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It is almost here.

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019, or E3 for short, will soon be on its merry way (11th - 13th June to be precise!) to indulge us in what goodies the video games industry has in store. Whether it's exciting moments such as this one:

...or hilarious moments like this one:

It's all going to be there at E3 2019. More information from the official website, however most importantly this thread is to discuss the time coming up to E3 (predictions, things you want to be shown, etc) as well as the goings on once we get there.

So first up, what do you want to see at E3 and what do you think will show up at E3?


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The only thing I care about at E3 this year is Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC. I think they outright said we'd hear more about it in June, which probably means E3, so that's a sure thing. I also want more about FF7R but I think the announcement for that is possibly more likely at the FF7 concert in LA that week. Uh, other than that... I don't think I'm excited for anything else, lol. "Tales of" news is more likely at talesfes a couple weeks later and will prob just be the mobile game anyway and everything else I'm excited for is more indie-oriented so probably won't try to compete with AAA titles at E3 news-wise.

For stuff we'll probably see that I don't really care about, I guess Sony might introduce us to PS5? There've been inklings of that, right? We'll prob get more SwSh news. Hopefully Animal Crossing since everyone I know will go ballistic for it and I love seeing my TL happy. Microsoft will probably have a car on stage at some point during their conference. That's about it for E3 predictions. I actually missed most of E3 last year, for the first time in like a decade, so if anything was teased last year and hasn't come out this year, it'll seem new to me. Maybe there'll still be some of that.

Oh! But more importantly, I cannot wait for Nintendo to announce Cherrim for Smash DLC. It's tru my uncle who works at nintendo told me.

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We need a release date announcement for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, otherwise they might as well scrap the game.

Is it too early to want Final Fantasy XVI yet?

*still holding out hope for Final Fantasy X-3 and The World Ends With You 2*

We've had absolutely no info on Pokemon Sword/Shield so I suggest they give us a plethora of info on it. A good chunk of Pokemon reveals and the 2nd and Final evolutions of the starters would be worth this 'no info' BS

I can't think of anything else but if I do I'll add more to this post or just post again. It's a starting point at least.
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Seconding more information on FF7R, Animal Crossing and Pokemon S/S!

I'm also always excited to see innovative games and ideas from the indie community. Last year I fell in love with the weird little Ooblets announcement, hope there's more of that. Big franchise announcements are cool, but indie or not I do love seeing new, original games.


This is fine.

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Mostly interested in some Nintendo news - e.g. AC news (we've heard nothing since last year). I don't have the other consoles and already have too big a backlog to really consider getting another.


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Cyberpunk 2077 for sure! CDPR has been hyping this as their biggest E3 appearance yet, and it's kind of hard to not get caught in all the hype that surrounds that.


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not having any set expectations, which to me is a good thing because it leaves me open to pleasant surprises!


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Give me Animal Crossing news, or give me death.



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Quick Riposte from the Discord channel for Switch games, and what I expect to see for each:

Games we care about with a known future street date:
Assassin's Creed 3 "remastered" - May 21 - N/A, will be out
Mario Maker 2 - June 28 - Invitational confirmed, full demo live on show floor, treehouse spotlight, DLC announced
Dragon Quest Builders 2 - July 12 - Trailer during Squeenix's Direct, unmentioned by Nintendo unless it gets played at Treehouse. Demo live on show floor.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - July 26 - Full trailer. Demo live on show floor.

Games we care about with a known release season:
Daemon X Machina - Summer - Release date, new trailer, demo live on floor
Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Summer - Release date
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Summer - Release Date, demo live on show floor
Okinaki - Summer - Release date, trailer
Grid Autosports - Summer - Release date, short trailer
Dragon Quest XI S - Fall - Release Date, demo at Squeenix booth on show floor
Dead by Daylight - Fall - unmentioned
Pokemon Sword & Shield - Late/Winter - Nintendo Direct Focus Game, release date finalized, generic rodent and bird announced, route 1 demo on show floor

Games we care about with unknown status and ominous "2019" release dates (or just nothing):
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019) - Live demo on show floor, release date
Rune Factory 4 Special - Release date
Catan Universe - unmentioned
Munchkin - unmentioned
Killer Queen Black - unmentioned
SSBU DLC Packs 2-3 at least - DLC fighter 2 revealed in full AND/OR DLC3 teased.
Bayonetta 3 - unmentioned
Luigi's Mansion 3 - short trailer with release window narrowed
[Animal Crossing Switch] - Nintendo Direct Focus Game, release date and title revealed
[Town (working title)] - Formal reveal and release date, early fall.
[Unnamed SMT game?] - Maybe a trailer during Microsoft's presentation?
A metric ton of ports - M O A R P O R T S

Games we know are in development but probably not 2019 at this point?
Rune Factory 5 - Ominous 2020 release window
Metroid Prime 4 - "I swear we didn't forget about this, have a 2020 and get out of our hair"
Persona 5 Scramble - lol 2021.

And in brief, what I expect from each of the press conferences, in order:
Electronic Arts: Will do exactly what they did last year. Which is to say, not officially attend E3 but hold streams the day before the conferences start, and talk about FIFA, a Star Wars game, and get booed off the stage about Apex because Epic Store.
Microsoft: Will be the first to formally throw the curtain off their new console, the XBOX Too. Also their typical 30-50 game announcements. Microsoft.
Devolver Digital: Will put on the same mukshow they have the past two years and it will be hilarious.
Bethesda: Will be showing no games from their core series and instead smashing together a mishmosh of live performances with The Todd Comedy Show.
Ubisoft: Will have a dumb dance number, and be the most content-heavy presentation of the bunch. BGE2 will be the star of the show.
Square Enix: Will actually have a presentation that matters. Will show off at least one Switch-releasing game.
Nintendo: See the list above
Sony: rip sony (Not at E3 this year)

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