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Ya Boi MP

Seen June 14th, 2019
Posted June 14th, 2019
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So I'm making a Pokemon Game, but I'm in need of some sprites. Here's a list of what I need (please include the Front and Back versions, as well as a Shiny Front and Back):
Mega Alakazam;
Mega Mewtwo X;
Mega Mewtwo Y;
Mega Tyranitar;
Mega Sceptile;
Mega Blaziken;
Mega Swampert;
Mega Aggron;
Mega Medicham;
Mega Altaria;
Mega Metagross;
Mega Latias;
Mega Latios;
Primal Kyogre;
Primal Groudon;
Mega Rayquaza;
Mega Lopunny;
Mega Diancie;
All the Gen 7 Sprites
Please send me a link so I can download those Sprites


Pardon me

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Posted 3 Weeks Ago
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Smogon has several sprite projects, where users are contributing sprites for gen 6 & 7 in bw-sytle.

The project is not finished by any means, but you'll get a huge portion of gen 6/7 Pokémon sprites. For the missing sprites, just use google or deviantart. Don't forget to give credit to the artists.
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