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Need help in naming fakemons

Started by Zephdo January 17th, 2020 6:23 PM
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Pokemon Honor and Glory

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Hi! We're making a fakemon pokdex for a fangame entitled Pokémon Honor and Glory
We have this Goat > Llama > Alpaca / Capricorn family line that's Steel/ Ground. It's a Pokemon famous among blacksmiths
I'm fine with the goat's name. i'm having trouble with the ones for Llama and Alpaca
Any suggestions?

Also I'm having trouble naming a Grass/Fire Pokémon that's based on a Minnieroot/ Snapdragon. I don't even know how it will look like. All i know is that it can fire it seeds like rifle. Bullet Seed and Seed Bomb are a few of it's moves

Any suggestions is appreciated. And will be credited too if you want.
Thanks for passing by and have a nice day!~

Venia Silente

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Could help us a little and give us a hint? What is the goat name you are already okay with? Are you looking for a particular naming theme or schema?

I've taken a bit of inspiration from some sources. First the Saint Seiya and their Capricorn Saints, then what you mention about being a Pokémon oft associated with blacksmits and how the vocation is portrayed in a few videogames, and third looking around for festivities and showcases associated with foundry and metalworking. As a result I've come up with a few quickie names.

Shurja: from the name of Capricorn Saint Shura (of the original Saint Seiya series) and the Spanish term "forja", means: forge or foundry; the place of work of a blacksmith. In theory more fitting to the Goat stage, but could fit the Llama one as well.

Izoker: from the name of Capricorn Saint Izō (of Saint Seiya Next Dimension) and the english term "stoker", means: the person in charge of keeping a furnace active and "fed"; one of the kind of people who work at a blacksmith. In certain ways, a guardian. Given keeping the furnace alive is a transient task upon which others depend, I'd suggest this term for the middle evo.

Svardcid: from the name of Capricorn Saint El Cid (of Saint Seiya Lost Canvas) and the term "sváret", in Czech, means: "to weld"; one of the main tasks carried out at a blacksmith. The choice of Czech for the base of the name comes from the fact that, according to Wikipedia, the Hefaiston, one of the chiefest blacksmith gatherings in the world, takes place in the Czech Republic. As El Cid was a near-mythical figure of Iberian legend, fabled in Western Europe to this day, I'd suggest this term for the final evo.

Hovnox: from the family of terms such as "ovn" (Danish), "horno" (Spanish) or "forn" (Catalan), all meaning: an oven or a heated place; and from "ox". Might be a simple, easy to recall term for the first evolution. Be mindful however of the heating and fire connotations considering the line you have designed is Steel/Ground.

Llameation: from the Spanish "Llama", means: flame, but also has the animal llama as its homonym; and from "lamentation", as forgery and foundry is associated with extenuation and endurance. Could be used for any of the stages, really.

Furnalaya: from "furnace" and from "atalaya", in Spanish, means: a vantage or observation point. A Watchtower. As goats, oxen and ibices are famous for climbing to really high places and mounting guard, this could fit the middle or final stage.

Evevastax or Evevakarx: This one comes from Mount Everest, the highest soil in he world, once again taking play from how goats love to climb to high places; and from the name of Tvastar / Vishvakarma, the personal blacksmith of the Devas in Hindu mythology, related to eg.: Shintoist and Chinese mythology where the goat is a member of the Zodiac. I'm guessing this fits well the final evo.

I hope these suggestions help!

Credit would be appreciated, as well as information of if your team finds these names usable or if they want me to have another round at Wikipedia~
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