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erik destler


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My original idea was something to commemorate the upcoming 16th Anniversary (Sept 10th) of the DCC (on this version of PC, that is). I created a spreadsheet a while back tracking ALL of the DCCs out of Off-Topic that I could locate.

It could feature a brief history of the DCC, fun facts about the Daily Chit-Chat as a whole (Like out of all 60+ DCCs, only 1 was hard deleted), and maybe include questions answered by top posters of past DCCs/PC veterans in general?

As far as the TCTI stuff goes, I have a similar spreadsheet tracking all 10 TCTI threads. This could also include questions answered by top posters of past TCTI threads as well as PC veterans in general.

I realize this is a rather focused set of articles, but the idea is to appeal to nostalgia of PC Veterans. Maybe,.,., that IS too narrow?

Paired with Laslow and Cherrim


You found a heart!

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I am, obviously, one of the top choices to write about TCTI and its immense silliness :P
I can certainly craft a heartfelt narrative of what that thread meant to a group of crazy people (and a bunch of us still have a private discord server anyway)


This is fine.

A cape
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As I said in Discord to you, Erik, I'm fine with it; I have little interest in writing about it myself though so that's on you (and maybe Went :V). Don't expect it to view that well either; people aren't going to arrive at the article via google searches most likely.



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I don’t mind it at all; I’m not too knowledgeable about the DDCs and such, but I think it would be cool to see! And yeah I think it’s more for the ones who are actively part of that but meh~


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+1 for me as well. as a contributor to the current TCTI progress and DCCs of the past several years, feel free to ask me of any fun moments. :>


Taisho era
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+1. It would be a fun article to reminisce
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