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5th Gen What do you think about gen 5?

Started by TepigLover101 February 11th, 2020 5:22 AM
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I like tepig ! (Duh look at my name)

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Gen 5 (pokemon black and white 1 and 2) is said to be the worst pokemon game and I shall NOT ALLOW THIS
gen 5 is my favorite Gen Yeah I said it But I'm kinda curious what do you think about pokemon gen 5?
what are the ups downs or what makes you happy in it.
I grew up with pokemon white 2 so obviously I prefer it.

Tepig is by far the best starter ever
give me your reasons below ig?
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Gen 5 is pretty underrated imo, I think its better than Gen 1 and much better than Gen 6. The story is pretty good and there a quite alot of good Pokémon from Gen 5 such as Haxorus and Golurk.


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I like Gen 5. It has gorgeous graphics, good music, a good story, Pokestar Studios, the PWT, and it introduced some cool new Pokemon, like Volcarona, Ferrothorn, Chandelure, Galvantula, and Hydreigon. I also like some of the less popular Pokemon, like Sigilyph, Seismitoad, and Vanilluxe. It also made TM's reusable, and I love how the Pokemon sprites were actually moving.

However, it's not without its flaws. It introduced some of the most horrible Pokemon ever, like Watchog, Herdier, Basculin, Tranquill, Simipour, and Annoying Stupid Flying Squirrel. Also, Pikachu was left out of the Unova Pokedex, even with the Unova Dex expansion in B2W2.
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Generation 5 was a really good generation. I really don't know why people give it so much hate for. It did a lot of things that were different like not taking place in a Japanese region. While I suppose Orre was the first to do this, Generation V was the first main series game to do so. Sure, some people, well, a lot of people were upset that none of the older Pokemon were available until the post game. I'll be honest, though, I didn't mind that. It made the game a lot more interesting, considering all the Pokemon games before it still had some of the old Pokemon along with the new ones in the Pokedex.

I found the story in, well, at least the first games in gen five, to be really good. I found Black & White's story really investing. Black2/White2's story was great, too, of course.

People also need to give credit where credit's due. Generation five did a lot of things right with challenge mode (which has never returned since), not doing the third version and instead giving us a sequel game, and a really big post game section. In Black2/White2, anyway. The Pokemon World Tournament and Pokestar Studios really expanded upon further gameplay after the story was finished.

There were some downsides, though, yes. No more trainer rematches as of this generation...and they made the game very linear and story locked. But I've never heard people say generation five is the worst? I've heard people call generation seven that, though, not so much Black/White. But, I do guess the controversy about generation five was moreso the Pokemon than the generation.

Ps: none of the Pokemon in gen five are "lazy" or "badly designed." I know people love to hate on Garbodor, but come on, guys. Unova takes place in New York City. New York City has a lot of garbage. It's not a "badly designed" Pokemon. People tend to look at generation five and say that Game Freak was running out of ideas, but I really, wholeheartedly disagree on that.
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I think that calling Gen 5 the worst generation was a more common thing when it was still new. Opinions have softened on it over the years afaik, to where it's viewed more or less the same as Gens 1-4, it has its fans and people who don't like it. The 3 generations after it are now the ones more commonly viewed as the worst (with which one being the worst up for debate).
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Here's my take on it, I'll go over some of the personal pros, then the cons:

- Largest amount of new Pokemon we've gotten since RBY
- BW: Best story
- BW2: Best Post-Game
- Best HM Usage
- QoL improvements
- Animated Pokemon Sprites

- BW: Old Pokemon locked until the Post-Game
- Lackluster Mon designs
- Relatively linear region compared to those before it
- BW: Not a whole lot to do in the Post-Game
- BW2: Story not as impressive or engaging as the first game
- Very little incentive to come back and play BW when BW2 is better in almost every way
- Some animated Pokemon sprites look very ugly (Starmie)
- Bad Bottom-Screen implementation
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Gen 5 was actually really good had a few of my favourite Pokemon in the gen but also so terrible designs and was the start of the downfall in Pokemon designs for me, story was good but b/w was restricted to new Pokemon which limited the game for me but bw2 more than made up for it and saved the generation

If you throw animie in to the mix then the movies were good especially Pokemon Black-Victini and Reshiram/White-Victini and Zekrom and the TV series actually got me back into the animie
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tms no longer broke
asks you if you want to use another repel when your current one runs out (amazing)
a few really cool Pokemon
sequel instead of an improved version
some actual post game content

unfortunate pokemon designs
sprites look oddly grainy
I find N so unlikable
no one from this region is particularly memorable to me

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Black and White 2 are my favorite games to this day. I mean, it was evident that gamefreak went out of their way after the backlash of BW. Plus, the post game was insanely fun, especially the Pokémon world tournament and I loved how they added Minor details to the battle backgrounds in BW2 like grass around the battle circle cause in the original BW, it was just a colored circle and looked very empty.
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I grew up with Gens 1-3 and I can say game-wise, Gen 5 was pretty balanced whether people hate it or not. At that point they were perfecting the game's craft. You aren't fighting entire buildings filled with 39 trainers more than once to get to the boss at the top building. Things were a lot more balanced out of experienced pokemon-wise, etc.


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I'm planning on doing a playthrough for all the Pokémon gens so I can give a more indepth and clear analysis later on. From memory, I really loved Gen 5: graphically it aged well, introduced my favourite Pokémon (and many others I love), gave a lot postgame content for its sequel, soft rebooted the roster when it debuted, infinite TMs, unique town themes, and much more. I think my problems with it might be how long it takes for certain Pokémon to evolve (hello Hydreigon) and there are a few Pokémon I find lackluster appearance wise (Petilil line, Beartic, the Genies. I don't hate them, I just think they can be better).

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I personally love Gen 5! Unova is my 2nd favorite behind Johto. People seemed to hate on it for a while. I think this is because gamefreak and the anime creators were pushing for something new and perfecting the craft. Think about it, the first 4 gens were basically based in Japan based regions. This was the first gen to venture outside that. The first 4 gens also had a lighter side to them compared to Unova. This gen was filled(at least from my large scale observation) with more dark and ghost types than the gens that preceded it. Additionally, the story both in the games and anime attempted to be more mature. This seems to be when they decided they actually wanted to start pushing those watching or playing to grow as individuals. All this being said, I certainly think it wasn’t perfect, but I feel Pokémon wouldn’t be what it is or be where it is without gamefreak pushing themselves in this way.

On a lighter note, I love several of the designs of the new pokemon and love the overall experience of the game. It’s loads of fun for me, and I feel that is the point of playing the games overall.
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To me Gen 5 was the peak of story and 2D animation from all the experience with Pokemon being on handhelds all this time. It definitely had a slower startup to round out the generation because of the bigger focus on story, as Black and White compared to Gen 4's HGSS was lacking in post game content to do, but come B2W2 we got the culmination of story, nostalgia in PWT, whole animation for trainers, etc. that truly fleshed it out as its own. On an overall personal ranking of play I'd put Gen 5 as the 2nd best behind Gen 4 for how much it really stands for itself and does it pretty well.


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I really enjoy generation 5. In fact, it happens to be my second favourite generation (after generation 4, of course)! Initially, I wasn't a fan. My distaste for the anime tainted my view of the games. However, my opinion on gen 5 has since changed. While I consider Black & White to be weaker main series games, Black & White 2 are some of the best entries to date. They're riveting, full of twists and turns, and wonderfully dark. I love how story-based generation 5 is. Furthermore, I love the Unova region as a whole. There are an endless amount of quaint towns and bustling cities to visit, overall it's by far the most diverse and unique region we've seen. It truly stands on its own in terms of its wonderous geographical design. The characters are also phenomenal. Cheren and Bianca are probably my favourite rivals, I especially adore Bianca's sheer exuberance. Team Plasma is also a really thought out team, and an immensely menacing one at that. Their goals are clear, purposeful, and vastly different from all previous teams. Dare I say that Ghetsis is the most gruesome evil-team commander yet, he makes Giovanni look soft. (Also, we can't forget how swell the gym leaders are! Elesa in particular, she's one of my favourite leaders of all time. A truly electrifying woman indeed!)

Most importantly, generation 5 pokemon are incredible. Many of my all-time favourites were introduced in generation 5, including: Liligant, Chandelure, Samurott, Serperior, Liepard, Cinccino, Swanna, Gothitelle, Zoroark, Whismsicott, etc. (Only generation 4 provided us with better pokemon designs, in my opinion. It's super close, though.)

Gens 6, 7, & 8 have nothing on generation 5.


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i disliked bw, enjoyed b2w2 a lot more due to the pokemon world tournament. gen 5 overall is not that memorable to me because of the lack of spinoff games that i've played during that time period. i think pmd: gates to infinity came out then and i didn't particularly enjoy it, and that was pretty much the only one i tried.
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