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Old April 23rd, 2017 (11:55 PM). Edited July 5th, 2017 by Rainbow.
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Pokémon Gaming Guides Index

Welcome to the Pokémon Gaming Guides Index! This thread exists to list all the up-to-date Pokémon Gaming guides that have been posted by our fantastic members to prevent them from disappearing into the fogs of time.


This thread is divided into four parts. Fully up-to-date Generaton 7 guides (or older guides that don't describe any features that have since been changed) are in the first category, and guides for Gen 6 games are put into the second category. Any other generational game guides go into the third category, and Miscellaneous or Spinoff game guides make up the fourth category.

Generation 7 Guides

[Daily] by bobandbill
[Daily] by bobandbill
[Daily] by bobandbill
by t0gekiss
by Soapie❤
[Daily] by bobandbill

Generation 6 Guides

by Altairis
by Absol
by Xerneas_X

Older Generational Guides

by TwilightBlade
by Zelda

Miscellaneous Guides

[Daily] by bobandbill, Rainbow,
and Soapyyy

I'll be searching for up-to-date guides across PC, but if I've missed yours then feel free to message me about it!
this index isn't complete and we may be rewriting or combining several outdated guides in the future.
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