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Create a Evil Pokemon Team!
Team Name-
Boss Name-
Admin Names-
Executives (optional)-
Notable Grunts (Optional)-
Signature Grunt Pokemon-
Signature Admin Pokemon-
Signature Executive Pokemon (Optional)-
Signature Boss Pokemon-
The Goal-
Here's Mine;
Team Name- Team Infinutum
Boss Name- Tal Sereth (or Boss T for short)
Admin Names- Romulus, Carolina, and Rex
Executives (optional)- Zeloth
Notable Grunts (Optional)- Grunt A and B
Signature Grunt Pokemon- Hawlucha, Basculin, Skorupi, Togepi, and Torkoal
Signature Admin Pokemon;
Romulus- Hawlucha, Skorupi/Drapion, Pikachu, and Doublade
Carolina- Togepi/Togekiss, Fraxure/Haxorous, and Pikachu/Alolan Raichu
Rex- Trunt/Tyrantrum, Aron/Lairon/Agron, Pupitar/Tyranitar, and Slowking
Signature Executive Pokemon (Optional)- Noiyvrn, Gabite/Garchomp, Absol/Mega Absol, and Poipole
Signature Boss Pokemon- Metang/Metagross, Whirlipede/Scolipede, Noiyvrn, Sylveon, Alolan Persain, and his ace, Zoroark
The Goal- Use the power of infinite energy to create a new timeline using data gathered from the Ultimate Weapon, Mega Stones, Z Crystals, and Devon Corp Tech. The new timeline is Supposed to be an ideal world according to the grunts and admins, however Tal and Zeroth wish to actually reform it, and make a timeline where The Ultimate Weapon never fired, which had killed their parents (they are brothers), and in doing so undo the discovery of mega evolution.

Now it's your turn!