up to level 40 was not as hard as it seemed at first, it definitely wasn't easy. I grinded it all the way up to level 33 and used all 7 Rare Candies I had saved up until then and I just popped them all into Kabutops mouth. It is a fun thing to use and is a great physical attacker, as it has the highest single attacking stat out of any of my pokemon! I will be replacing Mud Shot with earthquake and then Kabutops will be tearing through everything.

    Badges 7/8

    I feel like this is a solid team and they play off of each other very well. I think it will be hard to top this team in the end, but it will surely be fun to finish this one out!
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        Originally Posted by The Sceptile King View Post
        Yeah, I kinda overleveled him, but I made up for it by barely using him in this update, and no, it wasn't Lapras I was planning to use
        Aw, well, I tried xD, I really like that team you made though, Kabutops is very cool! Anyways...

        The Ultimate Monotype Challenge!

        2. Pokémon HeartGold Fighting Monotype update No. 6!

        Well, I have made some progress, I already have 6 badges! There were not remarkable tough battles in the process. After being asked for help to heal Ampharos, I surfed beating all the trainers to Cianwood, where I battled Eusine and Chuck. Chuck was demolished by Heracross' Aerial Ace, an extremely easy battle, only Poliwrath offered a bit of resistance but Heracross ended up beating him. My fighting types prevailed over his! So that is the fifth badge! Then it was time to go back to Olivine, but before that I explored the Safari Zone and the routes before it, catching a lot of Pokémon. Farfetch'd has joined my team as a HM Slave with Cut and Fly. After spending some time there, I went back to Olivine to heal Ampharos and challenge Jasmine. It was a pretty easy fight where I used my 4 Pokémon, Machoke and Primeape for the Magnemite and Heracross and Poliwhirl for Steelix. Heracross weakened the lv 35 Steelix a lot but ended up falling, though it made it very easy for Poliwhirl, who took the steel snake down with a single Surf! And that's it for now, now time to go to Mahogany and crush Team Rocket.

        Current Team:

        Lv 32 (M) @ Mystic Water.
        Hardy Nature. Surf, Body Slam, Hypnosis, Rain Dance.

        Lv 31 (F) @ Shell Bell.
        Brave Nature. Brick Break, Horn Attack, Aerial Ace, Shadow Claw.

        Lv 31 (F) @ Quick Claw.
        Lonely nature. Karate Chop, Payback, Vital Throw, Strength.

        Lv 31 (F) @ Silk Scarf.
        Naughty nature. Strength, U-turn, Dig, Karate Chop.

        HM Slaves: Farfetch'd and Slowbro.

        Number of Badges: 6.

        Current Location: Olivine City.

        Number of losses: 8.
        Pokémon Trial Black will be coming soon! Explore Unova again in a challenging adventure with multitude of changes!

        Hacks I support (I support most of them these are my favourite ones or ones I've put a lot of time on!):

        Pokémon Victory Fire, Pokémon Snakewood, Pokémon Dark Energy, Pokémon Adventure: Red Story, Pokémon XG, Pokémon Gaia, and Pokémon Resolute Version.
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          Quick Question: Can I stop when the credits roll on all the runs except for HeartGold in which I wanna get up to Red
          Motherhen team Alpha Sapphire

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            Water Monotype is done, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, it was a really good run with a bunch of great pokemon, but on the other hand it was a really good run with a bunch of pokemon that's now over.

            I guess I might as well post the final update while i'm here

            Not much happened since last time, I grinded everyone up to level 50, which wasn't too hard considering I fought everyone in Giovanni's Gym as well as in Victory Road. Once I hit level 50 I figured it was time to go into the elite 4.
            I guess I'll just narrate each fight like it happened because that seems cool

            Starmie had thunderbolt and poliwrath had brick break, that's all I needed

            Starmie shines once again and took out his first three pokemon but eventually died to hitmonlee, and Vaporeon took over and finished the job

            Whoa starmie is really good here I guess ill just use it here too and psychic everything

            Lance was pretty ez because Vaporeon knows Ice Beam and also got 3 Acid Armors off so it was Free

            It took everyone, but Blastoise and Vaporeon were the two to clutch it out and finish the fight while I max revived Starmie to finish the job.

            I won't post the final team because I have screenshots that do a way better job than I could have.



            On the other note, I am on to two more challenges, I will be doing a grass monotype on my physical copy of Leaf Green and I will be doing electric on my emulated fire red version, expect updates soon!
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