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Greenlit Fangame Tutorials Series: Mapping Cities

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Old September 26th, 2017 (8:21 PM). Edited September 27th, 2017 by Radiating.
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This is basically the same as the Routes article in terms of format. An introductory page that describes the concepts we'll need to keep in mind, then three pages of examples with a focus on my thought process while mapping. It shouldn't take too long this time because I feel I've got a good format worked out for the mapping tutorials and those I asked seemed to like it, so I'll go with that again.

Nothing more to the pitch than that because it's not really a switch-up from the last one haha. Good to go?
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Old September 27th, 2017 (6:24 AM).
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It's over, isn't it?
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Ugh I hate it awful idea how could you even think about such an awful concept ugh

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Old September 27th, 2017 (6:38 AM).
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Not much to say, since it'll be an addition to the last ones. Seems good to me!

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