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Old January 10th, 2018 (3:34 PM).
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The Psycho Pokemon
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    I had a random idea this morning about a story where a pokemon trainer finds themselves in the game world of super mario. This came to mind I think due to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's Rainbow Rocket postgame arc in particular. This leads to more of an exploration-oriented story but one that leads to ridding Mario world of the evil Team Rainbow Rocket as Giovanii would have fled for this world following his failure in Alola. After that the people of Mario's world have to deal with the reprecussions of Pokemon living among them in addition to the usual mushroom kingdom enemies. As such I see the flow of the game sorta being a reverse of the standard fare. The classic 8 badge gym run would be the post game in this concept while what one would think of as an extensive post-game is the main story.

    Other features to the game would be;

    1: using the Warp Zone to travel to places you've already been as opposed to using Fly, though Fly can still be an option (it wont be an HM due to the pipe system)

    2: Visiting other regions typically depicted as part of the greater Mario universe such as Dinosaur Land/Yoshi's Island, DK Island or other rareware locations like Banjo-Kazooie's Isle o' Hags.

    3: NPCs would include most friendly characters as well as enemies ranging from some of the partner characters from the first two paper mario games and of course encounters with Bowser himself (who will be the occasional annoyance rather than main villain)

    4: Standard mario enemies act like pokemon and can in fact battle you themselves, but cannot be captured since they are in fact people in the world of Mario after all. Since some enemies in Mario games are so big and nasty using pokemon on them would make a lot of sense to do while others would be just hilarious to see get wiped out with a Magikarp.

    I doubt such a idea could ever be done, but I have seen some fan projects do crazy things before so who knows someone might pull it off. I'd be more than happy to be part of a team as a creative consultant to help this along if someone were to try this.
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    Old May 25th, 2018 (4:03 AM).
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      Basic plot .. but i haven't encountered it anywhere ;-;
      A boy or a girl whatever got their village burned to death by some guy when he was a kid, as a consequence all the people who lived in that village died /including his parents/ he was raised and taken care of by the same person who burnt his village because idk he felt bad for doing it .. years later some how the mc found out that he wasnt his real son and that his real parents were killed by him then that person explains to him that it was an order from someone who is really powerfull before saying his full name he got idk like shot (m8 this is going in a really dark plot) then the mc sets off on a journey to find that guys and kill him lmao anyways this is the plot COOL HUH IT WILL MAKE A GREAT ANIME PLOT HUHHUHUHUUH
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      Old June 6th, 2018 (5:57 PM).
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        I have a history that I've been thinkin about for a few days and I don't think I'll ever do something with it so I will leave it here in case someone sees it.

        It takes places in Sinnoh, the main character is a kid from the streets of Jubilife City. One day he's asking the leaving customers of a restaurant for food when the owner tells him to go away because he's driving the customers away. Few seconds later he has mercy on the kid and tells him to go to the back to the restaurant to give him son leftovers.
        The kid is eating the leftovers and a Poochyena (or because it's in Sinnoh, maybe a Shinx) comes to him asking for food. The kid gives it some and the Poochyena starts following him. Then, near, some screams are heard, some pokemon is attacking a girl (maybe a starly, idk). The kid and the poochyena go to the rescue and they defeat the Starly.
        Some grown-up man watches the event and tells the kid he should become a Pokémon Trainer, tells him to go Sandgem Town because Rowan is giving away some pokemon to kids interested in completing the pokedex for him (He knows because his son is on it aswell, and will later become the rival of the main character).
        Then the games goes normally, some side quests here and there, until maybe after the sixth gym. In some route both the main character and the rival are crossing a route when Team galaxy kidnaps them. They wake up tied to a chair without their pokemon. The leader of team galaxy explains that they have been spying them and need their pokemon trainer abilities to help them catch Palkia. You see, Dialga can control time and Pialka can control space, that means that in every univerese there is one Dialga, but it's constantly travelling space, so if, by example, if Team Galaxy was able to locate it in a moment in time and travel in time to that moment, when they arrive Dialga could not be there. Now, Palkia can control space but not time, meaning if Palkia is/was sighted once in the past and Team Galaxy could travel back there, it would have to be there. So Team Galaxy is waiting for Palkia to appear, to catch it and then search for whichever Dialga from any dimension. And they need the main character to catch it for them. That's the only way the main character gets his pokemon back.
        The main character agrees, Palkia appears, and he catches it for the Team Galaxy. When looking for Dialga (using Palkia's powers), they spot one in another dimension who is about to being caught by team Galaxy of that dimension in Mt. Coronet, but the Team Galaxy is getting their ass beaten by Diamond (Pokemon Diamond's events). Team galaxy 1 and the main character go there, the main character defeats Diamond, then catches Dialga, but just before handing the pokeball to Team galaxy's leader, he realizes he can't do that and denies to do it, so he has to fight Team galaxy's leader and beat him, which he does, getting Palkia back and destroying Team Galaxy's plans.

        It could be a feature of the game to be able to go to "different dimensions" and battle Diamond and other characters.
        I was also thinking some Gen 5-7 Pokemon should get "Sinnoh forms" and Pokemon from Sinnoh should get megas (like Staraptor, Toxicroak, etc)
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        Old June 13th, 2018 (4:15 PM).
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        Idly Wasting Away...
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          I've got an idea I think would be neat to explore, even for those who don't normally play fan games. It's based on a one-shot I wrote quite some time ago. Read it here:

          Pokemon Obsolescence

          For those who didn't feel like reading it: The story follows an unnamed protagonist who walks the earth and feels as though Pokemon, in battle, are becoming obsolete. His reasoning being that he, as well as other like him, have begun to attain the power Pokemon hold by an unexplored means, with a small implication that a divide or an understanding between these humans and Pokemon may be coming in the long run.

          This fanfic was written pretty poorly, as I didn't put my heart that much into it; my reason being that I'd fallen out of love with fanfic writing due to a lack of feedback on my other work. But I'm still free to lend ideas for a fangame. Case and point: The game can start off with a "cognitive test" instead of the professor asking question. These questions will decide whether the Trainer will have a physical, special, defensive, offensive, or mixed stat spread (among others, if possible), and each variation will be designed differently, such as a special female would look like a cutesy magical girl while the special male would have a tailored suit with a tidy, bishounen look. But that's just me.

          As for the plot, it could essentially be the opposite of Black and White, which dealt with people trying to fight back against N's segregationist views; this game could have the public act as the antagonists who want to banish either Pokemon or these unique humans, seriously breaking the mold of the series (and if you've read my Bright-Eyed!! fic, you'd know it's not a bad thing).

          Please quote me if you'd like to respond, as I'm regularly absent.
          Signature made by Nah
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          Old June 24th, 2018 (8:43 AM).
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            I made a sort of blog post of it but basically play as Nurse joy on and Off duty as she goes on adventures to heal pokemon.
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            Old August 4th, 2018 (10:48 AM). Edited August 4th, 2018 by Entei Fan.
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              PokeparkZ PC

              It's will be bassicly pokepark games with DB characters in one universe and pokemon anime characters in another

              You play as

              Princess Chi-Chi
              Princess Pan
              And one of the eevee sisters: Pan, Ariel or Grazyna
              Along the way you will meet the Jolteon that got beat up

              I plan to upgrade anime characters pokemon that they want:

              -Misty will have an Vaporeon
              -Max a Kirlia (since we don't know the gender of that Ralts), and one of the Eeveelutions
              -Erika will get a Leafeon

              I Plan to make this, as my cousin's wife asked me to make a non violent game
              My pokemon uncles and aunts (Note that this is a recolor and from Pokemon Crystal)

              Original nick - BH
              Name - Bartek
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              Old August 11th, 2018 (6:02 AM). Edited August 11th, 2018 by Amourshippingfan23.
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                Should I make a Pokemon game, so should I use RPG Maker XP and play would be a dating sim with adventure element.

                The story take place in the Lunar region in Leaf city where it is celebrated a festival and you are boy/girl who will choose their first starting Pokemon and after selected since starting pokemon journey on adventure and catch all the Pokemon at the calleng gym. But you have the chance to find a girlfriend/boyfriend that you can travel with and fight against.
                All Gen Pokemon will be in the game and that will have run shoe.

                Mega evelution and Z crystal
                Side quest, Rivals and Hidden Items.
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                Old September 5th, 2018 (4:33 AM). Edited September 5th, 2018 by PokebladeRED.
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                  Since i didn't know where to post it, i think i will write it down here. I have a project of a fangames where i have planned a lot in paper. But i'm quite skill-less in developping games and even if i wanted to, it seems it's quite complicated now ^^'.

                  So i think i will share you my idea here, and if some peoples are interested,please contact me maybe we can do some good works!

                  This is one of the scenario i've made, i've got another one i'm actually writing down, but that one is almost complete (maybe needs some rewriting on certain part though)

                  Pokemon: Throne of Mana


                  You lived in a poor village of the Balde Kingdom with your father. Humble peasant, you were destined to fullfill the path of your genitor, but your fate will change thanks to the apparition of Merliose, the Pokemon Dean, who offer you the chance to choose a pokemon for trying the Throne Ascension.

                  Each five years, the Pokemon King Xalor offers a chance to every citizen of his realm to take his place as leader of the land. For that, you need to defeat the 8 Pokemon Knights who defend the main cities of the Balde Kingdom.

                  Then you can entered to the Oblimon's tournament.The winner take the title of Pokemon Prince and is able to defy the Council of the Fourth, and after the Pokemon King itself.

                  However, no one has ever succeed to defeat Xalor in twenty years of reign. But in your trip, you'll see that you need more than the power of a king to gain the true freedom.


                  * A new type: the Mana Type
                  * 30 starters to choose from!
                  * 300 Pokemons froms Gen I to Gen VII
                  * Baldian regional forms
                  * 3 path to choose at the beginning of your journey, a different travel at each game!
                  * Pokemon Knights, also known as PK, can be faced in 3 different orders
                  * Special Quest given by PK must be completed to challenge them
                  * Mega-Evolutions
                  * A new form of Pokedex, the Pokegrimoire
                  * A new mechanic: the Awakening
                  * Mana Gems with different effects (Healing Gems, Gem Moves, Awakening Gems, etc)
                  * Play Pokemon in a medieval fantastic world!

                  As said earlier, it's pnly on paper right now, everything need to be scripted, mapped and programmed, but if you enjoy the idea, you can contact me for more details ^^.
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                  Old 4 Weeks Ago (10:17 AM). Edited 4 Weeks Ago by juliorain.
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                    for an earlygame boss easily countered if someone held onto their route 1 normal type pokemon is have a trainer own Shedinja with Endeavor and Shadow Sneak, and possibly something like Struggle Bug. Let the memes commence once the player realizes that their Shedinja cannot learn Endeavor.

                    If you really want to play up the memes, have an alt form shedinja exclusive to said trainer with Sturdy.
                    Developer for Pokemon Fission and Fusion Version -- an all new adventure in the new, post-apocalyptic region of Westorn.

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                    Old 3 Weeks Ago (9:45 AM). Edited 3 Weeks Ago by juliorain.
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                      two-way STAB super-effective starters:








                      Grass Dark

                      Fire Psychic

                      Water Poison


                      Grass Electric

                      Fire Flying

                      Water Bug


                      Dark Ground

                      Rock Psychic

                      Water fighting


                      Will update this list as it isn't exhaustive and I have a plane to catch!
                      Developer for Pokemon Fission and Fusion Version -- an all new adventure in the new, post-apocalyptic region of Westorn.

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