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Old August 26th, 2015 (7:12 AM).
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Originally Posted by Lost Heart View Post
Frankly there's not a lot we can go off of to help you based on what you've told us. But, there are two likely issues. One, you accidentally messed up something in the .ini, and you should double check to make sure. Two, some of the ROM's data has been corrupted somehow (in which case you should re-trace your steps and figure out if you did anything easily reversible). Of course a third issue would be a problem with the program itself, but this is unlikely.
I resolved the issue. It seemed to not be an issue with any of the things I mentioned. It's a peculiar thing that happens only with this program. If I have opened another program, for example AdvanceMap and am editing the ROM, it won't open. And since I have AdvanceMap open and editing pretty much the whole time I'm rom hacking, I never thought it would be a problem. It's a great tool that's working like a charm.

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Old September 29th, 2015 (9:29 PM).
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It seems the current downloads aren't working.
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Old October 10th, 2015 (5:51 AM).
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indeed, I cant get it downloaded as well
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Old October 15th, 2015 (10:53 AM).
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Me neither downloads aren't working I'm getting attachments 1x1
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Old November 1st, 2015 (10:28 AM).
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heyum, why aren't the links working
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Old November 5th, 2015 (1:13 AM).
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Another user here with nonfunctional download links. I suspect something must have happened since I was last here that interferes with downloading attachments.

Though this is my first time back since getting my new laptop. It could just as easily be a problem with Windows 10 than with the site itself or the links. Unfortunately I haven't got access to my other laptop anymore so... yeah.

Looking forward to the downloads working again.
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2) A demake of Heart Gold / Soul Silver. Possibly using Fire Red as a base.
3) An official Pokémon game, following the standard "gotta catch 'em all" format, but aimed more at the older players.
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Old November 11th, 2015 (11:58 AM).
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For the people who are wondering why the download links aren't working, it's because pokecommunity was hacked and after that old downloads just don't work.

Here are two mirror links i found:

Trainer editor

Battle script pro
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Old November 11th, 2015 (6:40 PM).
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THANKS!!! Finally, i can continue work
Hacks I enjoy

Thanks for all the great work.
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Old December 26th, 2015 (6:36 PM).
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if anyone could save my rom hack that'd be great
i'm trying to edit an important trainer and get:
Error parsing Pokemon data for this trainer! - InvalidArgument=Value of '65535' is not valid for 'index'. Parameter name: index
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Old December 27th, 2015 (12:11 AM).
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Originally Posted by Zef View Post
if anyone could save my rom hack that'd be great
i'm trying to edit an important trainer and get:
Error parsing Pokemon data for this trainer! - InvalidArgument=Value of '65535' is not valid for 'index'. Parameter name: index
I don't know what that "index" means in terms of this program. But why don't you just fix it with a hex editor? It is directly telling you that you have 0xFFFF somewhere where it does not belong. Trainer data is structured:
0x00: trainer pokemon type (regular, custom moves, item, both)
0x01: trainer class		(byte)
0x02: trainer music & gender	(byte)
0x03: trainer sprite		(byte)
0x04: name 			(12 bytes)
0x10: item1 			(short)
0x12: item2 			(short)
0x14: item3 			(short)
0x16: item4 			(short)
0x18: single/double 		(word)
0x1C: AI 			(word)
0x20: number of pokemon 	(word)
0x24: pointer to trainer’s pokemon (word)
So crack open your ROM, do some maths to determine the offset of the broken trainer, and fix the 0xFFFF that clearly does not belong.
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Old January 17th, 2016 (9:16 PM). Edited January 18th, 2016 by MrElephant.
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Could someone please reupload the trainer battler program. Sorry for posting on an old thread.

Edit: Sorry, didnt see that dysbber162 had posted new links. Again, I apologize to being a bother to everyone.

Trying to find time to mod

Lets see I like modding

Dragon Warrior, Lego Racers, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Mario Racing, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Banjo.
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Old April 19th, 2016 (7:53 AM).
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None of the links work. The drop box mirrors are disabled. Was hoping to use BSP to add some abilities but I guess not. :/
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Old May 4th, 2016 (4:02 PM).
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Same here, none of the links are working, can someone post another mirror to those tools ?
(especially unnamed trainer editor if possible)
Thank you for your time.
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Old May 6th, 2016 (9:32 AM).
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Yes I really need unnamed trainer editor, if anyone has a mirror much would be appreciated.
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Old June 16th, 2016 (7:04 AM).
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these links dont work #scam
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Old June 17th, 2016 (2:47 AM).
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Originally Posted by darkv88 View Post
these links dont work #scam
The reason the links don't work anymore... is because PC's servers were breached a few months ago. Many of the attachments on the forum were destroyed by the server breach, which is why they only appear as 1x1 white pixel image now. I'm really sorry, but unless Jambo51 comes back and fixes the links to his tools, there's no way you can be able to download them here. Perhaps you could search elsewhere online to find them? I know FileTrip usually archives many ROM Hacking tools from here and other places, from what I remember.
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