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Discussion Is rom-hacking on the decline?

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Old June 25th, 2017 (7:14 AM).
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    I don't think Pokemon as a franchise will ever die, or decline for that matter. With each new game they release, there will ALWAYS be a new generation of people that play it. You just have to recognize that the 20-somethings that grew up playing FireRed are NOT the target audience, and haven't been for a long time now. Game Freak is targeting the new generation of kids that either haven't played Pokemon before or have just recently gotten into the series. That's why they can get away with recycling the same generic formula in every game they release (same goes for the anime).

    Which brings me to my main point; I think the majority of people that hack Gen III are the people that played it at some point in their life. Now that we're moving into a generation of people that grew up with Gen IV, we're naturally seeing less interest in Gen III content. I take myself as an example. I hardly played the Gen II games, and the thought of hacking them is entirely unappealing to me because I grew up with Gen III. I'm sure a good majority of people that grew up with Gen IV feel the same. Problem is, Gen IV and beyond have hardly been touched. I think that until the community moves forward and starts exploring later generation games, we're going to continue to see a lack of interest in rom-hacking.
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    Old June 25th, 2017 (1:24 PM).
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      I didn't think about it that way. My first Pokémon game was a Gen IV (My fav!) but I still played all the generations and maybe even some rom hacks from Gen III. Played every gen (Gen I and II on emulators though), It could also possibly be because kids these days act like hacking is ALL bad. And hacking games mean getting Infinite lives and stuff. To some people rom hacking is just editing a game and not hacking because the only thing they can think of to hacking is The C0mmunity or guessing a Facebook account password. We just need to teach our kids (or other kids) that there is much more to hacking than it being illegal
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      Old July 16th, 2017 (6:47 AM).
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        I don't consider myself a "veteran" ROM hacker, but I've grown up with Gen 1, and played them all till Gen 5 (I couldn't play Gen 6/7 because I don't have a 3DS), and I've started to explore ROM hacking around 2009. I can definitively say that at that time, hack ROM forums were way more vibrant (apart from PokeCommunity, which is international, there were a lot of dedicated forums, at least here in Italy, while now there are very few).
        I was one of the first to think that Gen 3 hacking couldn't go for ever, that's why I started to hack on the DS, but it was a lot harder and limited than GBA hacking.
        One of the main problem was -and actually is- mapping, with the Gen 4 came 3D graphic, which was such difficult to edit and it was nearly impossible before SDSME came (but it's still not easy.. sigh). That's why I wanted to help everyone by making DS hacking easier through easy-to-use tools.

        Nowadays I'm struggling to find time for developing stuff, because university is very time-consuming, but I still have the same desire to help people renewing Pokèmon Hacking by going to newer platform, and I hope one day to hear people saying: "Hey guys, have you saw that new ROM hack? It's stunning and it's based on Pokemon Platinum!!"
        There are some things hackers can't hack. For everything else, there's Crystal Tile! :D

        Visit my website, Hack Rom Tools, here you can find useful tools for ROM hacking.
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        Old April 4th, 2018 (11:44 AM).
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          Sorry for the necrobump...I've been curious about this topic in general and wanted to see if anyone had updated opnions on this.

          I think overall we've seen a shift from quantity to quality, wherein newcomers are easily deterred from outdated tools or not interested in gen 3 probably since they grew up with 4 or 5. However great hacks like the likes of Gaia are still being developed, just slower.

          Also, where are we with gen 3 dissasembly. All the posts I see (from months to years ago) are all like "once it's done it'll be great" is it done? Did it happen?
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          Old April 4th, 2018 (11:47 AM).
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          Gonna leave this open because I feel like it's a topic worth discussing.
          I agree with your point on quality over quantity nowadays. It was definitely the opposite when I was active 10 years ago. Also I wanna say Pokeruby is like 90% complete and Pokeemerald is... idk probably just shy of 40% finished. Haven't been keeping up with that lately
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          Old April 4th, 2018 (12:03 PM).
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          pokemon in general is on the decline tbf
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          Old April 6th, 2018 (12:16 AM).
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            I remember about 10 years ago ROM Hacking was in its prime time, and we were getting more than ever! From serious projects, to just fun gimmick and meme games. I do miss those days, it was great to see everyone have easy access to unload their creativity on a passion project.

            I agree that we see a lot more fan games than ROM Hacks nowadays. The market for passion projects, and the interest, has shifted I suppose. Since the rise of our currently most popular fan games, I have seen ROM Hacking decline, or at least not publicized as much anymore, which is a shame because I can think of a few ROM Hack gems that I'd love to see continued.

            It has also been an interest with a particular age group. I notice that there are younger children brought into the world of Pokemon, and then they immediately turn to popular fan games, namely Brick Bronze, mostly because of their accessibility. Kids today aren't as confident sourcing and operating emulators which are usually a necessity when wanting to play a ROM Hack.

            I personally hope that the core of ROM Hacking won't die out, but seeing where we are now I unfortunately see it a reality. The ROM Hack community won't die any time soon, but the market for it will.
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            Old April 6th, 2018 (12:24 AM).
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              Originally Posted by Disturbed View Post
              It was definitely the opposite when I was active 10 years ago.
              Yeah, I agree, 10 years ago was a different time for ROM Hacking, now it's more about creating polished games rather the experimental things being created back then. Though I do prefer the ROM Hacking era from a decade ago.
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              Old April 9th, 2018 (6:56 PM).
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                I think pokemon on a whole is facing a slow decline. It's hard to see right now, but I can see it.

                1. The majority of the most passionate pokemon fans come from the RBY & GSC era

                Most of these people are now grown up and even though they still love pokemon, they are tired of how repetitive and uninspired each new generation is. No real shifts in the rival+8 gyms+elite 4 +evil team formula.

                2. Most competitive players and hard-core rom hackers are in their mid 20's--early 30's

                When these people reach their late 20's, life will force the majority of them to drop pokemon to focus on more economically advantageous activities.
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                Old May 16th, 2018 (3:05 AM).
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                  I'm thinking it just got easier to use RPG maker and its a more versatile tool, so gamedev hobbyists lean to that more. As advanced tools get easier and easier to use, I bet we'll keep seeing a shift from ROM Hacks to RPG Maker fan games to Pokemon games made with free professional engines like Unity & Unreal.
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                  Old May 20th, 2018 (3:13 PM).
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                    It will probably decline. These games are mostly nostalgic for people, and newer generations are not familiar with this. What's more, I suspect less people these days have even played the GBA games, or earlier.

                    Once there is a simple way for people to make hacks in the 3D style (XY/ORAS/SM), I think we'll see a pickup again.
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                    Old May 23rd, 2018 (10:23 PM).
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                      I don't think ROM hacking is on the decline, just shifting its focus. There's just so much you can do by using only the few games that are currently well understood. Hacks of Gen 7 have been made, but clearly show the process for doing so is in its infancy. Many new Pokemon fan games are custom-made for this reason.

                      There are better tools at our disposal now for creating Pokemon games (roughly) from scratch. There's no need to use the limited capabilities of official games anymore. I saw a thread about a Fire Red ROM base made in Essentials on these forums just the other day. There's also things like Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst, a Minecraft map by Phoenix SC among others that uses command blocks and resource packs to create a whole new region complete with its own story and species. I think the well of creativity for Gen 3 hacks is just running dry.

                      If the community is to return to making fan games by modifying the official ones, it would most likely be the side games. They aren't quite as popular, but for that reason they've been basically untouched for all this time and have plenty of new features to explore and experiment on. I'm not saying there's going to be any Pokemon Ranger hacks anytime soon. Its styler gimmick probably wouldn't be too fun to go back to, especially on emulator. However the Orre games, the Mystery Dungeon series, and (though I haven't played it) maybe even Pokemon Conquest could offer such features.
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