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Many did it I wanted to be popular too !! xD is an idea that I have but I do not have the resources / knowledge and time to apply it I give it that generous I am hahaha

Name: Pokemon Revolution [tentative]

Features: Open world to the Pokemon crystal clear system with quite a few differences the first of which is it would have history, new mechanics, the gym leaders would have their own abilities, events with pokemons, three rivals, two "team villains" use of the text, It will deepen these characteristics in history.



Region and its lore

The region that stars in the story is called Dynamic, where the "Olympic Games" will be represented. It is a kind of super league (where it implies that its most powerful source of income is tourism), which takes place every 4 years where the winners of Each league in their respective region has the participation to enter, by accepting to enter the super league each trainer must accept a Pokemon brought by the organization, they will have a year to get the 8 medals and access the league where only 16 coaches can arrive.

During the course of your adventure you will forge friendships, enemies, encounter misfortunes and an unprecedented adventure

The start of the game

The start of the game right on the cover by giving it what would be "start" would come out a small cinematic where a mysterious figure is revealed talking to Mewto will say only one thing "Okay 479" and Mewto teleports him to our region by zooming back showing the region and later: NEW GAME.
You create your character that would be customizable in the Pokemon Giratina style and just before starting you will be asked what is your favorite means of transport? An airplane, a train, or a ship.

From the option you choose you will start in a different place on the map and the city that has been assigned there will be a corresponding guide will inform you of the place, its key sites, obviously you are a champion of your league you know the basics of the world of Pokemon the tutorials will not exist .
At the beginning of the story you will get to know things about the place, there will be inhabitants in that city who will tell you about certain special places on the map, whether it be by a forest of berries, rare pokemons, dangerous wild pokemon etc.

Pokemon events

And here I make a small paragraph where I want to explain a characteristic and that is "the pokemon events" in this game there are wild Pokemon that appear on the map that would be as their name indicates events, a quick example in the town there are 3 thug pokemons that They steal food and these are at the exit of the Berry Forest, these would be Mankey, Womper and Murkrov if you find them they will try to steal you LITERALLY if you win they take away all the consumables, and it will be triple combat.
In other words, the information of each town is vital if you want to be prepared.

A more serious example, imagine a city that is concentrated in mines, quarries etc, where the gym is obviously related to the rock in an area of ​​the city there is a cave where before entering there are dozens of warning signs and a type before enter saying that not even the same leader has been able to beat him and obviously if you don't have his medal he won't let you in, so he already gives you a clue that he is a very strong pokémon and several levels above the best pokémon of the leader, when you have a medal and go to the cave when you enter skip a little animation of something crawling on the ceiling watching you, and you can continue in the cave and jump some tremors as you are closer to the end and when you arrive, you see an animation or fanart of a Steelix eating some geodude and it goes towards you, the advantages of this combat is that it gives you the possibility of capturing a Steelix and if you capture it or beat it, you get a fossil from the gym leader who would leave when leaving the cave, for managing to defeat the Ste elix, the best thing about this event is that depending on the medals you have, the level of Steelix changes and its moveset and rewards


Let's talk about the rivals I said 3 and they are 3, each one will have his own very remarkable personality one of them will be fierce, aggressive but with pride he will be called Mark where he will NEVER reject a fight and you will always have to fight with him, because he never accepts a NO.
The second rival would be Julia, descendant of the royalty of her region, act calm, strategist and she is someone who will grant you permission if you want to cure your pokemon or fight directly.
And finally also a Fiora girl, this girl has bipolarity you can find her both scary and the most foul-mouthed character in the entire Dragon Ball Lunch game.

Not only is it a radically opposite trio of personalities but these personalities are chosen to play with because something I always loved about Pokemon in the past was those surprise encounters.
And this trio personalities can be played a lot with that surprise, an example would be imagine that there is an enchanting mansion, which is a building that attracts attention and you are interested in going, so for time you cannot control your character you have 3 seconds of silence , you know that a rival is coming, you have the pokemons paralyzed if Mark arrives it is almost a certain defeat, but if Julia arrives she gives you the opportunity to heal but if Fiora is literally a coin, she may come in her scary way and see you and literally run from you, maybe he arrives wanting to fight or ... for events of destiny while he talks to you in his scary way his furious form is activated.
And this roller coaster of emotions is something that I love because it would make you suffer like never, extending that suffering as much as possible without breaking a clear rhythm.

Region and its open world role
But finally let's talk about the region and the concept of the open world as it would be, well as I said earlier it would be 3 different starting points the wild pokemons of each route, gym leaders and entrants will change the level of their pokemon depending on the medal that You have, it is something that for example Pokemon Crystal clear is made and it seems to me a correct decision, which would imply a very high level design where you need it; Level 100 Nerds with perfect ivs to perform this feat.
Because you have to do at least 3 basic routes with easy pokemons to start, because the idea of ​​this game is to make Nuzlocke THE BEST NUZLOCKE IN HISTORY but well ... a doubt that will have arisen throughout the reading is MO or Pokemonturas ...

And I will say: NO, NOTHING OF THAT.
Because the map will be put by events, to the artificial blockade everything will be natural an example there is a cave let's call it Locke Cave, and during that cave you walk and find a Dugtrio and it is rare because nobody in the vicinity spoke of a wild Dugtrio, so that you come up out of curiosity and you give him, when you give him the dugtrio he goes down and the head of a guy appears and says that since he couldn't find the exit, he will make his own and will ask you for some lemonade-like item when giving him the lemonade When you have 3 medals, the guy will have created a shortcut that allows you to skip 3 routes reaching the other city in a moment, not only but also to a new area.

As this example would imply the rivals, in plan Fiora in her furious way kicks a tree to throw it and creates a bridge this happens when you defeat her and she annoys that route manages to do that.

Use in text boxes

It occurs to me that just in this meeting the character was already angry with you and wants to fight you when you defeat Fiora, instead of leaving the typical message of:

Coach Fiora has been defeated.
$ 1568.
Default phrase.

I would put that when you defeat the character it says non-stop Psyduckk psyduckk psyduckk psyduckk psyduckk, raising the text box to the top and if I say what
Coach Fiora has been defeated.
$ 1568.

Immediately the character goes where there is a river and a lamppost, he begins to kick so many that he knocks her down, electrocuting magikarps and passing her over the lamppost, creating a path for the next city.
This helps give the character more personality by creating a rather memorable situation. She will be the only one capable of doing something like that.

La region tendra en el medio la super liga claro estara cerrada hasta que tengas la medallas, y puedes ir a la super liga porque sirve de punto de conexion a otra ciudad que puedes pasar.... O tal vez no... depende si hay evento.

Level design

Let's talk a little about the level design, it is the most difficult part of this video game in the sense that you have to create 8 teams for coaches, gyms, and everything.
Also the themes routes that must be changing to each medals, sometimes a simple level to evolve the pokemons that exist that route.

The grace of this game is that you feel that you are free and always in constant challenge, for this you must create 2 basic routes in the 3 places at the beginning.
You can put certain barriers somewhere in the beginning, for example a guide says that to the right it is dangerous to go without any medal, making you understand that he is 10 levels above you, which is a certain defeat.
So that pokemons can leave the first route you leave, they have to be pokemon of distant variety of many types, a womper, raticate, pigdey, odysh, because remember that you can face almost any gym at the pace you want, you cannot do that in a route only normal type pokemons come out, it would be totally unfair.

Something that I would like to highlight is the first trainers of each route, maximum can only have 2 pokemons, and they must be pokemon that do not represent a threat, remember that you have no items or pokemons can not make it difficult without the possibility of creating the person a minimal strategy.

Already in the next city you can go teaming up with a little more strategy, and remember you must wisely choose the coach team because the fun is when you get a medal that coach your team is the same but evolved and with some more pokemon, this is He understands better when it comes to playing the game, because this Nuzlocke is very prepared for those who do not take him seriously, lose and of course if he returns to play, see that the boy who destroyed him with a Golbat now has a Crobat because he has fought with 3 more medals, as he has more game more life.

Secondary characters
Something that I always like are those extravagant characters such as in the Pokemon Atlas the detective and for example a random npc is in a cave, you see a dugtrio (which usually does not happen to see pokemon outside) and of course curiosity goes towards him When, you hit the dugtrio, he goes down and a guy's head comes out saying that since he can't find the exit, he's making his own exit, that if you help him by giving him an item, this very npc could create a shortcut for you later.

If there is something I love and it is important [Knock on the table to emphasize] THE PRESENTATIONS if you have the possibility of making splash art make good presentations an example let's imagine that you have a rival that has achieved Latios or mega-latios make the guy in instead of riding the latio, stand on the head or the sword of the latios, with your arms crossed with communist hymn music or something like that and then explain later how you are standing, that with the psychic power of latios towards keeping it that I wanted to show off, if you can do these things are possibly what you remember the most at the end of the game and are going to recommend.


The design of this character is a mix between Eusine from pokemon Crystal and Gentle criminal from Boku no hero, having that characteristic bangs with a height sticking out a head to our protagonist, someone who seeks the challenge and has a more superior instinct, the first time that you are this guy is trying to link Julia and telling you to move away is talking to the older ones, while Julia answers no, that this is cool and he will answer;

- ??? are you challenging me?
-Julia: (protagonist name) there is no point in meaningless violence, he also has 5 medals.
[At that time you would have 3 medals or 4]
Regardless of you decide that you want to fight.
Showing a splash art of him bowing to you with his eyes open, he decides yes, why not.
It would be a fight where he would have an advantage with 10 levels above you, and half the fight when all 3 of your 6 pokemon are weakened, says the character, what if we bet something? A date to Julia?
Julia jumps and replies that she is not a trophy and the sound of host is heard, removing the combat.
- ???: You are one of those who are tough, I like that, my name is Tyron the winner of the super league, when I win the super league we meet for dinner.
And it goes away.
-Julia: He apologizes for this, heals you Pokemon and gives you an item that is used for some event.

Although it is not as I said at the beginning of something explosive, it seems to me a good presentation for a secondary character that you can find in the league and in other places in the region, in addition to taking that turn that a character out of combat literally paused it get into the middle has its grace.

Silly Villains

I am a fan that if you are going to do some recurring teamrocket minions it could be a good presentation, that it goes like it does in any Pokemon game to go to a house in the city to get inside when you approach said house, you will hear sounds like screams, and when you enter a room in the door you hear dialogues of movies like the Godfather where someone comes out threatening and saying that he is going to be shot and he does it, the sound of a shot is heard and the sound of something falling is heard, then you have two options you enter or escape if you enter you see 2 guys stealing and they look at each other, they look at you, they look at each other, they look at you, and they shout at each other saying why the hell do you play a movie of the Godfather while you steal (very scene from Home Alone 2, I also tell you xD )

And you have two quite charismatic guys on the side of the teamrocket with their own cache of jokes that are so silly to turn a situation around.

Charizards Fan
Someone who is cosharved from charizard and always says that the best pokemon of all is the Charizard since always, to the point of verging on disease, his pokemon team is made up of Charizard, Charizard X, Charizard Y, Charizard Shiny, Charizard Dinamax, Charizard doing a blue Charizard cosplay.

What if ... let's talk about the villains !!!!!! here would involve 2 sides one of them would be the miscellaneous figure that you have your own ends, which is not bad but it goes against the protagonist and the villains of the work that would be a group of companies moved by money where he has a relationship with the first very very narrow side.

Sometimes it seems that one side is good, other times you have suspicions because both have their own ends where they collide and you are totally in the middle.

Releasing the mysterious character is a guy who at first showed himself dressed in the Power Ranger style and that is that this being was created in the laboratories of companies because it was a human experiment of a new pharmacist who wanted to achieve a medicine similar to the total cure in humans where they arrived To the conclusion that it was necessary to create a fusion of DNA with a pokemon to achieve it over more than 400 cases, only one has been the one that has achieved it, the case number 479 created from the fusion between a Human and a good Rotom once created this subject manages to escape because Rotom manages to have control of the subject by giving him special abilities and the power to communicate with other pokemons, and he has his own plan with an epicity never seen before, where he will avenge those who made him suffer and change the game rules.

So 479 you will find it throughout the region either learning from us, observing us if we are good or bad, because remember we are each of the managers of this region, league champions, we are the top of the top in the world and It will depend on how we are, he will execute one plan or the other and sometimes help others.

Leadership skills
And lastly [for now] are the gym leaders and their special characteristics that each gym leader will have, Dynamic gym leaders are those who have passed the barrier of being a simple coach are at another level, and that is that we are aware that their aspirants are those coaches who have conquered their region, they have to be a very high wall and for them the gym leaders have special abilities, a serious example:

A normal type gym whose gym leader is the youngest in the history of Dynamic where in his character design his pupils have a 4-leaf clover representing luck, the characters are someone sincere, joker, happy, he likes to make a joke about his Luckily, when you fight with him every 4 turns he always has a critical hit.

Another example that an electric type gym leader the leader was born with the ability to accumulate electricity and use it giving more speed to his movements, having a presentation change his physical form to the super saiyan when activating that electricity and save someone from an accident and in combat by keeping half of your pokemon activates your ability and creates an electric field to power your pokemon.

A buggy gym leader is a very aggressive woman physically similar to the villain of Alola Samina, where the hair forms a pattern in the style of butterfly wings, and her ability is to collect her hair and form another pattern with her hair, He starts screaming like a crazy rattata to everyone, to us and his pokémon rising the attack of his Pokémon to the boxing trainer with his boxer.
We could create the counterpart of the lucky boy who would be a sinister type gym leader where his ability is that you fail attacks because the nature of the sinister pokémon brings misfortune to those around them in this case to the aspirants and the same every 4 turns the applicant fails, creating a strategy taking advantage of this advantage.
Giving these two leaders a lore where they could be a couple but for X reason they have parted ways in the pokemon league they faced each other and something went wrong.

Plant-type leader is one of the great grandparents who get bored telling you about the battles of his life that every turn literally tells you something typical [In my time, young people did not have to distribute experience until they had obtained some medals] and when you change Pokemon, the one that comes out remains asleep, not the one who enters, giving one more layer of difficulty.
That could also be a counterpart to the bug-type leader and giving the truth that she is her granddaughter.

Leader ice type every time he tells a bad joke but bad bad the weather becomes frozen, and of course when you find it on your adventure if you see ice it is that the leader has been here, and in combat he obviously keeps his best joke.

And finally, the earth type gym leader, the scenario is a quicksand and if you do not win in X turns the leader will fall down and the combat will be restarted with full life, the leader is a combat for the stalers (or as you say you have movements like toxic, rest, reduction, etc.)

And ready I will update the publication when I think of more things and if any, Nerd level 100 with perfect Ivs wants to do it, because not xD


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Hi javilol, I moved your thread here, to the Launchpad because it is a ROM hack.


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