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A New Leaf If you've got a goal or resolution for the week, month, or entire year, or if you're looking for advice on how to accomplish your goals, then stop on in and get inspired!

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Monday I went to my first real day of work, even if it was short.
Tuesday I went to psychical therapy (chiropractic)
Wednesday I went to a psychiatrist because I have issues and had a panic attack.
Thursday I will be going to my general care doctor to fulfill a prescription for anti-depressants.

I need to...rework my goals. To say the least.
She said every day she wanted me to write down "what did I do for myself today?". It's a pretty open ended question, so I'll roll with it I guess.

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Ahh I did something like that, the "what did I do for myself" thing. I found it best to build off of my goals rather than just say "I did something that makes me feel good" because when I did that the list was full of like "i bingewatched a show" and "i ate ice cream" which. Yeah they make me feel good but are they actually good for me? haha nah.

So I made myself another list. "What things are good for me to do?" Eat a serving of vegetables. Exercise for 10min. Go for a walk/walk instead of drive. Spend some time outside. Read a book. Eat fruit instead of a processed dessert. Clean a room in the house. Organize something. Drink 32oz of water. Do some art- even just doodling. That kind of thing.

And once I've made that list, I pick something from there to put on my "what did I do for myself today?" list. Or do y'know, the popsicle stick method? Write a bunch of them on sticks and if you can't decide, or are bored, pull one out and do that.
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