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Deck Test Etc. v.2.0 - Fight Alone

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Old December 23rd, 2017 (9:28 PM).
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Just a standard rogue deck that I've been working with for a good amount of time now and want to write about. Continuation of the not-yet-series that started with the Vikavolt article.

Basically you (and by you I mean Lucario FCO) fight alone. That's why the deck is called fight alone. Wheeee.

Expect Star Wars and Green Day references. No spoilers tho.


Side Note: Pre-requesting permission for another one of these in early february involving either the Rotomotor deck that I'm totally using after ULP is released or the other ULP deck I plan to pre-test, Garchomp C LvX (2018 edition)
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Old December 24th, 2017 (1:21 AM).
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This is fine.
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Sure to another TCG article! +1
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