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[Not super serious, but I needed to point this out]

So in Sinnoh there are 5 Stat Trainers. Each Stat Trainer progresses with the player through a part of the overworld as a battling partner.

But let's take a deeper look into the Stat Trainers:
1. Cheryl - Eterna Forest.
2. Riley - Iron Island.
3. Buck - Stark Mountain.
4. Mira - Wayward Cave.
5. Marley - Victory Road.

For the purposes of this theory, I will be looking at the male Stat Trainers only:
1. Riley - Iron Island
2. Buck - Stark Mountain

Notice anything yet? Let me make it more clear:
1. Riley - Iron Island
2. Buck - Stark Mountain

Isn't it obvious? We all know that Tony Stark is Iron Man, and he is male. Isn't this just saying that Riley = Buck = Tony Stark = Iron Man?

Perhaps Nintendo's Pokmon Diamond and Pearl Versions, released in April of 2007 in North America, was hinting at the first Iron Man movie, which started filming in March of 2007. There was definitely enough time to go into the code of Diamond and Pearl and change the areas' names (Iron Island was Steel Island in Japan and Stark Mountain was Hard Mountain) in the very last month before release.