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UI Graphics Custom and BMG Type Color Templates

Started by juliorain February 15th, 2019 11:01 AM
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I am writing to post 2 things:

1) A list of color swatches for the types on BMG with two custom color templates: one for the Shadow type and the other for a Radioactive/Nuclear type feautred in many popular fangames. If you have a custom type you want drawn let me know.

2) Gen 3 Style pokedex type icons styled to those BMG colored templates. Remember to double them for use in Essentials. There are 66 colors so it isn't suited for rom hacking.

You may use either, but if you're using the Shadow type or Nuclear type colors please credit!

If you use the gen 3 icons, please credit, thank you!

Images are attached.


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Here's my version.

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