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How long does it take you?

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So, how long does it take you to finish one chapter?

I'm really curious because it usually only takes me a day or two. However, it also depends too on whether I like what I'm writing or not. I have a hard time deciding how to write the first chapter of my stories. So, on estimate... I'd say about four or five days tops if you count the number of times I have to redo the chapters over and over again. XD

What about you guys?
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For me it really depends on how long the chapter is. The last chapter story I wrote had some long chapters, the longest was 11,000 words. For the one I'm writing now the range has been more like 3,500 to 5,500 words. When I'm in "writing mode," I'll usually write about 500 words on a weekday, so for this story it's taken me between a week and a week and a half per chapter, not counting final proofreading and editing; for my last story it was often more than two weeks.

That's the thing about chapters, it's a deceptive way of stating how fast or slow you write your story. Different authors prefer to split things up into different sized chunks.
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About half-an-hour for me. But then again, my chapters aren't the longest.
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I haven't done chaptered stories in a while, but yeah for me it also depends on the length and amount of time I set myself to write. Perhaps two or three days on average, though before I can finish a chapter within a day if no distractions. Lately some of my stories that are meant to be read in one sitting can take me several days to write if they're in the 4k-20k word range.
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Day-wise, anywhere between half a day and a week. Really depends on my mood. In amount of time spent writing, anywhere between 3-6 hours.

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I aim for a 1000 word count in the chapters I post here. This usually takes around thirty minutes to an hour and a half if I have a decent synopsis of the chapters goals and overall point. If I don't have that I do extra time so that I don't loose my "Writing Groove" you could say.

However, on my bigger projects their chapters can really vary in word count. They usually take more time and occasionally lookovers before I'm ready to call it complete.
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It depends on how inspired I'm feeling, and how much I end up writing.

I can fire off a quickie in an hour or two, but longer episodes may take anywhere from two to six hours (that was an epic fourteen page episode that took the better part of an afternoon to write)
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