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Issue Tabs

Started by mgriffin 6 Days Ago 12:45 PM
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In tab 1
  • Next
  • In tab 2
  • Next
  • In tab 3

    Initially clicking on "Go to 1/2/3" works fine. But if you click on "Next" in tab 1 then "Go to 1" is broken until you click either "Go to 2/3"; presumably it thinks you're still on 1 and ignores the click. Also all of the "Next"s are one-use; again I assume this is because once I've clicked it once the tab thinks it's active and ignores clicks, but using a [tabgroup] doesn't help here either because my tabs aren't direct descendents ("Go to 1 again" seems to prove that duplicate labels are no problem), or because two [tabgroup]s also don't communicate.

    [tabgroup][tab=tab1]Go to 1[/tab][tab=tab2]Go to 2[/tab][tab=tab3]Go to 3[/tab][tab=tab1]Go to 1 again[/tab][/tabgroup]
    [tabcontent][tabpanel=tab1]In tab 1
    [tab=tab2]Next[/tab][/tabpanel][tabpanel=tab2]In tab 2
    [tab=tab3]Next[/tab][/tabpanel][tabpanel=tab3]In tab 3[/tabpanel][/tabcontent]
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