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Spoilers After 22 Years... Page 2

Started by Dragon 4 Weeks Ago 9:26 AM
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Congrats, Ash/Satoshi-- Yayyy~

BUT IT was totally worth it, that also includes the wait.



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Orange Islands was a league win too, Battle Frontier wasn’t, BUT he was actually offered a position as a Frontier Brain and declined it to keep travelling! ;3;

This is the first game-based league, so for a LOT of people, it’s all they’ll acknowledge!

Either way, congratulations, Ash!! I often worried it would only happen at the end of the series or sometimes worried the show would be cancelled before the ending...

Especially with the leagues being such big, highly-competitive events in the anime, it makes sense most Champions are adults and long-time trainers, rarely dethroned. Ash will stand out!!

Hope he meets many more old friends and rivals next series too (Iwane-san mentioned a long time ago, when he drew Champion iris, wanting to draw her like that in the anime! It seemed a distant possibility then, but now... it’d be so cute if Ash and Iris are both Champions, they’d be the youngest, too!!). /slight off-topic, but still mostly on-topic!
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I was pretty shocked to hear this, and even though I took a break and didn't watch S/M, I wanna go watch the final few eps now...

Makes me wonder if they'll also have him win in SWSH, though I really doubt it.

What I don't like is people saying his journey is over now that he's won, like any of us ever stop playing the games just because we all beat the Kanto league when we were younger. lol

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