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What the title says. Do you often use Mystery Gift/Event Pokémon in your team or do you just leave them in your box?

I've previously used the Level 15 Genesect you got in B2W2 as well as the Speed Boost Torchic and Shiny Beldum in XY and ORAS respectively, although I didn't really bother with the Dusk-Form Lycanroc in USUM.


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i use some of mine pretty frequently in SwSh raids so yes. :>

idk, for me personally, i don't see the point of going out of my way to get an event pokemon (moreso code events) if i'm never really ever going to use them. i guess for collection reasons is fine, but i think using mythicals/event pokemon in battle is fun!


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I usually box them! Want to ev train them before using and most of the time I’m too lazy to do that lol. So they sit around for...a while ahaa.
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No, not really. I've never seen the point of using Pokemon I obtained through Mystery Gift....though, I pondered using the gift Meowth we got during SWSH's release period.
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I keep all of them in my PC/Home for storage. I just don't like using them. It feels wrong.


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I definitely like collecting them, but that's about as far as it goes for me tbh, they usually just sit in boxes and rarely get taken out. I have a few boxes from over the years of mystery gift and event Pokemon which is nice to look back at for memories :)


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I've used Munchlax that was given during SM launch, just to keep tradition of using Snorlax in every region alive. Otherwise, I box them and keep them for collection purposes.
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