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Beta Tester for Pokemon Saffron Version and Pokemon Chroma Version

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ok so i guess it's about time i do a review on this game. i'm pretty much done having defeated Red and done all the story but i didn't do the Johto league but other than legendarys, i'm ready to review it so here goes.

1. i found the grammar to be a bit better than Winds previous game, Pokemon Victory Fire, but still needs work as some words are either misspelled or grammar is wrong
2. loved the story way more than Victory Fires, as their were more surprises and plot twists.
3. the Johto Region to me (the 3rd and last region in the game) was very buggy and felt somewhat unfinished. EXAMPLE: when i go to battle this Fisherman and i beat him. the game thinks i'm in the safari zone.
4. would have appreciated a new evil team by the 2nd region but Wind still kept Team Mirage as good as it was in the first region but with less encounters which is disappointing.
5. Karls and Bell were still as weak and funny as ever.
6. one of the admins of team mirages overworld sprite is still the same.
7. as in Victory fire, loved the mugshots.
8. in the TYRON region i wish WIND would have kept the mugshots of the gym leaders.
9. the unnecessary capitalization made me a little annoyed. EXAMPLE: Important trainers, Pokemon names, etc.
10. i like the hidden references to future games. (example Pokemon Mega Power)
11. the pokemon from gen 6 and 7 were good picks, as i really like Vikavolt.
12. Like i said about Johto it was so buggy that you were able to walk off ledges in caves.
13. the place were you get Meditate in Johto, the NPC, if you talk to him and exit the house it's a black screen and it says pyramid. thankfully you can simply ignore it by going up
14. The insane level jumps are pretty annoying in the first Region and i spent half the game grinding. but thankfully the jumps stopped at the second region.
15. The Tyron Region to me felt virtually unchanged. (except for a few added shops and a few other things.
16. I wish the rival battles wouldn't happen like every time. i mean it's a good concept to be surprised but let's say if your doing a nuzlocke and you think you can make it through the area half weak and a rival comes, it could potentially end your playthrough.
17. i loved the updated graphics in the first game and i love them here too.
18. i wish the trainer NPCS could have been updated to DS Overworld sprites as well
19. The admins and the leader in the game kept me loving the game.\
20. i loved the amount of legendarys you could catch.
21. In olivine city's lighthouse, a team mirage sprite was missplaced which was annoying
22. trainers that should have battled would not battle you and you could go past them in the johto region.

Well that's my review. if i had to give it a rating i'd give it an 8/10. it would have been a 8.5/10 if the Johto region didn't have so many bugs and missplaced sprites. overall i think you should give this a try but if you can't handle typos than i suggest try it and if you don't like it don't play it. hope you liked my review. have a good day.

EDIT: i encountered a bug were the Black belt is not moving and i can't get into the pokemon league (he said look for lance and i looked everywhere) and the team mirage grunts won't move in the ruins of Alph and their is a glitched event again so i'm updating my rating to a 7.5/10 because of this
Rom hacks i support: Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter, Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Firered Rocket Edition, Pokemon Orange, Pokemon Unbound, Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron Version, Pokemon Dark energy

Hacks I have beta tested: Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron.

beta tester for: Pokemon Saffron version. Pokemon Chroma Version

i decided since my beta testing is slow to just try beta testing 3 rom hacks. as i'm currently doing 2 at the moment i figure i could pick up a 3rd one to beta test. PM me or leave a visitor message and i will more than likely help beta test your Rom hack.
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Hi everyone :D

Does anyone know when Lucario learns aura sphere?
I remember it being in the game a while back but mine in the most recent update hasn't learned it.
Even the move tutor can't teach it to me :(
So, does it learn in later on? Mine is lv62 so far.

Also this hack is great so far :D
I've played Victory fire and Mega power before, and despite the odd order of playing these games I'd like to finish the trio :D
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