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Posted 3 Hours Ago
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Do you keep your battle animations on or off in the main series games? I keep mine on for the first playthrough and (usually) off for subsequent playthroughs, especially for early gen games, since it speeds battles up which I've already experienced. Especially true for challenge runs, which I do for the thrill of trying new things more than experiencing battle motions all over again.

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Posted 17 Hours Ago
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Ooh I always like to keep the animations turned on myself, it feels weird playing through the games without them.
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Posted 19 Hours Ago
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i keep them on. there are a few exceptions tho like the time i was playing platinum and had caught and evolved a male ralts and it took me forever to find him in the first place and my game psyducking froze so i had to spitefully restart and find a new ralts. i turned off animations for that + grinding him back to where the other one was before i lost him. annoying af

also any time i play DP, which is rare anyway, i turn off the battle animations. u kno why
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Posted 10 Hours Ago
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It never really crossed my mind to have them off, so I've always kept them on. :x I like seeing the animations, personally.


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Posted 11 Hours Ago
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I always leave them on, as I never even bother to go into options to turn them off. It would be weird to not see moves do anything animated wise, you know?
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Seen 9 Hours Ago
Posted 12 Hours Ago
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After an initial playthrough I actually turn them it's a hassle enough for me to grind and having battle animations on just makes the process even slower and my super distracted brain can't handle that lmao
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Posted 12 Hours Ago
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always on. the battles just feel so empty and rushed with them off.


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Posted 8 Hours Ago
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I got weird'ed out when I turned it off once.
But I turn it off when I was playing Silver on an emulator because it's much faster to train since you can speed things up as well hah.
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Posted 20 Minutes Ago
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I like seeing the animations! By default they’re on for me.

But there have definitely been times where I’ve turned them off for grinding purposes. If I know I’m going to be fighting the same exact Pokémon for a long while and there’s no chance of seeing anything new, I’ll turn ‘em off and get through the battle as fast as possible.


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Posted 9 Hours Ago
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I don't think I've ever actually turned them off. I know it would speed up shiny hunting but it's just not something I've ever bothered with


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Posted 5 Hours Ago
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its always off whenever I grind. turning it off for the whole game is just a wasted feature. the animations are like, the essence of battling hahaha.
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