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Help with Sprite Creation

Started by StuckInMonkey March 30th, 2019 11:13 AM
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Posted April 5th, 2019
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So, I'm just gonna get to the point, I need help finishing up a sprite, I tried myself, and I failed horribly.
So I came here to see if the community could help me! This is What I need: If you respond, can you fix up This Sprite I made it in Pixilart and it took forever, And can you also make a Running, Bike, Surf, and Using Pokemon, Sprites, I tried myself and I couldn't do it, and also if you would, could you also include steps on how you did it (just so I get a kind of grip on creating sprites). Anything you do will be credited.

Thanks in Advance. (The Sprite I need fixed is an Attachment)
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Best advice I can give you is keep trying. It took me four years and then finally something just clicked. Another piece of advice I'll give you is use templates. Then cut and paste parts from your walking poses.
I don't think anyone can help you finish that unless they know what you are going for. Maybe share the trainer sprite for it.
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Posted April 1st, 2019
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I would be shocked if anyone would do that for you. Maybe... maybe... maybe someone would help fix up the one sprite, but they're not going to make an entire character set for you.

Like with basically all art... practice, practice, practice. Use references. Understand what you're making. And if you're unsure of how stuff is supposed to look... reference other sprites or real life photos. Using already made sprites as templates doesn't hurt, either. Though if you go that route, I do recommend heavily editing it to make it look unique.

Your sprite isn't bad for what it is and your experience. Obviously you'd want notably better for a polished game, but for a first attempt... it definitely isn't bad enough to just declare your efforts a lost cause.

I'm sure people like myself will be able to give you tips and feedback if you feel like you'd want or need it. But not many, if any, are just going to do the work for you.


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