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"My first hack I'm making, a remake of Yellow on FRLG."

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Posted March 9th, 2019
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Today I present to you these Red and Leaf backsprites by Innermobius that I fixed for inserting into Firered.

Original Backsprites

However, because APE wasn't having it with the palettes I tried to extract from these I had to use the regular palettes from Firered, only resulting in Red's sleeves becoming black. Here's a video showing the two backsprites in-game. Please note that Red's and Leaf's frame3 and frame4 sprites are the same because there's no 5th sprite for their animation. I recommend you insert them with Nameless Sprite Editor because I already indexed the sprites.

I also tried to make Gen 4 style sprites for May since I seem to not find anywhere, these sprites are in PNG instead of BMP because these are most likely going to be used for Emerald/Ruby so I have no idea how to edit the palette of the backsprites in the Hoenn games because NSE wasn't having it with Emerald.

Red & Leaf
You can edit the backsprites and tweak them up since my May ones aren't perfect. Give credits to Innermobius for Red and Leaf and me if you're using May.

Palette Data For The Trainer Backsprites
Palette Data for Brendans and Mays backsprite in Emerald is located at 00D61A30

Palette Data for Reds and Leafs backsprite in Firered is located at 00E76EBC

Cant find anything about Brendans and Mays backsprite palette for Ruby (sorry for those who still hack Ruby)

-Innermobius for Red and Leaf
-Me for May
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Do you know Red/Leafs back palette for emerald? I have the front, but not the back
So, uh... GBC 64x64? No, that doesn't sound right...

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