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Old February 5th, 2013 (3:22 AM).
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Unlike Spiderman, you have yet to be bitten by a radioactive spider. Who knows, you could even be allergic to them.

Mutation in your genes?

Get real, the only mutation you seem to have is that odd pigmentation in your hair or that weird Heterochromia thing.

What’s new?

You may think you’re a God of Asgard, however that is probably just your ego. Should really push that aside…

Point is: You’re Human.

Whether you like it or not, your DNA is 100% human, and the only ‘super’ for you is that supermarket you frequent down the road. By day you slave away behind a computer screen, inhale those cleaning fumes, round up those rowdy kids. By night you return to your empty apartment, screaming wife, intoxicated boyfriend, Your life is just as mundane and pointless as everyone else’s. Why do you get to be any different?

No Kaiju attacks for you.

So here’s the chance to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Application form in hand and costume ready in the closet, you step out of the shadows and don the mask, cap, lates; the whole shebang. You’re a hero now.

Fame, glory and money all await you at the finish line. Your only obstacle is the nine other people all vying for the same goal. Oh, and not to mention those four judges that ultimately decide whether you stay or go. Come on, try not to disappoint those millions of fans worldwide that tune in, day-in day-out, it’s for their entertainment that has your life on the line.

So, what’s there to lose? You already lost your dignity long ago…

As The Contestant:

Having just submitted an application to become the next superhero of America, you wait patiently for the results to be drawn. With ten contestants, there will be nine rounds in which each round, another contestant is eliminated culminating in a final round where the last two will battle it out for the title of 'America's Next Top Superhero'.

However there is more to the show than meets the eye...

The Judges:

Havok:Named after his rather reckless and somewhat unorthodox methods; he is the most unpredictable of the four judges. Those wishing to impress this judge need to be wary of the thin line he draws. It is all too easy to over step the boundaries. Winning brownie points with this judge and gaining his attention will give you a good chance at winning.

Red: Winner of Europe's Next Top Superhero, she comes from far off lands to not only judge, but to compare the competition. Her preferences are as strange as the language she mutters to herself in. But one thing is for certain; she's done this before and knows first-hand about the trials and tribulations.

Knight: Prizing brains and creativity over brawn and strength; she looks for the unsung hero. Thinking creatively and resourcefully would be the best way to impress this judge. Possibly the hardest judge to impress, her favour definitely has sway over the other three.

Polar: The enigmatic judge whose preferences are as much a mystery as himself. Even the other judges know very little about him and perhaps the only one who does would be the Director: Revlis. Unfreeze his cold heart and you may just be on your way to the top.

The Host:

Sentinel: Represented by the ‘Eye of Horus’ emblazoned on his shoulder, Sentinel keeps the viewers on the edges of their seats. Sometimes brought into judge on special occasions, he looks for those that display vigilance and forethought. With eyes like a hawk, he is the first to acknowledge errors and criticise. However he is perhaps the easiest of the judges to empress and will definitely look out for and back all. He acts as the intermediary between the contestants, and the show’s management. He is arguably the closest to Revlis.

The Director:

Revlis: Creator and Director of America’s Next Top Superhero, is lesser known for his heroism than the judges. Some question his method’s at times, yet those who have tried to do something about it are often rapidly hushed. Regardless, the show pulls massive ratings so many of the show’s sponsors leave him and his methods to their own machinations.

The Rules:

  • All Pokecommunity Forum-wide and Roleplay Corner rules apply here.
  • I am the GM; my word is law.
  • No spamming, bunnying, godmodding, etc.
  • If you have any problems or grievances with regards to the RP, please PM me.
  • Quality over Quantity.
  • Good Luck; Have Fun!

Contestant Form:

Name:(Include Full name with Alias in quotation marks.)
Age/D.O.B: (Current year in the RP is 2013)
Height: (cm/inch)
Weight: (kgs/lbs)
Motivation/Reason: (This is where you sell your character; their reasons and or motivations for not only becoming a Superhero, but also for applying to the show.)
Disguise: (Describe your character's superhero suit here. Picture's are fine. Try to be original...)
RP Sample: (Speaks for itself, but the main decider for acceptance.)

(Also include an 80px by 80px picture of your character.(head/shoulder shot.))


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Old February 7th, 2013 (5:23 AM).
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Hi Ichiro <3 Expressing interest in your lovely roleplay which I had been anticipating for MONTHS. I'm on my phone right now, so not certain if you accept reservations or not, I'll have mine up asap! :3

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